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suffering from severe nocturnal emissions(semen loss) at every night
Dear Doctor, Iam suffering from severe nocturnal emissions every night,some times even
sundeep 2009-09-10
2   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

no hair growth after stitches
hi! i am 27 from pakistan. i had a mishap 12 days ago. my head was ruptured by a road acci
peelachooza 2009-10-20
no replies yet

I just bought some 30c gelsemium for my awful anxiety in social situations. It says on the
dan797s 2009-10-19
2   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

i m suffering from nightfall past 7 years due to that i think my penis has gone small and
stealth2012 2009-10-19
2   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Homeo remedy for Worms
Most of the worms problem is taken by the following treatment :- 1. Cuprum Oxydatum Nigru

Rajendra 2007-08-24
30   roberta 8 years ago

What is carcinosin T58?
I was advised to use carcinosin T58 for my son who has abdominal cancer as a way to help r
mtnhorsegal 2009-10-20
1   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

bronchitis & Phos
Based on the symptoms I have taken Phos30(4 globules x2 ) for two days and the chest heavy

Budhai 2009-07-28
27   Budhai 8 years ago

to kadwa, sameer, akshay & others regarding teeth eruption regarding
My son is 7 year old but his milk teeth has not yet broken and permanent teeth are coming
ravi2 2009-10-19
1   kadwa 8 years ago

vomitting and stomachache
My 7 yrs old son has been vomitting for the last 4hrs. he ate pizza and Diwali sweet yeste
nikkikumar 2009-10-19
5   kadwa 8 years ago

hard overactive stony glands
Hi, this is rony costa, 28 years of age. I am suffering with several diseases. Just Help
rony28 2009-10-19
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

CONIUM - Potency and dosage
Hi everyone! I used to suffer from enlarged breast before period every month for 10 years,

abcjoana 2009-07-21
42   abcjoana 8 years ago

stifff nerve,leg pain,perspiration,piles
This is the case of My mother Age:52 yrs History : 2 years ago ,she had a uterus removal s
aditya78910 2009-10-19
no replies yet

side affects of Alfalfa
Hi, david here. Age 27, height 56,, and foloowing no medication. I had been having stomach
boony 2009-10-19
2   boony 8 years ago

BoooBooo : Homeopathic Remedies For Asthma
Certainly when the right kinds of treatments are chosen a person will find that they can h
booobooo 2009-08-23
6   booobooo 8 years ago

carbo vegetabilis for stomach problem
I m usong carbo veg for my stomach problem and got some relief it is in low potency like 6
zaman-pro 2009-10-19
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Severe Knee Cap Pains
Hello Doctors My wife was diagnosed with Urine infection. She had pains on the back along

pimathew 2009-09-19
43   pimathew 8 years ago

Hi there, I am a classical PCOS diagnosis. I have irregular periods, acne, weight gain,
chorea 2009-10-19
no replies yet

25 yrs old man with chronic sinusitis plz help
i am 25 years old man with chronic sinusitis with watery discharge & sneezing & he
dptkpr 2009-10-12
11   dptkpr 8 years ago

pains after road accident
hi! i am 27 and 12 days before, i hit by a road accident. i was on bike and i had a collis
peelachooza 2009-10-19
1   drlkumar 8 years ago

Cyst on scrotum
Hello, I am 29 and have cyst's on my scrotum. They have been there for quite a few y

Nick1 2009-01-28
15   Nick1 8 years ago

Sunken face with dark circles
I am a 24 year old boy. because of mastubation, my face looks sunken, eyes have gone insid
Parimal_N 2009-07-18
7   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Remedy for Polymyalgia Rheumatica - that I can tell is working whilst I am on (15 mg daily
Schmooie 2009-10-19
no replies yet

Wheezing remedy for a 10 year old boy
Each symptom: Wheezing begins with dry cough, tightness in chest and redness in the righ
kauff 2009-10-18
2   KittyCat 8 years ago

Bladder Urgency
Hi, I have over the last few months had increasing urges to urinate (even when my bladder
Mama3Love 2009-10-18
2   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

sulfur/stramonium ok to use together
my son was prescribed stramonium for night terrors and it worked. i think he also needs su
mullek79 2009-10-19
1   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

`~Psoriasis SoulMate~
I lUv Nature, Etc, The Sea, & Arts. M a Bit quiet when dont know u, But talkative when
Jen76 2009-10-19
no replies yet

Attn: Dr. Mohla
Sir, I have following problems: Sexual Passion increased so much. Erection absent. Test
maliknaushad 2009-10-18
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

can an itch be predictive?
I read an online article on psora, and this question came to my mind. Can psora also man
impatiens 2009-10-18
no replies yet

can essential oils counteract remedies???
i just bought a natural hand sanitizer but read the ingredients and thymus vulgaris is the
mullek79 2009-10-18
no replies yet

Neuromuscular Jaw Disorder. here are my current diagnosis
After been to several Dr and Dentists. They concluded the following diagnosis Neuromuscula
lal_anar 2009-10-16
3   deoshlok 8 years ago

Dermoid Remedy
Hi, There is Right ovarian dermoid of size 10 X 12 cm. Age: 26 yrs Date of Detection: 6
canumailme 2009-10-18
1   sajjadakram635 8 years ago

arnica6c for erectile problem
how long one should take arnica 6c in pillet form for erectile disfunction can it be taken
zaman-pro 2009-10-18
1   sajjadakram635 8 years ago

About Homeo tablets
Is there any expiry for homeopathy medicine.Pl suggest the self life of homeopathy medicin
shadav 2009-10-18
1   kadwa 8 years ago

help from panic attack and anxiety
I am 40 years old hospitaly professional. My problem is my mind is constantly occupied wit
akrani 2009-10-18
1   drlkumar 8 years ago

Happy Deepawali
May this festival of lights bring peace prosperity , happiness and good Health for all my
deoshlok 2009-10-17
3   seemarani16 8 years ago

GERD with gastritis ,please help!
Hello, about 3 years ago I had an endoscopy and I was diagnosed with GERD .before that I o
Jozi89 2009-10-17
2   kadwa 8 years ago

Dr JK Mohla or Dr Smeer or Sr Mehfooz Please
Dear Drs I have posted a thread before called 'Many Problems' linked as http://ww
abcusername 2009-10-17
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

need remedy for tonsils
Came down with influenza on tuesday night. Low fever than then became a bit high, chills,
elderberry 2009-10-17
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

kidney problem
i want to contact to dr. deshlok
squreshi 2009-10-17
no replies yet

BoooBooo : Adenoids Treatment
Adenoids is the name given to a lump of lymphoid tissue that sits between the tonsils, hig
booobooo 2009-08-24
2   booobooo 8 years ago

Low Eraction
i m suffering in deafness from last 5 yrs. is there medicine in homeopathy... Javed Ahmed
triple www 2009-10-17
no replies yet

happy diwali to all
a very happy diwali to all our members at abc forum. Specially to gavini,neil,homeopatient
wakeupsidz 2009-10-17
1   wakeupsidz 8 years ago

Gastritis/Reflux/Who Knows?
8 weeks ago my 2 year old had a 24 hour tummy bug, then a couple of days later my husband
flower2007 2009-10-15
1   deoshlok 8 years ago

ED and hardness of panis
i am 32 years old with a hight of 178cm and weight of 75kg. from the last two year i am fa
greatitalian 2009-10-16
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

What is wrong with me - stress, anxiety or?
Hi, I'm 27 years old and hope this forum will give me some good information, about my
authentic 2009-10-08
2   authentic 8 years ago

Tumor Problem Right hand& Belly
sir i have many tumor not increase not finish right hand has three place and one has on be
nurnabi 2009-10-10
6   nurnabi 8 years ago

Symphytum for dogs
I have a 50 kg schnauzzer with a broken toe. He has been splinted for almost 8 wks but las
bigdoglover 2009-10-09
4   kadwa 8 years ago

recurring scar tissue in bladder neck and urethra
In a few days, I will undergo yet another surgery to remove scar tissue in my bladder neck
Bud101509 2009-10-16
no replies yet

Hair fall and white discharge .plz help
We are newly married couple. My wife has got hair fall problem. Every time when she takes
earthangel 2009-09-10
6   pushpi 8 years ago

stomach problems - please help
8 weeks ago my 2 year old had a 24 hour tummy bug, then a couple of days later my husband
flower2007 2009-10-15
4   drlkumar 8 years ago

sore throat.
please advise something for sore throat , there is lot of pain in the throat and also body
nikkikumar 2009-10-16
2   drlkumar 8 years ago

Pilonidal Sinus
Hello All, I am having Pilonidal Sinus sine a year looks like. Initially I didn't n

amit_prayag 2009-09-14
14   rajesh_patro 8 years ago

Confused about cough remedy
I already obtained a grid of possible remedies for my case, but I feel confused about whic
FrauFal 2009-10-15
1   kadwa 8 years ago

23 wk infant on prevacid
Hello! I have 23wk boy who has been diagnosed with acid reflux. he was on zantac but it wa

best option 2009-10-09
13   kadwa 8 years ago

gilberts hyper bilirubnemia - 2.1
hyper bilirubenia (2.1) from last 5 year, bilrubin and weakness increased in summer . wea
mguptapdil 2008-03-04
2   mguptapdil 8 years ago

constitutional remedies...???
I find my symptoms move throughout the year between 10-12 remedies. Each one works well th
alex proctor 2009-10-08
3   drlkumar 8 years ago

Hello, my 3yrs old daughter have a very bad constipation problem. She don't have any
jaydeep 2009-10-15
2   jaydeep 8 years ago

Succussion of LM potency
friends, i have a doubt. if i succuss a LM 0/1 medicinal solution101 times in one go or at
pcthahir 2009-10-15
no replies yet

don't want to overdose
I was prescribed Lachesis 200c 5 pellets once a day for at least 2 weeks. While researchin
black-eyed susan 2009-10-13
6   black-eyed susan 8 years ago

11yr old son, cycle of vomiting,periumbilical pain
I have been working with an iridologist for quite some time strenthening my sons immune sy
Rhonda780 2009-08-29
12   kadwa 8 years ago

dandruff problem
hi i am 21 yrs old suffering from dandruff problem from last 5 yrs, & due to which f
girish304 2009-10-15
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

painful ejaculation
Respected Doctors, greeting, me alman is suffering from painful ejaculation for 2 years.my
alman 2009-10-14
1   drlkumar 8 years ago

Learning Homoeopathy on One's Own - Restarting
Hi All In view of the previous thread by this title was hijacked by some unsavory and fut

Niel Madhavan 2009-10-11
54   drlkumar 8 years ago

how to strengthen remedies
Could you instruct me as to how to strengthen remedies? I have my remedy at home in 1M, ra
jofam 2009-10-15
2   drlkumar 8 years ago

growth in 3 year old kid
I have seen lot of info on height increase but not able to decide the exact medicines for
raghunath 2009-10-15
1   drlkumar 8 years ago

numbness of head
remedy require from this learned forum for a 68 years female patient of high blood pressur
honey635 2009-10-11
2   honey635 8 years ago

central serous retinopathy
I'd like to know more about the cure of central serous retinopathy whit homeopathic m
tiquitin 2009-10-14
1   rishimba 8 years ago

mentioned period is very early after 10 or 15 days
hello ,I am 25 years old female struggling with a problem...my mentioned period is irregul
jinofer 2009-10-15
1   rishimba 8 years ago

hI, I am sujay 29years of age and i am suffering form wheezing,congestion,un able to breat
sujayjayateertha 2009-10-15
1   rishimba 8 years ago

Multiple lipoma
i have multiple painless gland in my body. please suggest me proper remedy to cure it. V
ranjana 2009-10-15
no replies yet

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