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Cystic acne
I have question which doses and which remedies I need for removing cysts on forehead, and
Victoria_Antares 2007-01-31
no replies yet

Baby (maybe) Teething
My daughter is six months old, happy and full of energy. She has just learned to crawl. Sh
Mortvile 2005-10-13
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Female 21years old very hairy, acne, acne scars, help needed!
Hi , Hi, I am new hear as well, i just read through some posts on the website. And i rea
ib-student5 2007-01-15
2   Adamw last decade

Recurrent Viral gastroenteritis in Two year old.. Please Help !!
My son (2 years 4 months old)suffers from recurrent Viral Gastroenteritis especially aft
Gautam 2007-01-31
1   Gautam last decade

5,great thirst,no appetite,chesty cough...
hello,i`m trying to figure out what my son is complaining of-he has in the last week wet t
mollydalton 2007-01-29
3   mollydalton last decade

Rhus Tox or Petroleum causing rash?
My brother took petroleum for his eczema from our homeopath and it helped a LOT at first,
Lissah 2007-01-30
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Suggest constitutional remedy for Self-confidence
Please suggest a constitutional remedy for my root problem: lack of self-confidence, scare

biswajit 2006-12-20
31   rajivprasad last decade

iam dying (on death bed)
iam 23 and iam having seb dermities/eczema which has made me bald now i ccan not go outs

hellboy 2005-12-02
50   dr_ramanand last decade

Homeopathy courses
Does anyone have any information on which is the best, one of the top rated, highest recom
massageangel 2007-01-31
no replies yet

Fragaria and teeth
Hi I was wondering if any one can help me. I have been told about Fragaria and how it hel
Traceykin 2007-01-30
3   Daisy43 last decade

tooth resorption
Is there homeopathic for a tooth resorption? Has anyone here had a tooth resorption caused
Amaya 2007-01-30
no replies yet

Multiple symptoms, hair loss & liver toxicity
Greetings all, I recently made a post about a Homeopath who insisted I use multiple remed
MelMan 2006-12-05
8   MelMan last decade

pilonidal abcess
i have had a pilonidal abcess 7 months ago and had an open surgery about 6 months ago. but
haran2007 2007-01-26
5   haran2007 last decade

Fibromyalgia with Chostochondritis
I have had Firbromyalgia for the last 3 years or more. For the past 10 weeks i have severe
bethbax 2006-12-07
1   pinadip last decade

sexual weakness
Hello all, I am 27 year old male from india from begining i mastrubate alot and now gettin
laloparsad 2007-01-27
6   laloparsad last decade

large white stinky balls in the back of my throat
hello im was woundering if anyone knows what these sticky white mushy balls in my throat a
Babiistar 2007-01-30
2   Babiistar last decade

Canine Lock Jaw
I have a 15 month old Fila (half mastiff half blood hound) that has lock jaw. He weighs 1
lbybee 2007-01-29
3   maheeru last decade

stressed & depressed after car accident
My husband had a car accident a few days ago, his van skidded on black ice and turned over
dandilion 2007-01-30
5   maheeru last decade

Dr. Deoshlok Re Urtica U
I am ordering this from the ABC Online Store but I don't know what potency to order f
cks689 2007-01-30
1   deoshlok last decade

female with sleep apnea
1. age 42 2. sex f 3. country usa 4. climate seasonable. i have this condition all year
vickchick64 2007-01-29
6   vickchick64 last decade

Potency for Gelsemium for stroke victim
I am considering giving Gelsemium to a 85 yr. old woman who has been (almost completely) p
Psyke 2007-01-30
no replies yet

infant cough & congestion
My 12 week old is terribly congested and has a wet, mucus-y cough. She is better if held i
shhank 2007-01-28
1   rishimba last decade

Help with morning sickness please!
Hi I am 5.5 weeks pregnant with my second child and have started suffering from morning si
samoxford 2007-01-30
1   rishimba last decade

chronic cough
I have an extreemly bad cough and expel large amounts of mucous,the spasam lasts 3 to 5 mi
englishfinn 2007-01-30
1   rishimba last decade

DR Desholk,Murthy,Pank aj nDetal probs a lot ~
hi guys can u plz advise what should be done to curecorrect following dental conditions
livex 2007-01-19
6   livex last decade

oral hygiene
hi ppl can u really help if someone is having a minor infection with overall good oral
livex 2007-01-27
1   livex last decade

help me doctor
hello doctor, i m 24 years old, weight 53 kg and height 5.8. when i tell someone i m doing
nawaz 2007-01-29
3   nawaz last decade

My wife has got polycystic ovaries any remidies please
nadimmohammad 2007-01-28
1   deoshlok last decade

hepatitis c, teeth problems and warts
hi i am a married male 32 here are my problems 1- hepatitis c (diagnosed 3 years ago) 2
Fahad_ici 2007-01-29
1   deoshlok last decade

infant cough & congestion
My 13 week old daughter is terribly congested and has a wet, mucus-y cough. She is better
shhank 2007-01-29
1   deoshlok last decade

Prophylactic for Chicken Pox?
Apparently my oldest daughter was exposed to chicken pox at school. All is well as we don&
Erin 2007-01-29
1   deoshlok last decade

Fever returned tonight
I gave my son silica yesterday morning. 11 atnight he spiked a fever. I gave him phospho
kirsten13 2007-01-30
no replies yet

Geographical Tongue
My baby apparently has geographical tongue. Our family doctor says there is no cure. He is
Jonzy 2007-01-29
1   deoshlok last decade

Now a day, ADHD, Hyperactivity, disease is increasing day to day in children and this has
deoshlok 2007-01-29
no replies yet

mint antidot...
Hi i was under homeopathic care but recently got acute infection of uti and severe cough s
phiryulovehua 2007-01-29
no replies yet

very soft nails
my finger and toe nails are so soft they are falling apart. Not usual for my toe nails whi
anthy 2007-01-26
2   anthy last decade

Best Homoeopathic remedy - our own urine.
Consider this case : ------------Start of Excerpt ---------------- Ms. Christy was sick.
chiongguo 2007-01-24
9   chiongguo last decade

Manhood Problem
I am 45 years old got married 4 years before in last few months i cannot perform well in b
heartking 2007-01-29
5   rishimba last decade

sulphur troubles
I gave my partner a 6C of Sulphur for the following: burning feet (chronic) peevishness t
mettagirl 2007-01-26
6   deoshlok last decade

antibiotics useful ?
ppl i had dental treatment now using antibiotics as prescribed but does the homeo. a
livex 2007-01-28
3   livex last decade

Lady with Exam Anxiety
I am looking for some advice with a remedy. I have a friend who is sitting paramedic exams
Flower80 2007-01-29
2   Flower80 last decade

Attention Dr. Rishimba & Dr. Pankaj Kumar
http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/101398 This is just to let you know that i took 3
M Malik 2007-01-28
3   rishimba last decade

Teeth & Gums Problems
Hello; I have a very sensitive teeth, cannot drink cold water...gums are also painful, som
shaikh47 2007-01-29
1   klp24 last decade

I have been recently diagnozed of sarcoidosis through a biopsy which was done on January 2
sameervermani 2007-01-29
1   sameervermani last decade

Swollen Right Testicle
6 days ago I had a 2hr bicycle ride after 2 months of idling.5 days ago I did some cleanin

rozanosaad 2006-11-15
49   rozanosaad last decade

Hi I am suffering from Psoriasis for last 20 years. I read a lot about homeopathy and star
desiboston 2007-01-27
4   klp24 last decade

My friend fits the Arnica picture and is responding nicely to this remedy. I am aware that
saltOftheEarth 2007-01-14
3   saltOftheEarth last decade

cystic acne desperate!!!! my chin needs your help!
Hi, I'm a 29 yr old female with a history of moderate acne. Over the years the white
anneca77 2006-09-13
12   Jordan19 last decade

Supressed Grief
??? I have had a traumatic childhood and suppressed the grief all throughout it. My fa
LJJ553 2007-01-28
2   Erin last decade

HELP!! Remedy Finder Confusing!
I recently used the Remedy Finder because of the cysts growing on my eyelids (they're
ineedadvice 2007-01-26
2   ineedadvice last decade

plz suggest remedy for dandruff and premature greying in kids
My son is ten years old and few of his hairs have started greying and there is lot of dand
irshadchand 2007-01-20
4   irshadchand last decade

1- Name… Muhmmed Akram 2- Age ………..46 3- Sex ……….male 4- Married/Unmarried …….married 5- w
drgul_dhms 2007-01-26
3   drgul_dhms last decade

Arnica 1M?
Long ago, I had an auto accident. My neck hurts since then. I have TMJ. I took Arnica 1M b
Mara Carrillo 2007-01-27
1   rishimba last decade

Acne on Face
hello!dear doc, Age:24 Sex:female Waight:43kg status:unmarried desire to eat:h
drgul_dhms 2007-01-27
1   rishimba last decade

Halitosis/sinus problems
Having sinus/halitosis problem for years. Most remedies cover up from a while but no solut
sinus75 2007-01-27
1   rishimba last decade

Computer has tired me.
Dear Doctors, I am working as computer operator. but there is too much work.i feel tired a
kashifjan 2007-01-28
1   rishimba last decade

combining allopathic and homeopathic
As fas as i have read it says on the net u can use the both together but for like uti is i
phiryulovehua 2007-01-27
6   phiryulovehua last decade

hands constantly going to sleep and numb
Both of my hands especially my fingers go numb like they are asleep. They do this even whe
tweetystone 2005-08-18
11   sjackson last decade

calc. carb. for ear infections?
I have seen a practicing homeopath for my 2 year old boy who got his first ear infection m
christiana29 2007-01-27
1   starnet last decade

I am new to the forum and have read about arnica 30c in wet dose for melasma. Can you expl
marie7 2007-01-28
no replies yet

Renal Hypertension
I have had renal hypertension for quite some time, 15 years or so. The high blood pressur
reindeer 2007-01-28
no replies yet

What should tbe doses of Kali Ars and for how many days a 200 potency can be taken?
prembhawan 2007-01-28
no replies yet

My son has suffered from eczema for 5 years. I have had allergy testing done and the only
jenny34 2007-01-28
1   sajjadakram635 last decade

High Blood Pressure
I am 32 yr old and i am suffering by high blood pressure 140/100. so pl. sugest me medicin
nitinprajapati 2007-01-26
3   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

I will ask about my father (67 years old) who has heart bypass about 10 years back , but i
arsjtr 2006-07-16
9   Senior Dancer last decade

Chronic Tic Disorder
My son has been diagnosed with Chronic Tic Disorder. Has anyone every successfully treated
Ryelink 2007-01-27
no replies yet

Dog afraid of walks?
Advice greatly appreciated on my lovely little dog! ; Teo, Chihuahua, 2years old, male nea
Kirsten 2007-01-25
2   maheeru last decade

Infant has trunk rrash after Pertussin remedy
This was suspected Pertussis in my older toddler who was given Pertussin 30C twice and rec
Erin 2007-01-27
4   maheeru last decade

irregular bleeding after childbirth
plz can anyone have aidea abt this problem if anyone suffrerd through it and cured by home
alisha23 2007-01-27
1   maheeru last decade

Please help; ill infant (11 wks, male)
I was hoping someone could help us. I've been to two pediatricians, and both have cla
LittleC 2007-01-23
12   Erin last decade

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