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Phytolacca Berry
I have phytolacca berry in 100ml liquid form. Can someone tell me the right dosage and ho
deziree 2007-09-26
1   rishimba last decade

Hi, Seems that I may be suffring from a low grade Sinusitus infection. Makes me feel rea
HamishC 2007-09-26
1   deoshlok last decade

Belching & Gas After Taking Antibiotics
Three weeks ago, the doctor prescribed Cipro to prevent an infection and I was very allerg
rubenlynn 2007-09-25
1   deoshlok last decade

Sinus / Nasal Allergies
Is is safe to give Tuberculinum for the subject problem? I would appreciate different hom
RajanTX 2007-09-24
6   RajanTX last decade

issues with 18month old boy - want to avoid allopathy
This case might sound simple to homeopaths but its worrying me sick. I have a 18month old
nineclouds 2007-09-21
10   faisal qureshi last decade

about 2.5 years ago, i got food poisoned and then took antibiotics. after that i've b
invincible 2007-09-24
7   invincible last decade

doses and potency
Let us start a new topic for developing this Topic.
Rajendra 2007-09-24
5   Rajendra last decade

Potency Required To Remove Miasm
What potency is generally required to remove a miasm, and, how many repetitions of that po
RB123 2007-09-23
1   dinkerb last decade

My son sarthak aora is 11 years old his weight is 42 kg suffering with seizures from 18.1
ajayarora 2007-09-24
1   akshaymohl last decade

Esteemed Dr. Hasnaat, please help me , I am suffering from night fall
Respected Sir, I am suffering from night fall. This happen very frequently 2 to 3 times i
krishnasoni 2007-09-25
1   akshaymohl last decade

Dr Hasnaat please respond
Hello. We were corresponding via email earlier about my condition. I'm not sure if my
Winterlee 2006-07-20
3   mollydalton last decade

sex !
Dear, Dr.Hasnat I m javed 29 yrs old guy & recently maaried i m doing job with an export

virgo_1978 2007-06-29
25   virgo_1978 last decade

Homeopathy for babies and young children
Hi, I have young grandchildren, who are giving their parents many sleepless nights, with c
Conradbbb 2007-09-25
1   parachute last decade

Dr, Deoshlok - Question Please Reply
Regarding thread http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/121769/ Why is syphilinum 1M p
dinkerb 2007-09-24
1   deoshlok last decade

Down syndrome baby
Sir, My two months baby having downsyndrome After chromosome test T21 chromosome found dis
sotirakesh 2007-07-19
6   Rajendra last decade

colitis and frequent urination
Hey I have been diagnosed with crohnic colitis for about a year and a half now. I have st
dee007 2007-09-24
3   Rajendra last decade

There was a topic about obeseity in the form. I am 30 yrs.. 85 kgs and want to reduce weig
ajitanaik 2007-09-15
5   Rajendra last decade

Homeopath's Kind attn.
Although general Guidelines are there in this Forum asking the patient to supply informati
Rajendra 2007-09-24
4   Rajendra last decade

White spot on upper lid of both eyes near canthi
Dear sir,a girl aged 7 years has been suffering from white spot near left and right canthi
Dr.Haran ch malaker 2007-09-23
7   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

blood thickness?
hi what are the general medicines for BLood thickness problems and are these proved in

livex 2007-06-16
22   romaroma last decade

Sebborheic Dermatitis
Hello all, I have been experiencing sebborheic dermatitis now for a couple of years.. it
lostwind 2007-09-21
11   faisal qureshi last decade

congrats india
India hss just one a nerve wracking final of 20-20 wotld cup against Pakistan. Well done
gavinimurthy 2007-09-24
2   faisal qureshi last decade

My father in law is suffering from Parkinsons for the past 4-5 years. He is aged 78 yrs.
tsiva_4 2007-02-21
8   Astra2012 last decade

slow learning baby
hello again i have been giving my 1 year old calc phos ,,kali phos and nat mur6x for almos
maryamasif 2007-09-23
9   Rajendra last decade

anxiety and constipation
dear dr.dua i include the following: my age is 48 years ,iam thin and weigh about 53kg,i
sammy z 2007-09-24
2   sammy z last decade

Lose around twenty kgs to concieve
Pls help me, I do not seem to lose weight, which is 82 kgs for a 5.3 frame, I had gone thr
Alishajs 2007-09-24
2   Alishajs last decade

Rheumatism and Heart
Hi, I have read when I used the Online Remedy Finder - Homeopathy Software that rheumatis

romaroma 2007-09-22
13   Rajendra last decade

Flickering eye
I have been experiencing flickering nerve movements on my right eye. For a while I thought
tiesch44 2007-09-23
4   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Is Sulphur the right choice??
I am male, 30 from Pakistan suffering from Atopic dermatis(eczema) for last 3 years. I us
razz 2007-09-19
11   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

I need help for a friend with generalised anxiety disorder. At the best of times, she is
sunriseandshine 2007-09-23
1   akshaymohl last decade

what is the homeopathic remedy for hydrocele(fluid in scrotum) for 6 week old fetus?
nono2083 2007-09-22
5   nono2083 last decade

FOR DR.SHARMA: urgent:end stage renal failure. need expert advice on exact remedy. please
Thankyou very much for your kind reply. HAEMOGLOBIN level is 11.5. CREATININE is 475.
MRFRANK 2007-09-18
8   krisdas last decade

Please help quickly - Allergy
My best friend cannot use any allopathic medicine because all of them have been allergic f
DrivenByGrace 2007-09-23
1   faisal qureshi last decade

diffuse disc herniation
Dear Doctors, A patient aged 40 is suffering from diffused disc herniation. Pain radiat
Dr.A. Razzaq 2007-09-19
3   faisal qureshi last decade

postal course in homeopathy
I would like to take a postal course in homeopathy, I have done post graduation computers
lakshmisrinath 2007-09-23
no replies yet

very good case
pls visit this thread.... http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/121387/ dr. deoshlok s
deoshlok 2007-09-23
no replies yet

To all the respected Doctors,Practitioners and all the Users of the Forum
I am 24,from Ahmedabad.I am over here to have the opinions and advises of the learned,vete
Malhotra 2007-09-22
5   Malhotra last decade

Multivitamin and Kali Carbonicum
Should one discontinue multivitamin+mineral supplements (e.g. Centrum) while taking a home
dockazimi 2007-09-23
1   akshaymohl last decade

Adult Acne & Oily Skin Please Help.....
Hi, I will be 36 in 2 months, have always had oily skin but have Never suffered with spots
xbluebellx 2007-09-21
5   faisal qureshi last decade

I am 27 , loosing hearing from my 20 th year. Hearing aid doesn't help ,operation is
arnika 2005-01-12
12   Juju78 last decade

homepathic doc plz guide..urgent
i m 27 yrs old female..i hv 7 weeks pregnancy..i m hving the problem of palpitation and tr

Margate 2007-09-05
17   faisal qureshi last decade

I am 25 male, white, 1m87 and 80kg. I have a hydrocele on the right one, it has been ther
lostwind 2007-09-22
1   faisal qureshi last decade

Doctors Please help after using kali brom salt crued
can anyone help me find out the solution of impotence (no sex desire) after using potassiu
johnzik 2007-09-22
1   johnzik last decade

Swelling feet, arthritis and dislikes food
Hi, Why does my mother got swelling left feet and hand and does like so much food? She h
romaroma 2007-09-20
6   romaroma last decade

Diabete & Blocked Nose - Need Advice Badly
Dear Doctors, Hi there. First I like to give you my physical & environmental details. Ag
Zakir229 2007-09-09
4   Rajendra last decade

effexor-splitting capsules method
hi all, i wish i were smarter at this finding information on line thing. it might have sa
kaydal53 2007-09-22
no replies yet

i'm too late
hi all, i just found this forum and am very aggravated with myself for not being able to f
kaydal53 2007-09-22
no replies yet

Dear Dr Deoshlok Please advice can we continue supplementary Thyroxine which is 150 mg pe
5   SUDHIRAGARWAL last decade

How Do I take Baryta Mur for Tinnitus?
I have spoken to the doctor on the forum and he told me to try this. He recomended Dosag

sky_dog86 2007-09-20
13   Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade

Want to treat cat with staph - Don't know which remedy to use please help!
Hi My cat has a staph infection. I know this is what it is because he had the same thing l
mommyanna91701 2007-09-19
11   mommyanna91701 last decade

to Murthy
I'm going to send you a PM now.
Astra2012 2007-09-21
4   faisal qureshi last decade

high blood pressure
my husband has recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Western medicine says he
kaylakitten 2007-09-21
2   kaylakitten last decade

Ick in Dogs Ear
Golden Retriever suffers from constant ear ick. Discharge is dark brown and smells. SHes
maltesemd 2007-09-16
9   Astra2012 last decade

Sleep problem
I have a problem that i battle to fall asleep and do not sleep through the night, i wakeup
ph1950 2007-09-21
1   akshaymohl last decade

rage, resentment and revenge fantasy
Hi I have recently posted with symptoms of a genital sore which I suspected was syphilis.
sarenone 2007-09-21
1   akshaymohl last decade

Negative Effects of Masturbation
Answers These Question
Jamal 2007-09-21
3   Jamal last decade

Negative Effects of Masturbation
Please Jald Reply Kerian Thank You
Jamal 2007-09-21
no replies yet

Can I recover fully?
Hello,I am 25 now.For the last 15 years I have masturbated.But 3 years ago I felt some pai
Daredevil 2007-09-14
6   Denii last decade

Hi: My husband was diagnosed w/ azoospermia(no sperm), we allready have one child. Has an
trying_for_second 2007-09-18
7   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

For Dr. Mahfooz & Dr. Hasnat, pls respond
Dear Dr. http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/120627 http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum
Fahad_ici 2007-09-20
6   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Doctors kindly help
Name. Muhammad Siddiq (from Karachi. Pakistan) Age: 39 years Gender: Male 1) Old consti

siddiq 2007-07-28
16   Rajendra last decade

I am 21 Years Old Male unmarried. I am a Student.From 9th Class I have Nocturnal Ejaculati
Jamal 2007-09-20
1   akshaymohl last decade

burning contracted congested scalp muscles
Current symptoms: I am suffering from severe symptoms, which surround my scalp muscle. Aft
lymemom 2007-09-20
no replies yet

Would anyone like to talk about the possible damages that homeopathy can cause? Luc De Sh
peregrine 2007-09-20
1   gavinimurthy last decade

doasage 200ch
I have just visited a new homeopathic physician and she prescribed a remedy for my conditi
SashaK 2007-09-20
1   Astra2012 last decade

Mild Depression lack of sleep
Hello age: 33 sex: woman Preferences: salty food I am suffering from mild depression lack
llanarth 2007-09-20
3   llanarth last decade

Sudden hair loss and prolong dandruff
Hello, iam male 26 suffering from dandruff for over 5 years now i notices that in middle
dikty 2007-09-20
1   akshaymohl last decade

Periodicity of Remedies
Hello all, Are there any guidelines/rules/comments etc. on the peridocity of remedies?
thekind78 2007-09-20
no replies yet

undevloped breast
my age is 27 and married my breast is undevloped,so if any medicine is there in homeopath
suhani 2007-09-19
4   Hasnat last decade

cervical spondiolitis - feelong of slipping foot.
My mother 46 is suffering from cervical with pain in her neck, as she move it to right.
dikty 2007-09-20
1   Dr Kireet last decade

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