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please Dr mehfooz
AOA--my friend went for some urin infection treatment in hospital.Now he is not getting an
purdaysee 2007-06-07
2   purdaysee last decade

***i am having weird energy in my from homeopathy.***
hi, after I took arsenicum album my whole body manifested many weird symptoms, which were
fbeye 2007-05-30
8   fbeye last decade

Dr. Sharma (Please help)
I am 31 years old single. For the last couple of months i have had a very bad time. Firs
imranhaseeeb 2007-06-06
4   drprodip last decade

Please suggest a homeopathic or Schuessler's remedy
Symptoms: 1 Hay fever season: Dry and itching eyes, nose - runny at times or dry wheezing
ps5992 2007-05-20
7   ps5992 last decade

food allergies - Dr Deoshlok
Hello, From my earlier post you had recommended pulsatilla 200 & nat phos 6x for foo
mans1106 2007-05-31
1   deoshlok last decade

stomach pain, prostrate glands, weakness
1. Name K.D.Srivastava 2. Age 70 Yrs 3. Sex Male 4. Married/Unma
Ash123 2007-06-07
1   deoshlok last decade

cystic acne hhhheeeeelllllppppp!!!
I am 27 years old and have cystic acne for at least 3 years. I have trie all the creams pr
mterhoelle 2007-06-01
7   mterhoelle last decade

Please Advise
Hello! For the past year I've been starting to suffer from a complete change of pers
human 2007-06-06
1   Rajendra last decade

i am 71. wt. 115 kg. i have pigmentation on my back and chest and shoulders. small small
Rajendra 2007-06-07
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

In USA alone ANNUALLY UNNECESSARY Medical and surgical procedures
As per Website item by Gary Null PhD, Carolyn Dean MD ND, Martin Feldman MD, Debora Rasio
Rajendra 2007-06-07
no replies yet

In USA alone adverse drug reactions (ADR) to prescribed medicine is 2.2 million
As per report on Website By Gary Null PhD, Carolyn Dean MD ND, Martin Feldman MD, Debora R
Rajendra 2007-06-07
no replies yet

medicine and sour foods
I'm in the middle of a homeopathic treatment. My doctor gave me a list of things to
soledeadolci 2007-06-04
3   Rajendra last decade

depression, cold fingers, lethargy
I have been diagnosed as clinically depressed (which I have known for a long time) but I t
Emma12 2007-06-06
4   Rajendra last decade

Heart and kidney disease
My father is 82 and suffers from heart and kidney disease. He has some swelling all the ti
KRISTIN1 2007-05-29
1   Rajendra last decade

stiff neck and weired pressure in head
Hi, Last few months I've been feeling some weired pressure in head and jaws. It'
ruchika 2007-06-07
1   Rajendra last decade

obesity............great problem.........
hi ! plz help my friend out of this problem.her weight is increasing day by day.its 75 kgs
saera 2007-04-22
7   ppalma00 last decade

Has anyone felt better taking homeopathic remedies for hypothyroidism
hi all I've been on medication for an under-active thyroid and would like to know if
marss 2007-04-11
2   john34 last decade

Homeopathic remedy for hiatus hernia needed, just been diagnosed after having endoscopy an
leverfamily 2007-04-17
1   Rajendra last decade

light brown patch nose
i m 27 ys female 15 days back i had fever .After fever i mostly get small eruptions near m
rinkirinki00 2007-06-05
1   rinkirinki00 last decade

memory wekness for names
i cannot remember the name of people this is very annnoying for me once i forgot the nam
malik_123 2007-04-12
2   Rajendra last decade

for those who may not be aware of side affects of modern medicines and disbelieve homeo
Rajendra 2007-06-06
2   Rajendra last decade

How do you know when one should give 30 C or 200c? 200c is when the problem is more emot
peregrine 2007-06-06
no replies yet

Liver enlargement
Hi, I am abheshek.Since two months I am suffering from liver enlargement.There is swellin
abheshekk 2007-06-06
9   rishimba last decade

Allergic to hickory/oak smoke and smoked foods
Thought I would post this here since there may be someone out there having the same proble
justmebyanyname 2007-06-05
1   rishimba last decade

Lichen Scelerosis
I was diagnosed with Lichen Scelerosis and I wanted to know if you know of a remedy to tre
DamitaJo 2007-06-01
6   rishimba last decade

Recurring Urinary Tract Infections
I have a kidney stone which may be causing my recurring UTIs. This has been going on for
allbratz 2007-06-01
8   allbratz last decade

allergey symtoms
My husband suffers from terrible allergeys every year. Spring is starting now and he is s
MyCenter 2007-04-22
6   rishimba last decade

Staring at any part of the body stimulates healing of all parts of the body
Hi I so misleadingly botched the title of this post a few minutes ago that I decided to re
stevelord 2007-06-05
1   catgranny last decade

Not ovulating - no menses
Diagnosed with PCO in Jan 2006. Only 3 periods in 2006 with 60 days inbetween, spotting du
YinYang 2007-05-30
7   Talat last decade

Potency machine
Does anyone know where one can purchase a potency machine? I went to a homeopath a while b
saltOftheEarth 2007-06-05
no replies yet

Acid Reflux? -Sore Throat
Hi, it all started several months ago with waking up in the middle of the night with sore
helloCanada 2007-04-11
6   helloCanada last decade

headache in right side with other problems...
Dear All, I am a 26 year old unmarried man. I have pain in right side of my head. It feel
muravian80 2007-06-04
6   muravian80 last decade

Dr Mahfooz please I need your help
I had a previous post about meibomian gland dysfunction but no one replied and I just want

alaseel 2007-04-02
51   alaseel last decade

My fissures pain started few days back when I passed hard stools with a force. Its paining
fissures_pain 2007-05-25
4   fissures_pain last decade

Ophthalmia / Eyes Allergy
Dear Doctors, Now a days some children suffering from Ophthalmia / Eyes allergy are under
Razzaq 2007-06-04
1   Rajendra last decade

Bile Salt Diarrhea
I have had bile salt diarrhea since the removal of my gallbladder back in 1983. I am new
Miss Seb 2007-04-17
9   maheeru last decade

Chronic gastritis and heartburn
Hello! I need someone's help. For about 4 years now, I've been dealing with hear
Emma12 2007-06-03
3   thekind78 last decade

retinitis pigmentosa
I'm a 36 yr old female with RP. My vision has been stable, but is starting to decreas
ndrisslb 2007-05-30
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

longterm acne
Hey guys I am a 30year old man who has suffered from ane since teenagehood. It is mainly
sgtpepper 2007-06-02
4   sgtpepper last decade

Which is better preventive for measles Malanrinum or Molobrinum
keshav 2007-06-04
1   keshav last decade

Preventive for Chickenpox
I have 2 kids (3 years , 6 years) at home and there is a wide spread of chickenpox in our
chiru71 2007-06-01
5   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Start of Winter season in Australia. Cold Problem in kids
Hi All, We have been blessed with two sons Elder son: 3yrs. Younger son: 7months We live
Daas13 2007-06-04
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

one of our relative is confirmed after an MRI to have a PSNV wrist.Is there a proven drug
csnbhel 2007-06-03
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

bad breath
hi i am 27 yrs female i am having bad breath which is very offensive. i brush my teeth twi
rinkirinki00 2007-06-03
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Seeking help for skin rash - ulticaria/hives
Hi all. I had a baby boy 4 weeks ago. Almost immediately after I had him I developed a ras
dinski 2007-06-01
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

[message deleted by sbllhk on sat, 23 mar 2013 19:26:45 gmt][message edited by sbllhk on S
sbllhk 2007-02-09
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Mascular dystrophy
Age 18 yearsMalephysical problem: He can not stand on his own. Walks on phalanges.Heel do
mazharmhm 2007-06-01
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

menepausal night flushes
anyone any good news stories - been recommended to try Lachesis
MaryC 2003-12-24
2   gailehughes last decade

which potency
if if for example i have a sports injury and arnica is the chosen remedy will using a high
whitts99 2007-06-02
6   Ryelink last decade

A girl aged about 11 at the age of 8 she fall down on floor near to a pillar and her right
Dr.Haran ch malaker 2007-06-02
2   sajjadakram635 last decade

Puncture wound
Hello, I stepped on something about a week ago when I was walking barefoot in my kitchen.
joker790 2007-06-02
7   sajjadakram635 last decade

fluid in ear
my husband woke in the night with fluid in his right ear during the night. he had hearing
njoysaz 2007-06-02
1   rishimba last decade

Encyclopedia of Remedy Relationships - Rehman - THUJA
Hi All! Does anybody have the book Encyclopedia of Remedy Relationships by Abdur Rehman?
homeopathyguy 2007-06-01
4   homeopathyguy last decade

luteal phase defect
Hi, I have been trying to conceive for the last ten months. I believe I have luteal phase
zbasset 2007-04-26
6   Talat last decade

very high tempreture in 4.5 years old boy
my boy is having very high tempreture 103/104 since yesterday. it started as 99 degree and
Nkale 2007-05-29
5   Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade

Arnica Successful Acne Cure
I have had acne on and off for the past four years, and have finally found a cure (G-d wil
arielladevora 2006-09-11
4   davidn last decade

Forum URLs
Hi all,As recently requested by Murthy (and less recently by others), you can now click ne
moderator 2007-05-31
5   moderator last decade

Relative losing feeling in feet.
I have an aunt who recently moved to panama & she has been having some problems with loosi
ahavah 2007-05-30
1   rajivprasad last decade

About my diabetes - to Dr Joe and other professionals
Dear Sirs, I had posted here long time back when my diabetes was first detected. It is o
nsdev 2007-06-01
no replies yet

some behavioral problems
Hi, I'm wondering if homeopathy might provide some relief to our family from some of
ruchika 2007-05-29
7   shikhavarshney last decade

urgent *otitis media w/ effusion/glue ear problem*!! please help me! if you can! :)
1. Name: Amanda 2. Age : 19 3. Sex : Female 4. Married/Unmarried: Unmarried 5. Weight: 120
ahavah 2007-05-30
2   ahavah last decade

Travel Vaccine:Homeo
Hi! I am an 18 year old girl and I have suffered with hyperhidrosis all my life. It sweats
Natasha007 2007-05-30
1   Natasha007 last decade

my mother is feeling low after surgery
hello all,is there anything to suggest to my mother who has had invasive surgery to remove
mollydalton 2007-05-31
2   mollydalton last decade

throat infection with fever
my 4.5 years old son has been having fever 102/103 and we took him to the doctor who said
Nkale 2007-05-31
2   Nkale last decade

Eye burnning, gets tired earlym, eye bowls pain
HI, i am a 24+ years old software engineer. I am facing the problem of eye burning in whi
Gaurav Bajaj 2007-05-31
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Hair Loss - Heridetery
I hAve a Receding air line which is mainly bacause of genes.My father went Bald when he wa
rohitsyal 2005-02-28
1   rotten_tomatoes last decade

Menses Cycle Problems!!!
I suffer from Luteal Phase Defect or short Luteal Phase which is the time between Ovulatio
Talat 2007-05-25
9   Talat last decade

weired pressure in head and ears
Hi, I come back to this forum b/c I don't know where else I can get help from. I'
ruchika 2007-05-14
4   tendercity73 last decade

alopecia - help me
I have a small patch of complete hair loss on the back portion of my head. This is circula
abhishek1612 2007-05-29
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Hi there, I suffer from otosclerosis in both ears and also tinitus, my hearing is getting
algari 2006-01-22
2   krzychu last decade

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