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avascular necrosis
i m 54y male sufring from avascular necrosis due to induction of steroied for the last one
serfraz 2008-10-06
6   serfraz 9 years ago

What is the best remedy for spermatorrhoea?
patt123 2005-03-14
4   purdaysee 9 years ago

Silicea and IUD
I've just recently had a copper IUD (coil) inserted and have been experiencing some b
canuckinoz 2008-10-14
no replies yet

eye floaters
after undergoing laser eye surgery I have been left with multiple eye floaters. they have
doris day 2008-10-08
8   rishimba 9 years ago

can arnica montana cause schizophrenia ?
hello can the usage of arnica montana cause the illness of schizophrenia? ARE
kimlee 2008-10-03
9   kimlee 9 years ago

no child please help
i married in feb2008 and can not pregnent my wife now i did semen analysis test and acoori
s_acp 2008-10-11
2   s_acp 9 years ago

Harmful effect of allopathic vaccines-zahid)
Allopathic vaccines such as thyphoid,tetanus,polio,mumps etc are used by the law of simili
Zahid)2 2008-10-14
no replies yet

cough in 3 year old
Hi, my 3 year old son has started nursery this September and since then we're battlin
miaki 2008-10-13
2   miaki 9 years ago

Hair Fall Solution and Extra Fats
Hi all Great Docs, I seek your help for the following problems, I am 30 years old, male,
shahnoor 2008-08-19
4   shahnoor 9 years ago

Merc viv -amalgam fillings safe?
I have amalgam fillings done when I was in my early teens. Can anybody advise if I can use
gladys68 2008-10-14
no replies yet

Serum Anguillae for kidney failure
What is Serum Anguillae Blood of the fresh water eel (fish). People who eat this fish alw

girilal 2006-06-11
19   vivek 9 years ago

1 month old baby in pain & so fussy
My little girl has been extremely fussy since she was about 1.5 weeks old and it's ju
jkc4jesus 2008-10-13
1   rishimba 9 years ago

Pause between Allopathy &Homeopathy
A patient already on allopathic nedicines wants to quit it and go to Homea medicin.How muc
mrbaig 2008-10-13
2   mrbaig 9 years ago

my 4 yr old son seems to have a lack of appetite all the time . he has no medical proble
ajaysmriti 2008-10-11
3   Zahid)2 9 years ago

dr rishmiba , deosholk , sameer voice loss
dear doctor , i had swelling in my vocal cord, 2 month when i shout or speak loudly sudden
awdhesh 2008-10-13
2   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Impotency & pre-mature ejaculation
I am a male 45. Have been suffering from Impotency(No response from visual or reliable par
vinay-1 2008-10-13
1   Zahid)2 9 years ago

2 year old with multiple pneumonia and asthma
Hi anyone,please reply asap as my son is chronically ill. He was born premature, 4 weeks e
iva nikolic 2008-10-11
2   iva nikolic 9 years ago

too much pain in pennis
dear doctor kindly suggest some remedy for me im feeling very weak i pant soon & my wh
yaqeen 2008-10-13
no replies yet

Nux Vomica LM potency
I was given LM potency Nux Vomica. Caused an aggaravation. Will the aggravations go away,
preddy 2008-10-11
3   raphaeloliveira 9 years ago

barber's itch remedy ?
Can you please let me know if there's a homeopathic remedy for barber's itch on
ashguy 2008-10-12
3   rishimba 9 years ago

Toddler Tantrums !
Hi, I'm having a daunting time with my daughter, 2 years 8 months old. Recently she h

desertrose 2008-02-25
23   dollydalfer 9 years ago

Hepatitis C
Have you so far suggested remedies for treatment of Hepatitis C. Were you able to reduce
kotidara 2008-10-11
2   dr pervaz 9 years ago

9 year old girl with allergies
Hi, my 9 year old daughter was tested for allergies - she is allergic to grass pollen, and
saloni1 2008-10-13
3   rishimba 9 years ago

Gout and Cervical Spondylosis
I am a vegetarian and am a part of a senior management team in a private company. Age 40.
Iyengar_67 2008-10-05
3   rishimba 9 years ago

inhale remedies - what is it?
my homeopathic doc sent me the bottle with sepia and Dioscorea in glycerin and distilled w
ykonstan 2008-10-11
4   ykonstan 9 years ago

Bad breath, caoted tongue and Heat
I have extremely bad breath, my tongue is constantly coated heavily white and lots of hot
Bondieu 2008-10-11
4   faisal qureshi 9 years ago

Doctors Help Me > Anxiety
As i have been doing lot of things to help myself, my suffering got a lot better but still
zafarcs 2008-10-04
9   raphaeloliveira 9 years ago

Erectyle Dysfunction
Hello; I came to this forum with my problem previously also but the thread got deleted fo
thesaint 2008-10-10
5   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Autistic 5yo with sleep difficulties
Hi I would greatly appreciate assistance on determining the correct potency of chamomilla
karen.tulloch 2008-10-12
3   rishimba 9 years ago

Recurrence of absess after post pilonidal sinus operation
Hello everyone, I am aniruddha patil from bombay. I under went surgery for pilonidal sinus
aniruddhapatil2000 2008-10-12
1   maheeru 9 years ago

nux vomica
to all experts here listening, if a patient for his symptoms described is given only ONE d
ashguy 2008-10-12
1   maheeru 9 years ago

Aloe socotrina 200
how to make lower potency 6x or 12x from Aloe socotrina 200 ? For treatment of external cr
veshna 2008-10-12
no replies yet

Chronic Catarrh / Sneezin / Migrane
My son aged 17, a student has been suffering from chronic catarrh, morning sneezing and so
Dost57 2008-10-11
2   Dost57 9 years ago

KOF KOF CANDIES - Natural treatment for cough
KOF KOF natural CANDY is to expectorant constituted principally by kión. This candy
abril12 2008-10-11
no replies yet

Help for my son
Hi, some advice needed please. My son is 5 years old and has been swimming for a couple of
Caren Ingold 2008-10-10
1   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Crohn's Disease
I was just diagnosed with Crohn's Disease with colonic involvement and crohn's d
bubble123 2008-10-10
1   Zahid)2 9 years ago

bumps on the back of tongue
4 days ago, i noticed 2-3 bumps on the back of my tongue. I can only see them if i stick m
omar08 2008-10-11
no replies yet

Nasal Congestion
During my pregnancy, I suffered with nasal congestion and began using a nasal spray. My b
denise.moye 2008-10-11
1   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Child kidney stones
My 18 year old son complained for one week of sensitivity while urinating, and dull ache
khrios 2008-10-11
3   khrios 9 years ago

withdrawls from antidepressants
I was wondering how long can it take to recover from antidepressant withdrawl? Can they ma
pixie_stix 2006-01-06
3   Zahid)2 9 years ago

ca lung
female aged 51 mother of 2 children lost her husband 5 yrs back separated from husband&
totapuri 2008-10-11
1   Zahid)2 9 years ago

URTICARIA!...any info will be helpful
hey. i am 18 years of age. i have been having urticaria reactions for 2 years. I don'
moh_money 2008-10-10
3   Zahid)2 9 years ago

How many 30C tablets would you have to take to equal a 1M potency ? Thanks
bkqablue 2008-10-10
6   bkqablue 9 years ago

tretment for pilonidal sinus
hello all...a year back i was operated for pilonidal sinus...but now absess near that woun
aniruddhapatil2000 2008-10-11
no replies yet

Question on Piles
Ok so last year, I had piles, I cannot feel it outside my anus but when I shove a finger i
allison05_ 2008-10-10
1   faisal qureshi 9 years ago

need treatment for dysmenorrhea
I am 29 year old female ,married for 2 years,hypothyroidic,suffering from great discomfort

gunhkv 2008-08-31
44   gunhkv 9 years ago

Pinched nerve can homeopathy ?
Once i sleep and when i woke up i felt great pain in my neck left side which increases whi
comsite 2008-10-10
4   comsite 9 years ago

Storage of Homeomedicines
I want to know that whether Homeo Medicines expire??How these can be stored?In fridge or i
mrbaig 2008-10-11
1   Albert 9 years ago

additional info
I forgot to add that my son has discharge in his nose which dr's thought was impetigo
iva nikolic 2008-10-11
no replies yet

Severe RA
Three years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have tried some alternative
jrm50 2008-07-29
7   rishimba 9 years ago

Gallbladder's decreased ejection problem
My current symptoms are - 1. pain in upper right quadrant (right side of chest) 2 and in
samsung 2008-10-09
3   samsung 9 years ago

Anal Fistula
I have an anal fistula caused by pressure by the doctor when using forceps when having my
denise.moye 2008-10-10
no replies yet

Seeking Help for Fibromyalgia
My wife was recently told she has Fibromyalgia. We are seeking information about it and a
BgBdWolf 2008-10-10
no replies yet

paralysis of left side of body
my mother 70 years oldsuffering from paralysis from last one year.due to stroke attack was
ksiyan 2008-08-20
3   ksiyan 9 years ago

patient of pcos
sir iam extremly upset because ihave diagnosed polycystic ovaries Syndrome. from last 5 mo
aksss 2007-05-25
8   rishimba 9 years ago

Dr Rishimba,Dr Joe De Livera..please help ..Acne, Itchy scalp (white powdery stuff) and brown marks from acne.
I am trying to get some help here..Dr Rishimba, Dr.Joe De Livera and other skilled homeopa
jhagens14 2008-10-09
2   rishimba 9 years ago

For seeking information
Dr.I have some interest in homeopathy.I want to know the combined remidies such as ferr-ar
Riazi 2008-10-08
2   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Low Self Esteem
Hi forum I suffer from a lack of self esteem. My self esteem is fairly low, enough to mak
bkqablue 2008-10-10
3   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Pain in bones( Reduced bone age) Osteopenia
My daughter is 7/12 years of age. She is suffering from severe pain in bones(specially inn
gillani 2008-10-09
4   deoshlok 9 years ago

Chronic Sinusitis with mucus in head
Dear All, I am 27 M From india.I have been suffering from chronic sinusitis from
cureme 2008-10-07
10   cureme 9 years ago

becker's naevus
i am 22 year old and developed a spot on the left side of my shoulder on the back.it appea
kruthi 2008-10-09
3   kruthi 9 years ago

much better from Frozen Shoulder
I was suffering from Frozen Shoulder (Right)from last ten months. I used Dioscorea Villosa
gillani 2008-10-09
2   gillani 9 years ago

loose motions
Female,32,three kids,suffering from loose motions since last two months.Allopathic medicin
mrbaig 2008-10-06
6   mrbaig 9 years ago

vocal cord sweelling
dear doctors, actually every time i speak some what loud , or speak continusly for and hou
awdhesh 2008-10-06
4   awdhesh 9 years ago

wrong remedy
Please can someone clarify a point, if the remedy I have chosen is not working,(maybe got

winnieandco 2008-03-25
177   srisri 9 years ago

intake of medicine
can after 5 min of taking homeopathy dilution in water , can i intake food and other fruit
prianca 2008-10-08
1   srisri 9 years ago

my uncle is 65yrs old. he had the habit of smoking from his childhood and after quitting t
kruthi 2008-10-09
2   kruthi 9 years ago

Pilonidal Cyst
I saw many responses to the above. I just want to clarify what I take, times, potency and
AJS 2008-10-08
1   maheeru 9 years ago

Pilonidal Sinus. How can I get rid of it ?
Hello everybody ! I am 18 years old and i have been diagnosed with Pilonidal Sinus about a
deathknight 2008-10-09
2   deathknight 9 years ago

Sleep Aponea
I am 52 years old and have recently been diagonosed to suffer from sleep aponea. The cons
sokheyi 2008-10-09
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

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