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Right ear problem and cold and cough
I have problem in my right ear THIS TYPE OF PROBLEM WITH ME I HAVE to BLOW MY ear By closi

hitss 2017-01-11
22   hitss last year

Does Nat Mur 3X Help with Language development
Hi Experts, I wanna know if anyone have experience with Nat Mur 3x can help with language
Homeopathy1980 2017-02-16
12   Homeopathy1980 last year

Can I treat ADHD with medical marijuana?
I’m very glad to join this community, my dear friends! Let me ask you a question. Is
FreddyDaddy1940 2017-03-24
1   Teupne last year

advise please
Hello all.. kindly pour in our POV for SBL's Denton. Composition: chamomilla vulgari
Smitra1 2017-03-23
2   drthoufeequebhms last year

Face allergy from sun/ questions for wet dose
Since yesterday i have a face allergy from sun exposure, it is red and itching. I took an
Kelly1 2017-03-24
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Lower Back Pain, Disc Debulging, Degenarative Disc.
straightening of lumber curvature due to muscular spasm. Minimal degenerative changes are
osama78 2017-03-14
3   drthoufeequebhms last year

Tension and delayed menses Dr khudwa
Dr khidwa: Plz reply to my post. After lilium tig 200 my leucorrhoea has improved. My d
Meera1 2017-02-14
2   drthoufeequebhms last year

Stress and depression
My husband is 38 yrs old. By profession, he is a software engineer and is at good positio
shi_81 2017-03-06
12   drthoufeequebhms last year

Oil for hair care
I am 34 yr male and my hair are going away silently from sides.. I have no hair fall probl
ankit111 2017-03-23
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Child with chapped blotched lips
I'm hoping somebody can help me. My son, who is 9 (10 in August) developed pink blotc
kaban2009 2017-03-24
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Making hair oil with Arnica Q+ Olive Oil by dear Joe
Hi Dear Joe, Firstly thanks for giving ur precious contributions to the world of homeopat
ankit111 2017-03-21
3   simone717 last year

Vision problem
About 4 years ago I noticed some distortion in the vision in my right eye. The distortion
theonecloned 2017-03-22
5   drthoufeequebhms last year

PUJ Obstruction
Hello Team, My new born baby has PUJ obstruction in left kidney. We came to know first ti
Dev Prajapati 2017-03-23
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Hello, My Wife Is Suffering from GERD and Taking allopathy Medicine for last 14 years mai
Deb_3star 2017-03-22
3   drthoufeequebhms last year

Chromogenic bacteria
I am 31 years old woman. Since the last 3 years I have severe black staining on my teeth.
atiyask 2017-03-23
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Tryptomer and razo
Can I have an alternative for tryptomer and razo in homeopathy for acidity problem for mor
rp1414 2017-03-21
5   drthoufeequebhms last year

High Creatine and Urea
My Mother has a history of Severe Mitral Stenosys for which she is taking regular Allopath
rsshyam77 2017-03-23
1   kadwa last year

DR.Kadwa please help me on developmental delay of 4y old child
Dear Dr.Kadwa, We have twin baby.They are 4ys old.Twin-1 is absolutely fine.But twin-2 is
ghoshdastidar1980 2017-03-20
3   kadwa last year

Erectile Dysfunction due to prolonged diabetes
I got diabetes 28 years ago when I was in primary school. I am married with two children.
Calgary 2017-03-22
3   drthoufeequebhms last year

Masturbation addiction
There are some many suggestions by so many doctors here for the masturbation addiction to
Gaurav444 2017-02-10
2   drthoufeequebhms last year

Kidney, Liver & Sexual Weakness ;
Following is just a reminder of my Medical history. I am male 36, Never Married, weighs 65
Ardos 2017-03-16
2   drthoufeequebhms last year

Please address my issue
Hello I am male 36, Never Married, weighs 65 KG & 5'6" tall (approx). I am lo
Ardos 2017-03-16
2   drthoufeequebhms last year

Suggest med for ED and enlarge
Dear Dr, My age is 42 and married life 2 years. Non smoker, non drinker, no tea also. Take
paulpartha256 2017-03-13
3   drthoufeequebhms last year

hairfall, balding
Hello. I am 27 years old, i was having very silky, headfull of hair. even my barber used l
ahmed39 2017-03-17
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Dr Kadwa please help with sebaceous hyperplasia
I have a skin colored bump on my nose that does not look good. I want to get rid of it. It
Ramneek 2017-03-16
3   drthoufeequebhms last year

Asthama Due to Brocheal CHanges
My Mother is suffering from Bronchial Asthma. She is 78. She is having the following Medic
Deb_3star 2017-03-22
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

PLEASE SAVE MY LIFE!! PCOS, pigmentation, hirsutism, coarse chin hair, weight gain
Dear Sir/Madam, I am 27 yrs old female, married staying in USA. I have hirsutism and p

Brujau 2017-03-18
18   drthoufeequebhms last year

azospermia in c/o small hypovolumic both testies
A 30 yrs. Male, He planning for child last 8 yrs. Coitus 2 times/ day. Perspiration - on p
jilesh tank 2017-03-22
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

ABC- Feedback
Dear All, You are warmly welcomed to ABC Homeopathy Forum. The number of hits received dai

Nikkie 2011-07-23
55   hamsan last year

Dear Professionals, I am a new Homoeopath and now a days a patient of 45 suffering fro

Razzaq 2007-04-27
52   drthoufeequebhms last year

Dr. samee rvermani please Advise
Hi; I am 39 years old and I have two children. Since past Two years I am facing the fol
Naveedansari 2017-02-13
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

please help Dr Akshay
Hello Dr Akshay, I have been suffering from Depression, fear and Anxiety for about 20 year
for dr akshay1 2017-02-12
3   drthoufeequebhms last year

57 you married woman.Hysterectomy 19 years ago. Married 33 years, feel like I'm livin
rynldss 2017-02-11
12   drthoufeequebhms last year

I have a Cholesteatoma in my right ear, likely caused by ear infections as a child. It was
LambdaEnt 2017-03-21
8   drthoufeequebhms last year

Acid Reflux-nat phos 6x and arnica 30C wet dose
i have started this therapy for my acid redlux gerd...i am 20 years male....after using th
Muhammad hamza 2017-03-21
7   drthoufeequebhms last year

Name: Muneeb Ahmed Age: 6 Years Weight: 13 Kg Height: 3ft 6Inch Location: Karachi Paki
Javed6 2017-03-22
1   telescope last year

8 years old with ADD symptoms
My 8 year old son seems to have ADD. He is very intelligent, very good in math, reading fl
Abc1231 2017-03-18
8   drthoufeequebhms last year

Low Sexual Stamina due to excessive masturbation
hi I am a married man, since 10 years and facing lack of erection and premature ejaculatio
S123456789 2017-03-21
3   drthoufeequebhms last year

Dysentery for an year
My mom 55 is suffering from bad dysentery from an year now. The stool report suggest tric
Meera1 2017-03-22
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Spinal canal stenosis
Dear Sir, My mother has been suffering form Back pain since last 10 years. Now she is ful
lunaafroza 2008-03-22
7   Stary last year

Want to be Healthy.
My age is now 24 years old. I'm very slim, my height is 5 feet 3 inch and weight is 4
ialamin.pro 2017-03-21
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Remedy to help binge eating & weight loss
-Im looking for some help in finding a homeopathic remedy to help with my binge eating dis
jah467 2017-03-21
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

genital warts
I am female and have found some genital warts on the labia and near the vaginal opening. T
rudylk 2010-10-11
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Very beginning of a cold
What should I take? I don't have any actual symptoms, just *almost* symptoms. I feel
lisbeth 2017-03-20
4   drthoufeequebhms last year

Dear simon717 Please suggest to improve immune system. Currently having warts on finger a
amit143mishra 2017-03-17
3   simone717 last year

Sebaceous hyperplasia
I'm having skin colored bump on my nose for many years that was earlier a pimple and
Ramneek 2017-03-18
3   mnaari last year

My 1.5 yrs old baby girl is having recurring throat infection with fever and cold . Any co
ridhimaawasthi 2017-03-02
9   drthoufeequebhms last year

Enlarge prostate
I have been diagnosed with enlarge prostate. Had a green lasser operation because I had a
Parra 2017-03-19
3   drthoufeequebhms last year

Irregular periods
i am 19 yr old having itregular periods from last 3 yr and hving hairs on below chin My we
Sd1998 2017-02-05
7   HelenBlant last year

I am 31, short and slim, not married. I am suffering from cystocele(bladder prolapse into

Doobourbui 2017-01-10
36   Doobourbui last year

Please help. Sepia??
Hello, I have noticable darker skin on my stomach and back in comparison to the rest of m
Inneedofhelp1 2017-03-18
9   drthoufeequebhms last year

Weird miscarriage
Hi everyone!I'm in deep stress and feeling so negative that I'm unable to trust
Saddy1 2017-03-20
2   drthoufeequebhms last year

6 year old daughter and endless SINUS infections
Hello, My daugter is 6 years old and since she was a small baby, she has had recurrent si
fabforever 2012-10-16
6   drthoufeequebhms last year

Lossing hair from sides
Dear Sir Joe D Livera, I am 34yr. male from INDIA. I do not have any hair fall, but my ha
ankit111 2017-03-21
no replies yet

urine gram +ve bacterial growth
i have a serious problem of urine pus cell 5-6/hpf & epithelial cells 4-4 my urine cul
ali17 2017-03-21
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

sex problum
My age is 42 years and hight 5inch 6 cm. My wait around 75 kg.i am india and my problem i
S.Ghosh 2017-03-20
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

rupture of the abscess
I had Abscess inside of nose(right side)which have ruptured and now it has pain and burnin
moheb 2017-03-20
3   drthoufeequebhms last year

Need help for respiratory tract allergy!
Male- 26 I am suffering from allergy from 7-8 yrs.The symptomps may disappear for a season
s.runner08 2017-03-20
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Saddy1 2017-03-20
no replies yet

IBS, ANXIETY, Negative thoughts, Hypochondria etc.
Hello Doctor(S), My Name is Ankur, i am 35 now. Single. working in IT Company. From past
ankur2 2017-03-17
3   Dr. Subrata last year

Pregnancy- Not conceiving after marriage 8 months
sir, I married before 8 months, i have continuous white discharge, weightiness at lower ab
meharban Ahmad 2017-03-19
2   Dr. Subrata last year

Pemphigus folliceous
Dear Sir, Please help. For 2 months I have been suffering from phemphigus rash and itch on
Bacsi 2017-03-17
2   Dr. Subrata last year

Treatment for Labial Adhesions in Toddler
Our 20 month old daughter has had labial adhesions since she was born. The doctors want u
maddie37 2017-03-16
2   kadwa last year

nose sore
I have sore in right nostril's along with burning sensation and sharp pain right side
moheb 2017-03-16
2   kadwa last year

Portal vein thrombus
I am suffering from portal vein thrombus now am using acitrom 2mg tab do you suggest best
Sagar4 2017-02-06
10   kadwa last year

4 month old teething and bad sleeper
my 4 month old son has been a bad sleeper since birth - he used to be awake all night scre
Oado 2017-03-15
4   kadwa last year

joint pain and body shakes
This post is about my mother Age : 62 years Weight: 90 Kg Height: 5 feet 1 inch BP: mostl
shi_81 2017-03-16
3   kadwa last year

Baryta Carb(tonsils, cold sensitivity, weak memory social anxiety)
I have been suffering from almost all the symptoms of Baryta Carb for years from my child
narendrach 2015-03-14
8   umakulkarni last year

Lack of vitamin d with leg pulling and pains
Since 8 months i was suffering with leg pains and pulling. In the month of august i found

SPSIMHA 2015-10-10
16   Nishat Parveen last year

Dr Udaya Kumar
Dear sir, I am following your recommendations on the forum "Homeopathy and more" which see
Patou 2015-08-11
2   Miavob last year

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