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Dear Doctor! i am imran and my Mrs. suffering due to lymphedema that is non pitting and lo
iswyne 2017-05-25
2   homeo_helper last year

useless forum
I have earlier posted twice for consultation about gynecomastia .But no one helped me out.
spidey7 2017-05-20
5   spidey7 last year

terrible eczema in 2 year old
Hoping someone can help. My daughters was born 3 months early, 2 pounds. She has had rou

melissafox22 2013-11-07
250   NatashaWalker last year

Brown pimple mark
My wife has 2 brown pimple marks each on her left & right cheek. They were formed afte
varunb 2017-05-25
no replies yet

Please help me regain my health and life back
Dear Wonderful Homeopathic Practitioners for this website, I am a 27 year old male, 6ft in

Jagdeep1984 2012-03-09
23   pharmasmruti last year

Dermoid Ovarian Cyst
Help! My wife is 40 years old and was diagnosed with a 7mm dermoid ovarian cyst. It is sma
adawglax 2017-05-25
1   kadwa last year

nasopharyngeal, Carc effect
How to observe the effect of Carc?
waikuen_eric 2017-05-06
8   kadwa last year

Sore testes and epididyimis
My pain is dull and seems chronic and spreads into my main leg veins. Massaging does help.
Jmm07h 2017-05-25
no replies yet

Child Hearing Problem
Hi, My son is 1 year and 10 months old. He has not yet started speaking. He sometimes resp
mudassarhanif 2017-05-06
10   0antivirus0 last year

Need Height Increase also having some different problems
I am 18 years old male, and my height is 5'3", I want to add some inches in my height
Lucif621 2017-05-21
3   kadwa last year

Macular oedema
Dear Dr Last year i had a retina detachment in my right eye and silicone oil was inserted

sharmakaushik 2012-02-21
15   mahalenarayan last year

Generalized/Social Anxiety. Please help!
Hi All, I am posting for my brother who is having social anxiety. He has had this anxiety
user12345 2017-05-25
1   akshaymohl last year

Pinworms and pregnant
Pregnant with pinworms. I am not a homeopathic person but have been told I can't med
Ggriffin 2017-05-24
1   homeo_helper last year

Just want to know m taking medicines for pilesfrom homeopathy doctor.according to her.she
Riya3 2017-05-10
7   akshaymohl last year

Spring water ok for alcohol based remedies?
I'm wondering how detrimental it is to add alcohol based remedies into spring water t
rtc35 2017-05-24
3   simone717 last year

Cervical Spondylosis
Dear Sir, I am male 28 year old 6 month before pain started in my neck so i consulted m
sskumar1030 2017-05-24
6   drthoufeequebhms last year

stricture and homeo side effect solution
i am tawhid,25,DVM. .i am suffering from incomplete urination. it was happened after my do
tawhid 2017-05-20
2   tawhid last year

I have recently read a proving of the Snapping Turtle (Chelydra serpentina). I am wonderi
neilp 2017-05-23
1   simone717 last year

weak digestion ,gastric problem and nervous
hi I am p.Manish ,I am 21 years old but I look above 47 years .....weighing about 101 kg
pmanish 2017-05-24
2   drthoufeequebhms last year

Joe De Livera Please help.
Dear Sir, With due respect I thank you very much for your kind help to the he

M.Saleem 2010-03-28
48   saml last year

Please Help! Pediatric Perioral Dermatitis
My 18 month old toddler has what I believe to be perioral dermatitis around her mouth. She
babyblue2 2017-05-24
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Complex Left Ovarian Cyst
Hi, I have a complex (there is a little debris) left ovarian cyst. It has been monitored a
Amafb25 2017-05-24
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Dr akshyl mohl need urgent help...
Sir,i am suffering from nightfall from past four years.it happens after five days or somet

rohit majumdar 2015-02-20
85   akshaymohl last year

Severe Side Effects due to Prolong Masterbation
I started masterbation at age of 12 yrs. due to bad company and till today , 24 yr. Of age
ichigo231 2015-08-16
12   akshaymohl last year

Natrum Mur
For dryness of skin , I have been prescribed natrum mur 30 single dose. Now what exactly i
shantanudutta 2017-05-23
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Regarding Eye floaters
Namashkar, I have eye floaters in my both eyes from last three years. I am 29 years old
jain7525 2017-05-23
1   jain7525 last year

Chronic Periodontitis and Severe bone loss
I have been suffering form gingivitis, bad mouth oder and finally leading to chronic perio
singhmk 2017-05-23
1   0antivirus0 last year

premature ejaculation
My age 34. Early age excessive masterbation , some irregular activities .Now I get rid off
aks420 2017-05-23
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Aggressive, nervious Cat
Hi there, I was hoping that somebody might be able to help out with domesticating our new
funkymonkey 2017-05-20
2   simone717 last year

I had no periods since last 10 days late
Im 40 years never married girl I had fibroid of 10 cm in uterus intermural fibroid which

Azeena1 2017-05-01
13   nawazkhan last year

For drthoufeeque(Skin Patches)
Dear Dr. Thoufeeque, My sister is also suffering from another kind of skin disease from s

digitronic 2017-05-15
13   drthoufeequebhms last year

dia bets and protien in urin
my father is of 90 years old and homoea0 doctor also but he have diabets since 10 years w
shakeel_ahmad234 2017-05-20
1   kadwa last year

Penish problem
Hello sir Namste Mera nam Amit hai....mai 27 sal ka hi.....mera problem ye hai ki mera Pe
amallvishengmail.com 2017-05-16
4   kadwa last year

Chest Nippal pain
Hello sir My name abhishek I am 26 years old boy. When i am 20 year old...one day i felt n
abhishek6 2017-05-06
5   kadwa last year

Cocculus Indicus potency for motion sickness
Please let me know in what potency coculus indicus should be given to prevent motion sickn
vjhos 2017-05-17
3   kadwa last year

My son suffering with chronic sinusitis
My son is preterm baby because of some complications at birth time. Now he is diagnosed wi
Lakshmi Devi 2017-05-17
11   drthoufeequebhms last year

Anxiety, depression, adjusting to major life change
Seeking assistance to find balance in a big transition. Just ended a five year dysfunctio
Xochil 2017-05-14
11   drthoufeequebhms last year

Anal fistula grade 2
I am 34 yrs old suffering from anal fistula, kindly suggest medicins, Dr are advising fist
Beek 2017-05-21
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Kidney Disease
i am 28 years old. I came to know you from Facebook Page.I am from Pakistan If you can hel

DO DO 2014-09-19
25   LJMcCauley last year

HomeoDr: middle child stutter
Hi there. I feel like a pest asking you for help with the whole family, but I'm just

alaskamom 2016-04-27
88   homeodr last year

Ibs .hiatus hernia. prostatitis
Hi doct . I am suffering of ibs with some time loss stool some time constipation type har
lucky11 2017-05-21
1   0antivirus0 last year

I've been suffering from tonsil stones for almost a year and need to gag them out aft
Ozu 2017-05-20
8   mia last year

Benfomet forte alternative medicine in homeopathy
Sir is there any medicine in homeopathy that is alternate of benfomet forte. That medicine
sunny85 2017-05-21
1   sunny85 last year

Breast Tumor
I am suffering fibrocystic breast disease from 2007, diagnosed by ultrasound. i am 20 yr F
dshiri 2017-04-04
7   drthoufeequebhms last year

excessive nightfall
Sir i'm 17 and am suffering from excessive nightfall(4-5 times a week) because of whi

Uervi 2017-05-02
19   drthoufeequebhms last year

Homeopathic Help on OCD
Hi All, I have been helping one of my friends for OCD symptoms with homeopathic medicine

Idudi 2017-04-09
47   simone717 last year

frequent night emissions
i am male 5'7 height hindu from india uttar Pradesh 18 yrs old earlier in my life i

vicky arora 2017-04-23
42   drthoufeequebhms last year

Hi all, I'm 22yrs Male. I join gym at the age of 16yrs and did a lot of heavy liftin
Ehiort 2017-05-20
3   drthoufeequebhms last year

Ear Infections
Hello, Now I know it's got to be very different for dogs, but I'm hoping that h
Audgearf 2017-05-19
1   SevenFeathers last year

Chronic rheumatoid arthritis
My Wife age 53 year is suffering from Chronic rheumatoid arthritis affecting big and smal
qureshi1960 2017-05-17
3   drthoufeequebhms last year

Lung problem - KOL exacerbation
My mother have lung health problem...she said that symptoms in order was/are 1. dry and i
krille 2017-05-18
1   0antivirus0 last year

chronic epididymitis/orchitis/spermatocele/varicocele pain - potency/remedy
I am 25 years old. I have right/left testicle pain. The pain began in my right testy and m

Jmm07h 2015-02-07
41   Jmm07h last year

Premature Ejaculations
Sir Mai 30 years ka single ladka hu mere height 6" hai weight 60KG, mai masturbate 16 year
sonurn 2017-05-17
3   drthoufeequebhms last year

Premature ejaculation
I just got married.I suffer erectile dysfunction. I suffer premature ejaculation.for any p
Ownee 2017-03-09
4   sonurn last year

lokesh90 2017-05-16
1   kadwa last year

For Kind attention of Dr. Joe Delivera Unique case of 20 years
Dear Dr. Delivera, Sorry my case story is long so is the issue. I had discussed my issue
s1972ks 2017-05-17
1   simone717 last year

Sinus, blocked nose, sneezing, throat irritation
I have taken sinosin for 3 months but then also I was feeling blocked nose mainly left sid
Ouzourloch 2017-05-18
1   0antivirus0 last year

Burning rectum and scalp psoriasis
I am a 32 year old woman with hashimoto's thyroiditis. I have suffered from intentina
Alysha1 2017-05-17
2   Alysha1 last year

Chronic Sinusitis with no smell | Need Urgent Help
Dear Doctor, I have been suffering from chronic sinusitis since last 3 years. The symptom
virgoien 2017-05-17
1   0antivirus0 last year

oliy face
I am suffering for 4 year to oliy face my age is this time 18 year old i am very disturbed
sourabh24 2017-05-15
4   sourabh24 last year

Urgent help for dry cough, weakness
My 17 year son is having the following symptoms since last 2 days: Dry deep Cough for some
suna711 2017-05-12
10   drthoufeequebhms last year

weight loss
My sister 17 year old hight 5.6 weight 56 suggests any remedy for weight loss
sourabh24 2017-05-16
6   sourabh24 last year

Regular UTI infections in an 85 year old diabetic
Following several months in hospital and a bad UTI infection which resulted in delirium la
theseasidegirl 2017-05-16
3   simone717 last year

Fullness of left ear along with humming sound
I am suffering from fullness of left ear along with humming from past few months. Visited
soumitra17 2017-05-17
3   0antivirus0 last year

Sciatica vain effected by injection
I would like to ask you that my father age 75 ,Sciatica vain has effected by injection. u
invisageint 2017-05-17
2   drthoufeequebhms last year

Doctor sab mera masla ye hai k may sex krne se pehle farigh ho jata hn yani jese hi larki
Kamran ullah 2017-05-17
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

frequent urination,sensation,irritation,emmision
Age -24 Suffering from 2 months. Symptoms - discomfort ,rritation .sensation. And burning

luc007 2017-04-15
13   luc007 last year

Skin darkening, dizziness all the time, fast heart beat, tiredness
I used to have a weatish to fair complexion since childhood nd once I started serching for
Dollygrover 2017-05-16
6   Dollygrover last year

Gynecomastia help please
THIS IS MY SECOND POST REGARDING THIS I am 24 yrs of age from INDIA Height- 175cm weight
spidey7 2017-05-17
no replies yet

Hi, I am Udayakumar from Chennai. My sister is experiencing trichotilimania for the past
udaykumarr 2017-05-17
1   0antivirus0 last year

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