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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Tried Petroleum and Nat Mur - what next?
My son has been out of balance for a month. He is ...
10Maria&boys08:20 15 Jan 09 by Maria&boys
fordyce spots on genitals.
is there any homeopathic treatment for fordyce spo...
0buffblaze07:36 15 Jan 09 by
anal fissures
My friend was suffering from anal fissures with re...
2mohini07:26 15 Jan 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
Sore Scalp
Dear Docs, I am 27 m from India. I hav...
1cureme07:06 15 Jan 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
Chronic nasal catarrh, sneezing, headaches since early childhood.
Male Aged 12 Frame: Rounded but not fat. The ...
5eurostar06:40 15 Jan 09 by csprakash
optic nerve LM4
Please help me locate where online I can purchase ...
0sammi1121:58 14 Jan 09 by
Remedy for tinea versicolor
Dear doctors, kindly advice a remedy for tinea ver...
2Geethu18:45 14 Jan 09 by PANKAJ VARMA
recurring swelling inside nostrils
I get painful swelling inside my nostrils very oft...
2chk12318:35 14 Jan 09 by PANKAJ VARMA
Atopic eczema and Psorinum
I have had eczema for about 7 years now, and the...
1enigmatia17:16 14 Jan 09 by bvem55
Severe Eczema - My husband
My husband is suffering badly from severe Eczema ...
2sweetfam17:02 14 Jan 09 by sweetfam
Sir, my age is 27 yrs, can my height increase now ...
0Radha029014:15 14 Jan 09 by
colic & reflux 3 month old baby boy
Hi, my baby is suffering from colics and reflux bu... [LAST PAGE]
27Bellinamia12:27 14 Jan 09 by Bellinamia
Left Pelvic Pain
Dear Doctors and Friends, ...
3rsaad12:15 14 Jan 09 by rozanosaad
piles and constipation
0.10 years cronic constipation ,ulceration ,and h...
5rajanvikash 11:32 14 Jan 09 by Zahid)2
My Child 7 years old
My daughter is 7 years old and shows always nervou...
0lali310510:45 14 Jan 09 by
I am suffereing from constipation problem from las...
0sparsh1 09:58 14 Jan 09 by
viral conjunctivitis. please help!!!
I woke up on Dec, 24 with my right eye, slightly r...
2kassyuta01:14 14 Jan 09 by kassyuta
losing hair
hi,i am prashant,24 year male,i am suffering from ...
1moni_prashant 01:14 14 Jan 09 by akshaymohl
PCOS and Trying to Conceive
Hello, I am 24 years old diagnosed with PCOS an... [LAST PAGE]
17Nora200901:11 14 Jan 09 by akshaymohl
nux vom
Hi ive recently received nux vom for help with b...
0lisa4yx23:43 13 Jan 09 by
Suggestion to Change Webdesign: Moderator please consider this
when i log into this site i should see directly th...
1Doctor Humayun21:39 13 Jan 09 by perspective
Cramp Bark
I want to try cramp bark for period cramps.Is it s...
0angle21921:38 13 Jan 09 by
My husband has psoriasis for more than 15 years.... [LAST PAGE]
27gabituca17:55 13 Jan 09 by totapuri
Seeking help
Hi, is there anybody to help me. I have quoted my ...
0mantra15:17 13 Jan 09 by
Berberis Vulgaris vs Nat Nur (Under Eye Circles)
I read the post re the 8yo girl with dark uner eye...
3donnaj2414:29 13 Jan 09 by donnaj24
burn; liver or bladder area, after eating, right side
burn; liver area, only after eating, right side a...
5mati12:49 13 Jan 09 by mati
Severe Weakness & gastritis, feel like burning at whole body- palms & feet specially. But feel chill at bath with normal cold water.
Severe Weakness & gastritis, feel like burning...
6mati12:48 13 Jan 09 by mati
stomach and intestine gas
I have been suffering from intensive stomach and i...
7majid11:29 13 Jan 09 by Mahfoozurrehman
vitamin protien defeciency
age 28 yrs male ht 5 9 wt 66 vegeterian and do t...
10anjani09:46 13 Jan 09 by mazharmhm
pneumonia and heart failure
hi there, can anyone help. my mum has been taken i...
1LOISD06:39 13 Jan 09 by kadwa
Please Suggest my Remedy for left side . . .. .
I am 28yrs old 80kg weight and having conditions l...
2Paki104:33 13 Jan 09 by Paki1
breastfeeding and excema
Hi. My 4 month old daughter suffers terribly with ...
0mrsbee200321:24 12 Jan 09 by
15 year teen girl - hair loss
Hello, My 15 year old daughter has been losing hai...
1worriedmom1 17:53 12 Jan 09 by drsajid
Can genetic/hereidtary diseases be prevented in the foetus/unborn baby?
I am currently pregnant with my first child. I am ...
0ssvr200916:52 12 Jan 09 by
Seeking for Doctors advice
i'm 39yrs old weighing 220lbs. i went to the ...
0Chetooku 15:57 12 Jan 09 by
Vulva Redness & Burning
Please help me. I have vulva redness and burning,...
2anynomous15:15 12 Jan 09 by anynomous
Thread / Spider Veins
Hi, i was wondering if somebody could help.I am a ...
0minakins15:06 12 Jan 09 by
Medication for Lymphtic
My daughter who is 7 months old now was operated w...
0Yammi14:55 12 Jan 09 by
Treatment for azoospermia
My age is around 32 years, i am suffering from azo...
2fahim13:32 12 Jan 09 by fahim
lipoma growing
HI I m prashant from india, i am having lipoma in...
0prashant1613:19 12 Jan 09 by
Dr. Joe is there any medicine to stop lipoma growth
I am a 29Yr old male. Suffereing from Lipoma from ...
5suspramod13:18 12 Jan 09 by prashant16
rapidly spreading painful lipomas/angiolipomas
Hello, I'm a 30 year old male. weighing 285 p...
12adamhank13:18 12 Jan 09 by prashant16
For those asking for homeopathic advice for children less than 5yrs
Hello, I see a lot of posts here from people aski...
1aske12311:33 12 Jan 09 by maheeru
Address of Homeopathic doctors
Dear Csprakash, If you have pls give me the addres...
0rajesh s10:54 12 Jan 09 by
Address Of Homeopaths
Dear csprakash, If you have pls give me the addres...
0rajesh s10:50 12 Jan 09 by
Mercury Fillings
I am interested in having my old mercury filling...
1ceeb200507:23 12 Jan 09 by csprakash
Pls Suggest me a good Homeopathic doctor.
Pls anybody suggest me some good homeopathic docto...
1rajesh s07:02 12 Jan 09 by csprakash
for sadaqat
Muscular Dystrophy/Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy(DMD...
0sorahamsha05:37 12 Jan 09 by
5 Yr Old Son with Bed-wetting, fatigue, cravings
My 5yo son is the second of 3 boys in our family. ...
2jmccmom05:11 12 Jan 09 by jmccmom
insatiable appetite/diarrhea
Hi there, I'm looking for some ideas on the c...
2BeC3004:44 12 Jan 09 by csprakash
8 yo with precocious puberty
I have an 8 (almost 9) yo daughter who is developi...
4Amoma2304:41 12 Jan 09 by csprakash
Doctors please help - Hypothyrodism
I am a married female aged 30 years, with one kid ...
1hypoindia04:36 12 Jan 09 by sorahamsha
Baby is very sweaty.
My 9 months old baby sweat a lot during sleeping o...
1nikkikumar03:59 12 Jan 09 by drsajid
8 mo old first double ear infection
My son has a double ear infection . He has had di...
3mammato303:06 12 Jan 09 by csprakash
Is it drug allergy
Hello,i an suffering from bleeding piles and i a...
1rajesh s02:52 12 Jan 09 by csprakash
for parenchymatous nephritis
Can these two medicines given together in PARENCH...
1manveeen31f02:35 12 Jan 09 by csprakash
glumerulo nephritis
This is 31 year old female. Serum Cretanine is ...
1manveeen31f02:33 12 Jan 09 by csprakash
Dr Sharma, please help me with this. Many Thanks
Dear Dr Sharma, first of all I take this occasi...
2Taurus75 01:03 12 Jan 09 by csprakash
Need help please with Tonsilliths
Yes I have tonsilliths or atleast thats what the m... [LAST PAGE]
15tiredofencrytpedto18:10 11 Jan 09 by errolmiranda
Re: Ruta 6 as brain tumour treatment
my mother is suffering fom primary cns lymphoma of...
0vj_bal16:00 11 Jan 09 by
Prevention of Chickenpox
Hi, I am 35 years old and my wife is 16 weeks p...
1VS_LKO14:36 11 Jan 09 by VS_LKO
Stress, Anixty
Age 27 Male Single Nature: Imaginative and en...
0arazas14:23 11 Jan 09 by
How can I take Nux Vomica in this condition?
How can I take Nux vomica in such symptoms. gen...
0image13:56 11 Jan 09 by
athlete's foot
According to my astrological chart, as a Pisces I&...
2suncrystal12:27 11 Jan 09 by suncrystal
Severe anxiety, paranoia, etc. caused by antiviral drug. PLEASE HELP.
I started taking the drug Cytovene (ganciclovir) a...
7milkmilk09:57 11 Jan 09 by sorahamsha
HELP!!! stomach ulcer and mouth ulcers
I have had stomach ulcers for a long time and noth...
0roberta04:11 11 Jan 09 by
Crohns Disease
I have been suffering from this illness for most o...
0carmwoman04:04 11 Jan 09 by
I've been prescribed Aconite 30c for panick...
2Lisichka01:25 11 Jan 09 by akshaymohl
help!!! please for my chicken
Hi, The problem is 580 layers (hen) of 1500 (pla...
1Shwe Wah22:26 10 Jan 09 by csprakash
Complete Name
What is the complete name of China Q.? br> ...
1image22:14 10 Jan 09 by sameervermani
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