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avoiding certain things
it is said that homeopathic medicines act on the dynamic plane. and i understand that cert
ezhil21964 2009-05-13
2   zambian 8 years ago

Dear Doctors: Pimples/weariness/ dark circles
Dear Doctors, Please suggest a suitable remedy for me. Here is my case detail Patient I
taurus0705 2009-07-02
1   taurus0705 8 years ago

Acidity and Zantac Substitute
Couple of days ago I had episodes of pain in my stomach. I took Zantac 75 Mg. Got a relief
Sweet_Lemon 2009-07-02
1   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

i m 20 1/2 years old wan height increase
hello everybody i m 20 1/2 years old & my height is 5 feet 4 inches i really
uttam rathore 2009-07-02
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Please help my mom!!
My mom is 49 years old and for the last 20+ years she has been struggling to cure her snee
violentsneezer 2009-07-01
5   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Lethargy all the time, Critical level
1. Name Kashish 2. Age 25 3. Sex F 4. Married Yes 5. weight 75 kg 6. Height …. 5&#
iluvgals 2009-07-02
1   gopal18 8 years ago

plzzzzz.. help me,night emission
1. Name chiku 2. Age 20 3. Sex Male 4. Married/Unmarried Unmarried 5. weight 55

giitu 2008-08-09
27   gopal18 8 years ago

is homeopathy good for chronic cases?
is homeopathy good for chronic cases,,,?
jacob david 2009-07-02
1   sameervermani 8 years ago

corridor smoking
Kindly response Dr. Mahfooz, Dr. Akshaymohl, Dr. Niel, Dr. Kadwa and Dr. Sameer. What are
m_khan 2009-06-27
8   m_khan 8 years ago

Problems sleeping, pls help!!
Hi, I think Im sufferring from delayed sleep phase syndrome. I cant get to sleep before
Rogintel 2009-07-01
6   Rogintel 8 years ago

P.A.D. (peripheral Artetery Disease or Poor Leg Circulation)
Dear doctors what is the best treatment for P.A.D in Homeopathy ? How about Ginkgo Biloba
m_khan 2009-06-20
5   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Oscicco after constitutional remedy
Hey everyone, I have taken my constitutional remedy 2 days ago (Lycopodium 1M) and am now
glowingsoul 2009-07-01
1   maheeru 8 years ago

Attn Doctors: Dark circles, sleepiness, Acne, low in energy
Dear Doctors, Please suggest a suitable remedy for my sister. Patient ID:Taurus 0705 S
spark2306 2009-07-01
1   spark2306 8 years ago

height increasing
sir my name is deepak and iam 21 years old.my height is 5ft 4 inches. i am realy upset fro
kaddy 2009-07-02
1   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

homoeopathy and children
Homeopathy is ideal for babies and children as it is a gentle yet highly effective system
drsameer 2009-07-02
no replies yet

homoeo drug transmission
Transmission of Homoeopathic Drug Energy from a distance - through Hair ''There
drsameer 2009-07-02
3   drsameer 8 years ago

Height Increase
Hello I am 40 year old and I am 5'5'. Can you please suggest me some remedy for h
hpvp1234 2009-07-01
2   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Mercurius Corrosives for removing mercury from vacines in Autistic children
Can Mercurius Corrosives be used for removing mercury from vacines injury in Autistic chil
AmirRiaz 2009-07-01
3   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

Pus cells on Tonsils
Dear Doctors, My daughter, 3.5 yrs old has visable pus cells on her tonsils, she also has
indhawk 2009-07-01
3   indhawk 8 years ago

attn : dr joe de livera pls help me
ovarian cyst - pls dr joe de livera help me USG Pelvis : Uterus : appears normal in size
awahid81 2009-07-01
3   PANKAJ VARMA 8 years ago

Cravings for sweets and carbs
I'm 40 years old. I have 63 kg and 1.68 m. Two months ago it was 59 kg. I've bee
aidacrc 2009-06-29
6   aidacrc 8 years ago

left & right shoulder bursitis
i first started experiencing rt. shoulder back in 2002. no trauma or stress, just started
ahinc 2009-06-29
4   kadwa 8 years ago

Looking for Job
My wife is a homeopathy doctor and we are currently looking for related job openings in Ri
ratheeshkply 2009-07-01
no replies yet

dr. sameer 4 year old with chronic constipation
My son is almost 4 years old. He has had chronic constipation since birth. We had tryed EV
BARAK4888 2009-06-30
1   sameervermani 8 years ago

need suggestion for ankylosing spondilities
respected doctors, i have been suffering from ankylosing spondilities for l
bubunda 2009-06-28
7   imran655 8 years ago

Depression and fear of women
Hello everybody! I´m seeking help for my brother - he is 27 and has been diagnosed w
Blanca Soreiro 2009-06-29
3   Blanca Soreiro 8 years ago

excessof gastric problem and hair fall
Hi Doctor, I would like to ask some remedy for my Problem. I am 26 year old. Problem- The
rohit0302 2009-06-17
3   rohit0302 8 years ago

Urine Problem
Hello Doctors I am 21 year old male.i am facing severe urine burning prob
why_neo 2009-06-08
12   why_neo 8 years ago

Endogenous depression: Could a skilled homeopath advise me?
Dear abc, I have had depression for 17 years. I don't think it is situational, as th

kitfire 2008-08-01
262   sameervermani 8 years ago

ovarian cyst pls help me
USG Pelvis : Uterus : appears normal in size and texture. Endometrium is central ECT is 1
awahid81 2009-06-30
2   awahid81 8 years ago

On-set of Parkinson
I am 69 yers old male and have recently been diagnosed as suffering with Parkinson's
Captain Faizi 2009-06-26
4   kadwa 8 years ago

i need help with scabies
I have used tea tree oil, neem oil, permethrin and invermectin............ i can't ge
catap 2009-06-30
no replies yet

Women Can Help to Recover From Impotence
Women can help their male partner to recover from impotence. Women’s support is of great h
jadsn003 2009-06-30
no replies yet

Musle Pain & Stiffness
[message deleted by hebsiba.daniel on Thu, 24 May 2012 14:26:06 BST]
hebsiba.daniel 2009-06-29
7   hebsiba.daniel 8 years ago

Low blood pressure
Hi Doctors, I am suffering from low blood pressure since a month.I fainted recently as my
animummy 2009-06-08
12   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

Irregular Periods
[message deleted by hebsiba.daniel on Thu, 24 May 2012 14:49:34 BST]
hebsiba.daniel 2009-06-15
6   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
My 10 lb 4 year old dog has been battling RMSF for about 6 months. He's had several
Auburn 2009-06-30
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Masturbating for a girl, please help
Hello, I am a 25 year old female, and I am studying at University, and I am too distracted
natural888 2009-06-29
2   FormerMember 8 years ago

Urethral Structure
Hi guys I need your help on this problem. Here I'm writing the hospitals discharge su
agarwal.yash 2009-05-25
3   FormerMember 8 years ago

Help ! Sexual problem
Hi to all I think that i have a problem regarding masturbation. I masturbate a lot which i
astrologer 2009-05-25
5   FormerMember 8 years ago

Sulphur and Arsenicum
Hello! I've been suffering from the following symptoms since I've become pregna
peachsop 2009-06-29
3   peachsop 8 years ago

Loss of Libido
Since last few days i m 36 yrs in age and is experiecing loss in sex drive. I must tell u
smd2012 2009-01-20
3   Endurnz 8 years ago

Erection Problem
Dear Doctors, My disease history is as follows: 1. Main Problem: Erectal Disfunction.
saiful9 2009-05-29
2   Endurnz 8 years ago

Repeating abscesses behind the ear on 3y old
Hi, my son is having again abscess behind his ear for third time. He's getting it eve
cvety 2009-06-29
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Hair fall
Hi, I am suffering from hair fall from past 1-2 yrs. I think I have lost more than half of
nivedita_qa 2009-06-24
11   nivedita_qa 8 years ago

Weak, left curved penis
Sir i'm suffering from left curved, non erected weak penis. Sir plz help me..
Vikas~gupta 2009-06-25
4   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Overreactive Bladder
Dear doctor, I was wondering if you could help me with my over reactive bladder. I think
thejumper 2009-06-26
2   thejumper 8 years ago

i am 44 years old and have 240pounds weight my height is 5feet 10inches please suggest me
gulabkahn 2009-06-26
2   dramitkarkare 8 years ago

needs yours help
iamm 44 and having weight 240 pounds i suffered typhoyid in my childhood and than jaundice
gulabkahn 2009-06-26
2   dramitkarkare 8 years ago

complete guidence
i am 44 yrs old and married 15 yeras ago still i am having no child doctors say that i hav
gulabkahn 2009-06-28
2   dramitkarkare 8 years ago

Hello! I am 28 years old male suffering in hyperhidrosis disease since chieldhood. My hand
saqibramzan 2009-06-28
1   deoshlok 8 years ago

Nasal Polyps
Hello, I had nasal polyps since 1995, where I had one poly removed surgically. Just 2 wee
ggman 2009-06-28
1   sajjadakram635 8 years ago

High Uric Acid & Gout
can any one suggest remedy for me i am 36 years old having high uric acid and frequent att
homeostudent1 2009-06-27
5   homeostudent1 8 years ago

Quitting smoking
I want to stop smoking. Looking for any help and suggestions. Don't like taking pharm
mary817 2009-06-23
8   honey635 8 years ago

Can anyone tell me my Constitutional remedy?
i am male married, age 28 and i want to know my constitutional remedy...my individual symp
nixter 2009-06-28
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Flushing--->Ferrum Metallicum 200C?
Hello, I am 27 years old and suffer from severe blushing of the face since more than 20
laalay 2009-06-27
5   laalay 8 years ago

Baker's cyst
My wife, 65 years old has been having pain in her right knee for several months. We have
sskps 2009-06-19
11   priyanka sharma 8 years ago

Fistula in Anus and Spike in the Knee joint (Lower bone)
I have fistula in Anus from last many years. And I had an accident in the last year and af

imtiazahmedjesu 2009-05-20
16   imtiazahmedjesu 8 years ago

I am so tired all the time!!! I go to bed early and rest plenty????
yummymummy 2009-06-26
3   akshaymohl 8 years ago

my baby has nose block and cough
My 1.4 age baby is suffering from nose block which is not affecting her much but i could h
bhavamalinijps 2009-06-27
1   kadwa 8 years ago

gum abscess
Here are some pictures of gum abscess before treatment and after treatment with Ars.Alb
mazharmhm 2009-06-26
6   mazharmhm 8 years ago

Hi my son just turned 18 years old and his acne is getting worse. He started getting pimp
bellz 2009-06-24
4   priyanka sharma 8 years ago

Frequent Urination
Hello: I started having pain in lower back and stomach in and around the belly button are
Summer09 2009-06-20
5   priyanka sharma 8 years ago

stuffed nasal passage
onset of monsson causes the nasal passages to constrict and it is difficult to breathe.it
chunchun 2009-06-27
1   priyanka sharma 8 years ago

sir, for previos four to five yr i m doing, excess masturbation. i tried hard to stop i
alimaaz 2009-06-23
2   csprakash 8 years ago

lactation-induced amenorrhea
I'm 22 years old and breastfeeding my 13 month old son. I would like for my cycles t
tolovemercy 2009-05-07
1   deoshlok 8 years ago

retinal detachment
I am 40 yrs old with a 7 yr old history of hypertension. I had retinal tears in left eye w
archy 2009-05-07
1   deoshlok 8 years ago

OCD and Acne. Please help me!!
Hello, I am a 25 year old female and I am suffering from acne. The acne is only around my
sunflowergurl 2009-06-27
3   deoshlok 8 years ago

Nervous, Stress, ??
Its been month now, but I have developed strange feelings. I have become very conscious ab
lal_anar 2009-06-26
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Dr. Sameer, please help my depression and anxiety
I am a 37 year old mom to an almost 4 year old son with autism. I have been depressed sinc
BARAK4888 2009-06-23
5   sameervermani 8 years ago

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