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cann-i during pregnancy
I am 10 weeks pregnant, and have a problem with my bartholin gland (it's getting swol
elekt 2008-06-17
2   elekt 9 years ago

Cough since few months !
Dear Doctor's, I am aged about 30years. I have cough since few months and initially
ksreedhar123 2008-06-17
2   ksreedhar123 9 years ago

Rheumatoid arthritis
Hi i am 40 years old and have RAfor 15 years.The last 4 years i use mesulid and medrol and
forty 2005-03-21
4   Dr Tahira 9 years ago

Need help for Over Active Adrenal Cortex
Hello. Looking for alternative medicine for over-active adrenal cortex causing excess cort
ravenrobins 2008-06-17
3   deoshlok 9 years ago

Ear infection
Hi, My baby is 15 months old. She gets frequent ear infections so we have got her tubes do
Pinky Raghav 2008-06-17
4   srisri 9 years ago

Stuffy nose
My son, aged 3 years 8 months is ailing from stuffy nose for a long time. He is almost al
krisdas 2008-05-24
5   krisdas 9 years ago

Abdominal bloating
I am suffering from abdominal bloating problem.I used Carboveg 200c weekly one day 2 times
sarayu1979 2008-06-02
12   sarayu1979 9 years ago

Infant Lactose Intolerance
My 14 month daughter has been diagnosed with lactose intorlerance via blood test. It is mi
nm4fun 2008-06-17
1   Hair Loss 9 years ago

Someone please help me!!
About a month ago I notices a red spot on my stomach and paid no attention. Within 1 week
cocobean 2008-06-16
3   cocobean 9 years ago

synthroid withdrawal
Been on this drug (10mg.daily)for three months.suffering since with weight gain,lethargy,n
Mommers 2007-01-10
2   bridgetjoy 9 years ago

sex problem
hi,i am a male 30yr old,i have many gf and i am use to have great sex with them.my problem
tanveer786 2008-06-17
no replies yet

Avascular Necrosis of left hip stage 1
Please help me with this painful trauma
vkg101 2008-06-16
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

skin tags on eyelash area
I have 2 skin tags that look like they are next to or almost on an eyelash. None of the cr
6spaniels 2008-06-17
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

I want to fight it
Hello I am 33 years old and fighting depression and anxiety. I always considered myself be

anna2008 2008-06-13
15   Albert 9 years ago

kindly help me out
AOA dear dr i dont know in english to describe the patient problem. in urdu we call '
shahzad36838 2008-06-17
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

cough with flehm in 5 months old baby
my baby has a cough since he was 3 months old and he coughs usually after the feed and the
amoo1 2008-06-17
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

Cracked feet with pain
I am suffering from severe cracked feet since the last 6 months now.It started with normal
Malvika 2008-06-14
11   gavinimurthy 9 years ago

Bloating after Appendectomy
I am a 39 year old mother of two children (ages 8 and 6). In April 2006, I had an emergenc
CindyLouWho 2007-01-18
2   tufa4311 9 years ago

Genital problem
Dear sirs, I am a male, 33years old, I have a problem since puberty which is the following
Fadyy 2008-06-11
4   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

4yr old having nocturnal asthma
Hi My 4 yr old son is having nocturnal asthma.He wakes up around 11 pm and starts cough
Shanta 2008-06-17
1   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Post Knee Surgery Pain? What to use?
A friend of mine had knee surgery approx 1 and a half months ago. She is still in a lot of
PamKH 2008-06-16
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

22 year old guy wanna grow new hair
sir, my hair is falling day by day.. i want to stop hair fall and also i wanna restore my
ganeshdwaraka1 2008-06-16
3   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Help with dose
I brought my son to see a Homeopath and she gave me arnica, she is out of town and I have
mechy 2008-06-16
2   mechy 9 years ago

Nazla Zukham at 8 years of Child Age!
Dear Doctors! My Son 8 years have very upset because of nose running and when he try to in

msbaig 2007-12-16
20   msbaig 9 years ago

Looking for Remedy -- Stuck -- Continued!
Oops I hit 'send' by mistake before I finished my post. Anyway, other strange thi
beepsandclicks 2008-06-13
3   beepsandclicks 9 years ago

HairLoss only bcoz of STRESS
Hi Doctors, I am suffering from hairloss for the last 2.5 years ... on and off though ...
Minterested 2008-06-16
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

i am 28 years and had i kid she is 21 months after delivery.i gained more weight.i got seg
sumeetha 2008-06-16
no replies yet

White spots on lips
The problem started in 1997 when I started observing small white spots on my upper lip,as
shemun2000 2006-07-19
3   selvam 9 years ago

Prolonged Antacid usage, B12 & folic acid
Dear Doctor, From march 2005 to july 2005, I took lot of antacid tablets (pantacid) for
kevin_harper123 2006-07-17
5   Rana Ravian 9 years ago

Severe homeopathic proving
I am a very distressed father of a beautiful 8 year old boy and desperate to get some answ
Brades 2008-06-14
2   Brades 9 years ago

dee[ lines around mouthfrom scarring & asmoker but been hit in mouy
mouth from scarring & a smoker but been hit in mouth 20 years ago. HELP is grapeseed o
gentlemagick 2008-06-16
no replies yet

hep c
I am an exdrug user & I have Hep C; mild dose but had for nearly 20 yeaars. What can (
gentlemagick 2008-06-16
no replies yet

I am a young girl.I have constipation trouble for least five year.Now the stool is soft ev
beautifulcat 2008-04-28
12   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Increase my height
Hi doc, I am 25 year old guy & very desperate to increase my height at this age. My h
sunny84 2008-06-13
2   gavinimurthy 9 years ago

My 11 yo dog american cocker spaniel has lost vision in one eye due to primary glucoma and
m singh 2008-06-15
no replies yet

Skin Tag
My daughter is 8 years old and thin. Since last few weeks she has a tiny skin tag on her t
qaisersyed 2008-06-13
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

Tics - 7.5 yr girl Strep Throat **Dr Please Help!!
My daughter has physical tics, including eye blinking, nose sniffing, itchy nose and has t
rachabb 2008-06-14
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

please help any homeo doctor
hi, i have dark black hair on my chin,neck.these hair stuck in skin and when i remove by
soni2 2008-06-10
2   deoshlok 9 years ago

Diflucan + Homeopathic Remedies
Is it ok to take Diflucan for chronic yeast infection AND to take Sepia?
golfer234 2008-06-14
4   golfer234 9 years ago

Hey.. i have 2 lumps around my vagina area.. they are both quite hard.. one is under the s
Vickyxo. 2008-06-13
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

Low self esteem
Can anyone recomend a remedy for low self esteem? This info may help: Insomnia when trying
Masterofherhealth 2008-06-14
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

Enlarged Left Ovarie
I have been told that my left ovarie is enlarged. Is there a homeopathic out there which
Nairn 2008-06-15
1   Dr Tahira 9 years ago

What is the purpose of the medicines Kali Iod 200 and Acid Nit 30?Kindly convey.
subhashis 2008-06-15
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

Chronic pyelonephritis and chronica renal failure
Hello, I am posting this for my mother. She is 55 yrs old and for the last 3 years has be
Dr. Prashanthi 2008-06-15
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

front tooth going black after fall!(2yrold)
My daughter(2yr old) fell out of her ball pool a month back. when she fell she has pushed
tracey1 2008-06-15
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

Asthma of 12 Year Old
I am Dr.K.N.Sreekanthan, working as Lecturer in a College in Kerala, India. My son is 12 y
sreekanthankn 2008-06-15
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

Immuization by Homeopathy?
I am curious for imformation regarding immunization thru homeopathy. If any parents have d
Masterofherhealth 2008-06-13
3   Masterofherhealth 9 years ago

8mo old and husband yellow-green nasal discharge
My 8 mo- old daughter has congestion and when I aspirate her nose in the mornings, it is a
rideswithchrist 2008-06-14
1   rishimba 9 years ago

Lipoma and digestion related problems
Hi i am male 33. i have lipoma since my childhood. I am also suffering from digestion rela
dkjoshiame 2008-06-01
5   rishimba 9 years ago

Ringworm of the body - HELP!
Hello, I have been diagnosed with ringworm of the body. My doctor put me on Lamisil
cocobean 2008-06-14
3   cocobean 9 years ago

Fat around abdomen and hips
My mother is of 52 years old and saw an early menopause at an age of 43-44. Recenty, she i
abhi4321 2008-06-13
2   abhi4321 9 years ago

feet smell and knee injury
Hi, I have really smelly feet and have to change socks everyday. I also 'am develo
don_1 2008-06-11
3   don_1 9 years ago

Sinisitis-Please help
I have the following symptoms. When there is nosal dripping to throat, there was no proble
saipass 2008-06-13
2   saipass 9 years ago

Seeking Correct Remedy - Stuck!
Hi there. I am looking for the correct rememdy but I am having difficulty. It seems I don&
beepsandclicks 2008-06-13
no replies yet

my mother has Chondromalacia in her left knee for about 6-7 years. she is 54 years old and
Midwhori 2008-06-12
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

Cough since 3months !!
The following is the grid number which i have got by selecting options. i have cough since
ksreedhar123 2008-06-13
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

irregular scanty periods
Hi, i am new to the forum i hope you can help me. I have been suffering from scanty and
poojakoul 2008-06-11
7   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 9 years ago

Urgent -- 2 yr old with sudden high fever
hi, my 2 year old is running fever of 102, it came on at night and has been 12 hours now.
JMalik 2008-06-10
11   Dr Tahira 9 years ago

Myopia-High power
Hi all, I started wearing glasses for shortsight when i was 6 years old and over the year
smithajojy13 2008-06-13
1   Dr Tahira 9 years ago

Hamid Homeo Store
Sir I just want to know that is Hamid Homeo Store Bohar Walla Chok Lahore Railway Station
s.jamal20 2008-06-11
2   s.jamal20 9 years ago

attn : dr. mahfuz
Thanks for the advice regarding five phos.. I have another problems. I will be greatful to
fikhatri 2008-06-12
1   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Horse needs help (laminitis)
Hello. I take care of a horse who has been suffering from laminitis for about 8 months no
ponymom 2005-04-19
9   bluefirev1 9 years ago

hormones and libido/premenopause
Hi there, I would like to understand what hormonal ratio causes premenopause and libido is
lornadejager 2008-06-12
2   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Constitutional remedy for anger.
Hello, I was hoping someone could help me with a constitutional remedy. Iím 45 year old ma
lumaa 2008-06-08
3   lumaa 9 years ago

please help doctors
Salam to all members and doctors My introduction My name ajju am from India age 28yers r
oazeemh 2008-06-11
2   oazeemh 9 years ago

help........ knee pain
I have this pain in both my knees especially on my right knee from the past 3-4 days. It i
anand5 2008-06-11
4   anand5 9 years ago

chronic bronchitus
what is a good homeopathic remedy for chronic bronchitus with yellow sputum?
magical 2008-06-12
1   Dr Tahira 9 years ago

genital warts - thuja didn't work
I have several single ones and small groups. They're around the base, on the penis, a

nitley 2008-04-14
13   nitley 9 years ago

Developed Allergic Rhinitis at 35 years of age
I have never had 'allergies' before. And, I have suddenly developed allergic rhini
fourgrtkidos 2008-06-06
11   fourgrtkidos 9 years ago

tooth ache / jaw ache
Hi hope you can help me. I went to my dentist's a couple of months ago when I had cra
pangolin 2008-06-06
3   pangolin 9 years ago

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