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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
dr. mahfooz and others - advice please
A couple of weeks ago, after lunch I started feeli...
4new2town09:32 11 Feb 08 by new2town
Red rush under nose
My son's nose is running and the area between...
5Maria&boys07:07 11 Feb 08 by Mahfoozurrehman
I am 26 years old.I am suffering from chronic dep...
2subhashis07:03 11 Feb 08 by Mahfoozurrehman
For Hariharan of Pune / eye problems
Your e-mails reaching me , but replies are bouncin...
0PANKAJ VARMA05:59 11 Feb 08 by
when i go to sleep my both hands go to sleep
hello i have one problem when i go to sleep eath...
2robina65505:23 11 Feb 08 by Mahfoozurrehman
cholesterinium 3x
i have read on these pages that cholesterinium 3x ...
2whitts9902:07 11 Feb 08 by girilal
I have a cold with post nasal drip, feeling tired,...
1mettagirl00:14 11 Feb 08 by akshaymohl
Is there anyone that knows how to treat this. I...
2Butterfly920:12 10 Feb 08 by Albert
Re .over weight
Homoeopathic treatment of glands require patient&#...
1Dr Tahira16:15 10 Feb 08 by Dr Tahira
ritalin alternative
Can anyone tell me natural alternatives to ritalin...
1susan whitney15:50 10 Feb 08 by Cordial
over weight
i am 15 years male and weighted 80 kg which brings...
3shweta2215:47 10 Feb 08 by Dr Tahira
Hot flashes
I am 60 yrs old . HAd hystorectomy a year ago. Th...
3catinstincts15:39 10 Feb 08 by Dr Tahira
Allergy/Difficulty in Breathing
Kindly Suggest/Help me with my following Symptoms....
0mislam13:57 10 Feb 08 by
dr sharma why agrimony didn,t work
doc deoshlok my bro has order ur med agrimony but ...
0doctor_isha11:51 10 Feb 08 by
continuation of spleenomegally
Also his heamoglobin is 18.6 last october. He had ...
3saraswathik09:01 10 Feb 08 by Dr Tahira
tooth bent backwards by fall
hi: i have a lower front tooth which was bent bac...
1tomdreskin08:11 10 Feb 08 by Dr Tahira
tooth bent backward
Tom, your suffering is indicating deficienc...
0Dr Tahira08:06 10 Feb 08 by
Depersonalization Help
Hello I was wondering if anyone has tried Homeopat...
1Butterfly907:28 10 Feb 08 by rishimba
My father is 79 years old. He had severe loosemoti...
0saraswathik04:49 10 Feb 08 by
Sugar Addiction
I am having a problem with sugar. I'm fine u...
4Lordcary01:21 10 Feb 08 by Lordcary
skin cleanser for acne
I am looking for a natural skin cleanser for acne...
1ph195022:45 09 Feb 08 by Finally
help for obstetrical fistula?
I have read through a lot of the anal fistula post...
7obfistulahelp19:26 09 Feb 08 by obfistulahelp
reoccuring ear infections - 6 months
Hi, my child is 6 months old. This is her 3rd ea...
4mommy1st17:51 09 Feb 08 by Dr Tahira
I have a 15 year female dog who appears to have ha...
0fredkiwi17:31 09 Feb 08 by
stomache pain + diarrhea
My 5 year old is complaining of stomach pain. He ...
1evperry13:27 09 Feb 08 by Dr Tahira
Dr Deoshlok --Cental Serous Retinopathy
Dr Deoshlok, My wife, 54 yr old is suffering from...
4shaktikroy11:09 09 Feb 08 by shaktikroy
height increase
i m 22 years old my height is 5.3in .its there is ...
0lving 23:08 08 Feb 08 by
autoimunne disease
i suffer with sjogrens sydrome and everything flar...
1psychicx 18:24 08 Feb 08 by faisal qureshi
pai n i n both the hands
Suffering from pai since last three months in both...
2Santanu18:13 08 Feb 08 by PANKAJ VARMA
Toddler sleep problems
I am a desperate mother of a 13 month old who hasn...
5Miruna17:50 08 Feb 08 by rishimba
My brother's wife is suffering from ovary pro...
1savinirs_2206197116:24 08 Feb 08 by Dr Tahira
bad congestion
Hello everyone, Our office actually moved. And...
1chubbyMe16:15 08 Feb 08 by Dr Tahira
I Dont Feel Well
I am a young 21 yr old woman and I don't feel...
1missy_robinson 16:11 08 Feb 08 by Dr Tahira
dr deoshlok, from nmgdes
dear dr deoshlok hope all is well, i have found...
0nmgdes15:50 08 Feb 08 by
Chronic urticaria past 17 years...Please Help
Dear Doctor, My name is Shilpa, Age: 32 years, We...
5shilpaj 14:36 08 Feb 08 by tendercity73
Chronic Hair Loss
A female has been losing hair for a very long time...
5hpadda14:24 08 Feb 08 by gavinimurthy
iwants improve my hight i am 19 and my hight is 5....
0usmanali13:46 08 Feb 08 by
Penis problem!!!!!
Hi, I have been masturbating since many years now...
2Irtza 12:21 08 Feb 08 by Irtza
diabetic help
hello age 33 sex male weight 77 kg blood su...
7read 78611:46 08 Feb 08 by Mahfoozurrehman
I want to know if there any good treatment for lup...
1a4k9909:39 08 Feb 08 by faisal qureshi
fatigue, migraines, anxiety, and spotting!
Hi. Iím a 24 year old female that suffers from con...
9Odesseth09:33 08 Feb 08 by faisal qureshi
Skin problems
A couple of weeks ago, after lunch of a meatball s...
1new2town09:26 08 Feb 08 by shamma
increased cholesterol
My mother is 58 years old, and since 10 years she ...
2endomaria05:10 08 Feb 08 by Mahfoozurrehman
memory problem
hi! my age is 23. i used to have a normal memor... [LAST PAGE]
36farrukh12302:45 08 Feb 08 by Courtney Gal
Metals with suspiciousness
What metal/s can be compared with the mental sympt...
0Albert00:09 08 Feb 08 by
Conium Maculatum
Has anyone used this remedy to cure or shrink tumo...
2catinstincts21:08 07 Feb 08 by catinstincts
Medicine For Badsore
My grandmother who is about 80 yrs old is sufferin...
7anuragjbp18:22 07 Feb 08 by RemedySearcher
My 13 year old daughter needs help constitutional type please help!
Hello: My daughter is 13 and has started her p...
5kellysybs 18:10 07 Feb 08 by kellysybs
Lekoria (vaginal discharge)
A lady has this problem started recently. It coul...
4samir5011:52 07 Feb 08 by Mahfoozurrehman
Chronic Sinus pressure and pain.
I am a very allergic person, but for the past 3-4...
3sallyjam3111:44 07 Feb 08 by Dr Tahira
Gas, Nausea, Depression
Is there any Dr. in this world who can help me. My...
5babitaabc 11:37 07 Feb 08 by Mahfoozurrehman
Hi everyone. I am grateful for this forum. For ...
3orbsycli11:25 07 Feb 08 by Dr Tahira
Acne problem-serious
Dear Dr.Rish, Thanks for response.Here are t...
3Dr Tahira11:07 07 Feb 08 by Mahfoozurrehman
Acne problem-serious
My symptoms are as follows, 1- Age:17 years old b...
3Honey409:12 07 Feb 08 by Dr Tahira
emu oil for hair regrowth
hi i have diffuse female pattern hair loss .i am ...
3farhaa08:49 07 Feb 08 by rishimba
Symptoms made worse with strong emotions
Hi! First of all, thanks for reading this. I'...
2La Sirena08:13 07 Feb 08 by rishimba
Please help...any help for Cerebral Palsy?
Hello! I hope somebody can help us. My daughter ...
1Sidneysmommy08:06 07 Feb 08 by rishimba
sneezing and running nose
Prerna is 21 years old.Early morning before she ge...
6praty07:58 07 Feb 08 by rishimba
Multiple Sclerosis the sy...
1Jenene Philbeck06:08 07 Feb 08 by rishimba
keloids on chest
hi everyone, I have a few keloids on my chest a...
2onetoo 05:13 07 Feb 08 by Mahfoozurrehman
shipping to australia
hi, does anyone have any idea how much shippin...
0rilana03:36 07 Feb 08 by
Retinal Detachment
I am forty years old with a very mild myopia and I...
5Mayuri00:32 07 Feb 08 by akshaymohl
phytolacca berry 200c for dandruff??
I have read too many threads about using Phytolac...
0dallasMom20:52 06 Feb 08 by
Diarrhea -baby-
My 1 year old son has a pretty bad case of Diarrhe...
2evperry18:49 06 Feb 08 by evperry
dry cracked skin around the lips
does any know the cure for severe dry flaky skin o... [LAST PAGE]
13carolann3711 11:56 06 Feb 08 by PANKAJ VARMA
tissue salts
Do you happen to know any tissue salts which are...
1angie10:53 06 Feb 08 by Mahfoozurrehman
eye injury on dog
My Dobbie has had an eye infection for about 2 yea...
1KUGELPLATZ10:38 06 Feb 08 by Mahfoozurrehman
mental symptom- which constitution type
Just wondering, my most common nightmare is where ...
1pangolin06:14 06 Feb 08 by rishimba
Adeniods - Eczema - Bedwetting
My son who is 6 1/2 years old is suffering from va...
7Mrs_Sam06:04 06 Feb 08 by Mahfoozurrehman
Speech delay
Aryan was born on Jan 02 2003. It was an elective ... [LAST PAGE]
14mybaby00:49 06 Feb 08 by akshaymohl
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