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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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Dientamoeba Fragilis
My two kids had a stool test recently(CDSA level 4...
2esmeant04:22 20 Jan 09 by esmeant
my 9yr old son has been wetting the bed ever since...
3ajaysmriti22:43 19 Jan 09 by TONVIA
Dr Luc de Schepper changes my outlook on Homeopathy
Dr Luc de Schepper has completely changed my outlo... [LAST PAGE]
26Joe De Livera18:33 19 Jan 09 by delia2009
how to use Silicea for chalazion
Hi everyone, like many others I have a chalazion...
0blackstallion17:08 19 Jan 09 by
Muscles building in growing ages
Hi, My son is 14 years old and recently he star...
1qaisersyed15:41 19 Jan 09 by sorahamsha
pigmentation on face
Dear Doctor, I am 28 yr old, unmarried female fro...
1siren_tina14:12 19 Jan 09 by khushi_boo
pimple pain on face
Dear DR. Sameer, My wife is feeling pain on her...
2abutauhid14:11 19 Jan 09 by khushi_boo
Nail biting 7 yr old.
My son is 7 years old, we just discovered that he ...
2guftaar14:00 19 Jan 09 by khushi_boo
how i increase our height
i am 21 years old boy. and my height 5,1' so i...
3abhi.sharm 13:35 19 Jan 09 by sorahamsha
height increase
hi, I am a 24 yr old girl. I want to increase m...
3aditirane12:48 19 Jan 09 by jainil2006
Dr. mahfuz Plz. Help
Dear Dr. Mahfuz, PLz, look at this page: ' ht...
4secret8612:31 19 Jan 09 by secret86
it is a new case for homeopathy
hi dodctor,i am 26 years old male from india.i am ...
1mani8312:30 19 Jan 09 by Zahid)2
Endometriosis with chocolate cyst
plz help doctors!!! Im suffering from endometrio...
8endogirl12:23 19 Jan 09 by Zahid)2
Wegeners Disease
After being on Prednisone and Bactrim for almost 2...
2jaberry10:34 19 Jan 09 by CHELLE
Dr. Murthy, Can you pls help me ??
1. Age- 35 2. Sex- F 3. Weight- 80 KG 4. Mod... [LAST PAGE]
50armada 09:03 19 Jan 09 by armada
effect of the remedy
Hi all, i am having a chronic disease and have...
6wellbeing06:37 19 Jan 09 by shubhashish_r
Need help for Hyerpegmentation and severe warts
My wife is suffering from severe warts and hyper...
2sarma_ch04:27 19 Jan 09 by sarma_ch
Urination problem with loss of semen
I'm 21 years old and due to the worst of all ...
2ineedhelp00:44 19 Jan 09 by akshaymohl
low backach and sexual weakness
i m 38 years old male. I m suffering from LOW BAC...
7naeemkhan00:35 19 Jan 09 by akshaymohl
swollen eyelid in a 2.5 year old. please help!
hi, my 2.5 year old has been recovering from what...
2kassyuta18:25 18 Jan 09 by kassyuta
Burning sensation in feet and Legs..
Hi everybody....I have been feeling burning sensat... [LAST PAGE]
76ErPandey18:18 18 Jan 09 by ErPandey
Dr.Sameer or any other DOC please help for my son's eczema/food allergy
Hello All, My son has eczema since last 4 mont...
0daveap18:07 18 Jan 09 by
please help for infant's eczema
Hello All, My son has eczema since last 4 month...
2daveap18:06 18 Jan 09 by daveap
Irrational thoughts and mental arguments
Hello everybody. I found this website/forum while...
1anthrop17:34 18 Jan 09 by anthrop
Is there a safe online shop in Europe?
I would like to order remedies online. But these o...
1Maria&boys16:52 18 Jan 09 by baba00
nummulus excema on 84 year old man
My father has a skin condition. He has had now fo...
1waltzingmatilda15:15 18 Jan 09 by deoshlok
help me plz !
I am taking calc flour 6x for benigns in my body...
2patient00715:14 18 Jan 09 by Dr. Shalini
i have been suffering from diabetes since 10 years...
1sanjay115:02 18 Jan 09 by deoshlok
Baby is very thin and small
My 9 months old baby has been having problem since...
8nikkikumar12:00 18 Jan 09 by nikkikumar
Help Much Needed for Horse
I don't know if animals are also covered on t...
1penzancepony06:50 18 Jan 09 by jainil2006
hair fall
HELLO RESPECTED DOCTORS help me i am suffering fro...
2a_mahi 06:04 18 Jan 09 by jainil2006
diarrhea for 3 weeks 84 year old lady
My mother has been suffering diarrhea for too long...
1waltzingmatilda05:57 18 Jan 09 by jainil2006
chronic withholding/constipation in 3yo
Hello, Hoping to find advice on using homeopathy ...
2jenny13500:07 18 Jan 09 by jenny135
Emergency please help! Close to dying.
Girlfriends mom is diagnoised with mrsa poising of...
2lakemee16:13 17 Jan 09 by lakemee
Please help with discontinued thread
Hello, I've started comunicating with raphae...
0Bellinamia14:06 17 Jan 09 by
CKD Chronic Kidney Disease
Hello I am a 29 year old male who was diagnosed...
2Jay Cross14:01 17 Jan 09 by godswishes
Azoospermia without any surgical history and witho...
0Dr. Shalini13:39 17 Jan 09 by
How can I know that eczema getting cured
Hii, I am suffering with eczema . I hv started ... [LAST PAGE]
59march_2411:28 17 Jan 09 by march_24
adult acne
hi, I am a 24 yrs old female. I am 5.2 in ht an...
4nandini.pink 07:55 17 Jan 09 by Dr. Rakesh Km Lko
Pilonidal Cyst recurrence
Dear Pankaj Varma, I am 18 years old and 6 mo... [LAST PAGE]
21jimmy_uae03:12 17 Jan 09 by PANKAJ VARMA
Birth Control?
Hello, I am interested in natural birth control...
5bella.rose 00:59 17 Jan 09 by akshaymohl
age 34 male (computer operator) Shortly, mucus ...
2majid00:55 17 Jan 09 by akshaymohl
Eczema and fingers
Hi there, I have had eczema since I was a ch...
0NancySpirit00:22 17 Jan 09 by
Facial and Genital Herpes please help
Hello! I am looking for a treatment of facial and ...
1Hettich00:22 17 Jan 09 by Hettich
Not pregnant
Iíve been married more then 2 year and has no baby...
3asifwazeer17:39 16 Jan 09 by asifwazeer
Dr. sameer pls help: Severe allergy in my 9 year old son
Hi Dr. Sameer,, My son is suffering from perennia...
11arup6816:43 16 Jan 09 by drsajid
We really want a baby....
Has anyone tried a remedy that helped them conciev...
1homairah 15:57 16 Jan 09 by kadwa
pl send me about avena sativa funtion thanks...
5gtrshakil 13:28 16 Jan 09 by sorahamsha
raphaeloliveira - please continue this thread with me...
Hello raphaeloliveira, would you please continue ...
0Bellinamia13:20 16 Jan 09 by
High Blood Pressure
I had posted this originally to sajjadakram635, be...
6ljleonard13:02 16 Jan 09 by ljleonard
Dr. Sameer, need help for Warts & hyperpegmentation
Dear Dr.Sameer, My wife is suffering from severe ...
3sarma_ch11:11 16 Jan 09 by sarma_ch
benign or essential tremors
I came across your forum on essential tremors . ...
1motioness09:00 16 Jan 09 by Dr. Rakesh Km Lko
Query re. homeopathic prognoses
Hi, Just had a quick question about homeopathi...
9kitfire04:08 16 Jan 09 by Hahnemannian444
Help respectfully requested re partial tooth eruption in child
A friend has a child who should have developed all...
0orian03:36 16 Jan 09 by
for anxiety brooding on one subject sleeplessness depression fear of any kind
pl use white chest nut and mimmulus batch flower m...
2akshaymohl15:12 15 Jan 09 by sweetfam
Lichen planus,
i request to all docters of this forum..do u have ...
0isha_dr10:02 15 Jan 09 by
Metallic taste
Hi, it's not the first time,I have metallic ...
2miaki09:50 15 Jan 09 by miaki
unhappy tiered 3 year old
Hello, my little one has been down with a minor c...
0miaki09:40 15 Jan 09 by
Removal of unwanted hair (Female Disorder)
Hi, I am looking for the remedy for removal of ...
0homeabhi09:03 15 Jan 09 by
Arsenic Album for High Cholestrol
Dear Doctors, A homepathic doctor has advised m...
3MFUK109:00 15 Jan 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
Tried Petroleum and Nat Mur - what next?
My son has been out of balance for a month. He is ...
10Maria&boys08:20 15 Jan 09 by Maria&boys
fordyce spots on genitals.
is there any homeopathic treatment for fordyce spo...
0buffblaze07:36 15 Jan 09 by
anal fissures
My friend was suffering from anal fissures with re...
2mohini07:26 15 Jan 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
Sore Scalp
Dear Docs, I am 27 m from India. I hav...
1cureme07:06 15 Jan 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
Chronic nasal catarrh, sneezing, headaches since early childhood.
Male Aged 12 Frame: Rounded but not fat. The ...
5eurostar06:40 15 Jan 09 by csprakash
optic nerve LM4
Please help me locate where online I can purchase ...
0sammi1121:58 14 Jan 09 by
Remedy for tinea versicolor
Dear doctors, kindly advice a remedy for tinea ver...
2Geethu18:45 14 Jan 09 by PANKAJ VARMA
recurring swelling inside nostrils
I get painful swelling inside my nostrils very oft...
2chk12318:35 14 Jan 09 by PANKAJ VARMA
Atopic eczema and Psorinum
I have had eczema for about 7 years now, and the...
1enigmatia17:16 14 Jan 09 by bvem55
Severe Eczema - My husband
My husband is suffering badly from severe Eczema ...
2sweetfam17:02 14 Jan 09 by sweetfam
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