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skin eruptions: rash?
I have a situation that has been going on for approx. 2 months and has grown increasingly
dougt 2007-02-15
11   andres last decade

14 month baby - very low apetite - very dry skin
Hi All, My baby is 14 months old. She has very dry skin right from a week after her birth
papikondalu 2007-02-20
1   Dr Kireet last decade

Yellow Vomit / headache
It happens to me during sleep..I am 54 year old and I have had this on and off for the las
sajidrafique 2007-02-18
6   sajidrafique last decade

effect of smoking on homeopathy
Does smoking affect on the effect of homeopathy?It is heard that the person who is undergo
elkuna 2007-02-20
2   elkuna last decade

Information Regarding Laser comb for hair fall
Hi, Does any one have any idea about the laser comb , has anyone used it for good ? , whe
monty_080 2007-02-20
1   deoshlok last decade

skin problem pl. help!!!
Hi, Please help on the following problem: Which pathology has better and reliable soluti
vikaspass 2007-02-20
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

belladonna or Hypericum perforatum
helloo, I have some kind of schizophrenia and a homeopath prescribed belladonna to me but
millan 2007-02-16
4   millan last decade

aapkamajid 2007-02-20
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Milia around the skin of both eyes
latley I have notices that I have gotten several milia bumps arround the eye. I have had o
familyworks 2007-02-16
3   deoshlok last decade

Dear Doc, i am a 28 year old doing Masturbation for about 14 years.The result is dull phy
fuadkhan 2007-02-12
4   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

How long to take homeopathic remedies?
My husband has been going to a local homeopathic practitioner for over a month now. He wa
blessme44 2007-02-19
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

too young to have such pain
Greetings, all. I have a physical ailment that is making me feel much older than I should
elfmuffen 2007-02-18
7   rishimba last decade

Really bad sore throat
I have been sick for 9 days now. It started with a low fever, (about 100) and then a few
deb91672 2007-02-17
4   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Please Suggest!
Doctor, I have Dark Circles around my eyes I started Masturbation at the age of 14 years
ladder 2007-02-20
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

please help asap!
Hi, I have a 130pound English Mastiff (DOG)she has a pretty bad bladder infection. I too

sswens 2007-02-19
14   Ryelink last decade

Reporting to Dr Rishimba
Dear Rishimba, I have given two doses of Cal Carb 1M to my elder son. At first, I have gi

Nitish 2007-01-03
17   mamun76 last decade

sty/cyst in lower lid of eye
I have been diagnosed with a cyst in the lower lid of my right eye and have been advised t
monicarbs108 2003-04-09
12   jolean last decade

Mr Andres, Pls reply.
Hi Its me who posted the yellow vomit and headache problem post...I gave you some more de
sajidrafique 2007-02-19
1   andres last decade

4 Year Old No Appetite - needs to gain weight!
I'm in deperate need of help! My daughter has always had feeding issues. And actual
jen2007 2007-02-17
4   andres last decade

Please help with my son's current anxiety !
Hi My 9 year old son has regressive autism and his main delays are in speech and cognition
jkris 2007-02-15
7   andres last decade

stress & hypertension
Hi, I am 34 yr old, I have diagnosed as having lot of stress, my BP shows always 140/95. I
ramdas_r 2007-02-19
4   rishimba last decade

Chronic Headaches / Pressure......Please Help!!
I am 23 and for the past 2 years have been experiencing daily headaches. I have a headach
betly 2007-02-17
3   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Pimples around my face
Dear Doctorís Itís highly appreciated your team work to serve humanity.
khurramkausar 2007-02-12
4   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Question about dosages
I spent some time doing the survey thingy, and the recommended remedy was Sulphur. I also
11:11 2007-02-07
10   11:11 last decade

help me gaining weight.now iam 80 kg.my ideal weight is 56 kg.patient of hypo thyroid.feel
shahida 2007-02-07
6   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Sebaceous Cysts?
I am a doula (childbirth assistant) and have a client about to give birth who is very emba
16OZHAN 2007-02-17
2   Linda100 last decade

Dear Drs/Professionals,I have patient of about 7 years with fits of convulsions after 2/3
Razzaq 2007-02-16
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Sexual Health
Hi, I'm suffering from follwing since 4 years: 1. Frequent nocturnal emissions (Eve
adnan62 2007-02-12
7   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

chronic patient: please help
Age: 42 years Sex: Male Height: 5.8 inches Body: average Major Symptoms: 1. Chronic const
Billy.Boy 2007-02-17
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

help me to increase my height..
i am 20 year old gal. my height is only 5 inch and so pls can you pls give me some suggest
roseworldangel 2007-02-18
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Sick Baby really stuffed up need help
I have a 2 1/2 month old baby that is really stuffed up he is not bad congested but his li
tavynd 2007-02-18
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

diabetes, metformin and cinnamon powder
hi..... i would like to treat my mothers diabetes to a metformin alterative...can anyone
spiritual_shia 2007-02-17
1   maya_hari last decade

antidoting question?
If a person needs to antidote a remedy, in which case do they take the remedy's known
starnet 2007-02-17
3   maheeru last decade

Indian Homoeopathy.
Okay, I have to vent something here. Why is it that at least 25% of the posts here are fr

JCS2006 2007-02-16
26   moderator last decade

a life time of depression, first time on this sight (any help please)
seeking and help or advice. done most prescriptions. have no insurance and desperatly ne
manicmoon 2007-02-17
1   rishimba last decade

Hello. Im a bit confused about the 200C dosage. I was told to take it but when I go to ord
Jdele 2007-02-18
1   rishimba last decade

18 month old not sleeping after tummy bug
Hi forum members, I've been a longtime lurker here and find the responses to be ins
jpurvis 2007-02-18
2   rishimba last decade

A thread to share inspiration
There are so many nice people here, and I think we are all seekers after truth, so I thoug

11:11 2007-02-13
42   11:11 last decade

question about homeopathic "personality" types
In my treatment, I have been found to be a typical lycopodium 'type' who has many
john34 2007-02-16
9   Sycotic last decade

hi, I was wondering is JCS2006 the same as walkin because i got an email to tell me to con

elainesmyth68 2007-02-17
13   JCS2006 last decade

remedios para adicciones
allox2005 2007-02-17
3   andres last decade

i left a post for you under confused could you read it and let me know thanks elaine
elainesmyth68 2007-02-17
5   elainesmyth68 last decade

Kind Attn : Dr Deoshlok Sharma
Dr Sharma, I have reported my progress after taking Kali Bich in that thread at : htt
chiru71 2007-02-17
no replies yet

Pinched nerve in back causing leg pain
My husband has been suffering from pain in his legs, sharp pain at times, from a pinched n
KITCHY 2007-02-15
7   andres last decade

Friendship and Depression
I can't decide what comes first, low-self-esteem that makes me think people don'

2blu4U 2006-06-24
15   2blu4U last decade

pcos problem
my wife has been diagnosed with pcos and she has cyst too. she had irregular periods i.e.
PARITY 2007-02-16
5   rishimba last decade

baker's cyst
I would appreciate hearing about a home remedy for Baker's Cyst from anyone. Thanks.
jnisson 2007-02-15
3   andres last decade

siddiq 2007-02-17
no replies yet

Nasty cold
Hi everyone, could someone suggest me a remedy? I'm 31 years old female, and I have a
martita 2007-02-16
2   martita last decade

GERD with constipation
I have had GERD for several years and have been taking over the counter prilosec. However,
Dorie 2007-02-17
1   rishimba last decade

Photosensitivity Genodermatoses
Hi I am Swati Joshi. My son is Tanay who is 4 yrs. old. He has been dignosised with phot
swati25 2006-11-17
3   Billy.Boy last decade

Beating in ear
I have had a beating in my right ear for 14 months. It woke me up one morning & has not go
papilio 2007-02-15
3   rishimba last decade

Chronic constipation and scalp itch
Hi, This is for my wife. She has a chronic constipation and a bad scalp itch. She took Gr
sameervermani 2007-02-12
6   rishimba last decade

CAN HOMEOPATHY HELP WITH FIBROIDS? I have ben battling fibroids for about 20 years now. h
isa4110 2007-02-17
1   deoshlok last decade

everytime i cough my side hurts is there anything i can take to get rid of this cough
ncarter26 2007-02-16
1   deoshlok last decade

single remedy to all ?
hi ppl can we ppl use a prescription like 'arnica ' which was given 2 a patien
livex 2007-02-14
8   livex last decade

falling down / vertigo
Hi as the holiday season is approaching fast I want to ask for advice. I do not actually
pangolin 2007-02-15
3   pangolin last decade

To sajjadakram
Dear Dr. Sajjad Are you a practicing homeopath? if yes, are you located in Islamabad? if
ssss- 2007-02-13
7   maheeru last decade

3yr old with painful sore throat
Hi Everyone could someone suggest a good remedy for pain relief for my wee boy, he has nev
elainesmyth68 2007-02-14
5   elainesmyth68 last decade

Looking for SLE Systemic Lupus Erythematosus treatment
Ladies and gentlemen, I am looking for a permanent treatment for my wife. She is 25 ye
Mujtaba 2007-02-14
2   Flugmeister last decade

nux vomica - 1m
Hello all, Needed some guidance. I took a dose of Nux 1M about a month ago for irregular
thekind78 2007-02-14
9   thekind78 last decade

free homeopathic cds gift pack
This I received today. I am pasting here for the welfare of all members of this board.****
I am not a doctor 2005-11-04
8   drubaig last decade

Help Plz its Urgent - Matter of my life
Dear Dr's Nice 2 know this forum n i m sure dat many many peoples are geting benefit

Imran_Imran 2007-02-06
15   JCS2006 last decade

under developed optic nerve
my grandaughter was born with no vision due to an underdevelped otic nerve. she is now 16
isa4110 2007-02-15
3   john34 last decade

dementia and restlessness
My aunt is 83 years old. Because of age she seems to be forgetting things and cannot remem
mohini 2007-02-12
6   JCS2006 last decade

muscular dystrophy
i have Limb girdle md and on the Md community site a homeopathic doctor put that calcarea
Denise1111 2007-02-14
6   maheeru last decade

Camphora antidotes Nat. Carb?
Hi All, I am taking Nat Carb as a constitutional.-I would like your opinion about b
Albert 2007-02-16
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Not able ejaculate
i have a peculiar problem,when ever i have sex with my partner many a times i will not be
deeri 2007-02-15
4   JCS2006 last decade

To Dr Rishimba
Dear Rishimba My three years old son is suffering from skin acne/lump. I went to the medi
grchakraborty 2007-02-07
7   grchakraborty last decade

Ascending potencies
Hello could someone help me to understand why ascending potency procedure seems to be the
saltOftheEarth 2007-02-15
1   JCS2006 last decade

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