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bach flower remedy and homeopathics
Hello, can Bach Flower remedies be taken while under homeopathic (200C/3-4weeks)?
glowingsoul 2008-07-10
2   geauxp last decade

Venus Mercenaria
Hi all...just wondering if anypne has any information on Venus Mercenaria. I have been sea
sly1975 2008-07-09
no replies yet

Hello, hoping you might find a remedy I could try to help me with my ,what seems to be dai
miaki 2008-02-06
6   miaki last decade

Pitti(on my skin)
I have mention pitti because don't know exactly english word of that...but by now day
manmohan.mca 2008-07-09
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Flatulence and urine odour
Hi, i am 28 year old male, for last couple of years i am having problems with flatulence
kinginpain 2008-07-09
1   Dr Kireet last decade

Sister in law
Age = 38 yrs Weight 76 kg 1. She is suffering from motions since last eight years. She g
mmnyb 2008-06-02
8   Dr Kireet last decade

Hello, I was taking an antidepressant prozac for 1 month and benzodiazepine bromazepam for
hammad76 2008-07-05
8   hammad76 last decade

Suggest a remedy to avoid sex thinking.
I am 24 year old and physically very weak because i always think about sex and do sex almo
yas111222 2007-09-03
10   kashifjan last decade

i bought calcarea carbonica, sulfur
I bought CALCAREA CARBONICA, Sulfur to cure my stuttering Both 200C (80 pellets) ,,,,,
medo8000 2008-07-08
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Sabal Ser Q
are sabal ser q and lecithin tablets available by Willmar Schwabe?
crunchymaria 2008-07-09
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Abdominal Bloating Natural Cure
Stomach gas is an extremely universal problem which largely results due to improper eating
herbalcures 2005-11-24
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

herpes-followup treatment
On 17th Jun, 08 I observed first symptoms of herpes in left side scalp, fore head, eyebrow
devagral 2008-07-07
3   devagral last decade

absessed tooth
I lost a filling and have to wait 3 more weeks to see a dentist. It has become absessed.
sassifrasstea 2008-07-09
4   sassifrasstea last decade

the skin of my underarms, inner thighs and vulva is extremely dark. kindly advise me some
crunchymaria 2008-07-09
no replies yet

prominent veins
hello, i have very prominent and thick veins on my both hands from fingers to shoulder an
waulan 2008-07-07
1   deoshlok last decade

Elderly Lady Vertigo and Dementia
My grandmother 80years old has been suffering for 1 year from vertigo and spinning in her
mgwaus 2008-07-03
2   deoshlok last decade

Please help me antidote needed
hi i am 27yrs old guy and a homeopathic doctor gave me firstly graphite 200 for two days b
comsite 2008-07-04
1   deoshlok last decade

dr pl help anxious depressed
i am posting again for desperate help.i get very severe anxiety followed by depression- my
oliva 2008-07-05
1   deoshlok last decade

adenomatous complex hyperplasia of endometrium
My wife 49 for more than 10 years has been having menses irregularities.Hormone tests duri
panekiz 2008-07-04
1   deoshlok last decade

toddler 14months
Hi I have a 14 month old toddler who is very bright but I am having real trouble with his
vsm1234 2008-07-08
2   vsm1234 last decade

penis injury
Hello, I injured my erect penis 2 days ago while sleeping and now its not getting erect pr
hammad76 2008-07-08
2   hammad76 last decade

urinary problem
hi iam 28 years old married male iam facing a pecular problem usually after passing of u
smmh25 2008-07-07
1   deoshlok last decade

Dr.Deoshlok sharma to plese help me
Dear doctor of this forum my brother has been suffering from eye problem as his lence of r
Dr.Haran ch malaker 2008-07-07
1   deoshlok last decade

Acid Reflux
Hi, Is there a permenant cure for Acid Reflux in homeopathy? Can someone recommend the sa
renault 2008-07-08
1   deoshlok last decade

Acidic Smell in Urine
I have great faith in Homeopaty. My 12 year old niece has a foul acidic smell everytime sh
booobooo 2008-07-08
1   deoshlok last decade

Panic attacks
Hello, I have been adviced by Dr. Mahfooz about 3 weeks ago to take arsenicum 200C for my
AnnaD 2008-07-08
1   deoshlok last decade

pregnant - took cold md homeopathy tablets
Hi, My first is 2nd month pregnant now. Last month she has taken 3 rapid cold md homeopath
Sivan 2008-07-08
1   deoshlok last decade

eczema , skin rash and egg allergy for 3 yr old
Hello, Her skin tests showed egg allergy and milk allergy and eczema , skin rash immedia
merabharatmahan 2008-07-08
1   deoshlok last decade

pregnant - took cold md homeopathy tablets
sorry - not my first , my wife.
Sivan 2008-07-08
no replies yet

doctors help me please,contributing your experience.
Dear doctor of this forum my brother has been suffering from eye problem as his lence of r
Dr.Haran ch malaker 2008-07-07
10   Dr Tahira last decade

Why No Body is Replying Me
I think there is no Homeopathy treatment of H.Pylori.If their is Treatment then plzz Read
Abdullahkhan 2008-07-08
6   Abdullahkhan last decade

Never well since
A lady past middle age reveals she got depression after getting malaria although her fathe
hisam 2008-07-08
1   Dr Tahira last decade

I got Psoriasys about 4 years ago, it was too much on most of the part , which reduced to
anil66in 2008-07-08
1   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade

Pain in left palm and fingers
My left palm (specially the back) and some fingers hurt when I type or change gears while
bensen 2008-07-07
3   Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade

brain function affected
plz help me out i have 50 different kind of disease existing in my body for last 10yrs & i
lakra19 2008-06-09
11   lakra19 last decade

Breast size increase medicines?
I have seen various posts on breast size. My problem is also the same. I want to increase
shruti1 2008-07-08
2   shruti1 last decade

Attention orkut users
Hi friends, see this link and post your experience or thought regarding this thread- http:
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 2008-07-02
8   Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade

Garlic and its efficacy
Garlic, also known as Allium sativum, has been used for its medicinal properties. In ancie
Dr.Haran ch malaker 2008-07-08
1   Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade

Wife having a problem of constipation. Pls help!
Dear dOc my wife having a problem of constipation from last week, she delivered a baby bo

bhratgupta 2008-06-18
15   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade

Advise on dosage
Hello, I had finger laceration that needed sutures 3 weeks back. The sutures were removed
prathyu 2008-07-08
no replies yet

Hoarse Voice/ flem in throat
I am looking for a treatment to cure my on-going horse voice with constant flem feeling in
SLinus 2008-07-07
2   SLinus last decade

looking for skilled Homeo doctor in toronto/canada
i am 38 years , suffering from acute diabetes type 2, recently wanted to be treated by
jovial 2008-07-07
1   ashfaq last decade

Acne cure?
Hello I am a 21 year old male. Last year I got extreamly sick from food poisoning. I lost
scamp2005 2005-03-26
3   stevenj last decade

paralysis of left side after brain stroke
one year ago ,my mother who is 70 . due to high B.P she suffered right side brain stroke
ksiyan 2008-07-07
1   ksiyan last decade

Endometriosis, candidiasis, etc.
Hello, I am seeking remedy advice for a complex nest of problems all seeming to stem from
glomer 2008-07-06
7   glomer last decade

dust alergy
My daughter is 11. She is very much susceptible to dust alergy. Whenever she comes in touc
pkrajput 2008-07-07
2   faisal qureshi last decade

Abscess at Scalp
I have chronic abscess(2x2inches) at back of head towards left side.About 8-10 years back
eagle 2008-07-07
2   eagle last decade

my mother is suffering from obesity, her age is 45 years and her diet is not so much and h
JOHN.F 2008-07-07
1   Dr Tahira last decade

Hello Dr, Please help me
I am 21 yrs old female.i have done few yogic exercises and had taken tablets for growing t

myplanet 2008-04-02
13   Niki78 last decade

Success with Zinc for Varicose-stop now?
My circulation has always been terrible. Exrtremely cold hands and feet, and varicose vei
cassandralinnea 2008-06-14
6   Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade

Sexual Problems
Dear Sirs, I have following problems: Hypersensitivity & inflammation in penis (which fo
ashrafmukhtar 2008-07-01
4   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Dr. Mahfoozurrehman or Any other Doctor - Please Help
Dr Mahfoozurrehman, I am 37 years old male. Iíve been feeling a small lump (of pea size)
MFUK1 2008-06-23
5   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Why are not anybody answering me plz
Plz let me know about antidote for nitric acid and graphite for both at once because i hav
Paki1 2008-07-06
4   comsite last decade

Treatment for H.Pylori
Hi: Please can any one help me regarding this problem. 11 months before Suddenly after
Abdullahkhan 2008-07-06
no replies yet

treatment for alopecia areata
hello dr i m having daughter who is 11 years old having alopecia areata since last 7 years
dr neetu 2008-07-03
3   faisal qureshi last decade

Ear Infection and unable to hear
My age is 33 year. I have infection in my right ear. I have sinocitus problem for a long t
tellarif 2008-07-05
1   faisal qureshi last decade

please advise
Does homeopathy have a cure for liver cirrhosis as I know allopathy doesn't have one
rock3t 2008-07-05
1   faisal qureshi last decade

Fussy eater
my daughter is almost 11 months old. she do not have any appetite. her birthweight was 5.5
nazara55 2008-07-04
1   faisal qureshi last decade

Baby has had runny nose for 6 months
My 1 year old has had a runny nose since Jan, this is when he started nursery. Most of th
genesmum 2008-07-06
2   genesmum last decade

Benzodiazepine Detox program help!!
Dear Drs, Could you please shed some light on a remedy or remedies for my current problem
desertrose 2008-07-05
1   desertrose last decade

Gradually increasing hearing loss
I am Pradip a medical Dentist Student from INDIA.From last three year I have noticed grad
pradipumanwar 2008-07-06
no replies yet

Low testosterone count
Hi doctors, i got a blood test and come to know that i have low testosterone, is there an
Ahmer 2008-07-06
no replies yet

seeking help to enhance liver function
hello, i am seeking help to treat a number of medical issues that i believe are related
abud30 2008-07-06
no replies yet

Male, married for one year, yet not got a child.
Hello doctors, i m 26-year-old male, married for one and half years, but yet got no child.
Ahmer 2008-07-06
no replies yet

Hi, I am having symptoms of anemia... leg muscles fatigue, light headedness and rapid hea
renault 2008-07-05
2   renault last decade

Blocked Nose
I am 24 yr. old. Weight 60kg and height 5.11 ft. I have sinusitis since my childhood. No
aryandelhi 2008-07-04
3   akshaymohl last decade

low protein s
I am 6 months pregnant and was told today that I have a low proteing S count my count is 3
edithnarchie 2008-07-05
no replies yet

Uterus prolapse remedy ?
16/6/2008 Helonias Mother Ticture Taken 5-5-5 17/6/2008 Helonias Mother Ticture Taken
beena58f 2008-06-30
6   sameervermani last decade

possible allergic reaction??
My daughter has been taking chamomilla vulgaris and after the last 2 doses she has noticed
mum24 2008-07-02
1   znaeem51 last decade

3 Yoear Old Child not able to urinate
My son got uretharal stricture at the age of 6 months. After thatn he was on SPC. Last mon
vivkaushik 2008-07-05
2   vivkaushik last decade

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