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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
homoeo treatment for neuro fibromas
I am a 47 year old man and have one single mass (l...
1haihomeo21:16 11 Dec 08 by stevelord
hello- please help!
can some one tell me how to remove Acne MArks, i...
2shereen12319:44 11 Dec 08 by shereen123
Hair loss and splitting finger nails
Hi...I'm a 42 year old women and I have been ...
2mickiboots18:15 11 Dec 08 by mickiboots
Serious Bad Wetting problem
My son, 7 years, studying in Class 3 has been wett...
1pankajkothari17:21 11 Dec 08 by srisri
ed,pain in testical,sorethroat,asthma, rhumetisem ,
hi my query is does thyroid gland has any relation...
0xiang16:07 11 Dec 08 by
doctors please help!!!!!!!!!!1
i m 30 yrs guy met 2 of good homeopaths but still ... [LAST PAGE]
18vinodg15:42 11 Dec 08 by vinodg
30 years old with chronic acne...help help help
I am 30 years old and still suffering from Acne .... [LAST PAGE]
38shieler14:53 11 Dec 08 by Dr. Rakesh Km Lko
Back Bone Disc Bulged L3 and L4
Hi All, My mother is on bed because Back Bone D...
11arazas09:22 11 Dec 08 by Dr.Haran ch malaker
please help me
mere saath problem bhi wohi hai jo is forum mai bo...
6suleman07:42 11 Dec 08 by homeopathyonline
Plz help
Dear Dr sb i am 29 year old guy. i am suffering t...
4zahidhassan07:07 11 Dec 08 by zahidhassan
A suggestion/information needed?
hi i just wanna know a fact which is occuring wit...
0comsite03:42 11 Dec 08 by
Cat with Urinary Problems, Advice Please
Hi, I have a male cat named Bernie, he is 6 yrs ol...
2Doodles02:56 11 Dec 08 by orian
indirect inguinal hernia
Hello, I was recently detected an indirect inguina...
0peter84 22:36 10 Dec 08 by
Acute Angled Glaucoma
I am looking for Homeopathy medicine for my proble...
0aprasad200021:27 10 Dec 08 by
Severe allergy in my 9 year old son
Hi everybody, My son is suffering from perennial ...
1arup6817:41 10 Dec 08 by arup68
Molluscum help please
My five year old son has had molluscum(viral wart...
0cxavier315:02 10 Dec 08 by
I have acne & acne scars !! HELP ME>>
Hello. I'am new to this site!I'am 27 yrs...
4Angelmoon99 13:56 10 Dec 08 by stevelord
IGA Nephropathy
One of my friend is suffering from a kidney diseas...
0arathinb11:45 10 Dec 08 by
permanent hair removing solution
i have lot of hairs grown on my upper lip and my c...
4ashwini223611:08 10 Dec 08 by homeopathyonline
Does homeo cure arthritis??
My 60 yr old mother has pain and inflammation (i m... [LAST PAGE]
13zombie08:04 10 Dec 08 by mesastou
Permanent Lightning of Skin
I am an Indian and have dark Wheetish coloured ski...
0ashwini223607:45 10 Dec 08 by
rash on tip of penis
so i have had this for like 4 years and seen two d...
3strami01:35 10 Dec 08 by akshaymohl
Hair loss in young woman
Dear Drs, I am a 26 yr old female. I am having ...
1tumpa_sona01:34 10 Dec 08 by akshaymohl
what is the remedy for a state of mind that is bes...
1iwayne23:58 09 Dec 08 by srisri
Travel overseas with toddler
Hi, I have a very active toddler (18 months old) ...
0shagan21:42 09 Dec 08 by
does ignatia 200 along with kaliphose 30x works in mental problem occuring out of manipose or otherwise?
my wife used to become mum and exhausted for a s...
0drunsinha 17:45 09 Dec 08 by
Piles problem
One of my friend have piles can someone give s...
2ashish.mry16:37 09 Dec 08 by PANKAJ VARMA
Is Iodium and Jodum one and the same?...
3mrbaig07:30 09 Dec 08 by mrbaig
I am suffering from hypothyroidism and my husband ...
4mpl2406:39 09 Dec 08 by mpl24
please help
Dr rhisimba could you please handle my case?...
3nitya05:27 09 Dec 08 by ksreedhar123
Weight Gain /severe Hair loss/PCO..please help me
Please respond to this post.I would realy apprecia...
0sekir 05:04 09 Dec 08 by
Castanea Vesca
Hi all....does anyone have any information on Cas...
0sly197504:04 09 Dec 08 by
Homeo Medicines in US
I'm sending this email with a lot of hope. I ...
5hgautam 02:32 09 Dec 08 by hgautam
White flakes on hair
Hi, Since about last 6 months i have noticed w...
1mansi200302:08 09 Dec 08 by akshaymohl
Child's vision
My 7 year old has been diagnosed as near sighted a...
8homeoguest02:05 09 Dec 08 by akshaymohl
My marriage life is in trouble due to my sex weekaness
Dear doc, i am facing hard time in sex life, i ha...
1far12302:01 09 Dec 08 by akshaymohl
High LDL after gall bladder removal
Anyone have the experience of high LDL after gall ...
0jobawood01:34 09 Dec 08 by
Dr. sameer please help
Patient ID: Sex:Female Age:29 Please answer th...
0nitya22:34 08 Dec 08 by
I've been seeing a licensed practitioner by t...
0horchata18:55 08 Dec 08 by
Advice on Dosage.
I was using Sulphur 30c , 3 times a week for the ...
0happymommy16:58 08 Dec 08 by
white gourmet or spots on face please any doctor
i m facing Serious problen there are white gourmet...
11Studentofhomeo 10:14 08 Dec 08 by Studentofhomeo
4 ear infections in 6 months
My son is 18 months old. He had his first ear inf...
1earinfection09:22 08 Dec 08 by littlefinn
I m male of 32 bilateral undescended testicles. D...
0alibaba08:25 08 Dec 08 by
I have a 1 year old guy who since birth has lot o...
1david197106:32 08 Dec 08 by maheeru
Tension Type Headache
Dear Doctors, I am 28 m from chennai...
8mykvenkat 05:59 08 Dec 08 by PANKAJ VARMA
increase of height
Hi I'm ashwini, desiring to increase my heigh...
0ashwini223604:42 08 Dec 08 by
Dear Doctors, need help with Constipation
I posted Dec.6, with title 'slow digestion'...
1annaivy00:43 08 Dec 08 by akshaymohl
Sick while breastfeeding.
Is kali iodatum safe to take while breastfeeding...
1Bluehyze8500:17 08 Dec 08 by annaivy
Female 72 years old. Cold since 6 months gets wor...
2Sweet_Lemon22:09 07 Dec 08 by Sweet_Lemon
Hi i went to my homeopath in june and he prescribe...
2redpat20:07 07 Dec 08 by redpat
isharat isha khan
Hi isha i know u r using this forum for cure and n...
0ishafahad 09:55 07 Dec 08 by
Sinus with Tooth sensivity
I got tooth sensivity on top Left back teeth and i...
1RajAsha 07:17 07 Dec 08 by drminhas
blood purifier (cleanser)
Hi, is there any homeopathy blood cleanser? thanks...
6maryam06:08 07 Dec 08 by PANKAJ VARMA
chronic asthma and mucus problems
I am 28years old and have been suffering form chro... [LAST PAGE]
81hazro00:58 07 Dec 08 by Myst5578
Earnest request to help me out.....
Hi doc,this is neel..i am a guy of 25 yrs.i am in ...
6neel_ami 19:42 06 Dec 08 by neel_ami
Dementia of my father aged 66
my father aged 66 has been suffering from demetia(...
2rupjyoti17:20 06 Dec 08 by PANKAJ VARMA
please help me with my problems and
my name is adem i am 27 years old i had facial pal...
12mn3fe616:59 06 Dec 08 by PANKAJ VARMA
impotence ejaculate before intercourse errection...
5farooq aziz 13:52 06 Dec 08 by farooq aziz
Dr Sameer Vermani, need your help: constipation, hernia.
Sir, i have a history of chronic constipation w... [LAST PAGE]
63zhestt13:28 06 Dec 08 by zhestt
External Serve painful nonbleeding hemorrhoids
3Paki113:27 06 Dec 08 by Zahid)2
About Chamomilla
In the Chamomilla case the patient is exceedingl...
0Zahid)213:24 06 Dec 08 by
How many pills are considered as one dose?
Hello Doctors, I was suggested to take 3 equal ...
1thefan12:48 06 Dec 08 by gumby
Zincum Metallicum
Dr.Winter burn says of his remedy;'It has this...
0Zahid)212:19 06 Dec 08 by
Sepia antidoted? suggestions needed
Hi, I have been doing research myself and ke...
1guslik92911:52 06 Dec 08 by Zahid)2
height growth
my question is can anyone grow 2inche's or so...
0abdulshakoor11:04 06 Dec 08 by
medicene for blocked nose
pl sugest medicene for blocked nose which is affec...
0andy_65_in10:54 06 Dec 08 by
poststreptococcal Glomerulo-nephritis
My real sister 31 years old height 53 Weight 58... [LAST PAGE]
21manveeen31f 06:21 06 Dec 08 by manveeen31f
well i m amazed to know that there are no answers ...
1brave01:37 06 Dec 08 by akshaymohl
can somebody hear m...
1brave01:36 06 Dec 08 by akshaymohl
Suffering Backache since two years
1javed khaanzada 01:35 06 Dec 08 by akshaymohl
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