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Can you recommend a remedy for 64 yr old Male with very itchy skin. No rash just itchy.
Candy11 2008-04-22
1   rishimba 9 years ago

Piles in the early stage.
Dear Doctor, My wife is suffering from Piles, which is just in the begining stage, there i
savinirs_22061971 2008-04-23
1   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Knee and Hip joint pain
My mother 80 yrs old suffering from sever knee pain and lumber pain . she can not stand st
ranjandr 2008-04-22
2   ranjandr 9 years ago

Piles at the early stage.
Dear Doctor, My wife is suffering from Piles, which is just in the begining stage, there i
savinirs_22061971 2008-04-23
no replies yet

Cat with stuvette crystals
I have a cat that was completely blocked and we had to rush him to emergency vet. He is be

ladyjn13 2008-03-01
17   barracuda 9 years ago

Hormeones and water retnetion
April 2004 had bad allergic reaction triggered by sunlight. ER's gave me nay steroids
barracuda 2008-04-08
4   barracuda 9 years ago

For Doctor Rishimba
mmnyb 2008-04-23
no replies yet

ocular larva migrans
I am 65 yrs old, female. For last 6 mo taking herbals for bad parasite infestation. This i
liveandlearn 2008-04-23
no replies yet

Cerebral Palsy
Is there any treatment for cerebral palsy in a 7 months old infant?
sskps 2008-04-23
no replies yet

Eye sight loss
Dear Dr. I am 38 years old. from a few months I am feeling that I not am not able to read
dangi 2008-04-22
2   dangi 9 years ago

Son age 10 no concentration
My Son is 10 and quiet bright but his concentration is poor and he has an attitude of not
Candy11 2008-04-22
no replies yet

advanced osteopenia
I have been diagnosed with advanced ostopenia and i would like to know if it is possible t
violeta 2008-04-22
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

Anal Fistula
I am so confused can someone please help. There are many suggestions in regards to using
bellkeys 2008-04-22
2   bellkeys 9 years ago

3 year old with mouth blisters..
Hi I have a 3 year old who has , 3 raised blisters on his lips, he had one yesterday and 2
triple 2008-04-22
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

Lump in throat, dizziness, fatigue, headaches
Im 27 and have had a lump in my throat sensation for months. Im now getting dizzy spells,
fionag1710 2008-04-16
5   fionag1710 9 years ago

It is for you Dr. Sharma
Dr. Sharma please look at.. http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/124370/2
Farhad 2008-04-22
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

Count Radetzky Malignant Eye Tumor
There is a very famous case in homeopathy: Count von Radetzky had a malignant tumour in
igtapia 2008-04-17
2   igtapia 9 years ago

staphylococcus aureus in throat,tonzillitis
hello,I made a test from throat,found staph aureus alot...Was for consultation with otolar
liudoskis 2008-04-22
3   liudoskis 9 years ago

Eczema and My BABY
Hi Everyone. I am desperately seeking help for my son who is 1 year old and struggling wi
HeatherMartin 2008-01-31
4   dan2009 9 years ago

Dual remedy in homeo practice
Dr. Hahnemann's diary: Dear Friend and Colleague, Do not think that I am capable of
mazharmhm 2008-04-19
10   gavinimurthy 9 years ago

My 10 year old son on a recent blood work had dropped his hemoglobin, it is increasing slo
bellkeys 2008-04-21
3   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Hair Loss ..27 yr old male..please help
hi ..i am suffering from Male pattern baldness..it's getting worse lately..i have a b
Robster80 2008-04-20
4   Robster80 9 years ago

PMS and Sepia
how would i take this to make my symptoms go away for good! or if i have to use this as a
ladypage 2008-04-17
4   ladypage 9 years ago

My son gets a fever that responds well to childrens motrin. He has a fistula so I think t
bellkeys 2008-04-21
3   bellkeys 9 years ago

Dynamization question
Hello everyone! I recently decided to try homeopathy - I'm in my early 30s and have
ZMongoose 2008-04-21
no replies yet

Puberty/acting out
My 11-year-old son is showing first physical signs of prepuberty. At the same time he has
LilyM 2008-04-21
no replies yet

My son is 10 years and has a perianal fistula, he has been taken silicea 6x two tablets tw
bellkeys 2008-04-21
3   bellkeys 9 years ago

Insect bites
My 5 year old is allergic to intect bites, the area swells up, red and very hot, itchy and
bellkeys 2008-04-21
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

4 year old with asthma
Hi, my daughter is 4 yrs old and my GP suggested that she has a wheeze that may be due to
isida 2008-04-20
5   Dr.Haran ch malaker 9 years ago

Very very sick. Help!
In 2002 I was in the best shape of my life....running 5 miles a day, lifting weights, tons
ADS20 2008-04-21
1   Dr Kireet 9 years ago

PROGNOSIS of the treatment
My younger brother is 22 year old, Eng (UK) final year student. he has academic temperamen
shreenath 2008-04-20
2   Dr Kireet 9 years ago

Possible reflux - 5 month old baby girl
Hello, The doctor believe that she has reflux. Below are the details. She was on 20th pe
bjtdad 2008-04-20
1   Dr Kireet 9 years ago

Remedy needed for my 5 year old
Hi All My daughter who is 5 years old, seems to be having trouble hearing ... her tonsils
shellnelliot 2008-04-20
2   Dr Kireet 9 years ago

Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcomas
Hello Please help.My best friend's son was diagnosed of stage IV sarcoma.He began in
Priscilla 2008-04-21
1   Dr Kireet 9 years ago

HSP purpura
My daughter is suffering from HSP for last four weeks. pl advice me in the matter how to a
mhaider63 2008-04-21
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

'Whenever the flu season nears, prudent consumers get immunized against the most virul
argent 2008-04-21
1   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Doc Mahfoozurrenhma Dear doctor Im 29 years old man who is married and we were trying fo
akash123 2008-04-08
12   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

PND - Halitosis
I am a 32 yr old male,Need some help. -Primary concerns: Post-Nasal Drip, HALITOSIS. -Sy
pnd_man 2008-04-20
3   faisal qureshi 9 years ago

A lump in testicle
Dear Experts, I am 37 years old male. Ive been feeling a small lump (of pea size) in my
MFUK1 2008-04-18
2   MFUK1 9 years ago

plz help me all doctores
Can I combine Acid Phos 30c with damiana,Yohimbinum, Crataegus Oxyacantha and no problem ?
vanita 2008-04-08
7   sameervermani 9 years ago

Colitis, weight loss, remedy not working
I got diagnosed with mild colitis a month and a half ago and since then I was told to take
sickofthis 2008-04-20
2   sameervermani 9 years ago

Help needed, for lupus, and cluster headaches..
I will try and sumerise a selection of health problems my 49 year old mother is currently
triple 2008-04-19
3   sameervermani 9 years ago

Hi, I have developed a pterygium on my sclera. and have developed red veins going to it. i
lavendar 2008-04-15
8   lavendar 9 years ago

genital warts
Hello, 27y/o male I've been going at it with genital warts for about 10 months now t
tigreso 2008-04-14
8   tigreso 9 years ago

Sever Acne on Face (Chin, Cheeks & around Nose), Chest and Back. Doctors cannot diagnose.
Hello, I am 37 yrs and have this sever problem as mentioned above. I showed to a Dermatal

treatme 2008-01-24
23   AmandaRene 9 years ago

Dr. Deshok Tumor in Colon
Can you advise my friend Dee: Female age 50 10.Weight160 11.Height: 5'4 12.What are
Mangobombay 2008-04-20
no replies yet

watering eyes
since the last one year i have been suffering from continuous water dripping from my eyes.
seethepalli sivaji 2008-04-20
1   sajjadakram635 9 years ago

Post bypass Surgery Problems
Hi all doctors, please advice me for solve my post bypass surgery problems. I have decide
milind98077 2008-03-16
5   sajjadakram635 9 years ago

Eye Sight, Blurred View and Strain, pain . . .
Dear Drs, After so many views seeing I thought to write any Dr. who can help me in my EYE

msbaig 2007-06-18
19   Milind R 9 years ago

Chronic Sinisitus HELP - 15 yrs and no relief
I have been battling chronic sinusitis for the past 15 years and am now getting hopelessly
digiman 2005-06-02
10   philtibs 9 years ago

Help with 3.5 yr old bedwetting?
We practiced Elimination Communication with both our children and they were out of diapers
wendypape 2008-04-19
1   maheeru 9 years ago

please doctors help
sir am 21 year old when ever i matubrate while mastubration i get an loose erection n my p
hamid khan 2008-04-20
no replies yet

High blood pressure
I am just 21 years old and my blood pressure goes up as soon as i take little bit of salt

waseem_rana 2005-02-02
36   jason123 9 years ago

case needs help
two men with different families married with 2 sisters both have gum bleeding, sisters hav
hisam 2008-04-19
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

One Year old with ECZEMA
My Son is now 11 months old and turning one year on March 3rd/2007. He has ECZEMA since b
konathala 2007-02-06
4   lovesk08 9 years ago

Neurofibroma swellings in hands
Dear all, I am 24 old man, unmarried, I have small & large swellings in hand and few
granjanm 2008-04-19
1   faisal qureshi 9 years ago

Gas Problem
Dear Doctors I am having problem with gas and if it stuck the Blood pressure become high.
m_khan 2008-04-19
5   gavinimurthy 9 years ago

skin asthma?
A close friend in Israel has been suffering from very confusing symptoms, and, so far, no
lwellsnyc 2006-01-07
4   hazeliciouz 9 years ago

Agar Powder
'Agar Powder also known as Agar Agar has been used as a food ingredient. Agar agar po
argent 2008-04-19
no replies yet

amblyopia/lazy eye
My daughter is 5 and was diagnosed with amblyopia/lazy eye in her right eye about a year a
daisy10992 2008-04-19
no replies yet

constitutional remedy
Dear Doctors I gave a constitutional remedy baryata Carb 200 2 dose ,for tonsilitis and s
7   SUDHIRAGARWAL 9 years ago

PE problem
Dear All Doctors Im 35 years old, married with 3 kids. I have PE since Im young and also
mdhero2001 2008-04-10
9   Dr Tahira 9 years ago

Remedy for diarrohea
I plan to go on holiday to Asia in June. However, I always tend to get diarrohea after a f
fatimaalam 2008-04-17
11   Dr Tahira 9 years ago

ezcema - light therapy treatment
I have had ezcema all my life- I am 39- the last 3 years my ezcema has become worse- I am
renovegas 2008-04-19
no replies yet

how long does it take to work...
ok i have been on homepathic medicine for acne since 2 months this is my 3rd month..i am g
rushika 2008-04-18
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

need help from psychosis
HI Doctors, I'm really glad to have found this website and desperately need some help

ruchika 2007-04-24
18   moderator 9 years ago

Erection goes away when I stand up....
I'm 28 yrs old, unmarried (about to get married) and I'm getting really worried
RishiRishi 2008-04-13
6   abid ali 9 years ago

Constitutional Remedy + Other Remedy
Hi All! Thanks in advance for your time and consideration with my little note :) I have
JayaGopaldas 2008-04-18
no replies yet

how do i treat oral lechen planus
Hi; My name is Phil . I am 63 Yrs old. My Dentist thinks I have LECHEN PLANUS but no biop
pbarcola 2008-04-18
no replies yet

Respected Dr. Sharma please take a look at...
Farhad 2008-04-17
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

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