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no appetite
my daughter who is 4 now weighs only 24 LBs. She has always been a poor eater and never ga
naisha 2010-09-23
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6 year old with colitis
hello,my daughter has colitis and dr kadwa mentioned phosporus and cal cab but dont rememb
hifive 2010-09-21
4   hifive 7 years ago

Myopathic Dystrophia & Myotonia
Hai all, I want to know the most familiar symptoms of MD and myotonia and whether any hom
bhadra 2010-09-23
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Seeking Permanent Homeopathic Treatment for development of flat-chest
Hello Doctor :-) I am a college student, 20 years of age. And Ever since I attained pubert
amethyst_hues 2010-08-28
4   Info.rahiq 7 years ago

Joe De Livera..Obesity
My elder brother has 96KG weight adn 40 waist. we read your article and he had been starte
ridha89 2010-03-22
6   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

moderator 2010-09-23
no replies yet

plantar fascitis
please suggest some medicene for heel pain plantar fascitis which i am suffering since las
andy_65_in 2010-09-21
2   andy_65_in 7 years ago

persisting pain in elbow - please suggest remedy
Hi, I have a persisting pain in both elbows. I first started feeling a pain in my right wr
sachinradha 2008-12-28
6   pranaym 7 years ago

Seeking proper guidance from Dr in my problem
Is am 38 year old married man father of two .i hv been into hand mastrabation since the a
gandhi 2010-09-21
3   sarup 7 years ago

Broken leg
MY father fall three years ago and got his leg broken. still that leg is not fully functi
malik_123 2010-09-22
1   malik_123 7 years ago

Facing Problems after Over Masturbation
I have done excessive masturbation for around 3 years and due to which i am having some pr
fizspace 2007-04-19
11   Dr Riaz 7 years ago

Seeking remedy for frequent urination at night
Age: 54 Gender: Male Symtoms: 1. Have to get up every 60 to 90 mins at night to pass u
PGopal 2010-09-22
2   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Diabetic, DIabetic Neuropathy and Cholesterol
I am Jayaraman, aged 44. My Weight 60 Kgs. I am diabetic and having Cholesterol for the la
kay_je 2009-12-28
3   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

In response to Genital Warts, I have begun taking Thuja 30c (5 pellates 3x a day) and have
curiousnworried 2010-09-22
no replies yet

Hair whitening & hair fall: Dr Kadwa or Dr Pankaj please see
Dear Doctor, My sister has very bad quality of hair. her hair start whitening at the ag
ahila 2010-09-21
1   ahila 7 years ago

Urinary Tract Infection
I wonder if someone could point me in the right direction.... I came down with a virus ove
Zoe P 2010-09-16
6   Zoe P 7 years ago

Remedy before the DT shot
Hello! My children are receiving a DT shot in a few days and I am wondering which would b
heal34 2010-09-22
no replies yet

Dr Mahfooz Plz help me (Hepatitis C)
My father is suffering from Hepatitis c and Stroke in left side. he is suffering from hepa
Aurangzeb kasi 2010-09-22
1   maheeru 7 years ago

Thyroid hair loss weight gain helpPlease help
Hi-I am having major hair thinning I am on two grains of Nathurthroid thyroid and plenty o
marso 2010-09-22
no replies yet

Remedy for Ed PE
Sir my friend having ED and also PE . if u can say medicine and potency. how many days tak
theensulaiman 2010-09-22
no replies yet

effect of cannabis on homeopathic meds
does smoking cannabis effect the working of homeopathic medicine?
juliuscaesar 2010-05-14
2   johnpeterson 7 years ago

ovarian hyperstimulation - right ovary swollen
Hello, I just found out that the drugs I had taken a 5 weeks ago led to ovarian hyperstim
pregnant1 2010-09-19
3   kadwa 7 years ago

Insomnia, anxiety, nervousness
I've had this for a few yrs now. Tried various herbal products which helped some, but
NaturalHealingOnly 2010-09-20
3   kadwa 7 years ago

dr de livera follow up
Dear Joe I wrote to ask advice for my mother who is 87 and suffers from arthritis mainly i
albapapa 2010-09-20
4   albapapa 7 years ago

Hepar Sulph was working but now...
Hey guys! :) Have had a facial skin infection for a while, after long years of antibioti
omoplata 2010-09-19
3   kadwa 7 years ago

Homeopathy for reducing food cravings
is there any remedy to cut down cravings for food and supress appetite
rakheemc 2010-09-21
1   sarup 7 years ago

about my son.
my son is 8 years old and he is diagnosed with mental retardation,pdd and speech delay. He

rst123 2009-07-10
64   sameervermani 7 years ago

Please help choosing the right potency
Hello, I'm a 38 years old woman, and I've been suffering from Chronic Fatigue
Sharon38 2010-09-21
1   Dr.Saravanan 7 years ago

High Lipid Profile
dear i m suffering from high lipid profile my lipid profile is Total Lipids 925
Shahidjavedch 2010-09-15
7   Shahidjavedch 7 years ago

my son is 4yrs old suffering with autism,it is verbal,he repeats again&again,does not tell
akcdhar 2010-09-19
1   Dr.Saravanan 7 years ago

overdose of sulphur
I think I may have overdosed on sulphur 30c 4 days, 2 x 4 times a day. I have a rash and
clbbb 2010-09-21
1   Dr.Saravanan 7 years ago

Acne, night-sweats
Hi, I read so much here and I do have a mess in my head. Could anybody help me. I am woman
julbali 2010-09-21
4   julbali 7 years ago

Lumber pain (disc bulge)
I am 30 yrs and my weight is 83 kg and and height is 175 cm. I am suffering from lower bac
adit6702 2010-09-21
1   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Staph in dogs
Have 2 poodles with staph infection. Think it might have started with reaction to Frontlin
vkelly 2010-09-16
4   dragonfly1976 7 years ago

Can any body help?Is there any doctor reading my req?
I am 25 yrs and my weight is 40 Kgs,My heightis 5.3'.I had tried every thing to gain

PZ187 2010-08-16
38   SheetalJain 7 years ago

Mr.sameer vermani.....
Please take a look at tahir's updates......
rst123 2010-09-21
no replies yet

sir my 3 months baby is suffering from stage 5 zone I rop. Doctors at Sankar netralaya tol
ranvir777rkt 2010-09-21
1   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 7 years ago

where to buy empty bottle(s)
If I were to share my personal bottle of remedies with someone. But I do not want to give
dragonfly1976 2010-09-05
12   dragonfly1976 7 years ago

Iching after taking bath
My 56 yrs old husband is having iching problem right after taking bath since his childhood
kajal22 2010-09-17
3   kajal22 7 years ago

ALFALFA- Which is the best tonic
hi, I am 31 year old male and I have digestive troubles and flatulence with IBS and recurr
samur420 2010-09-21
4   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 7 years ago

To all the Hair Loss experts.
Hi, I have been looking at some of the hair loss forums and hopeful to find out that may

vrock80 2010-09-14
13   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 7 years ago

please help to fight against bent-penis
Dear list, please show mw the way. I am suffering from peyronies problem of penis since l
raviji 2007-03-26
8   irfankhan82 7 years ago

Rectal propapsus
For the past couple of years I am having the problem of rectal prolapsus. It occurs during
homeSTP 2010-09-04
2   homeSTP 7 years ago

7 year old acne n age old constipation
i m 20 yrs old female frm karachi pakistan where d climate is usually very hot. i hv had c
samna 2010-09-21
no replies yet

no pleasure during and after cotion
I m in the age of 33. 7 years before I have married and I have 2 kids. From First day of m
meemgeem 2010-07-26
5   meemgeem 7 years ago

24 weeks pregnant, in pain 24/7 Dentist/ER no luck no clue
I am 24 weeks pregnant, and moved 2 months ago from MI to WA, USA. Both states are known
sakeenah81 2010-09-20
2   sakeenah81 7 years ago

potential heat rash and tingling
I came back from holiday and got a rash 1 day after return. The rash is like heat rash th
clbbb 2010-09-19
2   clbbb 7 years ago

passkey, kuldeep etc .... Info on Carcinosin pls
Hi,I'm wondering if the homeopaths can give me some deeper information about Carcinos
carlotta 2005-08-04
11   suspendedaccount 7 years ago

Allergy - sneezing and itching in the eye
I have been having this allergy since the last 10-15 years. On slight exposure to dust I
davispallipat 2010-09-20
3   Dr.Saravanan 7 years ago

A question for all certified HOMEOPATHS. only
Hello, I have read in many posts, that a dose of 200 potency if given one has to wait for
samur420 2010-09-07
4   Homeopathy International 1 7 years ago

What is Antidoting medicine in homeopathy?
Hi, I read about medicines but below them there are 3 categories which kind of confuse me,
samur420 2010-08-27
6   Homeopathy International 1 7 years ago

scientific articles
hidoes anybody have any scientific articles or references with prove that homeopathy works
marcvh64 2004-08-05
4   Homeopathy International 1 7 years ago

Homeopathy International 1 2010-09-20
no replies yet

Homeopathy International 1 2010-09-20
no replies yet

blackish Tongue
Dear Doctors, My tongue is black on the sides. I have seen doctor who gave me a solution
ngerman 2010-09-20
1   PANKAJ VARMA 7 years ago

Pain in right shoulder and left knee
Iam 56 yrs old male having acute pain in right shoulder which started few months ago. It c
kajal22 2010-09-20
1   kajal22 7 years ago

Pankaj Varma - Please confirm! - - Pilonidal Abscess - Female, 25 yrs
Hello. I have been reading extensively on the suggestions from the ABC Forums for curing
KAK1213 2010-09-20
5   KAK1213 7 years ago

Stomach Problems
Hello Doctors, I'm having following symptoms 1)Bloating in stomach, accumulation of g

soft_guy 2010-09-13
22   liw5215 7 years ago

Want urgent help
i am suffering from acidity, gas, indigestion, loss of apetite, less weight, mental tensio
anandy63 2010-09-16
5   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Hair whitening & hair fall
Dear Doctor, My sister has very bad quality of hair. her hair start whitening at the age
ahila 2010-09-19
1   ahila 7 years ago

Lechourea-vaginal discharge
Hello I am 21 year old female with vaginal discharge problem. It is a white think disch
ngerman 2010-09-20
no replies yet

Doctor, I am a Working Profesional, stressful job, 35 yrs of age, going to be married in t
Plz_help 2010-04-07
4   Plz_help 7 years ago

Treatment of the current Flu Virus which starts with a Sore Throat.
Treatment of the current Flu Virus which starts with a Sore Throat. This Flu hit Sri Lank
Joe De Livera 2010-09-20
no replies yet

Increase Height
doctor plz help me im 21 years, my height is 5.3'. I want to increase my height 2 to 3
abhinavrastogi89 2010-08-29
1   akshay279 7 years ago

regain memory loss due to mastrubation
I have been mas from 14 now am 30 now a days i face memmory loss, lack of interest, a hea
ahrul 2010-09-20
1   kadwa 7 years ago

complex dry skin
dear sir, my skins are too much dry.They dry in absence of moisture and skins are getting

way2me 2010-08-28
15   way2me 7 years ago

sir, iam suffering from hyperhidrosis and sweat comes from face and head severely. if i ch
vidhyagoutham 2010-09-20
2   vidhyagoutham 7 years ago

uterine fibroids and shyness around men
[message deleted by nature_girl on Sun, 12 Jun 2011 13:31:34 BST]
nature_girl 2010-09-20
1   kadwa 7 years ago

thyroid report
is my thyroid report normal: t3 - 121.34 ng/dl t4 - 5.92 ug/dl tsh - 2.45 uiu/ml
fuu_math 2010-09-20
no replies yet

memory loss
my age is 22 years.i have a memory loss problem.i oftenly forgot my things.i forget my ke
bazam22 2010-09-19
1   kadwa 7 years ago

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