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Advice needed for aggravation of rhus tox on 8 month old infant with atopic eczema
Hi, in my quest for a cure for my 8 month old son's eczema , we were recommended to
isabellesmom 2006-12-16
5   isabellesmom last decade

Want to kill your ADHD child?
Want to kill your ADHD child? Here is easy way. ADHD: Amphetamine gets special warnin
walkin 2006-08-29
1   alangail1 last decade

Weepy Adult Daughter
Greetings: I would like to help my daughter who is 25 yrs old. Her husband is away tra
bigtoes 2006-12-15
4   bigtoes last decade

Time magazine - on helping each other through the net
You're on the cover of Time magazine! Sunday, 17 December , 2006, 10:46 Ne
PANKAJ VARMA 2006-12-17
no replies yet

Psoriasis Need help
Dr saleem Hamid,, I am Indian & now living in Europe for some time. I have psoriasi
tapan 2005-10-12
6   Jonathan143 last decade

help for psoriasis ...
i have a psoriasis condition for the past 5 years. does homeopathy really helps for this
gbmohan 2003-11-21
5   Jonathan143 last decade

Psoriasis of palms and soles
I have been suffering from psoriasis of palms and soles for the last 15 years. i am male
sekhar 2005-03-11
6   Jonathan143 last decade

Eczema and Nail Psoriasis
Sir, I am 27 year old single male suffering from eczema and now i see some pits on my f
mitul_mehta 2004-12-10
6   Jonathan143 last decade

Psoriasis and hair loss
I'm 37 y/o woman and have noticed substantial hair loss near my temples and forehea
Krista 2004-07-15
6   Jonathan143 last decade

Psoriasis - ravi
Hello I have psoriasis from the last 10 years.First i was given methotrexate 2.5mg 3 tim
Ravi_ca 2006-03-10
8   Jonathan143 last decade

Psoriasis in 12 Year Old Girl
Hello, My 12 year old daughter has experienced psoriasis off and on since age 5 on her k
KathleenG9 2006-01-23
8   Jonathan143 last decade

any one plz help in psoriasis
i have psoriasis since 7 years on my legs and on my head. my history is as under. age= 2
hizbulla 2005-12-01
8   Jonathan143 last decade

psoriasis- is there a cure?
i have had psoriasis for the past 10 years, mainly on my scalp. but recently have had a
imy_g 2006-04-20
9   Jonathan143 last decade

i am suffering from psoriais for past 4 years. i have tried orther medicine except homeopa
rcprime 2004-12-03
10   Jonathan143 last decade

Psoriasis of 5-6 yrs.
My mother(aged 42 yrs) has been diagnozed wid Psoriasis for the past 5-6 yrs. I just ca
getgoing 2006-09-11
12   Jonathan143 last decade

Reporting ..after giving Natrum Mur to my son
Dear jacob and Rishimba, As both of you suggested to give Nat Mur 1M . I gave him 2 dose

Dipika 2006-12-09
23   TreeFrog last decade

Attention Dr. Prodip, other doctors and experts.
I have been taking the eel serum since Nov. 9. I will not be seeing my nephrologist unt
cks689 2006-12-17
no replies yet

Anxiety in the Stomach
Hi, Whenever I get more work I get anxiety in the stomach. I'm also a perfectionis
TreeFrog 2006-12-16
4   sajjadakram635 last decade

Homeopathic-friendly mouthwashes?
Hi, Does anyone know of any mouthwashes that don't interfere with homeopathic reme
TreeFrog 2006-12-17
no replies yet

Seasonal Affected Disorder
Hello there. I'm wondering if anyone suffers from SAD? If so what do you do to help y

julia65 2006-12-15
14   rishimba last decade

Dosage question
I have a question regarding doses. I have been using Arnica Montana occasionally and ju
jltjohnson 2006-12-16
6   jltjohnson last decade

Help!! My horse has a hoof abcess....
Hiya, My horse was crippled lame on Thursday and the vet has diagnosed a hoof abcess. T
TC-Lover 2006-12-16
1   maheeru last decade

What exactly happens if I drink occasionally some alcohol? I take Magnesia Sulpurica. I�
ksics 2006-12-16
4   maheeru last decade

question about use of nat phos for GERD
Hi, I'm new here and have spent a few days looking around at the various posts having
des60 2006-12-14
6   des60 last decade

Is peppermint oil bad with Homeopathy?
Hello, I'm a IBS sufferer. I recently started with an Homeopathic remedy, so far
Rick (mad tummy) 2006-12-15
4   TreeFrog last decade

homeopathic understanding of food reactions?
I would like to understand how classical homeopathy views food reactions. what is the cau
john34 2006-12-13
6   john34 last decade

arnica 30 wet dose
In reply to various threads it has been suggested by a professional of the forum to us
bughi 2006-12-16
1   deoshlok last decade

Can anyone tell me of a good remedy for Restless leg Syndrome
Can anyone tell me of a good remedy for restless leg syndrome
aussiejudi 2006-12-16
1   gavinimurthy last decade

Re:Homeopathy medicine forknee pain and blood pressure
can ruta gralvlens be taken alongwith other medicines like glucosamine for knee pain
bughi 2006-10-12
3   bughi last decade

great help for Gall stones
Have just used Berberis Vulgaris Mother tincture for Gall stones . Pain is gone and I
aussiejudi 2006-12-16
no replies yet

getting influenced by others
what whould you advise for a person who get influenced by people very easily especially of
hisam 2006-12-15
6   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

New Homeopathic College UK
Hi All, There is a new homeopathic college called the Oxford College of Classical Homeo
Lisa007 2006-12-14
8   Lisa007 last decade

homeopathic potency vs regular med. potency
just had a question regarding the potencies of homeopathic medicine. do they also work lik
avid123 2006-12-13
4   ZepOz last decade

Homeopathy and Organon
Following are Dr. Deoshlok's comments on cure for High BP through homeopathy...which

PANKAJ VARMA 2006-12-14
28   gavinimurthy last decade

need some mass and inches
HI: I have an ambition to join the army. I am 56 Kg in weight which is underweight for my
nico.apple 2006-12-14
1   rishimba last decade

post cataract surgery pain
I have been operated in left eye for cataract on 25th September 2006. I am feeling pain in
Reiki 2006-09-30
10   Reiki last decade

Eyelid sagging
I am 26 years old.I have Eyelid sagging problem in my right upper eyelid.i have been suffe
annu85 2006-12-13
5   rishimba last decade

Totalty-what is not to be included!!
This is an excerpt from Mr.Modi's book, Accurate Homeopathy. & quot; Let us see wh

bandarbabu2000 2005-06-06
21   rajivprasad last decade

scar on nose
hi, i recently met an accident and my nose split open in the middle. i went to plastic
rahul22 2006-12-15
3   gavinimurthy last decade

imbecile remedy
Remedy for imbecility any suggestions... is that Baryta Carb ....but how is that fit f
hisam 2006-12-16
1   gavinimurthy last decade

Attn: Sudden Hearing Loss People
Have any of you received an email from Tom LaScala with his phone #, stating he can help r
joyce martino 2006-12-16
1   joyce martino last decade

Hole in eyelide after Chalazion surgery, please help me
Hi there I found this forum after having second surgery in a week to remove a Chalazion
hopegrows 2006-12-15
1   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

key note prescribing
I read this statement in one of the threads ,by one of the prescribers. 'The import

gavinimurthy 2006-12-14
19   gavinimurthy last decade

Alkalizing body
I know that we should eat 80% alkali producing foods and 20% acid producing food for optim
Talat 2006-12-15
2   Talat last decade

Erectile Dysfunction
My boyfriend has not been able to maintain an erection since he and his wife split 7 month
hotkt 2006-03-07
5   vkothari80 last decade

Mental confusion and anxiety
Hi, I've been doing a lot of reading and think the remedy Kali Phos . may be exactly
Elliecats 2006-12-14
2   Elliecats last decade

Pale Skin - Cannot Tan
I have tried sunbathing, tanning beds, different types of creams/lotions - No luck! I have
NeedHelp8 2006-12-13
4   mollydalton last decade

Response to the intense itching...
I am having the same problem as posted by already in the past... where can I purchase the
BuckJones 2006-12-15
no replies yet

Please help
I have had the flu but seems to be clearing up now just have a cough left. But today I c
gosslo 2006-12-15
2   gosslo last decade

Is it the correct medicine?
What does the homeopath look for primarily, when the patient returns for the second prescr
gavinimurthy 2006-12-15
7   rajivprasad last decade

pilonidal in lachesis type
I first wrote on there in November 2004 and received this advice: myristica 200 then si
smarie 2006-12-12
5   kuldeep last decade

My 2 month old grandson was on Nutramegent soy milk for about 2 week, when he broke out wi
sendenthomas 2006-12-13
9   josiewales last decade

Breast enlargement
I saw a few toppics about sabal serrulata used for enlarging breasts. I have that proble
sweety_tony 2006-12-14
1   gavinimurthy last decade

different remedies
hi all my question is to all the doctors that can we use different remedies at the same t
asimattar 2006-12-13
1   gavinimurthy last decade

the happiest man ever !
i was the happiest man eva before i was confronted with this thing i dont even know wht it

guitarist 2006-09-23
91   guitarist last decade

what is meant by this??
i have seen homeopath that thay make medicine like they put 10,12 or 15 drops of arnica 3
asimattar 2006-11-29
2   Sycotic last decade

astmathic problem:cough, green sinus, green vaginal discgharge and irritation.
hi, I am very sensitice to humidity and all my problems are related to humid climate whic
flowergirl 2006-12-13
7   rajivprasad last decade

i am female age 28, mother of one daughter aged 3 yrs. i have acute gas with acidity and w
ranjansriv 2006-12-10
9   rishimba last decade

Can Natrum Sulph cause high fever
My four year daughter has asthama. I was prescribed following medicines by homeopath. 1
yogii 2006-12-14
1   erika last decade

why to follow guidelines?..part 4
Never mix acute and chronic symptoms. Acute problems are easy to treat, as the symptoms
gavinimurthy 2006-11-15
10   gavinimurthy last decade

bronchiolitis in 5 month old not getting better
My 5 month old son has come down with bronchiolitis. It started over a week ago with a run
crand 2006-12-12
1   deoshlok last decade

better erections ??
Have you guys tried the medicine called Veyron-S? A friend of mine tried it and it was wo
condor68 2006-12-14
no replies yet

Treatment of gingival pyorrhea with biochemic salts
Hello everybody, Does anyone know a proper biochemic salt for treatment of chronic gi
Blanca 2006-12-14
no replies yet

Treatment for Premature gray hair
Hi all, I have been desperately looking for a remedy to get rid of my gray hair whi
Sudhishtna 2006-12-06
11   Sudhishtna last decade

i am indian girl. I am suffering from depression and anxiety from past 4 years now.I am
kimik 2006-12-12
3   rishimba last decade

ITP - Idiopathic Thrombositopenic Purpura
Hi, Couple months back without any reason bruises (blue color spots) started appeari
Mohammadali 2006-12-10
4   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Question is to all the homeopath practisners - Can the genital herpes homeopathic medici

Believer 2004-12-08
40   alangail1 last decade

Retinal detachment
My father has a problem with his eye, hes having Retinal detachment( eye problem). is ther

nadeem4u 2006-11-27
16   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Numbness of soles caused by Diabetes
Dear Dr. Deoshlok, Iam 73years old male suffering from diabetes type two since last abo
libra 2006-12-08
8   libra last decade

severe hair loss and scalp pain
My hair has been falling for the past 1 year. I had so much hair that people use to apprec
san123 2006-12-13
3   san123 last decade

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