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psora, and other miasm
Dear doctors kindly advice the method of removal of psora, syphylisis, sycosis, Can sycos
12   SUDHIRAGARWAL last decade

constant runny nose in 18 month old girl
Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to help my 18 month old girl. She is constantly suf
toberedeemed 2007-11-18
4   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

height problem
i am 29 y.o male and i am 5'6', i want to increase my height and i don't wan
waulan 2007-11-15
4   deoshlok last decade

lichen planus
My daughter has skin problem with lot dark blackish spots on her ankle, thighs. Initially
harminder 2007-11-18
2   deoshlok last decade

ejaculation in 4 to 5 strokes
Hello , I am suffering from premature ejaculation . I am decribing my condition i

kijiji 2007-09-20
26   WROQUE last decade

can someone diagnose
I m suffering from urine problem for many years but no treatment could solve this problem
Multani_star 2007-11-15
8   deoshlok last decade

Eczema on 6 yr old Boy
Hi, Our son has eczema for 4 years. He is 6+ year old now. Initially, it started on his

uspeed 2007-08-19
50   bullrush1 last decade

Anyone here use Bio Tuner for depression?
I was just wondering if anyone had any experience here and if it really helped. I heard it
jayjay11 2006-11-02
12   Ryelink last decade

Dry flaky red skin on face
Been having an embaressing skin problem since summertime... skin on face becomes very dry
bullrush1 2007-11-15
8   bullrush1 last decade

Cold and flu problems for a pre-mature baby
Hello, I am staying in new delhi, india. my son was born in the seven and half month on 1
achopra7 2007-11-18
1   faisal qureshi last decade

mens Health
doing excessive masturbation for last 15 years, due to this penis is curving on left side,
khury 2007-11-17
2   akshaymohl last decade

Reckeweg Medicines
Can anyone advise how to use the Reckeweg Homeopathic liquid medicines ? I would like to
pdbayarea 2007-11-16
2   pdbayarea last decade

depressed friend
Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I'd like to get some advice about my friend
jamie630 2007-11-17
2   rishimba last decade

child 4 and not completely toilet trained
Help! My 4 yeary old son still has accidents fairly regularly during the day. His persona
jydna 2007-11-02
3   girilal last decade

rectal fissure
What can be done to heal this condition? Thanks
Chuck D. 2007-11-17
1   drprodip last decade

Breast Enlarging
i m 21 years old.my height is 5 foot 4.5 inches and my weight is 47.50.my breast is too mu
saba nazim 2007-11-10
10   akshaymohl last decade

height gain
i am a 16 year old boy my height is 5feet 6 inches and my weight is 79 kgs hieght of my fa
vikas143 2007-11-17
1   akshaymohl last decade

deep sleep remedies
I wonder apart from coffea are there any remedies that can bring on deep sleep. I had a p
hisam 2007-11-17
1   deoshlok last decade

Plz doc help me.
Doc sb i m nimmi n married for last one year. now my husband n i have tests for not having

nimmi 2007-08-21
42   nimmi last decade

Stuttering in a 2 and 9 month old
Hi there, My son started stuttering approximately 6 weeks ago. It seems to be progressing
wojcickij 2007-11-16
1   girilal last decade

Need help on kidney/ question ASAP
Hi again. I had to bring my cat to the vet because anything I was trying to get her over w
ajtriva 2007-11-16
2   ajtriva last decade

URGENT (reaction to remedy-pet)
Hello. I have a female elderly spayed cat who has had recurrent urine retention that bega
ajtriva 2007-11-13
7   Daisy43 last decade

dr deoshlok
dear dr deoshlok, hi i wrote to you many many months ago now, i am nina /nmgdes i am of a
nmgdes 2007-11-12
3   deoshlok last decade

Getting rid of dental plaque(pet)
I have an elderly cat who has some buildup of plaque on several back teeth, also with some
ajtriva 2007-11-15
4   ajtriva last decade

Mother of new born baby - Gavini and other docs
My wife has just delivered a baby 4 days back. It was a normal delivery but she took epidu
VAISHDW2 2007-11-16
3   gavinimurthy last decade

biochemic book
please let me know the address of the publisher of the book called 'simplest remidy f
dr.prithviraj 2007-11-16
2   gavinimurthy last decade

loose motions after insult
what is the medicine for the loose motions after an ansult an old patient (woman 70) was
sana_habib 2007-11-14
12   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Natural Ways to help with Urinary Retention/Incontience
Hello! I am new to the forum and looking for natural ways to help my daughter. A little
tvel78 2007-11-15
3   gavinimurthy last decade

First Menses After Delivery
What treatment helps one during the first menses after delivery by c-section? The menses i
srisri 2007-11-15
5   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

controversial root canal
hi, after gettin a root canal on my left molar,the pain didnt subside and after repeated v
sanvar 2007-11-16
1   gavinimurthy last decade

what is good for fatty liver?
Hi, I would like to know what remedy is really good for fatty liver? thank you
maryam 2007-11-14
11   maryam last decade

Obstructive Jaundice
About an year ago a 70 year old person was diagnosed with obstructive jaundice and was ope

srisri 2007-11-14
13   srisri last decade

Can nux.vo30 be taken along szetalo?
I find relief in digestion& mind application by szetalo tab10mg(Alopathic).I also find nux
s2005 2007-11-15
no replies yet

Link of a book page on Gastritis?
Few months ago I seen a link suggested by a doctor for one gastric patient now i do not ab
s2005 2007-11-13
3   s2005 last decade

My partner has a ganglion on the back of his wrist. Any advice on what remedy and what do
mettagirl 2007-11-15
1   gavinimurthy last decade

Sex Problem, Please Help
I'm 31yr, 6ft, big figure, Indian complexion, overweight. I have been masterbationing
zim_200304 2007-11-14
3   zim_200304 last decade

Hard stool, anal fissure, piles, Abdominal pain
I have been suffering from anal discomfort from 2 years now. I have been diganosed with a

vrajesh 2007-11-12
13   gavinimurthy last decade

old age problems
this is regarding my father, who is 57 yrs old, he underwent angioplasty .. the problem is
kkdwkkdw 2007-11-14
1   dr mehmood last decade

dry choking cough
I have this dry cough whcih is worse at night specially when i am sleeping. it chokes me u
nineclouds 2007-11-13
5   nineclouds last decade

How To Overcome Diabetes
Have you recently discovered that your body does not produce or properly use insulin, and
stvalentine 2007-11-14
no replies yet

How Much Sleep Do We Really Need ?
When we drift off to sleep, we either fall into a deep, restful sleep, or into a shallow,
stvalentine 2007-11-14
no replies yet

cystitis with dry/gritty throat
I have an ongoing problem that pops up on a regular basis when I am run down/stressed/dehy
carolinemarbles 2007-07-19
2   honeypot81 last decade

Project Flamines
Alex Toshinov 2007-11-14
1   gavinimurthy last decade

Help please with multiple issues
Hello Forum. I have a bunch of health problems that seem related - hormonally-related most
Catlynn 2007-10-22
5   gavinimurthy last decade

My dad is a diabetic, he had BKA, left leg, and is now home. He had fever twice within a g
shruthe 2007-11-14
no replies yet

neck pain
What would be a good remedy for someone who has a history of a car accident and now has a
peregrine 2007-11-14
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Cystitis problems.
I'd been suffering very frequent and rather painful UTIís for a few years and was at
honeypot81 2007-11-06
1   deoshlok last decade

Need Help
Hello All, i m having some very uncomman problem. i feel that my head is spinning all the
123abc 2007-10-27
6   akshaymohl last decade

Which remedy is best for cystitis? Symtoms - burning on passing water before and after, c
hammy 2007-01-17
2   honeypot81 last decade

Alternative Therapy for Coughs and Colds
Just wanted to share something that I found to be quite amazing. Im not sure if this is co
Ryelink 2007-11-13
no replies yet

Hi doctors/forum readers, Today I went for my blood check. results are 123 fasting and 217
Munajfa 2007-11-13
1   akshaymohl last decade

Cold and acute coryza
I find this article very informative.COLD AND ACUTE CORYZA (which means sneezing)

bandarbabu2000 2005-02-25
33   zorger1 last decade

17 months old waking up to 6 times a night
She is breastfed and has never slept throught the night.She slept better when youger (3-6
kasiaindublin 2007-10-25
6   kasiaindublin last decade

Thick Muzzy Head
I have been suffering from a thick muzzy head now for about 4 weeks. This I believe is due
chikardee 2007-11-13
2   gavinimurthy last decade

Blood Glucose Control
My mother Age 75 was recently diagnosed with Diabetes.All her life she has been healthy no
neville 2007-11-13
no replies yet

need urgent reply 4 this query
Hi, Some from advised me to use Staphysagaria 30 (Made in germany by Dr. Reckwedge) i use
hassan2740 2007-11-12
5   hassan2740 last decade

Are these correct medicines?
hi, I am suffering from hyperacidity since 2 months like burning in duodenum area,headach
abheshekk 2007-11-13
2   gavinimurthy last decade

Limitation of Kali
Dear Doctors, I somehow remember having read somewhere that while taking remedies of Kali
sskps 2007-11-13
1   gavinimurthy last decade

Happy Diwali
Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali. May the lights bring joy, happiness and prosperity t
PANKAJ VARMA 2007-11-10
6   moddy last decade

Indigestion remedies
What is indigestion? Indigestion Impaired digestion, especially after eating. RELATED T
bandarbabu2000 2006-10-23
6   gavinimurthy last decade

droopy eyelid
Hi. I'm posting for a relative,16 years old, who recovered from the flu about 5 month
rayne 2007-11-12
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Sudden hair problem
I changed my workplace from Agra, India to Busan, South Korea four months back. I was havi
pankaj00797 2007-11-12
1   akshaymohl last decade

its been little over a year i am suffering from whitish granule type of dandruff with some
renns214 2007-11-12
1   akshaymohl last decade

Allergies in Fall & Spring
Hi, I am 34 yrs old and live in Dallas,TX. I have been living here from past 10 yrs, but f

dallasMom 2007-10-17
43   akshaymohl last decade

Vaccination followup
What do I give after first set of vaccinations for a preemie baby girl who regurges feed a
srisri 2007-11-12
2   srisri last decade

too many remedies
Hi Is there a remedy to take when one has had too many remedies? thank you for your time
mettagirl 2007-11-12
1   srisri last decade

Cracks in Tongue and Pale Yellow Coating
I have had this for a long time with on and off again long deep crack. Now it seems to be
nsbirdie 2007-11-12
3   deoshlok last decade

suffering from PCOS and spots of endometriosis
Hi, i am 26yr old suffering from PCOS and spots of endometriosis as dr says.I am trying to
babitharkarkera 2007-11-11
8   rishimba last decade

Small Pennis
Hi, I have a small pennis of 3 inch in normal and 5 inch during erection. I am going to g
kumar_kumar 2007-11-10
1   akshaymohl last decade

Breast mass
Dear respected doctors of this wonderful largest home forum.A female aged about 45 years c
Dr.Haran ch malaker 2007-11-10
11   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

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