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Perianal abscess
I am 38 M and since last 2 months suffering from perianal abscess
kumar_s 2007-01-02
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to Rishimba
Hi Rishimba, I am old patient of yours. I should say a very successfully treated patient
simran13 2006-12-28
5   rishimba last decade

Suffering for more than 6years form mouth ulcers
Hi,I read some articles here before posting and came to know a lot many things. So hope fu

rajneesh 2006-03-12
43   robina last decade

Pleaseee suggest on this topic of mine-dandruff & hair fall
Hi, i have lot of prob with dandruff and hair fall , i wud like to know if protar-K shamp
monty_080 2007-01-02
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highly sencetive to sunlight
i am higyly sencitive to sunlight, i can not expose my self in direct sunlight for more th
jarang_adam 2006-12-30
6   jarang_adam last decade

happy new year 2007
Hi All, Wish everyone a very Happy,Healthy, Sucessful, Peaceful & Prosperous New Y
Gautam 2007-01-02
no replies yet

Vitamin B5 for acne!
Happy New Year!!! Ok for 5 weeks now Iíve been using a new acne clearing regime with unbe
scottchu 2007-01-02
no replies yet

Where To Start With Autistic Daughter
Hello. I'm new to this forum and homeopathy in general. My 6YO daughter was diagnos

deannap203 2005-02-22
28   sergiorvil last decade

natural pain reliever for arthritis
Sore No Moreô is a natural pain relieving gel that provides temporary relief for muscle so
SoreNoMoreNM 2007-01-01
no replies yet

help please
i have back pain, on and off along with sometimes cloudy urine, and now i have lumps on my
saad.health 2007-01-01
no replies yet

Dissolving one pill
I have a basic question: what if I have only one single pill left of a remedy I need to ta
Snowflake 2007-01-01
3   Daisy43 last decade

Chronic annal fissures and warts Plus erection but no strength
age: 40 years weight : 84 lbs waist : now a days 41', height : 5'08' weath
asad66 2007-01-01
no replies yet

Seasonal Hair Loss & itchy scalp
I am 61 years old. I started losing hair about 15 years ago which seemed excessive. I h
jackiebelle 2006-12-31
2   jackiebelle last decade

Uveitis of Right Eye
I had redness and pain in in my right eyes. I has been diagnosed as Uveitis by an Ophthalm
Nice_Guy 2007-01-01
no replies yet

Happy New Year
wish all on the forum a very happy new year maya
maya_hari 2007-01-01
no replies yet

Excessive phlegm when sleeping
My wife has been suffering periodically from an excess of phlegm in her throat, a problem
boweasel 2006-12-29
3   robina last decade

Happy New Year
Happy New Year and Eid Mubarrak to all friends at ABC Forum. Best wishes, Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA 2007-01-01
1   robina last decade

Eruption after Calcarea carb in Asthma
Dear Sir's; My son have 12 years old, when he had 4 years old he had his first bronch

sergiorvil 2006-11-05
39   sergiorvil last decade

breastfeeding depressed mom looking for a cure
1. I am a 34 year old woman with a six month old boy. I feel utterly utterly depressed at
Meandra 2006-12-30
2   Meandra last decade

Wife Drowning in mucus for over 2 yrs, no health insurance - Please help
My wife has had sinus issues for years but nothing she couldn't manage (ear and sinus
MeeKahEhl 2006-12-30
1   deoshlok last decade

Eye condition
I am 29 years, female, US. Most of the times in a day my eyes looks glassy. Actually a clo
ttracy_plains2006 2006-12-31
1   deoshlok last decade

Serious acidity problem
Hi Iím 44 year old suffering from acid reflux for a year. LES does not close properly and
Dietmar 2006-12-31
1   deoshlok last decade

Dr. Sharma, Pankaj Varma, and other experts
I posted a reply to reallytired which is really quite long and I do apologize for that as
cks689 2006-12-25
4   deoshlok last decade

Known Remedies for diabetes
Could someone let me know what are the wellknown remedies for type 2 diabetes...?

hisam 2006-02-01
19   Daisy43 last decade

Panic Attacks - what works?
I dislike heat, have panic attacks mainly in the evenings, sleep restlessly, want to sleep
dcleckler 2006-12-30
2   dcleckler last decade

Happy New Year to all!!
As the New Year begins, may you all be blessed with the joy of new beginnings. May each d
cks689 2006-12-31
no replies yet

Black plaque removal
ppl can u tell m ehow can homeopathy help the patients, especially a children point
livex 2006-12-28
2   livex last decade

Plz read it nd reply back
My aunt is having so many different kinds of problems due to loss of hair. I am going to t
Wazeema826 2005-08-31
3   sergiorvil last decade

drops from pennis
dear doctor a few drops occured from my pennis when i make water & i feel continously
yaqeen 2006-12-31
1   ZepOz last decade

help!!!! dog - insomnia
Hi. I would greatly appreciate if anybody could help me. Our 10-year old spayed female d
Georgex2 2006-12-27
4   ZepOz last decade

Homeopathic alternatives to birth control?
Are there any alternatives to the birth control specifically the emergency morning after p
FJ-369 2005-12-13
6   alangail1 last decade

Post Herpetic Neuralgia
Has any one treated successfully in shot time Post-Herpetic neuralgia using Homeopathid me
mzr1944 2006-02-07
8   alangail1 last decade

pain in left side of the face
I have pain in the left side of my face including jaws, neck, half of my head and ear. It
Gulzar 2006-12-31
3   sajjadakram635 last decade

Fever or pain
Hello, I would like to know if there is any homeopathic medecine that can be almost as ef
mafille 2006-12-31
1   pilgrim3 last decade

childhood anxiety - should I seek a professional homeopath?
My 4 year old son has selective mutism, he hasn't spoken outside of home since he was
lettie72 2006-12-30
2   deoshlok last decade

Pinch Nerve
Hi, I have numbness in my little and ring fingers of my left hand, it is not painfull ye
Mohammadali 2006-12-10
5   sajjadakram635 last decade

Eczema on eye
Dear Friends. I have amy daughter 14 years old she is suffering from eye eczema last two
oakuz 2006-12-30
1   sajjadakram635 last decade

happy new year
I wish all of you a happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!
zorro_- 2006-12-30
no replies yet

face color is dark then rest of body color
sir, my face color is so dark in comparision of my body color. i dont go in sunlight more.
dinesh_btech 2006-12-30
no replies yet

does silica really help acne scars??
i am confused aout how this works if it even works at all..i am so depressed...my self est
chamoy 2006-12-30
no replies yet

Norwalk Virus
This is easily spread virus, an extremely common cause of food-borne illness. Outbreaks of
maheeru 2006-12-28
1   Ryelink last decade

Pls help my 8 yr old is biting finger nails and skin
My 8 yr old son is having the habit of biting his finger nails and skin till it bleeds. I
kolag 2006-12-30
no replies yet

sulphur for erectile dysfunction
hi, can any body suggest me that how far is sulphur useful for erctile dysfunction, what s
xiang 2006-12-30
no replies yet

Bathing with bronchitis
I have a three year old daughter with bronchitis and was hoping someone would know if it i
Karrot13 2006-12-30
1   sajjadakram635 last decade

Breast Problem
Hi i am a breast feeding mother. I had noticable increase in size after pregnancy. i used
Presly 2006-12-30
1   sajjadakram635 last decade

swollen tailbone/coccyx
Dear Madam/Sir, I am having swollen tailbone(coccyx). I am finding difficult to sit. It n
survi 2006-12-30
1   kuldeep last decade

X-mas and New Year wishes
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all members of ABC Forum (existing and on absence, a
PANKAJ VARMA 2006-12-25
5   kuldeep last decade

Hi all! Mariedo here...Happy New Year to all!
I am looking for a homeopath specializing in chronic alcohol addictions. I am looking for
mariedo 2006-12-30
no replies yet

A compicated case-need advice- Dr Deoshlok Sharma
One of my friends have a daughter. age 10 years with follwing problem: -Spina bifida(open
robina 2006-12-01
10   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Gullet squeezes and cannot eat
My mother (67 years) has had a odd problem for years. Sometimes in the middle of eating th

Snowflake 2006-12-20
34   Snowflake last decade

Hi everyone I went with the gastroenterologist and I was diagnosed with gastroparesis I am
webguyserge 2006-12-30
no replies yet

Penis fructure
My partner injured his penis during intercourse about 7 years ago, it had a big pop sound
godwilling 2006-12-19
7   godwilling last decade

Hair falling and comes in white
I have been suffering from hair loss for the past 4 year and also comes in white. I'm
ep_20 2006-12-21
5   ep_20 last decade

Diabetes(Insulin Dependant)
I am frustrated with my blood sugar levels being extremely high. I have decided to try the

bulls 2006-05-30
16   msohails last decade

Cure for my Psoriasis
Having psoriasis for last 2 years.Want to extend my family but want this to be cured first
lmnxyz 2006-12-30
1   lmnxyz last decade

I sometimes get headaches on the left side of the head, behind the left eye, and up into t
lajaw 2005-11-11
2   lajaw last decade

Rishimba- please help - Read http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/99196/
I have been reading some of your suggestions and some of the patients feedback. Please if
MeeKahEhl 2006-12-30
no replies yet

Bacterial Vaginosis
I have recently been diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis, and was given a prescription for
angelicsand311 2006-12-30
no replies yet

Anal Warts
I am wondering if anyone can help me with my anal warts proble. I have had HPV for about a
vancouverguy 2006-09-09
9   onefalse last decade

any success stories...
i am just wondering if someone can share there stories of how it went for them when they s
phiryulovehua 2006-12-29
2   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

PCOS, anxiety, acid reflux, sleep paralysis caused by depo provera
I have mild pcos and excessive face and body hair. Doctor told me my testosterone levels a
starzi 2006-12-29
no replies yet

i would like to know if there is any remedy in homeopathic medicine for pcos. I would like
rain23 2006-12-29
no replies yet

My 30 month son is having Mollescum Contagiosum
Hi, my 30 month old son is having Mollescum Contagiosum. It started with 1 near the upper
bibek_a 2006-12-18
2   bibek_a last decade

please help - left shoulder bursitis
Hello, I'm new here. I'm writting because I'm looking for help for my mum w
aeidenn 2006-12-26
6   aeidenn last decade

well i have been given hammelis d200 and Arg. Nit d30 and staphysagaria d 200 for infertil
phiryulovehua 2006-12-29
no replies yet

weak bladder
Hello all. Im really confused here. I have taken my mothers case and have decided to give
jose07 2005-09-01
7   healing.artists last decade

new year
Dear Friends I wish you all a very happy and properous new year cheers and have fun gu
gudipudi 2006-12-29
1   homeopathy last decade

gerd - just diagnosed. help!
Hello, I have been diagnosed with GERD yesterday. So I am very new to this forum and hope

bouroubart 2006-06-20
31   sanjay_raina last decade

Heptites C
Sir My wife is on Dialysis since last 1 year and have tested mild positive for Heptite
RKS567 2006-12-29
no replies yet

please help halitosis /itching
Please Please Help me.These are my symptoms:1)Chronic bad breath2)White coating on the ton
worriedhelpneeded 2006-02-12
4   Zofay last decade

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