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hypopigmented patches over whole body since 12-13yrs
hypopigmented patches| female patient| aggravation by sun,sweat|dry skin| mentals-suppress
khajuria 2006-11-02
2   last decade

Parkinson's : a new patch (transdermal ) drug available now?
I am from Vancouver, Canada. My mother has been suffering from Parkinson's disease t
paulj 2006-11-03
no replies yet

any good homeopath in mumbai or navi mumbai
posted my problem on ankylosing spondylitis. if anyone can suggest me a googd homeopath wh
agupta 2006-08-02
2   last decade

free from inflammation
This FREE book online is and can help you learn to eliminate immune related disease by und
Sylvia LeDoux 2006-11-03
no replies yet

vitiligo remedy
They claim to be the best remedy available over the counter. According to them this is tot
slash 2006-11-02
1   last decade

Light activated Headache
Light activated Headache I have a patient who complains of a severe headache if he is exp
Joe De Livera 2006-11-02
10   last decade

Cystic Acne
Hi Mr. De Livera, I recently registered with the abc homeopathy Web site and have read t
dtowngirl 2006-10-21
10   last decade

herbal extract
Tai'an Zhonghui Plant Biochemical Co.,Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturer and exp
tazhonghui 2006-10-26
1   last decade

why alcohol is used in homoeopathic medicines
kalamefazy 2006-11-02
1   last decade

planters facitis
i have recently been diagnosed with planters facitis. i have suffered for 6 years now wit
kbbruns 2006-11-01
5   last decade

i want to grow taller
HELLO, I am sujitha of 18 years old.i am 152 cm height,55kg weight.I would like to
sujitha 2006-11-02
no replies yet

What is saba serulataq?
where can i buy sabal serulataQ.What does the Q stand for?.thanks a lot will appriciate an
Belle 2006-11-02
4   last decade

Vomiting and Headache
Hi, My daughter who is 4 and a half years old, complaints headache when she doesn't
anon99 2006-10-31
6   last decade

"Attention Joe De Livera"
Dear Mr.Titus, I am under the Arnical 6c wet dose treatment for hairloss as advised by
unnigopal 2006-11-01
2   last decade

5 years ago i had a shoulder injury that was treated with several steriod shots as treatme
kbbruns 2006-11-02
2   last decade

Sinus Infection & ITP Please help I can't take antibiotics.
I used to live in an apartment that my family became sick in. My Husband developed asthma,
Dagney 2006-11-01
1   last decade

coffee and diabetes
Coffee Consumption May Reduce Risk for Type 2 Diabetes http://www.medscape.com/viewarti
gavinimurthy 2006-11-02
1   last decade

phytolcca for scar treatment
is anyone clever out there who can tell me about this remedy concerning pigmentation from
nmgdes 2006-10-28
1   last decade

For Simon.
Simon, good luck with the forum, I wish you well, and thankyou... Take it easy ;) -Jac
Hahnemania 2006-10-28
1   last decade

New feature
The profiles will now show their IP address relationships with other users. (i.e. if it se
moderator 2006-11-01
3   last decade

Can any one hel me in getting Thymus Gland Extract- Mohter Tincture in Delhi/Jaipur/Faridabad/Gurgaon/Noida
Hi All, Can anyone of help me in getting Thymus Gland Extract - Mohter Tincture. This is u
jcaayush 2006-11-01
8   last decade

natrium sufuricum
does tablets of schabe of natrium sulfuricum contains alcohol or not ?
kalamefazy 2006-11-01
1   last decade

Is there a homeopathich hair remover
Hi, Of all the wonderful things that homeopathy offers to every one, I was wondering if t
DP 2006-11-01
1   last decade

Question for Joe De Livera
Hi Joe, I wanted to get your advice on a problem I have been having for 2 yrs now. I hav
DamitaJo 2006-11-01
1   last decade

Pilonidal cyst
I have pylonidal cysts(three - one large and two smaller ones) for over a year. Nine month

Martin79 2006-10-18
13   last decade

To all prescribers : Please comment on this
chronic asthma and mucus problems From hazro on 2006-10-27 10 replies 116 views I am 28y
rishimba 2006-11-01
3   last decade

Nitrous oxide, general anaesthesia
I had a similar experience w/ the nitrous oxide and found the essences, nux vomica, hyperi
Glolight 2006-11-01
1   last decade

Son's eyebrow piercing infected, help!
So can anyone give my son some help? He has a new eyebrow piercing and it has become red
katebee 2006-11-01
6   last decade

mr varma please about the urinary infection you posted before
hi yea well its more yellowish i would say, but on and off abdominal pain, can i have your
alwaysongame 2006-10-31
1   last decade

pilonidal cyst
i have it for the past 9years,it comes & goes on weekly basic,i donot get tomuch swell
chaaya 2006-06-08
11   last decade

hi!remeber you told me to take 1 dose of nux vomica 1m once a week?just to be clear-is tha
mollydalton 2006-10-30
5   last decade

Asafoetida and IBS -for will88
re: acid reflux, ibs From Will88 on 2006-11-01 In the book 'The Consumer's Guid
gavinimurthy 2006-11-01
4   last decade

need your help please
TO,Walkin,Alarahim,please, please and please read my post thank you. To mr Sajjadakram pla
Belle 2006-11-01
no replies yet

A matter of principles
Dear Friends, I have opened this thread as i felt that i have something important to say

rajivprasad 2006-10-26
48   last decade

Pilonidal Cyst
Hello all, I've been lurking on this site for quite a while now and have read a lot
Durden 2006-08-29
4   last decade

Disturbed Bowel Movement of Travellers
Nesha asked me the question. Reply: Costipation of travellers who often change food/wate
PANKAJ VARMA 2006-10-31
2   last decade

Viola Odorata
My homeopath gave me Viola Odorata 12C once a day for 6 days. Since stopping it 2 weeks ag
lisa2712 2006-10-30
4   last decade

nursing pain for 5 months-please help
Hi-Ive been nursing for 5 months now and still have nipple pain- Ive been told by many lac

dahliatop 2006-10-27
17   last decade

hi i am from pa25stan 0y na0e 5s sar0ad 0y 5s s4ffer5ng fr60 a 5nffect56n that 5s h5s test
sarmad_qureshi 2006-10-31
no replies yet

Foam in urine
I have occasional white colored foam in my urine in the middle of the night or early morni
suehawk12 2006-10-31
1   last decade

rise in serum creatinine levels
my father aged 73 has started showing increase in serum creatinine levels since the past f
galianupama 2006-10-31
1   last decade

Loose Cough in Toddler
My 2.5 yr old just went through a cold, and usually the last to go is the cough. I believ

blackberry 2006-10-28
18   last decade

Urgent!!!!!! Stomach Problem & High Weight
Dear sir, i m facing so many problems since 8months...i m working in DUBAI and when i came
sheznoor 2006-10-30
3   last decade

Wrong remedy can harm
Dear friends, I am posting information about a person who took a wrong remedy and has dev
rajivprasad 2006-10-31
4   last decade

chronic acne and hair fall
i am 30 yrs male unmarried working as accounts officer in a govt office. i have had gastro
vijaiamritrajans 2006-10-31
3   last decade

Suffering from Kidney Stones
I am 46 years old. I am getting kidney stones almost every year once. When get analysed it

dddiiinnneeessshhh 2006-10-27
17   last decade

Child anxiety/bipolar/ODD/ADHD
I have a 12 year old boy. Been diagnosed with adhd originally at 6 . Psychologists disagre
amlga 2006-10-30
4   last decade

please help, urinary tract infection
i have cloudy urine and back pain, i believe i might have a urinary tract infection, is th
alwaysongame 2006-10-31
9   last decade

Has anyone used Profresh and had it actually cure bad breath?
jimbojones 2006-10-31
no replies yet

Fighting Chlamydia with a homeopathic remedy
i have been diagnosed with Chlamydia through a blood test here in Japan. i've had it
noppojp 2006-10-31
no replies yet

Dr Sharma please look at the hyperthyroid post
Could you please look at my questions on the hyperthyroid tread? thanks. Post no 78247

erica 2006-10-06
14   last decade

Breast enlargement
Dearsir/madam/DOoctor, kindiy recommend for me an homeopathy medicine for my small breast.
Belle 2006-10-30
4   last decade

learnig Homeopathy
Respected sir, I would like to learn homeopathy medicine. I am doing service at Ashram in
pirabhu_mounam 2006-10-30
2   last decade

Stubborn Sinus Congestion!
What can I take to put an end to this? Thanks
Chuck D. 2006-10-30
1   last decade

I am a 45 year old female. I was diagnosed with TMJ dysfunction when I was around 28. My
tmj sufferer 2006-10-30
no replies yet

Dear friends
I decided to ignore two jokers here,hereafter. If they intervene in 'prescription�
gavinimurthy 2006-10-29
5   last decade

supplementing vitamins homeopathicly
hi,sorry if this has been an old discussion topic, but i was wondering if zanyone has look
irenek 2006-10-30
no replies yet

NO ResPonse Rajiv,Murthy,Kuldeep,PunkajCould someone please help
Is there any cure in Homeo ? Any cases ? discharge while sleeping or in the morning before
formknight3b 2006-10-25
5   last decade

perm teeth coming in behind baby teeth
My son's permanent teeth are coming in right behind his baby teeth. He won't le
Rch9418 2006-10-30
no replies yet

TMJ disorders
What is the best remedy for TMJ problems. When trying to open fully, Jaw clicks and pops.
sinu123 2006-10-27
3   last decade

to windwaker phytolacca old scars pigmentation
hi ive beenreading your posts regarding phytolacca i was just wondering what potency i can
nmgdes 2006-10-30
no replies yet

Spinal compression
Hi, I had a hard fall and landed on my butt and couldn't even get up for a while. The

straylight121 2006-10-02
31   last decade

Experience Homeopaths Only Please
What potency in Rad would I give for 52 year old woman experiencing the ill-effects of rad
Student_in_UK 2006-10-26
7   last decade

Root canals etc.
My friend just went to the dentist for a check up and has to get 2 root canals repaired, o
saltOftheEarth 2006-10-30
no replies yet

calling all calling all clever healers, help scar old pigmentation
hi all is any clever soul out there who can tell me info regarding phytolacca the potency
nmgdes 2006-10-30
no replies yet

Dengue Fever
How can Hoemopathy deal with Viral Fever etc,
aqueel 2006-10-29
4   last decade

Strike is called off
Strike is called off Now we are ready to serve the patient. Let the Reader will decide

deoshlok 2006-10-29
24   last decade

Homeopathy remedies (for humans) suitable for dogs?
Can anyone advise if the homeopathic remedies that we purchase for our own use is suitable
kkhaw 2006-10-27
6   last decade

What are the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar
I heard that Apple Cider Vinegar is very useful to the Human Body. It cures so many decea
dddiiinnneeessshhh 2006-10-30
1   last decade

lumps in ear lobes
hi, i was someone could help me diagnose my symptoms. they are: lumps in my ear lobes(no p
smithsonian 2006-10-30
2   last decade

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