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Dental Abcess - need help ASAP
Hi all, I am new here. I have a front tooth that had a root canal many years ago. Appar
AngelWolfe 2007-12-20
2   John Stanton last decade

Doctors,save me
I have masturbated a lot in my teens though I have given up now for 1 year,but normalcy ha
vilaschakra 2007-12-19
5   akshaymohl last decade

Please tell me the true facts,Dr.Rishimba,Dr.Sharma,Dr.Mehfooz and other respected physicians
Dear learned doctors,I have heard that as the male body do not get matured tillthe age of
lokeaath 2007-12-17
7   akshaymohl last decade

Which remedy for difficult child?
I have a 7 years old boy. He is a lion in horoscope and he acts like a lion. I am so tired

Maria&boys 2007-12-18
13   sameervermani last decade

Infancy Eczema
I am a mother who needs help with my baby's skin condition.My 6 months old daughter h
shinta 2006-06-13
11   shinta last decade

Excessive Sweating
Hi, I am suffering from excessive sweating. I consulted a homeo physician and he suggested
msrao 2007-12-20
2   msrao last decade

Floaters in the eyes
I ma 68 years old and my doctor just told me that my eye lense is yellowing and may become

jpthakur 2007-11-28
14   tendercity73 last decade

whitening teeth
looking for help with yellow teeth on someone who is 50 years old. Will she have to see th
allergic 2007-12-20
no replies yet

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Salams and Eid mubarak. i asked a question earlier about azoospermia (for which i look for
jwood 2007-12-20
5   tendercity73 last decade

My 3 year old caught pinworms at school. What is the best remedy to get rid of them. Tha
mafille 2007-12-18
4   mafille last decade

No erection
I am 25 years old married male. My name is zaid khan. I have no erection. I took many home
zaid.khan58 2007-12-20
1   akshaymohl last decade

discharge of prostatic fluid
Hello Doctor, I m kasim 26 years old.I am suffering from discharge of prost
kunwar_kasim 2007-12-20
1   akshaymohl last decade

chronic cough in my 2 year old
my daughter has a wet, whooping like cough. she had it first right after her 15 month shot
quincykoz 2007-12-19
2   quincykoz last decade

I was prescribed carcinosinum30c 4pillsX3 days. I have fear of cancer, a breast lump and a
comar 2007-12-20
2   SUDHIRAGARWAL last decade

Penis remains always small and relaxed, No Erection.
Hello Dr.Mahfoozurrehman I am 28 years old male. My name is Aman Khan. I used to masturba
aman_khan303 2007-12-20
no replies yet

what potency is Q?
What is the potency of Q or what does it mean?
tweetystone 2007-12-18
4   gavinimurthy last decade

URGENT REQUEST: Combination of problems, need serious help plz!
Hi there I'm 29 years old and a smoker. I got married 8 months ago. Things are going
alidagr8 2007-12-19
3   akshaymohl last decade

Fungal Infection of skin
I have managed to keep the fungal infection in control with the use of Tea Tree + Manuka
homemed 2007-12-17
3   homemed last decade

Menapause and Thyroid
My wife is 55 years of age and after turning 50 she started getting menapause symptums suc
Krishan 2007-12-19
no replies yet

help me please sumone iam a 19 yr old female with constant uretha and vulva burning i thin
laurabrookes11111 2007-12-18
9   rishimba last decade

cell salts
I am on Phosphorus
mettagirl 2007-12-19
no replies yet

complex case
the patient in the given case is a lady aged 65.Diabetic for 18 yrs, taking insulin for la

mycase 2007-09-11
29   akshaymohl last decade

Penis remains always small and relaxed, No Erection.
Respected Doctor.I am 28 years old male. My name is Aman Khan. I used to masturbate early
aman_khan303 2007-12-19
1   akshaymohl last decade

foul smelling nasal catarrh
Hi I came down with a mild cold a week ago but I'm left with thick, green, grey catar
sarenone 2007-12-19
1   akshaymohl last decade

Sebaceous cyst - scrotum
1) Age 35, slender built, light dark complexion - married and father of a girl 2) Profess
blue.morpheus 2007-12-16
4   blue.morpheus last decade

Lycopodium or not?
I found this list in a query and am using it for my ownself: 1. Age: 26 2. Sex: Female 3.
panna 2007-12-16
3   faisal qureshi last decade

chronic catarrh
I have thought about ordering bacillinum 200 from a 2006-01-06 reference frowarded by joe
bluedevil0623 2007-12-19
1   faisal qureshi last decade

chronic catarrh
I am a 45 year old female w/ chronic catarrh which I developed 2 years ago. I have had 2 a
bluedevil0623 2007-12-18
1   faisal qureshi last decade

Bipolar II,depression, ocd, fatigue
I am looking for a different approach as the medicine prescribed to me has too many side e
Shocktroop214 2007-12-18
1   faisal qureshi last decade

homeopathy alongside anti-depressants for PTSD flashbacks etc?
I'm 37 female, and am a survivor of birth trauma childhood emotional abuse and long
Sorrel 2007-12-18
1   faisal qureshi last decade

please go through his profile
mazharmhm 2007-12-19
no replies yet

Fatty Liver Painful
Hi I am a homoeo doctor, but i have fatty liver pain, and swelling and pain after eating a
amjadhom101 2007-12-17
5   amjadhom101 last decade

depressed,hopeless,helpless and getting more day by day
hi i am getting knocks after knocks for the last 8yrs of my life. After the first knock it

starshine 2007-09-10
38   sarenone last decade

some one help me plz............
I have some joint and sexual problems. I decided to use software by myself. By using this
Fida Hussain 2007-12-10
5   Fida Hussain last decade

baby has chest cough & fever
my 2 year old woke up sick. he has fever of 100 degrees. and also a chest cough. he doe
elyse 2007-12-19
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Drug Addition
Dear Doctors, Please prescribe suitable remedies to discontinue drung addictions like He
Dr.A. Razzaq 2007-12-16
2   Dr.A. Razzaq last decade

No Erection Power and Penis remains always small and relaxed
I am 28 years old male. My name is Aman Khan. I used to masturbate early but now I have le
amankhan303 2007-12-19
no replies yet

Semen problem
Doctors,my semen has become thin,watery.Sometimes after long abstinence if I ejaculate the
I am Dev 2007-12-18
4   John Stanton last decade

Night terrors after febrile seizure
My daughter is 3 years old and she just got another febrile seizure after her temp spiked
nimisha 2007-12-18
3   John Stanton last decade

How can I Increase my Height
I am 25 female, my height is 5ft 2' i want grow atleast 3 to 4 inches ......can i gro
relangi205 2007-12-18
1   erika last decade

penis damage
hello. i'm a 14 year old boy. about 6months ago i had some inflammation and pain unde
iluvkujbball 2006-11-05
1   nomedicalplan2 last decade

Pilonidal Cyst ??
I'm not sure if the problem I have is Pilonidal Cyst, but based on what I have read s

peednas 2007-03-16
20   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Hi Rishimba, pls help
Hi Rishimba, I am 32 yrs old and married for last two yrs. I basically belong from India.
Itsmeem83 2007-12-17
5   Itsmeem83 last decade

cold in 7 yrs old girl
Hi, My daugter has got the winter time cold. She is very congested during the nights and
dallasMom 2007-12-17
2   Dr Kireet last decade

Anovulatory cycles- trying to conceive-Plz help
Hi My height is 5ft 3' and weigh around 61 kgs. I am 26 yrs old and married since 3 ye
ritu14s 2007-12-17
9   ritu14s last decade

Lower back pain.
For the last one week my lower back feels tired and ache every now and then especially whi
rozanosaad 2007-12-04
10   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Sweaty hands, underarms, and feet
I am 23 yrs old and have had sweaty hands, underarms, and feet since I was a little girl.

mayfair 2006-12-16
20   gavinimurthy last decade

constitutional remedy not holding
Hi, Silicea is my constitutional remedy. I feel very good after taking it. But I have not
shloka 2007-12-17
4   shloka last decade

I have started taking Phytolacca berry
hi, I have started taking Phytolacca berry just 2 days back.. plz tell me the effective us
sheeba 2007-06-03
5   shamindi last decade

How to read these?
Hi! I was wondering what the italics in blue in this link mean - http://homeoint.org/book
luvdodo 2007-12-07
4   luvdodo last decade

hello when i need a wee it burns down there it sumtimes burns when i wee but not all the t
laurabrookes11111 2007-12-16
4   laurabrookes11111 last decade

Treatment for Depression
Hi I am 30 Yr old Indian Male and I work in Nigeria. My wife 29 Yr old was diagnosed with
lkhanna 2007-12-15
6   lkhanna last decade

ear swelling
I have a swollen right earlobe. If I squeeze it clear fluid comes out. Any recommendatio
peregrine 2007-12-16
9   Astra2012 last decade

Self-help: Complete recovery from social phobia
Experience gained from the complete recovery from 10+ years¡¯ Social Phobia. T
bluebellw 2007-12-17
4   bluebellw last decade

erection problem
sirs, i am 28 yeras old . i have been suffering from erection problems for the lat 2 yeras
anil497 2007-11-23
10   Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade

severe PMS for at least 2 weeks each month
Hello everyone. I am new to this forum but desperately need some help! I am 24 years old a
jessica83 2007-12-16
8   rishimba last decade

New guy in town
hi, I ran into this forum when I was looking for info. about this thing im dealing with- M
rafiju 2007-12-17
1   rafiju last decade

God bless to all the DOCTORS
Good morning doctors i am a male of 30 and married before 4 years. i have 1have a good and
Mauzzam 2007-12-16
3   akshaymohl last decade

Pitysporum folliculitis
Does anyone have any suggestions for helping Pitysporum folliculitis? I have been on an an
Kg2007 2007-03-11
3   rishimba last decade

pitysporum follicullitis
i have this folliculitis all over the body for several years which actually got aggravated
anamikagulati 2007-04-15
6   rishimba last decade

Low Cortisol level????
Hi all! I'm a prior service memeber and am dealing with Veterans Affairs for my medic
AmberOgeay 2007-12-16
6   faisal qureshi last decade

Barrett's oesophagus. Please help...
My sister is with the disease Barret´s esofagus due to refluxesofagit from a hiatus
ppalma00 2007-12-13
9   ppalma00 last decade

Welcome Dr. Sharma......
Respected Dr. Sharma... Welcome after a while. Hope you and your family will be in the P
Farhad 2007-12-17
no replies yet

Dr. Mehfooz...... Please take a look
Respecte Doctors.. I am being treated by Dr. Sharma from last 1.5 month. He asked me to g
Farhad 2007-12-10
5   Farhad last decade

Is Sulphur a good remedy?
Patient has bad breath, body odor and smelly stool, lots of phlegm that he has to spit, so

cicka 2007-12-05
17   John Stanton last decade

Helpss please!
Hi My name is john, im 21, male. Couples months ago i notice i had white, thick coating t
johntran 2007-11-23
8   srisri last decade

hair falling
my age is 29 i hve a problem of hair falling since from 1998
chinto 2007-12-09
5   akshaymohl last decade

May be piles ?!
For the past week or so I have been having burning and soreness in rectum. Can feel tende
sevif 2007-12-16
2   akshaymohl last decade

Best acne treatment ever!
Hi Everyone, If you have acne, like I did, you must use SkinB5, this stuff is fantastic.
avularamesh4u 2007-12-16
no replies yet

1 month old has congestion
Our 1-month-old boy has congestion, it sounds terrible and he has a hard time breathing th
robyn 2007-12-15
1   John Stanton last decade

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