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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Nux Vomica for dogs
Is Nux Vomica dangerous for dogs in a 30c dose? ...
1artchic43504:10 04 Apr 08 by srisri
Is gelsemium CM the strongnest poetency for stage fright???
Is gelsemium CM the strongnest poetency for stag...
4mossburn03:32 04 Apr 08 by sameervermani
14months with red patches
my 14months old girl has got red spots grupped tog...
1kiki35700:36 04 Apr 08 by Dr Kumar
how can i increase my wife sex feeling plz help me...
4avinash2008 17:37 03 Apr 08 by lving
Eye Floater / BP / Sugar Advice
I have floaters on my right eye for the past two y... [LAST PAGE]
32scorpioncan13:27 03 Apr 08 by scorpioncan
Diabetic Retinopathy?
Any treatment cure is there for BDR in Homeopathy...
8scorpioncan13:19 03 Apr 08 by scorpioncan
Carica P. side effects
Hi, My wife is 4 months pregnant and suffering fr...
1new_to_hpathy11:09 03 Apr 08 by Mahfoozurrehman
House Fly : A vector
House Fly ( In the light of a Hadith) Sayings...
1mazharmhm10:25 03 Apr 08 by Mahfoozurrehman
Info about good Doctors in Bangalore regarding Hair Loss
Hi All, I am a 25 year male, working as a softwa...
1samarjit09:38 03 Apr 08 by Dr Shalini
Masturbation & brain and memroy effect
My symptoms are: 1.Lose of hair a lot 2.Pain in ...
3hitman2306:33 03 Apr 08 by Mahfoozurrehman
My toddler was speaking fluently until 2yrs and 9 ...
3fanah05:12 03 Apr 08 by srisri
Lead Poisoning
Any Homeopathic remedy for lead poisoning. I hv be...
6scorpioncan02:32 03 Apr 08 by Cordial
impotency problem
hi.i am 25 y old .male. i have impotency problem ...
2don r02:26 03 Apr 08 by Bilal Rafique
neck twitching
Hello, I am 52 years old male with muscular dystro...
1babapoint01:05 03 Apr 08 by akshaymohl
Nasal Congestion without runny nose
Hi...I am feeling this problem since long (5-6mont...
4tarchei00:34 03 Apr 08 by sameervermani
horseshoe rectal fistula
I had a horseshoe abscess in august 2007 which was...
5adriana19:43 02 Apr 08 by adriana
My daughter gets fever quite often. During the las...
1sulubaiju09:10 02 Apr 08 by rishimba
ankle tendon pain primarily right foot inner side
Hello - I would be really grateful if someone coul...
3susansc08:37 02 Apr 08 by susansc
Hearing Problem-A Typical Case
The history of my problem is as under:- At the ...
3zaplin 08:29 02 Apr 08 by zaplin
Chronic liver problem - RishiMBA pls help
Hello, I had been sufferring from extreme poor ...
3xmlatitsbest08:08 02 Apr 08 by rishimba
Erection not hard during intercourse
Can anyone please advise the remedy for this.I bla... [LAST PAGE]
26nsjus06:41 02 Apr 08 by syedrehan
multiple sclerosis
Dear Shamid... i am suffering from multiple scler...
8kuldeep.rana04:41 02 Apr 08 by badal
Puberty 11 years girl
Hi, 11 year old daughter going thru puberty for la...
8busymum 04:41 02 Apr 08 by jyotimehr
adrenal hyperplasia ... HELP!
Hi! I am a 18 year old female. I have moderate ...
2Nina12317:41 01 Apr 08 by Nina123
Urgent !!Blurred eyes, chills, ringing ear...
I started with some inflammations in the back of m...
3catvzla15:55 01 Apr 08 by catvzla
Baby suffocating cough
My six month old daughter has caught a cough from ...
1SFBurgundy15:52 01 Apr 08 by Dr.Haran ch malaker
3yr old boy - hyper, losing confidence, needs 100% attention
Hi, thank you for looking at my last post re me an...
1mkbswimstar15:05 01 Apr 08 by mkbswimstar
Hair Loss
Hi, My wife is 33 yrs old..she has lost a lot o...
2biyer13:49 01 Apr 08 by biyer
Please help - lymphodema
Please help -- I've been told that I have lym...
3Buchworm 10:43 01 Apr 08 by sprateekma
Help pls - Obese, stressed, angry, lacking motivation
Hi, Please can someone help. I am a mum of 2 todd...
0mkbswimstar10:41 01 Apr 08 by
lingering cough
I am a female ageed 45, about two years back I go...
3Araati bose07:32 01 Apr 08 by Araati bose
I am 40 years old. My name is Jamal Shah and have...
3s.jamal2006:38 01 Apr 08 by s.jamal20
Blocking nose
Dear Doctors My wife 42 have nose blocked from la...
3m_khan06:30 01 Apr 08 by m_khan
ligament tear - left knee
well while playing on 22 mar 08,i was mistakenly p...
3vinit doshi06:17 01 Apr 08 by vinit doshi
2yr old only 8kg
Our son born 33 weeks gestation. Good size at birt...
3olliesmum04:58 01 Apr 08 by rishimba
Kind Attn: Dr Tahira Bano
I had noticed this for the first time about 4 year...
8RishiRishi03:57 01 Apr 08 by Dr Tahira
ross river fever
Has anyone had any good results with remedies for ...
3aussiejudi00:41 01 Apr 08 by aussiejudi
Help with my Dog
Hi I am new so I hope I am doing this right...and ... [LAST PAGE]
19maven00:02 01 Apr 08 by lisa d
Abused aggressive dog...help!!!
Hello! I have been friends with someone for about...
1msocrates 21:53 31 Mar 08 by Monty1
Cervical Spondilosys
I have been suffering from cervical spondylosis fo... [LAST PAGE]
31sarnath1980 19:12 31 Mar 08 by sarnath1980
Shingle Nerve Pain
My Great Aunt is 94 and has been suffering with re...
3juliemp18:32 31 Mar 08 by Dr Tahira
Head pressure with noise penetrating body
Has anyone ever come across a case where the patie...
3Sn-wr113:35 31 Mar 08 by rishimba
Stress caused illnesses - Dr Faisal, Rishimba pl help
I seem to have had over the past years illnesses c...
9sosick 13:09 31 Mar 08 by rishimba
How to search forum for any topic
Is there any way to search forum for any topic ?...
1sairazahid10:52 31 Mar 08 by Mahfoozurrehman
Hello all, I am suffering from angina like sympt...
8thekind7810:46 31 Mar 08 by Mahfoozurrehman
bad acid reflux
hiya im 311 weigh 14 stone and im approx 5ft 6, im...
4foxy001010:25 31 Mar 08 by Mahfoozurrehman
Request for Help w Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
Anyone have any ideas what homeopathic remedies a ...
3yuanshen09:44 31 Mar 08 by faisal qureshi
i need to treatment for acne
hi i am 25 i have been suffering from acne on ...
1rad_8209:34 31 Mar 08 by cathylee18163com
Chronic Acne & Hair Loss
Hi! I am 28 years old, female, and have had acne ...
3Tialass08:58 31 Mar 08 by cathylee18163com
Remedy for toddler with possible earache and cold
My son is 19 months old and started a cold a few d...
2Schnauzer04:15 31 Mar 08 by Dr Tahira
Nasal Discharge in 5 Yr Old
my 5 year old son has the following symptoms with ... [LAST PAGE]
19luvdodo00:36 31 Mar 08 by sameervermani
I have been suffering from amoebiasis for over 15 ...
4pranjal.johry14:07 30 Mar 08 by ajith1981
coronary artery inflamed
Hello Drs, i am in need of your help for 10 mon...
6aashi11:17 30 Mar 08 by PANKAJ VARMA
Arsenic Poisoning
I have found out i have high levels of Arsenic a...
2hightide10:18 30 Mar 08 by hightide
Rattling in the chest - Toddle 3 years
My son is experiencing from a chronic stuffy nose ...
5krisdas09:41 30 Mar 08 by faisal qureshi
Women's Hair Loss
I have a fit body, strong nails, and very healthy ...
4msnemp 09:40 30 Mar 08 by faisal qureshi
ross river fever
Several years ago my son aged 25 contracted Ross ...
0aussiejudi08:58 30 Mar 08 by
sensitive to cold
dear sir my wife is sensitive to cold. during wint...
1gopal1807:12 30 Mar 08 by Dr Tahira
Hello, I'm suffering from anxiety since I...
3dahlia3606:13 30 Mar 08 by rishimba
vasectomy reversal
Im wondering if there is anyway of imroving sperm ...
1imtitch23:51 29 Mar 08 by deoshlok
Bacterial Infections
suffering for 8 months - anything that really stop...
1TingMJM 23:46 29 Mar 08 by deoshlok
abdomal pain,flatulence,every singe day,I am tired of life
Hi,I am 52 and I suffer from flatulence,abdomal p...
1sara5223:44 29 Mar 08 by deoshlok
Extreme tiredness, poor circulation, tingling any suggestions
I would be extremely grateful if any forum members...
1fev195423:40 29 Mar 08 by deoshlok
Empty homeopathy tubes
Hello, is there any place on the internet I can bu...
0aske12316:05 29 Mar 08 by
cydonia vulgaris 30 c and damiana q
Dear Dr. Does these two medicine have any role fo...
1roughedge10:42 29 Mar 08 by rishimba
Shortness of breath
I am 33, and over the last 5 years have developed ...
1thimbleprincess10:36 29 Mar 08 by rishimba
Liver Cirrhosis
Please help my brother-in-law was just admitted to...
3metee6010:34 29 Mar 08 by deoshlok
Writing problems due to Shaking Fingers
For the last 4/5 years I have noticed it, but yet ...
1XMarshall 10:27 29 Mar 08 by deoshlok
Male age 24 years. Initially he had Chorea at the ...
4SZDANDOTI09:44 29 Mar 08 by rishimba
4 y.o. with bad cough
3 weeks ago, son had strep A. Prescribed antibioti...
4dragonsaur08:29 29 Mar 08 by dragonsaur
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