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action of remedy
hi is this true that when you stop taking any dose of homeopathy than it works more effect
asimattar 2007-01-22
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Can Aloes be given during fever & Cold ??
Respected Sir/Madam, My son who is two years old suffering has been having Chronic Diar
Gautam 2007-01-19
3   maheeru last decade

red itchy area around eyes
Hi, My 16 year old daughter has a red, slightly swollen rash around her eyes on the top l
Pamela552 2007-01-22
1   rishimba last decade

Hormonal imbalance
Can anyone help? My wife has a recurring problem that appears to be in step with her month
baccerelli 2007-01-22
1   rishimba last decade

i was not having any problems of urticaria till i finished 12th..suddenly after finishing
rithu 2007-01-21
3   rishimba last decade

cough in 28mo- trouble repping
My 28mo son is feeling miserable and making us insane. I cannot seem to rep his cough very
agileflower 2006-12-12
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Stone in Left Kidney
I am 30 year old women, recently during medical check up I came to know about kidney stone
shailhem 2007-01-22
1   rishimba last decade

i am 27 years female,unmarried.i have been suffering from pigmentation on my face except c
annu85 2007-01-18
4   annu85 last decade

Making a homeopathic remedy from a vegetable oil?
Hello, I want a little help if anybody knows.I want to make a homeopathic remedy from a v
marios 2007-01-22
no replies yet

what is this ? please help
hi, as my earlier posts i am suffering ed problem. now still to day i am confused why th
xiang 2007-01-21
3   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Marriage btwen Asthmatics-JOE Plz Help
Joe, This is an emotional topic. I came looking for a solution to my problem in the net an
vinhealth 2007-01-22
1   kuldeep last decade

Intermittent Sharpe Pain in Fron Upper Legs
About 4 months ago I started to get cramping in my feet once in a while and usually at nig
WindyCityGal 2007-01-13
1   deoshlok last decade

Trying again
Last Oct (06) I went to my md/homeopath. She spent an entire hour interviewing me. My symp
nuevomex 2007-01-14
1   deoshlok last decade

I have not had a breakout since going through memnopause . I believed Periods brought on s
jetmylove 2007-01-20
1   deoshlok last decade

Pilonidal Cyst (Help Please)
I know this has been posted already but I was hoping to get some quick help or a response.
kap25 2006-12-18
3   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Cloudy urine/dull pain in left kidney
Would someone please tell me a remedy for this symptom. Also experiencing on and off chill
Giodio 2007-01-22
1   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

I've looked all over the internet. Where can I purchsae white or colorless Iodine?
jennyhrh 2007-01-21
no replies yet

Johnny Boy! 2006-01-10
11   i question last decade

cataract problem in eyes
Can Cineraria Maritima Schwabe eye drops be used for the eye which is already operated for
mmg1956 2007-01-21
1   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

FIP Kitten
Hello, I am very worried, I have a six month old kitten who began with uvietis of both ey
Berry567 2007-01-20
2   Berry567 last decade

Ulcer/Carbuncle in left nostril
My husband got a carbuncle? or ulcer in his left nostril. Its very painful and the nose is
maya_hari 2007-01-21
2   maya_hari last decade

hi, I sm intrested in homeopathy, ithink this is the best system for poor peoples because
mit_man2000 2007-01-21
2   Ryelink last decade

Diabetic kidney
What are the best remedies for a diabetic having elevated levels of urine creatanine and c
kam42 2007-01-18
9   kam42 last decade

nephro calcinosis-stones in calcification in Medulla
My wife has been diagnosed with nephro-calconosis. Here calcification takes place inside t
amits44 2007-01-21
1   deoshlok last decade

seeking remedy sugestions for herpes.
I am suffering with herpes usualy comes on my penis. Is there any one who has homoepathy r
ansari33 2007-01-21
1   deoshlok last decade

Can someone tell me where to get these herbal medicines from and how to use them
Hi everyone i hope u can advise me :) where do i get thiosinamin q (mothers tincture) and
tan160581 2007-01-20
1   tan160581 last decade

Wife Drowning in mucus for over 2 yrs, no health insurance - Please help
My wife has had sinus issues for years but nothing she couldn't manage (ear and sinus
MeeKahEhl 2006-12-30
1   rishimba last decade

Shingles - please help
Hi, I think I have shingles. I am sort of confused as to how I got it because My dad had i
amyphilo 2007-01-21
1   maheeru last decade

Truncal Lymphedema
Is there a homeopathic treatment for truncal lymphadema?I had a breast lump removed from m
sammytvm 2006-01-07
2   Tina of Lymphland last decade

Reaction to MSG
My daughter gets severe headaches when MSG has been ingested. Also, the muscles in the sho
Honey Girl 2007-01-20
1   TreeFrog last decade

treatment after Whipple procedure
I had a Whipple procedure done about 15 months ago (I was 20 at the time), and now I'
TradCatholic85 2007-01-21
no replies yet

parvo in dogs....
3 dogs have adopted me down here s. of Tucson....mother chow and two yearling boys..the on
mimiellison 2005-12-21
4   deisouss last decade

Effexor brain tremors
Go get ringstop from GNC this will stop the brain zaps and tremors caused by taking effexo
jetmylove 2007-01-20
no replies yet

Severe headache
I would very much appreciate your help! For the past two years I have been suffering from
Lorian 2006-10-11
11   Honey Girl last decade

Corn on the little toe
I have a corn on the liitle left toe , unable to walk with shoe on . The nail on this toe
kam42 2007-01-18
5   kam42 last decade

3yr old with needle embedded in foot
my three year old stepped on a sewing needle a wekk ago.... the doctor told us to wait for
sacred fire 2007-01-18
9   ZepOz last decade

skin colour
dear sir,i m 28 years old female,fair complexon,my problem is excess pigmentation on my ba
rajni 2007-01-20
2   Dr. R. Saroj last decade

Stone in left kidney
Dear Sir I am 31 Year Old having stone in my left kidney since last 18 Months. the size o
brijugoel 2006-12-19
6   maheeru last decade

Avascular Necrosis (Hips)
Do we have a remedy for AVN (Avascular Necrosis) . I m Suffering for it and it is stated t
casa4444 2007-01-20
1   deoshlok last decade

recuuring soar throat.
Hi, for the last few months (since i had a bad sinus infection) i've been having a
Jordan19 2007-01-20
4   Jordan19 last decade

geographic tongue
My mother has suffered from polymyalgia rheumatica for 6 years and has been on steroids to
suepannell 2005-04-04
11   ehill last decade

for Dr. Deshlok or Dr. Kumar
Hello All: I am 34 years male living in Toronto. I have a long time problem which is now c
M Malik 2007-01-19
6   M Malik last decade

Bells Palsy
hello evey 1 i wanna ask that any gd remedy for bells palsy bcoz my father has stoke and n
drgul_dhms 2007-01-18
4   deoshlok last decade

Any success with hair loss
Has someone had any success with hair loss issues. I have been trying to ask help from pe
vkothari80 2007-01-17
4   deoshlok last decade

brain tremors/zaps
I found the solution to the brain tremors caused by taking some anti-depressants especiall
jetmylove 2007-01-19
1   deoshlok last decade

I wish to know if Veratrum Viride 6x and viscum album 12x can be used as a single remedy f
kam42 2007-01-19
1   deoshlok last decade

Help Bipolar Teenager
Help recetnly diagnosed 16yr teen daughter very depressed after manic episode. Takes 1,200
aurum 2007-01-13
10   Albert last decade

question about miasms and nosodes
In dealing with my eczema and other health issues (improved rapidly thanks to lycopodium),
john34 2007-01-19
2   john34 last decade

To Zepoz
The homeopathic remedy which gave me a cure was Merc. Sol. Anil

Daniel Iype 2007-01-09
25   john34 last decade

Help to treat a patient with Hypothyroidism
Dear Professionals, please giude to treat a patient with Hypothyroidism,His major symptoms
Razzaq 2007-01-19
no replies yet

Crataegus Hawthorne question
My grandmother is a Doctor of Homeopathy in India. She is visiting me here the US. She h
LChawla 2007-01-18
2   like-cure-like last decade

croup cough-2 1/2 year old
HI my 2 1/2 year old has had the following pattern since Thanksgiving: runny nose and crou
dahliatop 2007-01-19
no replies yet

holoisic cure
I am suffering from so many intrnal and external problems;which includes psoriasis,apthae(
prembhawan 2007-01-19
no replies yet

help please
Hello All: I am 34 years male living in Toronto. I have a long time problem which is now
M Malik 2007-01-19
no replies yet

Acne of my son-please help
Hello: My three years old son is suffering from skin acne/lump. I went to the medical doc
grchakraborty 2007-01-17
1   grchakraborty last decade

Little girl with phobia
My niece has 3 years old, and she has phobia to take medicines and to visit doctors. She d
zorro_- 2007-01-17
1   deoshlok last decade

Pressure in my head and feeling "out there"
I have an ongoing problem with my head. I am tempted to say that I have had this problem f

Sn-wr1 2006-12-27
14   dwiley2007 last decade

Which constitutionals cannot feel anger?
I am wondering, is there a constitutional type(s) that cannot feel anger even if mistreate
Snowflake 2007-01-18
1   Albert last decade

help needed
hi all i want to ask that 3x tablets are more effective or 3x drops are more effective.ple
asimattar 2007-01-16
3   deoshlok last decade

Berberis Vul ?
A friend of mine has cured many types of kidney diseases with an occasional constitutional
kam42 2007-01-18
no replies yet

can eczema be cure by homeopathy
prembhawan 2007-01-18
1   john34 last decade

For Pankaj: Chronic China Patient -Please help
Hi Pankaj and others: I am 42 Male and China is my medicine. I have correlated with all
China_Patient 2007-01-18
1   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Dandruff Problem
Hi, My wife has been having dandruff for long time. She has used a number of shampoo'
amarkumar 2006-05-18
6   brijugoel last decade

corns in soles
I am a woamn. My age 55 years. Have 3 to 4tiny corns on the upper fleshy part of left sole

Reiki 2006-05-27
13   tulips last decade

Really Need advice
well, i have posted here few times, but have not got convincing advice.. My haits are get
vkothari80 2007-01-18
1   vkothari80 last decade

Remedy for rodent with tumor?
I have a 3+ yrold gerbil with an external tumor on her scent gland. Her stomach is also sw
No0bX 2007-01-17
2   Daisy43 last decade

Fennel Sweet
A perennial herb up to 2 meters high with feathery leaves and golden yellow flowers.Fennel
herry12 2007-01-18
no replies yet

Is it ever possible to stop vomiting?
My husband and my 4-year old have the same problem: when sick and start vomiting, it is ne
Snowflake 2007-01-08
7   maheeru last decade

Desperate Crying all the time
Hi, I am at my wits end. My son is addicted to marijuana and won't admit he has a pro
miman 2007-01-15
7   ZepOz last decade

hello Sir, My son is suffering from tonsilts and adenoid. Frequent fever,cold,running nos
rskdelphi 2007-01-16
7   rishimba last decade

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