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under weight
low body weight 28yrs 5 feet'9' inches male no other disease present body weight 6
anjani 2008-12-28
2   sorahamsha 9 years ago

I hv becom femininee PLz help
IS ther any medicine to cur fiminity

konda 2008-09-22
83   sorahamsha 9 years ago

I have been diagnosed with this parasite and have been prescribed antibiotics but without
hithere 2009-01-03
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Help!! :Middle Finger-around the cuticle is swollen
For the past week I've notice that around my cuticle on my middle finger, is swollen.
Mommytobe08 2009-01-03
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Waldenstroms Macroglobunemia
Is anyone familiar with this disease? Interested in Homepathy to help treat it. Thank you
horsetrainer 2009-01-03
no replies yet

My mother recently got diagnosed cataract in her both eyes .Doctor told her to wait for so
nikkikumar 2009-01-02
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

cough problem, please help
My mother is around 55years old and nowadays she is facing serious cough since last 2weeks
Ebad Anjum 2008-12-24
6   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Focusing problem and bed-wetting in 7 year old boy
My son is 7 and a half years old. He's a smart kid who gets things quickly, but only
navmed 2009-01-02
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laterial facial dysplasia
Right side of face is slightly flat than left side. As older it can be more noticeable. An
abc24 2009-01-02
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Timing when taking Multiple Remedies
Hi Folks. I'm currently taking Ruta Gravleons and CalPhos three times per day and at
JayFromLA 2009-01-02
2   JayFromLA 9 years ago

Polysystic ovaries and hair loss problem please help
Hi I am 24 years old not married and i was having hair loss and irregular periods problem
druva 2009-01-01
3   faisal qureshi 9 years ago

Sameer, 2 mo old with reflux, thanks
Hi Sameer, I have been consulting with someone on the forum but perhaps they are busy as

JMalik 2008-05-06
146   JMalik 9 years ago

how to do microwave cooking
For Christmas, my sister got me a FoldTuk bakeware container. The reason I share is that
foradam 2009-01-02
no replies yet

chronic fatigue
[message deleted by veronika on Wed, 01 Jun 2011 23:42:38 BST]

veronika 2008-03-20
73   veronika 9 years ago

suffering from amoebiasis
hai this is pavan from hyderabad i am suffering from amobiasis can kurchi q is the best me
pavan atp 2009-01-02
1   PANKAJ VARMA 9 years ago

Muscular Dystrophy/Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy(DMD)
Hi All! Its my first time to come here and i wanna to share my younger bros prob which i
sadaqat 2009-01-01
2   sorahamsha 9 years ago

hello doctors
hello i am using sebal serrulata Q thrice a day and onosmodidium 1M once every week since
sarasara 2008-12-30
6   sorahamsha 9 years ago

penis problem
sir, please tell me, for medicine. i am in premature ejaculation... no errection in peni
asqakhan 2009-01-02
2   sorahamsha 9 years ago

choronic hydrocele
i m 33 yrs. of old.i have a hydrocele for the last about 20 Yrs. in my right testical.i m
wadood124 2008-12-02
10   mazharmhm 9 years ago

help on depression
Hi, My mother(age:50) is patient of depression. She is currently prescibed fro : Lonazep,
li69nux 2008-12-31
4   li69nux 9 years ago

Night Waking in 10 month old
Can someone suggest a remedy to help my 10 month old son sleep through the night???? He wa
mullek79 2008-12-31
3   gdbdd 9 years ago

Sudden anger - need help!
Patient ID: Sex: F Age: 33yrs Nature of work:Mum to 6.5 & 1.5yr olds Habits:Stay up too la
gdbdd 2008-12-31
3   gdbdd 9 years ago

Gerd, Nexium, Joint Pain
Please visit us if you suffer from GERD, nexium, joint pain. nexium-vs-joints dot com/
nexvic 2009-01-02
no replies yet

help me!!!!!!!
Dear Doctors, I have had problem with sex. when i made love with my girlfriend. I always
Veasna 2008-12-25
3   sorahamsha 9 years ago

Dr. Deoshlok Sharma "help me out plz
i m female from pakistan.age 25,unmarried.health good.my problem is.i have hair on my face
ayesha.shah80 2008-12-30
5   sorahamsha 9 years ago

Left ear ringing incessantly
My left ear has been ringing constantly for almost three years. I just ordered Kali I to g
Carthage 2008-12-26
2   khushi_boo 9 years ago

ganglion cyst on finger
My mom has a ganglion cyst on the palm of her hand near the base of her ring finger. It m
brinley 2008-12-30
1   khushi_boo 9 years ago

how can i fair my face?
hello doctor.its me ayesha,age 25. from pakistan.i want to fair my complextion.i want to k
ayesha.shah80 2008-12-31
1   khushi_boo 9 years ago

Happy New Year.
I wish you all a very very happy and Healthy New Year. May all patients here have good he
gumby 2009-01-01
no replies yet

high bood pressure
just two days agao one of my relative age of just 38 died because of the high blood pre
malik_123 2008-12-30
3   malik_123 9 years ago

Re: Rheumatoid Arthritis
Hi, Joe I send you an e-mail.sorry about that,I hope you can help now. My wife has rheumat
vjbagga 2008-12-20
3   vjbagga 9 years ago

TURP...How long to heal?
Six weeks ago today I had a TURP. The surgery went well, no complications. I am now taking
audrs 2008-12-31
no replies yet

Does anyone know if it is possible to end dialysis safely? I want to help my husband who i
dastrain2002 2008-12-31
no replies yet

Dr. Rishmba, Sameer, Mehfooz please look into this matter.
I am in search for finding the correct remedy for my self. Complains: 1. Involentary d
libra981 2008-12-30
4   libra981 9 years ago

doctors i have hair loss problem.please solve my problem
Age: 25 years female UNMarried pakistan my problem of Hair Loss started from 1 year.
ayesha.shah80 2008-12-31
1   ayesha.shah80 9 years ago

Please help me figure out my constitution.
i am curious to know my homeopathic constitution. Please read my post: http://www.abchomeo
zhestt 2008-12-29
1   clshomeopath 9 years ago

happy and prosperous year 2009
i wish you all doctors and others associated with this forum a very happy and prosperous n
akshaymohl 2008-12-31
1   Jayachitra 9 years ago

Black spots and frackles around face
I am 28 year old male liveing in Islamabad. I have been suffering from psoriasis for last
mrsaif 2008-12-30
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

remedy for hearing loss, itchy ears?
Aloha, 2 years ago I had a bad ear infection in both ears. The Md made it worse by using
liona 2008-12-30
no replies yet

Preventitive Care For Capsular Contracture
I'd like some suggestions for preventing capsular contracture for silicone breast imp
Tspring 2008-12-30
no replies yet

Eye Floater
I am having eye floatters in my right eye from last 6 months and my age is only 27 yrs old
shikhar82 2008-12-24
4   shikhar82 9 years ago

homeopathic medicines in dubai
hi, can anyone tell me where can i buy homeopathic medicines in dubai?
anandanvita 2008-11-05
2   Topaz 9 years ago

Child with food intolerance/eczema/IBS
Hello, I have been treating my 10 yr old daughter for 3 years with supplements and diet t
anjsmomma 2008-12-23
7   anjsmomma 9 years ago

Does rhus tox increase the blood pressure?
Hi My mother is having complaint of pain in knee.All symptoms matches with Rhus tox.But sh
ddddd 2008-12-29
no replies yet

Constipation, Gerd, Gas
My husband 66 years old, heart patient with one stent, since June 1998. On regular meds Co
shakira 2008-12-29
no replies yet

19 month old with sleep problems
Hi, hope someone can help me with my little boy. I am looking for a homeopath for him, but
EmmaP 2008-12-23
6   sameervermani 9 years ago

Thiosinaminum and adhesions
A recent colonoscopy indicated that I had adhesions on my sigmoid colon which occurred aft
BlueMonday 2008-12-29
no replies yet

Nerve pain
I have suffering for a week with nerve pain that appears to start in the middle of my scap
katka 2008-12-28
2   katka 9 years ago

recurring infection in three year old
My daughter is 3 years 3 months. She is very easy going and normally is a happy child. She
Lariosik 2008-12-28
1   faisal qureshi 9 years ago

Delayed Milestones and Frequent Jerks
Dear Dr. My son is now 13 months old but still he can't hold his head, he can't
roland 2008-12-29
no replies yet

Lingering Cold Symtons
I picked up what I thought was a standard cold and it is really kicking me good. Just when
mueeee 2008-12-29
no replies yet

Blindness due to Contraction of Retina
Due to an accident my right I was damaged when I was only 5. Now I am 45. A Almost five ye
hamidbhatti5 2008-12-29
no replies yet

pcod and hirustim
hello doctor i m 26 yrs old women i got marry after one year back, i knew before my marri
cheenuaman 2008-11-04
2   drsamirac 9 years ago

Body Hair Fall
I'm one of those individual who has abundant hairs on arms, legs, chest and around my
hgautam 2008-12-29
no replies yet

Anal fissures seeking advice
i am suffering from fissures since last one yr. i have read advice on your forums and got
romyatul 2008-12-27
4   sameervermani 9 years ago

bad breath, sweating, body odour.
i tried to avoid writing a long story but i couldnt. this paragraph sums up my problems.I

leemol 2005-02-24
22   Honeysuckle 9 years ago

Nasal polyp in right nostril oozing pus as well as foul smell : Please help
Hi All, Some days back. I started feeling that some clotted blood ( pus form along with
rlateef 2008-11-05
2   PANKAJ VARMA 9 years ago

Herpes on the lips ?
Hi Folks, Any Homeopathy been found to help with this bloody virus ? H.
HamishC 2008-07-02
2   lily white 9 years ago

Acid Reflux
Hello, I am 43 Years Old male. I am suffering my acid reflux sinc long time. I am on and o
Joshikrishna 2008-12-27
3   Joshikrishna 9 years ago

101 Tips To Stop Your Child's Bedwetting Forever
Visit my website and review my best selling ebook on 101 Tips To Stop Your Child's Be
imrismark 2008-12-28
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white spots on arms
dear doctor, i hav white spots on my arms, more on the upper arm side. they r clustered
vasundhara 2008-11-01
1   cool_surfer 9 years ago

To Dr.Rudresh regarding the differnt causes of obeysity
Hello Doctor, Im suffering from overweight problems although I am not a regular junk foodi
aashika.bhat 2008-11-03
1   cool_surfer 9 years ago

How to Cure Lipomas
Dear Doctors, My nams is Veasna, I am Cambodian, 29 year-old. I come from Province in C
Veasna 2008-12-25
3   cool_surfer 9 years ago

boil on babys head
hi! my 1 yr old has a hard boil(cyst) on the back of his head.Its not red,not hot and n
noma1283 2008-12-26
1   cool_surfer 9 years ago

Chronic menustration pain
Hi, I need remedy for severe menstrual pains. Symptoms: tight stomach, extreme cramping pa
Alham 2008-12-23
6   cool_surfer 9 years ago

Diesel Allergy
Can you get a specific diesel allergy remedy? If not, can one be compounded? Or, is ther
dievaperez 2008-12-28
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

longer fuller eyelashes
Hi, I would like to know if there is any remedy for fuller longer eyelashes. please advise
maryam 2008-12-28
1   sameervermani 9 years ago

Pregnancy bleeding hemrroid!
Hello there. This is my 3rd pregnancy and hopefully 3rd homebirth. I am about 32ish weeks
wendypape 2008-12-27
1   maheeru 9 years ago

UTI in a child
My 4 yo is miserable. It started with her having frequent accidents with no pain. But when
AiliBi 2008-12-27
1   maheeru 9 years ago

Stomach Ulcer
I am 55 years old and I have stomach ulcer which is bleeding,I am using alopathy medicine,
Kohat 2008-12-06
2   sorahamsha 9 years ago

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