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how to increase my height and weight
Im a 19 year old guy of 5'4' n weighting only 47kgs,,plz cud u recommend me wat s
josephgomes 2007-02-01
1   sam123 last decade

Height Increase
I would like to know the medicine which I need to take, and also is there any restriction
swetas 2007-01-30
1   sam123 last decade

Height increase
hi i m 23 a married girl and i got short height as compared to my husband and coz' of
ridhi_sahni 2006-12-29
1   sam123 last decade

height increase
I am 27yrs old 5ft and 4inch would like to know if i can still grow taller.What are the Do
quicksilver 2006-10-09
1   sam123 last decade

desperate enough to increase height
Hi, I am 24yrs old and am very upset about my height for i am only 166cms i.e 5.5inches. i
july82 2006-09-28
1   sam123 last decade

Dr. Kumar - Height Increaser
Hello Dr. Kumar, Read all your remedies for increasing height. I am 25 yrs old and would
sudhakar.nitta 2006-09-17
1   sam123 last decade

About my Height
Sir My name is chinmaya and i m 18 yrs old. i have just entered the college and haver star
chinmaya 2006-08-28
1   sam123 last decade

height growth
hi im 18 years old and havent been growing for the past five years..im only 5 foot 2 at th
angel88 2006-08-27
1   sam123 last decade

sir i am mohit garg.i want to ask you that i am 19 years old and wants to increase my heig
MOHIT125 2006-08-01
1   sam123 last decade

Want to increase my height
Hi , my age is 22 years , and height is 5.4 ft . i want to increase it 4-5 inch more. plea
deepakraja 2006-07-03
1   sam123 last decade

height problem
m 20 year male and my height is 5.5" inches n i want to increase my height please hel
kool_Aadi 2006-04-22
1   sam123 last decade

short height
Hi This is wiswam. i saw your website in net. I am from bangalore . I am suffering fr
wiswam 2007-07-31
2   sam123 last decade

Short Height Solution
Hi, I am 24 yr old male and I am 5' 3' in height. Can I gain height at this poin
charan1225 2007-07-11
2   sam123 last decade

want to increse the height ,pls suggest
i am 23 yrs old male , my height is only 5.4 inches and my girl friends height is 5.7 inc
anoby 2007-05-09
2   sam123 last decade

wanna increase height
Hi all can any body tell me wherether it is possible to increase the height as i m im am a
mbm2006 2007-03-22
2   sam123 last decade

Height Increasing
I am 24 and want to try ur medicine for height increasing ,I would like to know about the
swetas 2007-03-15
2   sam123 last decade

how to increase height
i am 18 years old and my height is 4'11. i desperately want to increase my height. i
prateek 2007-01-15
2   sam123 last decade

My Height
I am considering ordering some on the medicines on the site. But I also want to know if ei
Bobby213 2006-10-09
2   sam123 last decade

height is not growing
hi Dr. i m 22 yrs old n my height is 5.5 feet i want to groow my height by 5 inches so wud
cooly 2006-09-28
3   sam123 last decade

to increase my height
sir, iam 25-year-old mlae of height 5.2 inches. i want ot increase my height. my body po
pradee372003 2006-09-21
2   sam123 last decade

how to increase height
i am 17 years old and i am 5foot6inches tall.i am slim and sporty.please help me to increa
asutosh1234 2006-09-05
2   sam123 last decade

Increase Height
My son who is 14 years old & his height is 145cm. His father's height is 5'3'
Krishan KUmar 2006-08-25
2   sam123 last decade

small height
hello doctor, my name is sohail and i am citizen of Pakistan, sir i want to increase my h
higuys82 2006-08-23
2   sam123 last decade

Height Increase at age of 31
Dear Dr. Kumar, I am 5'3' tall and I would like to increase my height by few inc
sameerusa 2006-08-14
2   sam123 last decade

Height gain
Dr. Sahib, I am 36 Yrs old and my height is 156 cms i want to increase my height just by 1
cupidguy 2006-06-20
2   sam123 last decade

height increasing
iam 19yrs old my height is 5feet.i dont want to use any devices.plx suggest me any exercis
suhana 2006-05-18
2   sam123 last decade

Please Help me to Increase Height.
I am entering into my 25th (year of birth 1982)age this june2006. I am willing to increase
josh2k 2006-04-30
2   sam123 last decade

i want to be taller please
manjunath 2006-02-27
2   sam123 last decade

14 yrs old conscious for height
hello, i am a14 yrs old boy and very conscious about my height. plz tell me some medic
charm 2006-01-10
2   sam123 last decade

wnat to increase heiht tell me the ,medicine for it please
12feb1982 2005-12-15
2   sam123 last decade

increase the height
Sir, My daughter is thirteen year old. Pl. advice me which medicene she should have for in
Anil Kumar 2007-07-09
3   sam123 last decade

height increase
hi sir, i am sibaram from mumbai. i saw ur advice regarding height increase on ur website.
sipradhan 2007-07-08
3   sam123 last decade

How will i increase my height?
Hello, I am 30 year old guy.My height is 5'.1'.I would like to increase my height
sanjibkarmee 2007-06-08
3   sam123 last decade

Height increase
I/m a 23 yrs old, and currently seeking treatment to increase my height. What medicines as
shinhwa4 2007-06-08
3   sam123 last decade

height problem of my son
Hi every one My son is about 6 year old but the height is not too good .plz help thanks.
TAHIRSM 2007-02-20
3   sam123 last decade

height problem :(
Hi thr, I am a 25 yr old female with areally tiny frame .I am only 4ft 9 inches in heigh
curiuss 2007-02-16
3   sam123 last decade

Height Increase
I am a girl of 24 , My parents are short, but I would like to increase my height, is it po
swetas 2007-01-29
3   sam123 last decade

height problem
Dr. Kumar.... i am 21 female and am just 4ft10' . is there any chance for me to grow.
breeze 2007-01-02
3   sam123 last decade

how can i increase my height?????
hi every one i m 22 years of age and my height is just 4'10'.i am very depresse
neha09 2006-05-28
3   sam123 last decade

homeopathic doctor / height / new york city
Dear Reader, I am 18.5 years old. I have been issued a prescription of bartya carb,
Breathmints 2006-04-30
3   sam123 last decade

height & growth
could somebody please suggest an effective remedy for stunted growth.this is for my son he
ABDELAZEEZ 2006-04-19
3   sam123 last decade

Alternative technique to height increase and a slimmer U
Reflexology have been a proven technique towards better health and even height growth.Toda
demandby 2006-02-08
3   sam123 last decade

height growth
27 years old. 5.5 inches.needs 4-5 inches more.can you help. Does homeophathy has medines.
mainak 2006-01-27
3   sam123 last decade

Plz Help Me to Increase My Height
I am 22years & 6months old, is it possible for me in any way to to increase my height by
mayurshoots 2005-09-28
4   sam123 last decade

Increasing Breast Size and Height
Hi I am 26 years old female, Married. I want to increase my breast size. which medicine sh
bala123 2007-02-19
4   sam123 last decade

undeveloped penis and less height
hi i m 15 years my penis is only 3inches in erection with a lot sexual excitement i normal
zeeshan_ald 2007-02-26
5   sam123 last decade

Increase height
Hello everybody! Im just asking if anyone can advise me. I have a 13 year old boy who is v
RSDGZ 2006-10-20
5   sam123 last decade

Height Increase
I am PSR Raju my height is 5.4' and i want to increase my height,kindly suggest me to
psrraju.vsp 2006-10-12
6   sam123 last decade

increase height
can homoepathic remedy increase height of 40 above adult ? what is the remedy and is there
elina 2006-05-22
6   sam123 last decade

Increase Height of 24 yrsFemale
Hello Dr, I am 24 year ,5.1' female . is there any medicine who can increase my height
shivali 2006-11-15
8   sam123 last decade

Skin Psorasis
Greetings, I'm male, 31, suffering from Skin Psorasis for the past 5 years. Have tri
assad_akhtar 2007-09-07
1   faisal qureshi last decade

Would like to get in touch with Sabra
Dear Friends, Have been a little out of touch with the homeopathy forum for some time. I
Nasim Ahmad 2007-09-07
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Attn. Dr Gavinmurthy. Several problems. help needed
Anybody. Please Help !!! I am of South Asian (Indian) descent, age 29, male, living in US
shawn_g2000 2007-09-06
9   gavinimurthy last decade

Am I diabetic?
Greetings: I am getting some crazy reading which don't make sense. Average readings
shaw22 2007-09-07
5   gavinimurthy last decade

I am having trouble with swallowing. It seems like when I eat the food gets stuck in my es
Dawnlee 2007-09-07
6   Dawnlee last decade

Stubborn warts on hand
My son has warts on his hand, the largest one being near the kunckle of the index finger.
sharkbait 2007-09-07
no replies yet

Attention Mr. Rajendra
Mr Rajendra, I have posted a mail to your id rsg36 at airtelbroadband dot in. Can you ple
VAISHDW2 2007-09-07
1   VAISHDW2 last decade

to Dr.Mahfoozurrehman
i didn't get u sir u mean u wanted me to continue the same drug i;e alfalfa-q and cal
bharadwaj 2007-09-07
3   gavinimurthy last decade

To Dr. Mahfoozurrehman
Dear Dr.Mahfoozurrehman, Hi there. First I like to give you my physical & environmental
Zakir229 2007-09-07
no replies yet

i am a male, 56 years old,and non insulin dependent diabetic and also have hypertension.
murlidharan 2007-09-07
7   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

to Dr.Mahfoozurrehman
sir i am unable to get my original thread among these forms but i used the drugs for 15 da
bharadwaj 2007-09-07
no replies yet

to Dr.Mahfoozurrehman
sir i asked u for there is any remedey to gain weight.infact u suggested me to take ALFALF
bharadwaj 2007-09-07
2   bharadwaj last decade

to Dr.Mahfoozurrehman
sir this is Bharadwaj i forgot to u inform u that i have same old epitite and hunger and i
bharadwaj 2007-09-07
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

a pecuilar depression
a guy 50+, with depression starting about 20 years back, and his father had suicidal death
hisam 2007-09-07
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Helios Helium 30C
Hi everyone! I would like to know if anyone has tried or has any information on a remedy c
sly1975 2007-09-06
3   sly1975 last decade

cannibas sativa and cannibas Ind.
I would like to know if anyone knows about these or have taken the pellets .. Thank you
Dawnlee 2007-09-07
no replies yet

23 yo with depression/anxiety/low self esteem
I am a 23 year old guy, who has been suffering from depression and anxiety for the past ye
mrjohnsoda 2007-09-06
4   Astra2012 last decade

color remedies
has anyone on this forum used homeopathic color remedies??
erika 2005-03-17
8   Astra2012 last decade

Unbale to hold urine
I am 38 male, un-married, I have a problem of unable to hold urine, I feel urine frequent
hp786 2007-09-05
3   sajjadakram635 last decade

jaundice remedies
hello everybody,,i m here again with a problem of my elder daughter age9 years,,she starte

maryamasif 2007-08-28
31   Rajendra last decade

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