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Sulphur 30c and boils
Hi, my son has infant eczema (1.3 yrs old). We visited a homeopath and he asked us to give

aske123 2008-05-03
33   aske123 9 years ago

increase the height
hello sir,, pls tell how can increse my height,, i m 21 yeras old,,
svdiary 2008-06-21
2   ramanasudhakar 9 years ago

Hi, In my face there are many warts. one in my neck that is very big. Please suggest me o
guptaniraj1 2008-06-22
2   ramanasudhakar 9 years ago

gavinimurthy 2008-06-21
3   gavinimurthy 9 years ago

Dosage of Arsenicum Album for a dog in kidney failure
What would be the proper dosage and schedule for a 65 lb. dog in acute renal failure?
gayla 2008-06-18
2   Monty1 9 years ago

unrelenting infection under tooth crown
Dear all, I had a crown placed on a tooth 15 years ago. 5 years ago my dentist said there
shadowyogi 2008-06-21
5   dr pervaz 9 years ago

combining herbs cause bleeding?
I have been doing some research on asthma and certain herbs and remedies that may help. I
moonjellii 2008-06-22
no replies yet

(STICKY?) Suggestion - profile of those who gives advice
Hello, I was just wondering, if it is possible for the folks who give advice in this forum
aske123 2008-06-22
no replies yet

Weight Loss
Hi I'm a breastfeeding mom to a seven-month-old, and I need to lose weight. Can anyo
summerna 2008-06-21
no replies yet

Weight Loss Plan
hi my problem is not different with others....i.e;weight loss i m 25 and weight is abt 75

sapheroth 2006-10-14
16   summerna 9 years ago

Wife's Condition
My wife who is a Kindergarten teacher aged 34 gave birth to our second child on March 
RemedySearcher 2008-06-20
3   RemedySearcher 9 years ago

I am 64 years old.I had to the ultra scan of whole abdomin.while every thing is Ok but for
subbarao 2008-06-21
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

anyone help help please....
hi, I have given some wrong ayurvedic medicines & that caused my body to behave erra
dishwara 2008-06-20
3   dishwara 9 years ago

Non Operatable hernia!!
Patient ID: ASHOK BANERJEE Sex: M Age: 75 Nature of work: RETIRED
sarnath1980 2008-04-21
9   sarnath1980 9 years ago

Infant Constipation
My 9 month old boy has got constipation for last few days and yesterday while passing stoo
rash0581 2008-06-20
9   Dr Tahira 9 years ago

Just A Hair Loss Advice
Been on minoxidil ( R0gaine® ) for about a year and a half and have not seen even the
danny352 2008-06-21
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

Help Dr. Tahira, Mohkla, Mahfooz etc
Age 17 Height 5'10 Weight 45 kg unmarried 1. What is your chief complaint (CC)?
aqmchi 2008-06-20
7   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 9 years ago

**SPECIAL ATTENTION PLEASE" Dr. Akshay, Risihmba,Murthy,Mahfooz,Deoshlok,Tahira,Sameer,Ranjaav,Rajeev
1: what does happen if someone take a single remedy in 30c to higher. 2: how does potenc
Paki1 2008-06-21
no replies yet

Mother tincture alcohol
Hi, I have to make my own medicine homeopathically. I want to first create mother tinct
dishwara 2008-06-21
no replies yet

Toddler Ear Infection
My daughter is 2.5 years old. She just finished her 5th round of antibioitcs for an ear i
kristinacnm 2008-06-21
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

Nat mur
My father aged 72years has been suffering from Angina, Diabetes, Severe Parkison, Constipa

RemedySearcher 2007-12-02
28   RemedySearcher 9 years ago

Multiple Problems:Need 1 Solution
i am 35 yr old male working as allopathic docotr looking for a solution for my following p
Doctor Humayun 2008-06-18
4   Doctor Humayun 9 years ago

do i have water retention????
Hello. I seem to have very puffy wrist and ankles and now and then feel bloated, people a
apatel9637 2008-06-20
1   Dr.Haran ch malaker 9 years ago

Aloe(Aloe socotrina
Aloe Natural History. Socotrine Aloes General. An excellent remedy to aid in re-
Dr.Haran ch malaker 2008-06-20
no replies yet

6 Yr Boy Poor Appetite, Recurrent Fevers
i am also looking for some remedy for my six year old child who eats little though very in
Doctor Humayun 2008-06-18
5   deoshlok 9 years ago

For Dr. Mahfoozurrehman, Please Help
Dr Mahfoozurrehman, I am 37 years old male. Iíve been feeling a small lump (of pea size)
MFUK1 2008-06-20
no replies yet

Eosinophils count is high :
I this is priya here. I am 24 yr old,from last few days am getting pain in my body(specia
priyap 2008-06-17
4   priyap 9 years ago

Is this stroke, epilepsy, blood pressure, blood clot, vertigo, etc etc ?
My father age 77, healthy, have blood pressure under control. He said he fell in bathroom
Sweet_Lemon 2008-06-19
2   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 9 years ago

Breast enhancement
Hi.. I wonder if anyone can help me here. I am a f, 24 yrs, and i want to enhance / enlarg
grwitte 2008-06-20
no replies yet

Height increase
I am 28 years old and i would like to know if it is possible to increase my height using H
allimelu 2008-06-19
no replies yet

Height increase
Hi, I am 28 years old and would like to know if there are any changes to increase my heigh
allimelu 2008-06-19
no replies yet

Brain fog and Anxiety
Name : Sanjay Age : 24 Height 6ft Weight 93 kg (Fleshy body not a muscular one) Natur

sanjay1212 2008-03-21
58   sanjay1212 9 years ago

Arnica for Exzema
I have started Joe De Livera's Arnica treatment and have a few questions. What hap
johnja 2008-01-29
6   johnja 9 years ago

Need Help Please
I have chronic yeast/candida infection along with genital herpes and warts. Can anyone sug
golfer234 2008-06-16
4   golfer234 9 years ago

How long should I take the medication
I am suffering with anal fissures for about two years. As an alternative medicine before g
Patientbcn 2008-06-19
no replies yet

Which is the remedy for impetigo of a child? Maria
Maria&boys 2008-06-18
4   Maria&boys 9 years ago

about sabal and urad ki daal
any who now the urdu name of saw palmetto and english name of urad ki daal
farhanlakhani 2008-06-19
4   mazharmhm 9 years ago

I have been diagnosed with rosacea in my mid thirties and the symptoms are : red patches o
Jolka 2008-06-18
1   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 9 years ago

Spring Allergies
Thanks all for posting very valuable information on Homeopathic remedies. Indeed a very in

Homeopathy_fan 2008-05-14
16   rishimba 9 years ago

Storing homeopathic medicine
Hi, I've recently was prescribed with some homeopathic pellets; they were stored in a
glowingsoul 2008-06-19
1   gavinimurthy 9 years ago

Itchy sculp and hair loss
l have had these problem a month ago. My sculp is vvery itchy and flakes all the time. My
eunamura 2008-06-18
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Heart arrythmia when asleep
When I fall asleep my heart feels like it is electrically charged and I have the feeling o
conniep 2008-06-18
3   Dr Tahira 9 years ago

Toe nails turn a darker color
What is the reason toes nails turn a darker color..... symptoms are nail is darker and a v
edaja 2008-06-16
2   tochitra 9 years ago

acne spots..
I am aware of so many threads that discuss treatment of acne and acne spots, but I thought
oaktree 2008-06-14
7   oaktree 9 years ago

Nasal Decongestion
I am on a CPAC machine for sleep apena, and I need to find a decongestent that is safe to
PF0401 2008-06-18
no replies yet

Hi, I need to know of best medicing for hypothyroid. I am detected as below Tsh - 19.64
nikki_81 2008-06-17
2   nikki_81 9 years ago

please give me some advice!!!!
Hi, I am a 26 yr old female and I seem to have to MASSIVE problem with my breast size!! My
sandy love 2008-06-11
2   akshaymohl 9 years ago

cann-i during pregnancy
I am 10 weeks pregnant, and have a problem with my bartholin gland (it's getting swol
elekt 2008-06-17
2   elekt 9 years ago

Cough since few months !
Dear Doctor's, I am aged about 30years. I have cough since few months and initially
ksreedhar123 2008-06-17
2   ksreedhar123 9 years ago

Rheumatoid arthritis
Hi i am 40 years old and have RAfor 15 years.The last 4 years i use mesulid and medrol and
forty 2005-03-21
4   Dr Tahira 9 years ago

Need help for Over Active Adrenal Cortex
Hello. Looking for alternative medicine for over-active adrenal cortex causing excess cort
ravenrobins 2008-06-17
3   deoshlok 9 years ago

Ear infection
Hi, My baby is 15 months old. She gets frequent ear infections so we have got her tubes do
Pinky Raghav 2008-06-17
4   srisri 9 years ago

Stuffy nose
My son, aged 3 years 8 months is ailing from stuffy nose for a long time. He is almost al
krisdas 2008-05-24
5   krisdas 9 years ago

Abdominal bloating
I am suffering from abdominal bloating problem.I used Carboveg 200c weekly one day 2 times
sarayu1979 2008-06-02
12   sarayu1979 9 years ago

Infant Lactose Intolerance
My 14 month daughter has been diagnosed with lactose intorlerance via blood test. It is mi
nm4fun 2008-06-17
1   Hair Loss 9 years ago

Someone please help me!!
About a month ago I notices a red spot on my stomach and paid no attention. Within 1 week
cocobean 2008-06-16
3   cocobean 9 years ago

synthroid withdrawal
Been on this drug (10mg.daily)for three months.suffering since with weight gain,lethargy,n
Mommers 2007-01-10
2   bridgetjoy 9 years ago

sex problem
hi,i am a male 30yr old,i have many gf and i am use to have great sex with them.my problem
tanveer786 2008-06-17
no replies yet

Avascular Necrosis of left hip stage 1
Please help me with this painful trauma
vkg101 2008-06-16
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

skin tags on eyelash area
I have 2 skin tags that look like they are next to or almost on an eyelash. None of the cr
6spaniels 2008-06-17
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

I want to fight it
Hello I am 33 years old and fighting depression and anxiety. I always considered myself be

anna2008 2008-06-13
15   Albert 9 years ago

kindly help me out
AOA dear dr i dont know in english to describe the patient problem. in urdu we call '
shahzad36838 2008-06-17
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

cough with flehm in 5 months old baby
my baby has a cough since he was 3 months old and he coughs usually after the feed and the
amoo1 2008-06-17
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

Cracked feet with pain
I am suffering from severe cracked feet since the last 6 months now.It started with normal
Malvika 2008-06-14
11   gavinimurthy 9 years ago

Bloating after Appendectomy
I am a 39 year old mother of two children (ages 8 and 6). In April 2006, I had an emergenc
CindyLouWho 2007-01-18
2   tufa4311 9 years ago

Genital problem
Dear sirs, I am a male, 33years old, I have a problem since puberty which is the following
Fadyy 2008-06-11
4   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

4yr old having nocturnal asthma
Hi My 4 yr old son is having nocturnal asthma.He wakes up around 11 pm and starts cough
Shanta 2008-06-17
1   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Post Knee Surgery Pain? What to use?
A friend of mine had knee surgery approx 1 and a half months ago. She is still in a lot of
PamKH 2008-06-16
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

22 year old guy wanna grow new hair
sir, my hair is falling day by day.. i want to stop hair fall and also i wanna restore my
ganeshdwaraka1 2008-06-16
3   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Help with dose
I brought my son to see a Homeopath and she gave me arnica, she is out of town and I have
mechy 2008-06-16
2   mechy 9 years ago

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