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Nasal polyp that discharges pus along with clotted blood
Hi All, Back to 2004 in Rae Bareli, there was a profuse bleeding from my nose that laste
rlateef 2008-10-22
1   Zahid)2 9 years ago

hives for 3 months
I am a 37 year old woman. I began getting hives after starting the asthma medicine Advair.
snowflake2034 2008-10-21
6   rishimba 9 years ago

boils on butt
I recently got a boil on my left butt-cheek, about 2 weeks ago. (I had uneven skin here, f
peednas 2008-10-19
6   peednas 9 years ago

I am interested in the splitting pill method of coming off effexor. I have been on it for
woggles 2008-10-04
4   woggles 9 years ago

Dr.JK Mohla weight loss (Reduce)
Respected Sir, i want share with you regarding my wife problem.she want to reduce weight.n

amirjaved 2008-07-28
13   vpmanisha 9 years ago

Red, flushing skin
I am a woman 55 years old and in the past 4 months I have been getting red skin (no itchin
conniep 2008-10-21
3   conniep 9 years ago

Attention: Dr.deoshlok
Dear Doctor, l would like you to refer to the following post: http://www.abchomeopathy.com
aijaz343 2008-10-21
no replies yet

hiar loss with scaly eruption
dear doctor s i had some what yellow, flaking dandruff, which is moist or sticky special
awdhesh 2008-10-21
1   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Neck shoulder pain
My usband 52y/old has following condition. He is experiencing pain in the neck (right in t
Clarewish 2008-10-20
2   Clarewish 9 years ago

Anterior Cruciate ligament is torn
Sir, Im 30 years old, Wight about 196 pounds and 510 tall. My MRI reports show the fo
ankhilajatt 2008-10-20
1   Zahid)2 9 years ago

dear dr. my marraige time 4 years and when i given test for semens my report are given bel
ajaz11 2008-10-20
2   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Seminal Emission+hair falling+involentry urination plz help me
Doctor I have 19 years old male..I did lot of mustbatiön in past..Sine 4 years i have
Riazi 2008-10-18
4   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Watery discharge from anus.
I am 55 years male, I have problem of watery discharge from anus for the last 2 years.It s
nirmal.tzp 2008-10-21
1   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Corn on fingure
Hi, I am 34 years old man. A corn is developed on one of my hand finger. Some shopkeeper
amitkgupta_ca 2008-10-21
no replies yet

Overweight, gynecomastia & low libido
Hi I am 35 yrs old married with no children, suffering from following complaints for last
abhi4321 2008-10-20
3   abhi4321 9 years ago

masturbation ill effects
any one plz tell me how to remove ill effects of masturbation on the penis like shrinked a
sadiqglb555 2008-10-21
1   simpleguy 9 years ago

penis curve :plz any one suggest
how to cure bent penis due to over masturbation .;
sadiqglb555 2008-10-21
no replies yet

I am a 40 year old male. I used to suffer from asthma in childhood and kind of subsided wh
sanketi 2008-10-16
4   simpleguy 9 years ago

Cold Sores
I hope someone might be able to help. My boyfriend gets cold sores on his lips occasional
cleee02 2005-09-14
3   beckyboo2 9 years ago

Ultimate Cure for Obesity
I am copying my post which I first made on this forum exactly a year ago, a day before the
Joe De Livera 2005-12-25
2   ishwar.bhurani 9 years ago

8 Year old daughter has sinus infection
Hi I'm totally new here to this forum as well as homeopathic medicine. All I know is
Hayver11 2008-10-19
2   Hayver11 9 years ago

Piles Traetment
I am a married guy of 32 years of age and my wife is 28 years of age. We do not have any k
ashraful76 2008-10-19
2   mnsaqib 9 years ago

steroids in my daughters medicine
I've been using homeopathy treatment for my daughters (4 yrs) vitiligo since last 2 m
tuli27 2008-10-20
2   tuli27 9 years ago

i have so much health problem please help me
hello, i m lakshmi from india, age 24,weight 75kgs, hight 5.4 1)i have thyroid (TSH) 2)
Lakshmi 2008-10-17
2   Tintintin 9 years ago

35yr Female -Hair fall & Dandruff
Hello, Doctor ... i am a 35 year old female from dubai. i have drandruff since almost 15 y
reenajose 2008-08-07
6   reenajose 9 years ago

Need Help doctors, getting married
Hi doctors, I have been masturbating since my I grow up, now I will be getting married in
dazzler 2008-10-14
4   TIPU39 9 years ago

dr mehfooz pls !!!!!!!! help help !!!!!!!!
Dear Dr. Mahfooz AoA I am new to forum . I am suffering from easy ejaculation from 12 yea
TIPU39 2008-09-30
1   TIPU39 9 years ago

weak memory
Hi my age is about 36 years, married and I have three kids. I am computer professional fro
AHussain 2008-10-17
3   sanjeev.kumar94 9 years ago

Fever Remedy for my Son; Urgent response requested
my son is 7 yrs old he is weak with poor appetite he always craves for junk food and sweet
Doctor Humayun 2008-10-17
7   mazharmhm 9 years ago

Plantar wart
Hello. A few years back, I had a painful plantar wart. I went to several allopathis doctor
saloni1 2008-10-20
no replies yet

7 Month Old With Asthma After Eczema Subsided
I have a 7 month old who just had his first asthma attack yesterday. He has had eczema f
ALINE 2008-10-12
8   sameervermani 9 years ago

Natural Treatment for Depression with Vitamins and Supplements
Hey ,as i know taking natural herbs like Vitamin D,Calcium Citrate, DHEA,Omega - 3 Fatt
jessiejiang1 2008-10-20
no replies yet

what is the difference between taking pellets/powder under the tongue and over the tongue
ashguy 2008-10-19
2   raphaeloliveira 9 years ago

polycystic ovaries, is sepia a good choice
Hello, My name is kirsti, 41 years old from germany (sorry for my english). I have polycy

kirsti 2008-09-28
19   kirsti 9 years ago

my daughter is 6 and a half yrs old and she is suffering from recurrent wheezing and cough

fauzia 2006-05-26
441   Rajendra 9 years ago

sex health
name jawad. age: 20yrs. mera problem ya hai k 14 sy 19yrs tk mastrubation ki. ab control
jawad478 2008-10-12
5   akshaymohl 9 years ago

yellow palms
Hi, Could anyone suggest why i may have a yellow tinge to the palm of my hands. I also ha
kirsty28 2008-10-14
7   kirsty28 9 years ago

-= Sameer, Murthy, Rishimba: Really Good homeopaths in Delhi?? =-
Anyone know any good, experienced, efficient doctors in delhi, please let me know of them.
zhestt 2008-10-19
1   zhestt 9 years ago

Explanation please
Does anyone know what exactly is meant by 'Silicea and Mercurius do not follow each o
canuckinoz 2008-10-16
4   sameervermani 9 years ago

Headache Please help
I have this migraine sort of headache for quite some time. I have been on Bryonia and arni

freindlyurs 2008-07-14
43   freindlyurs 9 years ago

Thyroid Problems
My wife is having a thyroid problem. After ultrasound,it has been noticed dat a nodule is
kumar_nitesh123 2008-10-14
7   rishimba 9 years ago

Obesity, Insulin Resistance , Asthma
Age 38 yrs 2. Sex - Female 3. country - Indian presently in USA 4. climate Hot (40

shwet 2007-11-29
29   rishimba 9 years ago

under weight
sir, my child is 10 y old. he is thin and under weight and keeps normal hieght. studing in
mguptapdil 2008-09-17
10   rishimba 9 years ago

Prolonged Heavy Menses
Dear Doctors and Friends, My 17 yr old daughter is having prolonged heavy
rsaad 2008-10-19
3   PANKAJ VARMA 9 years ago

Want to know if I am taking the right medicine.
1. Name: Natasha 2. Age: 21 3. Sex: Female 4. Married/Unmarried: not married 5. weight-
Lisichka 2008-10-17
3   PANKAJ VARMA 9 years ago

demodex mites
hello does anyone here has ever treated demodex mites which usually reside between eyebrow
ashguy 2008-10-16
3   sameervermani 9 years ago

Advise Please
Could someone please suggest what to do regarding dosage if someone someone is experienci
canuckinoz 2008-10-16
1   sameervermani 9 years ago

Pin worms~euha~ homeopathic help?
Hello I found pin worms on my middle child the night before last. We have taken the trea
alienoohac 2008-10-16
2   alienoohac 9 years ago

Has anyone used both acupuncture AND homeopathy to get better? My homeopath says they work
mpolyglottos 2008-10-18
no replies yet

How long should I give a remedy that is working??
Hi. Well I recently started doing homeopathy with my son who has autism. I just gave him a
jen78fl 2008-10-18
2   jen78fl 9 years ago

iam apatient of liver cirrhosis. pl let me know the remedial medicines
aruna_chhaabra 2008-10-18
1   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Tingling Tongue
I've been waking up with my tongue burning and tingling. I even experience this durin
patricia 2008-10-17
1   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Post Natal and Exhausted
Hi can someone recommend a remedy please. I am 3weeks post natal and exhausted. Have a l
Hendrix 2008-10-17
1   Zahid)2 9 years ago

chelidonium q
my child lacks appetite i have been prescribed chelidonium q .. he has no liver problem or
curious me 2008-10-17
3   PANKAJ VARMA 9 years ago

Irregular Periods
My age is 27 and I've been married for last 22 months and I've one baby 1 yr 15
rash0581 2008-10-16
3   rash0581 9 years ago

Help Please :(
Hi, I feel great at the moment, i usually have low self esteem but i feel fine today. But
bkqablue 2008-10-17
no replies yet

New Energy for every one
check this out www.solarbotanic.com I wish you all love and good health Dr.Beek
Alexthink 2008-10-17
no replies yet

Seeking suggestions
Seeking suggestions from prescribers at ABC: Child one year six months old, has inflammat
PANKAJ VARMA 2008-10-15
2   Dr Tahira 9 years ago

Cold Sores -- Your Quickest Cure?
I want to know what everyone else is using to stop their cold sores quickly. Myself, I fo
beckyboo2 2008-10-17
no replies yet

Depression, lack of interest in things, bad memory, dry skin
Hello. I am seeking help and advice on homoeopathic remedies for my actual state of mind

alasion 2008-05-22
15   curious me 9 years ago

Help my penis
Dear Dr. Im 26yr old. I do have small penis as 3' when erected.When I was young as 15
lavender04 2008-10-16
1   lavender04 9 years ago

ASD stimming behavior
I have a 3 1/2 year old son with ASD. He is verbal, intelligent, easily excitable and obse
MMiddien 2008-10-13
8   sameervermani 9 years ago

Dowagers hump
What remedies are associated with the physical characteristic of a dowager's hump or
ruth45 2008-10-16
1   ruth45 9 years ago

hi joe
can u please confirm that does nat phos 6x helps in weight loss.Because u have stopped rep
diana8 2008-10-16
2   diana8 9 years ago

Treatment for my dog
My Jack Russell trerrier has a fear-agression problem that leads to fights with a second d
TBoneDon 2008-10-13
4   Daisy43 9 years ago

remedies cause death? SJS and TEN
I read somewhere that some homeopathy meds can cause SJS and TEN, but I can't believe
Lisichka 2008-10-16
no replies yet

Joe De Livera - can I mix Arnica 30c and 6c in the wet dose?
Mr. Livera, I've been very interested in your posts on wet doses, as well as the one

marinastar 2006-08-01
38   mapollard 9 years ago

constipation for 3 years,3 years looking for remedy
hi.i am a 33 year old woman.i suffer from complete constipation -i have no desire to go to

dollydalfer 2008-07-27
60   sameervermani 9 years ago

Seeking for Help
Weight 40 kg age 19 years. Doctor i have excessive mastubatn since me chilhood..When i cam

Riazi 2008-10-04
14   Riazi 9 years ago

For 10-11 years i am taking homeopathy medicines , sometimes i feel better but not get per
gurdas 2008-10-03
4   gurdas 9 years ago

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