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choroiditis or uvitis
choroiditis or uvitis in both eyes (according to the doctor due to tuberculosis) 1. Name A
amnilagra 2008-06-01
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Any one that has used homeopathy on plants
The tobacco mosaic virus has been in our soils world wide for at least a couple of hundred
red6wiggler 2008-06-01
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choroiditis or uvitis
1. Name Anil gupta 2. Age 30 3. Sex male 4. Married 5. weight 79 kg 6. Height 5.8 7. cou
amnilagra 2008-06-01
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choroiditis due to tuberculosis
1. Name Anil gupta 2. Age 30 3. Sex male 4. Married 5. weight 79 kg 6. Height 5.8 7. cou
amnilagra 2008-06-01
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Plz Suggest me (acidity+what ever i eat comes into my mouth again)
Dear Allwell i am suffering from acidity and whatever i eat comes to my mouth again.the me

shabbir_bzu 2006-03-26
51   znaeem51 last decade

I have Gastric or Hyperacidity problem
I am currrently residing in Germany. From Last one or more than a month, I am facing the p
pankajrudrawar 2008-04-14
5   kunyoss last decade

Acidity with H.Pylori
Hi,I am a 33 year old woman, generally very healthy. Last dec I developed sever acidity, a
preddy 2005-08-18
12   kunyoss last decade

GERD caused ore Throat , Please help
Hi , I have been a fan of homeopathy, and want to avoid the nexium , my dr has prescribed.
sidbee 2008-04-11
1   kunyoss last decade

dust smell
one of my relatives (female-33)smells dust although there is no dust in the environment an
ssmishra66 2008-05-31
2   rishimba last decade

How do you know when you've hit your max dose?
I've taken 200c with the most results, but like many, the postive effects subside aft
bocaburgler 2008-06-01
1   sameervermani last decade

sun exposure - red patches, dry skin
Hi, When I go out in sun, I get red patches on the skin exposed directly to sun and it i
she_agr 2008-03-18
6   rishimba last decade

Wisdom Teeth
I'm 27 years old and suffering pain due to my wisdom teeth development on lower left
cvraghu 2006-11-09
3   satikant last decade

Earache / Toothache
Hello all, I'm a huge fan of this site, however this is my first time posting a quest
liquid_aluminum 2005-11-10
4   satikant last decade

my wife left shoulder has been freezed
hi plese help my wife has froozen shoulder she got this from doing some excersise.she has

imran655 2007-12-05
23   imran655 last decade

Hi I am 25 years old and I have had pretty severe insomnia for the past 2 or 3 years which
natralguy 2008-05-31
3   akshaymohl last decade

Girl 12 yrs White Discharge, weakness!
Girl 12-13 years very huge white discharge and also weakness. Periods not started yet. E
sufi2 2008-05-31
1   akshaymohl last decade

My periods started when I was 12 years old and lasted for about 1 year, after that my peri
salz1 2008-05-31
1   akshaymohl last decade

For a couple of months, I have had white 'growths' emanating from the crypts of my
mj760 2008-05-31
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Hair loss after pregnancy
After normal delivery I didn't had any hair loss for the first 2 months. But now its
rash0581 2008-05-13
10   shaffa last decade

swallow a penny
hi A 4 yr old girl swallow penny,now it is in stomach plz tell me any remedies to come out
sayali 2008-05-29
2   girilal last decade

Hair fall
Hi im 30yrs old male and my complain is falling of hair from brige and side with grey but
Imran_5457 2008-05-31
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please help me
hello i hae multiple fistula and one dr give me the medision netric acid,graphit ,slacia
sajjinyar 2008-04-26
9   imran655 last decade

Dr. Mahfooz and Dr. Sharma azoospermia help
Dear respected doctors, i kindly ask your help with azoospermia, the question i posted wa
jwood 2007-12-20
1   7719986 last decade

Polyp in left nose
My wife, Aged 50, has developed polyp in left nose passage. She also sneezes. please help.
akh826 2008-05-31
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my wief is suffring due to Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder pplz give her any homeopathy
avinash2008 2008-04-02
7   rishimba last decade

advice on potency
Could anybody please advice me as to how the potencies are to be determined while choosing
anand5 2008-05-31
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inflammation of eustachian tubes
friends, my four-year-old boy-child has some problem with his hearing. E N T specialist to
pcthahir 2008-05-30
2   pcthahir last decade

In January (been on meds over a year 75 mg) I started experiencing severe side effects (MA
Shelby1 2008-05-31
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Hi, Can anyone please share experience with taking a remedy via olfaction? I read in the
JMalik 2008-05-30
1   deoshlok last decade

heel pain - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fascitis which is commonly referred to as a
deoshlok 2008-05-31
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cure of nightfall
i m suffering from nightfall since last 2 years, i cannot afford the expenses of medicines
sahil00 2008-05-31
1   akshaymohl last decade

Help me please - my 3 year old has asthma and other concerns
I just started this process... my son is 3 and he has a lot of those symptoms and also mor

E_S_Mother_in_need 2005-09-01
15   Binka last decade

Severe scalp irritation and hair loss
hello my name is Brian, I'm 17 years old,I'm a senior in High School and I have
skatesforcandy 2008-05-01
7   parachute last decade

Ankylosing Spondylitis.
hi, I am suffering from AS for past 3 years. I have a sitting job for around 10-12 hrs/da

neerajvij625 2008-03-31
68   neerajvij625 last decade

Experts-recurring burn on finger-for years!
Hi, My friend had burned her finger years ago, the size of an almond. Not so severe she s
cassandralinnea 2008-05-29
1   rishimba last decade

Pain in left hand on moving after fallen down
I fallen down and left hand hit the floor on 17th May 2008. There was not much injury. Bu
Devi_Raj 2008-05-30
1   rishimba last decade

Couple of years ago, I was allergic from an unknown thing. But suddenly that problem was r

nadeem4u 2006-11-19
24   rishimba last decade

Regweck- Germany
Hi, Please inform, if somebody has combination medicines from regweck-germany for back pa

neerajvij625 2008-05-15
14   neerajvij625 last decade

Hello,I am Male,22 Yrs,IT Professional,Medium built with an average height.I am getting gi

Anumonu 2008-05-23
14   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade

want to gain weight
Good morning, I have been looking out to gain weight since the past 5 years but have no po
cabhishekin 2008-05-29
3   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade

China:Plant Extracts Exhibition2008
International Plant Extracts Exhibition & Conference Time : oct16¡«18 2008 Ven
kingleap 2008-05-30
no replies yet

extreme fatigue, muscle pain and moderate acid reflux
Hello Dr, The symptoms are: Mild Acid Reflux: I am eating raw ginger after every meal and
gabbi 2008-05-28
2   gabbi last decade

Cannabis Indica
Two Cannabis Indica stories In a hotel in a remote mountain town. A group of young people
kuldeep 2006-12-15
9   cassandralinnea last decade

to gain height and weight
i m 25 yrs of age male.which homoepathic medicine should i take to increase height and to
aarucashu 2008-05-29
no replies yet

Raised Gamma GT with Diabetes
I am suffering from Diabetes since last 15 years , now at the age of approx 50 Years.Using
mahesar 2008-05-29
1   deoshlok last decade

Acid Phos burn
I took acid phos mother tincture directly on tongue. it burned my tongue and make a white
veritas_mh 2008-05-28
2   hsome23 last decade

Yellow liquid vomit with headache only once in morning
My 4 and half year old is doing vomit yellow liquid no visible food and before that he wak

bitblue 2008-03-16
13   kirti dutt last decade

Allergies and hearing problem
My 9 year old has a very stuffy nose since early May and now we have noticed that she cann
cvdm1 2008-05-29
1   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade

The patient is 65 yrs old male using antihypertension and anti diabetic drugs and both BP
lovely 2008-05-27
3   lovely last decade

toddler sleeps restlessly
My sixteen month old daughter does not sleep very well. She only sleeps about three or fo
lmhoopes 2005-08-22
5   jesuschrist last decade

Academic question reg potencies
If a drug at 30C is helping a patient for some quite time and the same drug at higher pote
chiru71 2008-05-26
4   gavinimurthy last decade

Menopause and Weight Gain
My mother had the menapause in October 2007. She is going to be 54in October 2008. Now re
Midwhori 2008-05-28
2   akshaymohl last decade

Dog is dieing
I think my dog is not going to make it. Please help. First let me tell you how it starte
Sarah52 2008-05-28
2   parachute last decade

My experience with sulfur (help)
I'll keep it very basic. I took sulfur 200c(full bottle) and experiences A TON of r
bocaburgler 2008-05-28
2   bocaburgler last decade

8 mo old infant cold- congested coughing
My husband and I both have stuffy noses at night, but my baby has a stuffy nose with disch
rideswithchrist 2008-05-28
1   rishimba last decade

suggest me a very good most senior and most experienced Homeopath/ayurvedic doctor in Bangalore(India)
suggest me a very good most senior and most experienced Homeopath/ayurvedic doctor in Ban
to_rahul 2008-05-26
3   to_rahul last decade

I am getting giddiness when I turn my head, bent or sit down or while down at sleep. My Ey
Anumonu 2008-05-23
1   znaeem51 last decade

urgent please help !
Addition to the Topic 'Urgent please help !VERY LOW URINE OUTPUT' I forgot to men
basmah74 2008-05-27
1   deoshlok last decade

arnica and nursing
Is it safe to take arnica 30c while nursing? I saw it suggested on an old post. Some back
daretobe 2008-05-27
1   deoshlok last decade

8 mo old infant cold- congested coughing
My daughter is breastfed and on solids. She started getting congested last week with green
rideswithchrist 2008-05-28
1   deoshlok last decade

Dropsy or edema of abdomen, plus other symptoms
I have been struggling with a set of symptoms for nearly 4 years (started after a c-sec),
hisnfaith 2008-05-28
1   hisnfaith last decade

High blood pressure
I am 57 year old and suffering from diabetis.But the diabatis is under control with Daonil
bkrajamani 2008-05-28
1   m_khan last decade

bad cough/bronchitis
Dear all, I started with viral sickness about 3-4 weeks ago and have had problems since t
ruchika 2008-05-28
1   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade

Otitis media
Hi all, if possible to help for a little boy 6years old with this dg.: Otitis media chr.su
aarapsod 2008-05-13
3   aarapsod last decade

New to homeopathy, would my son benefit from chamomilla?
Hi there, I've read some homeopathic sites before and it sounds so interesting, but h
Dee23 2008-05-28
3   sameervermani last decade

My 9 yr old has developed red, wrinkled skin under eyes
Please help. My 9 yr old daughter for the past couple of months has had puffiness under ey
saloni1 2008-05-27
3   daretobe last decade

Crying alot
Hi, My oldest son is very sensitive. He worries alot, gets worked up at night and is scare
fpofmtgy 2008-05-28
1   fpofmtgy last decade

fatty liver high trigecrides
Age : 41 Years Height : 5'8' Weight : 85 Kg In Ultrasound Report hyperech
asad66 2008-05-23
5   akshaymohl last decade

heacaes from long time in dry suna
t did a three mouths detox using naicain in a dry suna get pain above left eye head feels
zackattac 2008-05-27
1   akshaymohl last decade

Recurring left ear infections
Hi, My son is 4 (will be 5 in Aug.). I breastfed until he was three but he bad recurring e
fpofmtgy 2008-05-20
11   sameervermani last decade

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