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choronic sinustis and asthama
I have a chornonic sinistis and asthama from about 4 years.Used Many antibiotics and Castr
farooqumar 2006-12-20
1   rishimba last decade

Did anyone Buy The Diabetes Miracle Breakthrough Book
Hello allDid anyone buy the e-Book The Diabites Miracle Breakthrogh by Mark AnastasiI foun
aaboulezz 2005-12-20
6   osho1 last decade

How long to work
I have really bad constipation and I took Byronia 200CH this morning, I'm still not a
Lissah 2006-12-18
5   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

arnica200 and ruxstoxicon200
hi all just for the knowledge i want to ask that if two medicines are given at a same time
asimattar 2006-12-18
5   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

hot in moving car
My 10 year old son has developed some odd issues in the past few weeks... twirling hair on
merrybees 2006-12-19
4   merrybees last decade

wet dose??
What does this mean??
ClaudiaCoffman 2006-12-19
1   Sycotic last decade

strange mental symptom
i have a very strange mental symptom whenever i sit beside some one, i respect ,a fear in
malik_123 2006-09-22
12   Reichers Health last decade

Aids??? or just my imagination?
Somebody help me please...my english isn't perfect but i hope i express myself correc
iupac 2006-12-15
8   Ryelink last decade

Nat Phos Aggravation..!!!
Respected members of the forum, three days back I gave two doses of Nat Phos 6x to one of
homeo123 2006-12-18
4   gavinimurthy last decade

Having Anxiety attack now
I'm having an anxiety attack right now and don't know what remedy I need. The
ruth45 2006-12-18
5   ruth45 last decade

To get rid of smoking
Since last 30+ years I am smoking. Now I want to get rid off this smoking habit. I had tri
Santosh44 2006-12-18
1   maheeru last decade

post operative problems
My 11 yr old son has been operated twice for a brain tumour called craniophrangioma. once
sulalitg 2006-07-01
2   alangail1 last decade

nat sulph 6c; arnica 30c and nat phos 6x--are these remedies compatible?
Hello, I posted my case on 12/07/06, unfortunately I only had one partial response to my q
paloma 2 2006-12-15
7   gavinimurthy last decade

retinitis pigmentosa
I have problem of retinitis pigmentosa from the age of 14 years. that time i have night bl
Bhakti_p 2006-12-19
no replies yet

New User Introduction
Hello Everyone! I just wanted to log on and say hi. I have visited this site many times
jdavis 2006-07-04
2   alangail1 last decade

Can someone Please Help - Anxiety, High B.P. Depression
I have been suffering from Anxiety Depression and High B.P for the last several years. Of
babul27 2006-12-19
no replies yet

Flaxseed oil
Hi all, I just started taking flaxseed oil pills yesterday. Does anyone else take them? If
glitteron123 2006-07-03
2   alangail1 last decade

can anyone suggest me some good anti dandruff shampoo
can anyone suggest me some good anti dandruff shampoo please. My scalp is really very itch
monty_080 2006-12-18
2   monty_080 last decade

Problems...down there
Hello all, This is pretty embarassing but I'm pretty desparate to get opinions on wh

JennG 2006-06-23
13   alangail1 last decade

help-how to determine constitutional type between medorrhinum, nat mur
As a child and pre-adolesence I seem to fit Medo. As an adult, it seems Nat Mur fits more
arose 2006-07-12
4   Dipika last decade

Pilonidal cyst, please help it's not going away!
Hello, I've been battling a pilonidal cyst for over a year now and have tried many d
hannahv 2006-12-17
9   hannahv last decade

stammering help....please help me my life is ruined...
I am a 23 year old indian boy.firstly i didnt stammer till the age of 9 or 10 but suddenly
joe_metallica 2006-07-11
2   alangail1 last decade

Reporting to Dr Rishimba
Dear Rishimba, My elder son picked up three new words after giving Calcarea Carbonica 200
Nitish 2006-12-12
11   Nitish last decade

Sulpha (Bactrim) Allergy
I found out the hard way that I'm allergic to Sulpha medications. Is there any homeop
Prizma 2006-12-18
1   gavinimurthy last decade

Interrupted sleep: please help or I start smoking again
Help! After quitting smoking four months ago I have been waking early in the morning (1-3
Lipniak 2006-07-21
3   alangail1 last decade

Extreme pain planting right foot
I have a recent history of gout attacks, tho most have been confined to one joint such as
ddfpa 2006-12-16
2   ddfpa last decade

to john /mental exhaustion
thanx for your message john very very kind of i probably been waiting ,if you did not say
nmgdes 2006-12-18
no replies yet

Babies and homeopathy
my 4 week old son has a really stuffy nose and cold. I'm breastfeeding so if I take a
2steps 2006-12-18
3   gavinimurthy last decade

mental exhaustion from nmgdes
good day to all i would like to inquire if anyone knows a remedy for extreme mental exhau
nmgdes 2006-12-18
no replies yet

To John
I know you are curious. Don't get influenced by what you read, and stick to Lyco. T
gavinimurthy 2006-12-17
5   john34 last decade

i am new to this forum and liked as I have seen people having many problems like mine and

sumalya 2006-12-15
15   rishimba last decade

Available Potencies ?
Dear All Why the standard potencies jump from 30 to 200 and to 1M, why dont we have 30,50
sazim 2006-12-18
2   sazim last decade

For kind attention of Mr. Murthy
Hello Mr. Murthy I have taken staphysagria 30 on dose and then I had sore throat. As sugge
Reiki 2006-12-18
3   Reiki last decade

Classical homeopathy , list of antidotes , storing homeopathic remedies
Where can I find a complete list of antidotes to homeopathic remedies ? It is well known t
Rustam 2006-12-17
4   gavinimurthy last decade

strep throat
I need a herbal remedy that works .
reddog 2006-12-16
1   rishimba last decade

brown spot in the eye bcoz if injury
hi. a friend poked me with a lead pencil a few years ago and since then there has been th
wish_mistress 2006-12-17
1   rishimba last decade

ear infection ; Adults
Any advice on dealing with ear infections in adult
artiem56 2006-12-17
1   rishimba last decade

kind attn. dr. panka varma- & dr. deoshlok - hypertension, anxiety & depression
I am 45 year old male suffering from what has been diagnosed as 'Essential Hypertensi

babul27 2006-11-30
15   babul27 last decade

Sugar Cravings
Is there any remedy to stop sugar cravings?
cathicks 2006-08-15
6   alangail1 last decade

carc c, 200c, 6 year old
carc c, 200c, 6 year old From freenmaddie on 2006-08-17 0 replies 2 views I have a 6 year
walkin 2006-08-17
2   alangail1 last decade

Aspartame is poison
PLEASE READ THIS DIET POP WARNING!In October of 2001, my sister began having very severe s
sabra 2005-05-08
9   alangail1 last decade

Shoulder pain
During my morning walk I stumbled down and fell heavily on the floor. My right shoulder go
esgovindan 2006-08-20
2   alangail1 last decade

Extreme Burning around patches of Herpese Zozter
Can any one tell solution to this problem of Extreme Burning & Pain on black patches o
wahijs 2006-08-20
3   alangail1 last decade

Pains after delivery and Epidural
My wife is suffering from pains in her ribs, hip joints and back after delivery of our fir

needofhelp 2006-08-29
15   orangeblossom last decade

Advice needed for aggravation of rhus tox on 8 month old infant with atopic eczema
Hi, in my quest for a cure for my 8 month old son's eczema, we were recommended to a
isabellesmom 2006-12-16
5   isabellesmom last decade

Want to kill your ADHD child?
Want to kill your ADHD child? Here is easy way. ADHD: Amphetamine gets special warning as
walkin 2006-08-29
1   alangail1 last decade

Weepy Adult Daughter
Greetings: I would like to help my daughter who is 25 yrs old. Her husband is away train
bigtoes 2006-12-15
4   bigtoes last decade

Time magazine - on helping each other through the net
You're on the cover of Time magazine! Sunday, 17 December , 2006, 10:46 New Yo
PANKAJ VARMA 2006-12-17
no replies yet

Psoriasis Need help
Dr saleem Hamid,,I am Indian & now living in Europe for some time.I have psoriasis for
tapan 2005-10-12
6   Jonathan143 last decade

help for psoriasis ...
i have a psoriasis condition for the past 5 years. does homeopathy really helps for this c
gbmohan 2003-11-21
5   Jonathan143 last decade

Psoriasis of palms and soles
I have been suffering from psoriasis of palms and soles for the last 15 years. i am male,4
sekhar 2005-03-11
6   Jonathan143 last decade

Eczema and Nail Psoriasis
Sir, I am 27 year old single male suffering from eczema and now i see some pits on my fing
mitul_mehta 2004-12-10
6   Jonathan143 last decade

Psoriasis and hair loss
I'm 37 y/o woman and have noticed substantial hair loss near my temples and forehead
Krista 2004-07-15
6   Jonathan143 last decade

Psoriasis - ravi
HelloI have psoriasis from the last 10 years.First i was given methotrexate 2.5mg 3 times
Ravi_ca 2006-03-10
8   Jonathan143 last decade

Psoriasis in 12 Year Old Girl
Hello, My 12 year old daughter has experienced psoriasis off and on since age 5 on her kne
KathleenG9 2006-01-23
8   Jonathan143 last decade

any one plz help in psoriasis
i have psoriasis since 7 years on my legs and on my head. my history is as under.age= 28 y
hizbulla 2005-12-01
8   Jonathan143 last decade

psoriasis- is there a cure?
i have had psoriasis for the past 10 years, mainly on my scalp. but recently have had a ou
imy_g 2006-04-20
9   Jonathan143 last decade

i am suffering from psoriais for past 4 years. i have tried orther medicine except homeopa
rcprime 2004-12-03
10   Jonathan143 last decade

Psoriasis of 5-6 yrs.
My mother(aged 42 yrs) has been diagnozed wid Psoriasis for the past 5-6 yrs. I just came
getgoing 2006-09-11
12   Jonathan143 last decade

Reporting ..after giving Natrum Mur to my son
Dear jacob and Rishimba, As both of you suggested to give Nat Mur 1M. I gave him 2 dose at

Dipika 2006-12-09
23   TreeFrog last decade

Attention Dr. Prodip, other doctors and experts.
I have been taking the eel serum since Nov. 9. I will not be seeing my nephrologist until
cks689 2006-12-17
no replies yet

Anxiety in the Stomach
Hi, Whenever I get more work I get anxiety in the stomach. I'm also a perfectionist-
TreeFrog 2006-12-16
4   sajjadakram635 last decade

Homeopathic-friendly mouthwashes?
Hi, Does anyone know of any mouthwashes that don't interfere with homeopathic remedi
TreeFrog 2006-12-17
no replies yet

Seasonal Affected Disorder
Hello there. I'm wondering if anyone suffers from SAD? If so what do you do to help y

julia65 2006-12-15
14   rishimba last decade

Dosage question
I have a question regarding doses. I have been using Arnica Montana occasionally and just
jltjohnson 2006-12-16
6   jltjohnson last decade

Help!! My horse has a hoof abcess....
Hiya, My horse was crippled lame on Thursday and the vet has diagnosed a hoof abcess. The
TC-Lover 2006-12-16
1   maheeru last decade

What exactly happens if I drink occasionally some alcohol? I take Magnesia Sulpurica. I�
ksics 2006-12-16
4   maheeru last decade

question about use of nat phos for GERD
Hi, I'm new here and have spent a few days looking around at the various posts having
des60 2006-12-14
6   des60 last decade

Is peppermint oil bad with Homeopathy?
Hello, I'm a IBS sufferer. I recently started with an Homeopathic remedy, so far see
Rick (mad tummy) 2006-12-15
4   TreeFrog last decade

homeopathic understanding of food reactions?
I would like to understand how classical homeopathy views food reactions. what is the cau
john34 2006-12-13
6   john34 last decade

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