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extreme eczema in my ten month old son
hi everybody, my son had been sufferinf fron acute eczema since he was 3 month old. since
shahip 2006-09-11
8   julia_r 9 years ago

Gynecomastia + POIS anyone ??
Hi, I have a condition similar to this picture : http://nopain365.com/wwwb/data/board3/
don_1 2008-07-11
1   andy127 9 years ago

male breast (gynecomastia)
I am male Age 26 years 85 kg weight (i.e 25 kg over weight) single Suffering from gynecom
orris 2008-05-03
2   andy127 9 years ago

HELP !!!!! I have Gynecomastia. What should I take?
I have Gynecomastia. I heard that there was some type of Homeopathic medicine that I could
Akram Syed 2004-07-18
2   andy127 9 years ago

I am Male 25 Years Old 85 KG Weight 5 feet 5 Inches Height No Constipation and other alime
orris 2007-09-26
4   andy127 9 years ago

i`m 27 yrs old male suffering from Gynecomastia,if there is any homeopatic treatment of th
verma 2004-09-24
4   andy127 9 years ago

Is there any homoeopathic medicine for Gynecomastia?Please help.
Lax 2003-08-13
5   andy127 9 years ago

Acne on forehead
Hello, I usually have mild acne... for some reason (probably using too many products at on
monroe_55 2008-09-10
1   monroe_55 9 years ago

Ulcerative Colitis - worm treatment
I heard something about Ulcerative colitis being treated with worms.Does anybody know anyt
maria 2003-12-04
3   fisterboy 9 years ago

Cause of Hyperthyroidism: Please answer
Hello, I want to ask a question about a Herbal Medicine I was taking last 1 Year. Could th
Joshikrishna 2008-09-11
1   Joshikrishna 9 years ago

sulfur side effects?
i've been struggling for years with a host a mysterious ailments--headaches, huge cra
mirabel 2008-09-11
no replies yet

dogs ear infection.
Hi, I gave my dog silicea 6c for help with his anal glands. After, I gave this his rig
Alexis 2008-09-05
4   Alexis 9 years ago

Someone please help me today, desperate
I need some urgent help. I am desperate and lost all confidence in myself and start doubti

englishpatient 2008-09-08
27   englishpatient 9 years ago

Kidney stone
My friend has kidney stone in both kidneys from five years. In RH side 4-5mm bilateral.
satyapal 2008-09-05
2   znaeem51 9 years ago

HelloDr., After a long time i am visiting this site,very helpful indeed. This time i am he
debotri 2008-09-11
2   gavinimurthy 9 years ago

Male, age 60, shoulder bursitis is there a homeopathy remedy for this?
bellkeys 2008-09-10
3   rishimba 9 years ago

help with kidney function
Hi I would like to know about how to help increase kidney function. My creatinine is ver
ange123 2008-09-09
2   ange123 9 years ago

Finding my constitution
Please let me know what are all the remedies(constitutional) in which the main symptoms ar
zhestt 2008-09-11
3   zhestt 9 years ago

curing premature white hairs
I am a 24 year old male and suffering from premature white hairs for the past one and a ha
king_khan 2008-09-11
2   king_khan 9 years ago

Acid reflux & Stomach remedies, 18mo old
My 18mos old daughter has been vomiting & spitting up for months now. It started at 1
rena365 2008-09-11
1   rishimba 9 years ago

weight loss
How does phytolacca berry help in wieght loss? Does it have any have any side effects
rjosef 2008-09-11
2   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Bad Acne on just one side of the face
I have pretty bad acne, but just on one side of the face? Any remedies?
Kicker 2008-09-11
1   rishimba 9 years ago

High Platelet Count
Dear Doctors, Age: 41 Years Sex: Male Weight: 77 Kgs I have been living with High Platele
dineshtwn 2008-09-09
7   dineshtwn 9 years ago

hi, i am a 30 y.o female, 164cm tall and weighing 93kg(obese). im constantly thinking of f
p.p.kana 2008-08-29
7   p.p.kana 9 years ago

Silicea 6c and Clindamycin HCL
Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum. I recently had my Pilonidal Cyst incised and the
jacket1234 2008-09-10
1   jacket1234 9 years ago

Bursitis of right knee
My wife, 65 years old, has developed swelling at the back of knee which causes pain on str
dee37 2008-09-08
1   rishimba 9 years ago

Hiya, I've never done this before. I have many symptoms, many are very longstanding.I

serann 2008-03-19
72   sameervermani 9 years ago

constant headache, ear pressure, heavy stomach...help?!
For the past month I've had a dull headache that's been lingering. Sometimes I g
jamesf 2008-08-10
6   sameervermani 9 years ago

I cry way too easily!
Hi, This is my first post and I am hoping that you can give me some advice! I am 48 and h
Aussie Gill 2008-08-26
6   sameervermani 9 years ago

Bone Spur
hello I am here for my mother's medical advice. My mother has severe ankle and heel p
heena.raja 2008-09-10
1   rishimba 9 years ago

Endometriosis-Chocolate Cysts
Hi, I am 27 years old. Married for a year now, with no kids as yet. I am diagnosed with En
Van27 2008-09-10
1   rishimba 9 years ago

lathyrus , attn: rishimba
Hi Rishimba, In some other thread you prescribed LATHYRUS 30C for a parkinson patient.

chiru71 2008-07-17
26   chiru71 9 years ago

So sick..help!!!
Hi all I have been feeling liek I have the stomach flu since the weekend. It's been
sly1975 2008-08-28
8   rishimba 9 years ago

Cat with digestive trouble
Hi everybody, I'm looking for a remedy for my smallest cat. She has been having diar
sarahstw 2008-08-30
2   sarahstw 9 years ago

home - remedy potency raising
I read about raising the potency of remedies somewhere, but I can't remember well.
nirodha 2008-09-09
no replies yet

Dr Sammer - Need help
Hello Samir, I have been reading your various postings related to eczema, and looking for
Jonam 2008-09-06
1   maheeru 9 years ago

Throat congestion and sinus pressure
i have had sinus surgery and been to an allergist nothing works. I have just recently lik
Bones 2008-09-09
1   Bones 9 years ago

Very painful hematoma after c-section
Hi, I've had a hematoma for about 4.5 years that was confirmed on CT a couple years
jkcmartin 2007-02-20
5   paulajdb 9 years ago

genital herpes out of control.
First, I have to say that I do consult a homopathy phisician each two months. He already
pablo 2008-09-08
2   pablo 9 years ago

gall bladder stone
i have 5mm gall stone and other are small stone.please tell me best medicine to remove gal
sh_tew 2008-09-09
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Help plz?
Plz help me .I have many bad problems..Age 18 year.. Weight..40 kg.Very very weak.. Affrai

Riazi 2008-05-08
48   Riazi 9 years ago

height after 18
will I be able to increase height after 18 through homoeopathy??? I do excercises paschito
vishu 2008-09-07
2   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Height increase
My daughter is 11 yrs old. But she is short as per her age. Otherwise, she is healthy and
navroop 2008-09-03
6   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

I wish to learn all about this ailment i.e. symtoms, diagnostic methods, recommendation on
hsparekh 2008-09-09
1   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Please Help Immediately - lymphs
Dear Sir, I am Sajo, 29/yrs/Male, Married. I am in big problem, apprx. 2 Months ago, I suf
backend_id 2008-09-08
2   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Homeopathy practice in US
I am interested to know about the opportunities for BHMS doctors in US. What exmination do
rajina 2008-09-09
no replies yet

nux vomica for nausea and appetite
I am new to this site. My problems started 2 weeks back. Had nausea all the time for the f
kkcool 2008-09-07
4   srisri 9 years ago

Eating problems with 3 year old special child
Dear all I am writing in to get help for my 3 year old daughter. She was diagnosed with d
mom99 2008-09-07
3   mom99 9 years ago

Frozen Shoulder
I am 42 years old male and really tired of my right shoulder which is frozen from last one
booobooo 2008-08-11
4   znaeem51 9 years ago

Facial pain while speaking little loud
Since last 3 weeks, i am experiencing very vague symptoms. I am male 30 yrs, working for s
rahul4sid 2008-09-08
no replies yet

Hair fall from 5 years.
Dear Sir, I am facing hairfall from the last 5 years and it is patchy baldness at crown of
sanjay_mms 2008-09-08
no replies yet

here is a patient 32 yrs old, married have 2 kids both by c-section,she developed amenorrh
Doctor Humayun 2008-09-08
1   gopal18 9 years ago

Sex Problem
Hi all Doctors, My name is matre and I am 25 years old.I used to masturbate for years whic
matremir 2008-06-23
3   dinesh.kumar.jsr 9 years ago

Please help
I have used remedies for over 30 years and have never had a situation where I needed drugs
luckyme 2008-09-08
no replies yet

antidote suggestion
Hello, I am seeking a suggestion for antidoting of Rhus Tox and Lycopodium. 3-4 months b
i_like_homeopathy 2008-09-08
1   dinesh.kumar.jsr 9 years ago

Hormonal Acne.....help please?
HI I am new here and never tried homeopathy before but am starting to think it could be w
jessical 2008-09-07
1   faisal qureshi 9 years ago

pain spinal disc problem
I have some problem, disc gap, in my spine in the middle my back. I feel pain, some time s
Janoo123 2008-09-08
no replies yet

Please help me, I am at a loss and I am tired of me!!!
I don't know where to start, but I do know I need your assistance. I don't kn
ecpalma93 2008-09-01
3   gopal18 9 years ago

Chest tightness for 10 years
Hello, I have been suffering from tight chest and pressure in the head for the last 10 ye
pelonis 2008-08-29
6   pelonis 9 years ago

Vulvodynia &constant PAIN
Hi I am a 38 year old female suffering from Vulvodynia for 2 years (non stop). I have geni
sadpussy 2008-09-07
2   ramanasudhakar 9 years ago

Looking for a homeopath...
Hi Everyone, Im looking for a homeopath in New York. Could you recommend someone? Thanks.
mmp2008 2008-09-05
3   sadpussy 9 years ago

a few questions about arnica
hello, i'm new and have recently become interested in homeopathy. i have used arnica
satur9 2008-09-05
4   satur9 9 years ago

Arsnicum 200 C
I took Arsenicum 200 C for chest anxiety, feeling like I can't breathe right and worr
cicka 2008-09-07
no replies yet

remedy for short stature
hi I'm a 15 years old female from Italy sorry for my bad English. I'm here becau
princess93 2008-09-01
6   princess93 9 years ago

One remedy or several remedies?
Why are some homoeopaths saying just one remedy should be used, while other saying several
troja 2008-09-07
no replies yet

heart problem
I am 49 years, I have engioplasty 5 years back. Now a days I found that my pulse dispears
satyapal 2008-09-07
no replies yet

amino acid
what is the homeopathic name of amino acid and also collagen
tutul 2008-09-07
no replies yet

Florasone Cream
Hi, I read that Florasone Cream is a safe alternative to a steroid cream. Could you commen
mmp2008 2008-09-07
no replies yet

Healing crisis
Hi everyone I've always wondered about a healing crisis or aggrivation after taking
sly1975 2008-09-06
1   tochitra 9 years ago

Separation Anxiety - 4 Year Old throws up
My 4 year old son refuses to go to his Pre-K School. On the first day at school he was al
krisdas 2008-09-06
1   tochitra 9 years ago

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