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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
homeopathic vs prescription drugs for PMS
For several years I took the drug sarafem for my s...
0dorafurr18:18 15 Dec 08 by
Baby thrush
I'm not sure if my last post worked so I am g...
1mommylovesbelle17:45 15 Dec 08 by faisal qureshi
Possible mange on my dog
Hi, I wonder if anyone can help my 2 year old fema...
0MichelleJ17:21 15 Dec 08 by
dr. sharma- help kidney failure!!!!
Dear Dr. Sharma, My husband is suffering from K...
0dastrain200216:27 15 Dec 08 by
Chronic abdomin pain
Hi Sir, i have gastric problem sice 6 year...
1iamy2rams14:14 15 Dec 08 by PANKAJ VARMA
Dr. i really need your help
Four the last four yrs, I have been suffering from...
1johnnyboy60414:06 15 Dec 08 by PANKAJ VARMA
I have a 14 year old. He has a couple of issues. ...
0richu_ag13:36 15 Dec 08 by
Social anxiety---need help
I am 45. Have had strong social anxiety for 25 yea...
11minn212:07 15 Dec 08 by minn2
Severe asthma and Dog allergy-HELP
I am 30 years old and have had asthma almost all...
2phrn255 08:57 15 Dec 08 by phrn255
Need help for my 17yrs old son
Dear forum doctors. My son who just stepd in hi...
2superemo07:23 15 Dec 08 by superemo
mid back swelling
I have been suffering from a shoulder pain near th...
5midbackpx306:13 15 Dec 08 by PANKAJ VARMA
Heart enlargment / cardiomegali
Is there any remedy for heart enlargment (Left Ven...
1ans3106:00 15 Dec 08 by PANKAJ VARMA
Nasal Congestion/Blockd Nostrils/Migraine
I am 46 yrs old. Live in NJ. All 12 months, I wake...
1kamalapath00:21 15 Dec 08 by akshaymohl
squint/strabismus problem
hello, just thought I would try this forum to see ...
0Rexy0123:10 14 Dec 08 by
chronic kidney disease
HiDr, i m new on this forum & this is my 1st p...
0mrsmlk 22:12 14 Dec 08 by
Rosewater antidote as strong aromatic?
I'm very new to homeopathy. Staying in the ea...
0homeopatient18:28 14 Dec 08 by
2 1/2 year old with asthma
My Son has asthma and with the sudden weather ch...
6ALINE16:06 14 Dec 08 by sameervermani
Birth day and the remedy
21 june to 22 july: Calc Flour 23 july to 22 aug...
0Zahid)214:12 14 Dec 08 by
White hairy insects from Tibet
Can anyone help me to get rid of 2 things: 1. whit...
1jamesbless13:52 14 Dec 08 by Zahid)2
Muscle pain or kidney stone
I am having pain in left middle back which feels l...
1nirlay13:50 14 Dec 08 by Zahid)2
Anal Fistula
To, Dr. Faisal Qureshi, Thank you for suggesion...
2ans3111:18 14 Dec 08 by faisal qureshi
Anal Fistula
Thanks very much dear 'worriedmum'for yo...
0ans3111:04 14 Dec 08 by
Dr. Rishimba: Returning PCOS patient
I am back from an earlier post (www.abchomeopathy....
6anshal05:37 14 Dec 08 by anshal
baby with eczema and food allergies
my baby is 10 mths old and is suffering from ecze...
3pklfairy04:59 14 Dec 08 by sadhna
Hi There, I have taken the self diagnosis a few...
9mom2sincere 02:51 14 Dec 08 by raphaeloliveira
I took Calcarea Carbonica 30 ch 5 pellets for 2 d...
0mom2sincere02:11 14 Dec 08 by
health problems
hi when i have sex once then i dont get the power ...
1hasanali87 01:56 14 Dec 08 by akshaymohl
urgent help
hello respected doctors. I am 30 years old male.. ...
1johnsmith3055 01:53 14 Dec 08 by akshaymohl
Hi I am 31 years old when i smoke its smells spre...
0ZARBAZ00:13 14 Dec 08 by
Should I take the combination 12 cell salts?
I have been studying several books on cell salts ...
0bluestar23:43 13 Dec 08 by
Guidance on how long to take remedy
1. My partner, aged 58, has type 2 diabetes and as...
0mrsmajika22:27 13 Dec 08 by
Homeopathic flu prevention
I am considering foregoing the flu shot for my 1...
9luckylot199921:51 13 Dec 08 by gallantmara
How shal lI take the remedy?
I shall take a single dose of a remedy. In the gla...
1minn218:53 13 Dec 08 by minn2
About Fabiana imbricata
Common name: Pichi Natural order:Solanaceas Hab...
0Zahid)214:43 13 Dec 08 by
I would like to have second baby
I am 36 years old. We have 10 years male child. I...
1rajanicv13:12 13 Dec 08 by faisal qureshi
Suffering from acidity
HI, I am suffering from acidity since 2 yrs, un...
3Swa7913:10 13 Dec 08 by faisal qureshi
Can anyone offer help with PCOS
Hello, I would be very grateful if anyone can offe...
1newtoforum13:09 13 Dec 08 by faisal qureshi
Anal Fistula
Is Nitric Acid 30 useful remedy for anal fistula...
1ans3113:03 13 Dec 08 by faisal qureshi
Antidote multiple remedies?
My 2 year old daughter accidentally got into my re...
1clw81413:01 13 Dec 08 by sajjadakram635
Excema in a baby
I'm after a little advice for my son. He&#...
4Bussybee10:39 13 Dec 08 by Bussybee
is there any medicine for eseential tremor
I have being diagnosied with ESSENTIAL TREMOR si...
0freudpsyche09:41 13 Dec 08 by
Penis Problem
hi i am 28 years old and married. my penis girth...
0ur_companion 06:29 13 Dec 08 by
covering grey hair now easy
In a website herbalhair dot blogspot dot com I hav...
0harsha05:53 13 Dec 08 by
Big side thighs and buttocks
I am male 32 yrs, chennai. 172 CM height, unmarri...
7abalann00:22 13 Dec 08 by sarup
Tub potencies for children
What would in be the right potencies for children(...
0MARIPI7421:29 12 Dec 08 by
HELP needed finding remedy for herpes
I was diagnosed with herpes virus, my symptoms a...
5roberta16:50 12 Dec 08 by stevelord
Allergy and sinusitis
I am 27 yr old male person.I am suffering from rig...
0subhashis15:29 12 Dec 08 by
dr.deoshlok sharma
hi thanks dr.deoshlok sharma for replying sorry i ...
1hasanali87 15:21 12 Dec 08 by hasanali87
Cold,Cough with history of asthma, Rise in choletrol level
Hi My mom age 55 is suffering from cough and a...
1ashishsingh13:50 12 Dec 08 by deoshlok
cough with pain
Hi My wife age 33 is suffering form cough. She...
1ashishsingh13:47 12 Dec 08 by deoshlok
restless limbs
what is preferred remedy for restless agitated lim...
10iwayne13:08 12 Dec 08 by iwayne
Are all brands of Homeopathic medicines same?
Hello, There are lot of homepathic brands avial...
1SaDSha12:43 12 Dec 08 by SaDSha
recently my grand-daughter contacted scabies. what...
0jayram07:18 12 Dec 08 by
i want to know about homeopathic remedies...
0mughalbaig6505:34 12 Dec 08 by
Dog -mammary tumour
My dog (female-10 years old) has one swelling unde...
4gitamadhu01:24 12 Dec 08 by gitamadhu
Doctor's Comments Required.!!!!!!!!
Hi, Somebody suggested me these medicines here ... [LAST PAGE]
65tehmer 23:29 11 Dec 08 by raphaeloliveira
help required related to impotence due to steroids
hi every one, i am new to this forum and would ve...
1guest123423:13 11 Dec 08 by guest1234
please help:scalp psoriasis
I'm 35 now and I was told 5 years ago after s...
3LADYK77722:36 11 Dec 08 by moxpate2000
hypothetical scenario
let's say you use one of the Hyland's fo...
0iwayne22:23 11 Dec 08 by
please help me!!!
Hi, I am a mother of a 5 1/2 year old girl. We are...
4radhini21:25 11 Dec 08 by vjbagga
homoeo treatment for neuro fibromas
I am a 47 year old man and have one single mass (l...
1haihomeo21:16 11 Dec 08 by stevelord
hello- please help!
can some one tell me how to remove Acne MArks, i...
2shereen12319:44 11 Dec 08 by shereen123
Hair loss and splitting finger nails
Hi...I'm a 42 year old women and I have been ...
2mickiboots18:15 11 Dec 08 by mickiboots
Serious Bad Wetting problem
My son, 7 years, studying in Class 3 has been wett...
1pankajkothari17:21 11 Dec 08 by srisri
ed,pain in testical,sorethroat,asthma, rhumetisem ,
hi my query is does thyroid gland has any relation...
0xiang16:07 11 Dec 08 by
doctors please help!!!!!!!!!!1
i m 30 yrs guy met 2 of good homeopaths but still ... [LAST PAGE]
18vinodg15:42 11 Dec 08 by vinodg
30 years old with chronic acne...help help help
I am 30 years old and still suffering from Acne .... [LAST PAGE]
38shieler14:53 11 Dec 08 by Dr. Rakesh Km Lko
Back Bone Disc Bulged L3 and L4
Hi All, My mother is on bed because Back Bone D...
11arazas09:22 11 Dec 08 by Dr.Haran ch malaker
please help me
mere saath problem bhi wohi hai jo is forum mai bo...
6suleman07:42 11 Dec 08 by homeopathyonline
Plz help
Dear Dr sb i am 29 year old guy. i am suffering t...
4zahidhassan07:07 11 Dec 08 by zahidhassan
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