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for rajiv prasad - my mother
i think i sent you apost of her details but here i will repeat them. 67 years old smoker y
mollydalton 2006-12-23
4   mollydalton last decade

Please Help
Hello everyone, Im new at Homeopathy and 17 years old. I apologize if someone posted some
ChristianDT 2007-01-08
no replies yet

Hi there, I was taking 30 c of nux vomica almost nightly as it helped keep my face from b
olivia_b 2007-01-07
3   rishimba last decade

Ringing in ear
Hi, I've been suffering with ringing in the ear for 13 months now after someone scre
themightyone 2007-01-03
3   rishimba last decade

scalp psoraisis: help !!!sos
have white scaly patches on scalp along with hair loss for last 2 -3 years. inox-T Shampo
monish 2007-01-07
4   rishimba last decade

My moms problem
Age:50 Weight:72kg Height: 160 cm Married and have two kids. The pain started in march

phiryulovehua 2007-01-02
15   phiryulovehua last decade

alfalfa tonic and lupus
July;My wife, 34,developed mild swelling in left leg. It became more prominent when seated
lupusindia 2006-10-15
4   i question last decade

Left sinus cavity
At night, my left nasal passage gets clogged and my left eye gets puffy. I only breathe o
patricia 2007-01-07
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Anal Cracks, Pain and Burning
Hello, Since two months I am suffering with buring pain in recturm when I go to bowl move
kb123 2007-01-05
5   drprodip last decade

taking cell salts for ever?
is it ok to take cell salts as general tonic?
Tommys 2007-01-05
2   asimattar last decade

Question about Natrum Carb
My husband was blessed to finally be able to see a local homeopathic practitioner last we
blessme44 2007-01-07
no replies yet

Ganglion Cyst
Mother always had small bumps above her wrists on top of both her hands. I inherited them
SHILLBURE 2007-01-07
no replies yet

bad breath
dear doctor one of my friend has a small breath we cant sit in front or very close to him
yaqeen 2007-01-07
1   livex last decade

Nose mocus and knee pain
Hi, I am suffering from a long time, and from time to time, of too much mucus and some c
Andreu22 2007-01-07
no replies yet

plzz reply.. antidot???
does tootpaste antidote a remedy?
phiryulovehua 2007-01-05
3   erika last decade

chronic fatigue syndrome
I am writing article for magazin about homeopathic curing of chronic fatigue syndrome, so
bamboo 2007-01-04
4   erika last decade

need homeo threapy for autistic child
hi, my name is darshna living in usa, florida. i have 5year old son he has autism and adhd
darshna 2007-01-04
3   Elliotsmom last decade

My whole case plzz read it
Patient ID: Sex: Age: Cant say my name (sorry) female 19 years old 63kgs 157 cm 1. De
phiryulovehua 2007-01-03
9   ZepOz last decade

My sister's problem, plz help!
Hello, I am worried about my sister these days, and I am looking for the right remedy for
applecake 2007-01-06
4   applecake last decade

Pedestrian struck by car
Hi, I was hit by a car when I was crossing the street and went flying to land on concret
Elliecats 2007-01-06
5   ZepOz last decade

HPV Wart on Vagina Lip
I have been diagnosed with a quarter size HPV wart on one of my vagina lip. It grew so fas
Embarrased 2007-01-07
6   rishimba last decade

2nd plead for suggestions!
I originally posted with hope for what dr's thought was orbital pseudotumor. Since th
ddcuriosity 2007-01-04
1   kuldeep last decade

Recovery from pelvic bone problems after childbirth
My sister who lives in The USA had a child in the first week of December. This lead to her
maya_hari 2007-01-05
5   kuldeep last decade

spasms in asthmatic
is it good to give a combination of ars alb, ipecac, and ant tart 200 in asthmatics whoes
KHATTAK 2007-01-05
2   ZepOz last decade

Post-Operative Care
My friend is going into the hospital for surgury soon. She is having a tumor removed from
Sn-wr1 2007-01-05
3   drprodip last decade

10 month baby with cough
Hi, My baby has a congested cough and has had mild fever (99-100) since yesterday accompa
JMalik 2007-01-06
2   drprodip last decade

A question about my moms med.
My has started taking rhusthox 200d 5 balls every night i heard that wet doses are more he
phiryulovehua 2007-01-05
2   erika last decade

Where should I study?
Can someone please advise me on a good university to study homeopathy at? I live in Englan
Donovan 2007-01-05
1   erika last decade

Dr. Rishimba - Please change the remedy you provided me
Hi Dr. Rashimba: I followed the remedies you provided and have not seen a change in the c
Jenn30 2007-01-04
1   rishimba last decade

which remedy made of calcium ?
Hi, can someone tell me which remedies are made from types of calcium. I took one before,
justagirl 2007-01-04
5   justagirl last decade

Adult Ear Complaints/Aches/Infection?
Hello. The guide said being detailed would help, so hopefully I include helpful informatio
Fivewinds 2006-12-22
7   rishimba last decade

Sex benefits what?
Dear Doctor(s), I've been reading online on what sex does to both the male and femal
wildfxp 2007-01-06
no replies yet

i have been treated by a a doctor for about a month for what he thought was bronchitis and

seattops 2005-04-18
52   winter123 last decade

Eczema - Diet?
I have been suffering from ezcema on my fingers all 10 of them for over about 2 years. I a
subha 2004-07-28
1   Lavina last decade

Spider Bitten
I was bitten by a spider (think it was a brown recluse) about 2 years ago. The bite area
Pfeif 2007-01-04
4   Pfeif last decade

WIll it antidote Remedy?
I took remedy on Thursaday. I then brushed my teeth with mint flavored toothpaste on Frida
tanto1300 2007-01-05
no replies yet

drops from pennis
dear doctor i not only feel but a few drops of white layer has com out from my penis after
yaqeen 2007-01-04
1   KHATTAK last decade

I am a 51 yr. old female who had a complete vaginal hysterectomy when I was 34. I now have
berta 2007-01-05
no replies yet

phytolacca berry
Is there a US online store where I can buy Phytolacca Berry? The only place I can find is
hhbayou1 2007-01-04
1   patti3046 last decade

to gavin murphy
dear sir i have been researching homoeopathy for two years. but what i would desperately l

nmgdes 2006-12-18
22   nmgdes last decade

somebody please help me
hi.iam male 30.i have health problems mainly due to long time habit of masterbation..my mi
yahya 2006-12-24
5   yahya last decade

Where is the best place to study Homeopathy?
As a lecturer, I am often asked the question “Which are the best homeopathic schools?” “Wh
Gabrielle Traub 2007-01-04
4   Gabrielle Traub last decade

Chronic Sore throat & constant cough
Currently I have bad throat for last 4 weeks. Persistent cough has made me mad. I have don
gbthroat 2007-01-03
7   robina last decade

epo shots
Is there any homeopathic alternative to EPO shots? I appreciate any experts input as I am
cks689 2007-01-04
5   ZepOz last decade

In absence of a response to my earlier post, I am repeat-posting my case. I had redness an
Nice_Guy 2007-01-02
2   Nice_Guy last decade

I just can't seem to lose weight, no matter what I try
I'm a 45-year-old woman and am keen to knock off some 7-8 kilos. I'm in a sedent

Shobhana 2005-01-12
28   snuffaluffagess last decade

Dr. Deoshlok - an update/test results
I also got my test results today after I had the EPO shots. The BUN has decreased from 58
cks689 2007-01-04
no replies yet

Praseodymium metallicum
This is the first time I have heard of this Praseodymium metallicum remedy.. Can someone t
AParreno 2007-01-04
no replies yet

Dalia 2007-01-04
no replies yet

Is Erika around?
Does anyone know when Erika is going to be around to post or had she gone away for a while
newbie2 2007-01-04
no replies yet

Happy New Year and Again To Dr Ashok or Pankaj
Hi, I have posted my hair fall conditions before. But I never got any input from Dr Ashok
vkothari80 2007-01-03
1   vkothari80 last decade

blood thinner cumidin need something for sinus infection
Hi I have been on blood thinners for 2 years now and need something to take for an infecti
nataliedan 2006-12-28
5   ZepOz last decade

Performance anxiety-inability to perform sex for want of erection
What could be the homeopathy remedy the inability to perform sex for want of erection.Geni
naman 2007-01-01
4   ZepOz last decade

Very Girly Boy
I am interested in knowing if the doctors on this forum believe that such a problem can be
peace 2004-12-21
11   eleventhdr last decade

Hair loss due to Scalp worm
I had started hair loss from the age of 19. Now I'm 25 and i've lost a lot of ha
indianboy 2005-12-25
7   eagle4417 last decade

hepatitis b and c
HEPATITIS B AND C are on increase in Pakistan . is there any homeopathic remedy for that.
KHATTAK 2007-01-03
2   ZepOz last decade

Joe De Livera
What homeopathic remedy can be used to clean blockage in the arteries.If a remedy is appli

Chuck D. 2006-12-28
15   ZepOz last decade

teachers want my son on ritalin!!
My son is a very sweet natured, highly empathetic, and extremely smart 7year old. He occas

samnbudsmom 2005-09-10
40   ZepOz last decade

abscess on gum
for the past one month i am having an abscess on the lower jaw gum and i have tried many h
meera hallan 2007-01-04
2   robina last decade

straighten hair
hi sir, i am having curl hair.. i want to straightne it.. is there any homeopathy remedy
hari_2005h 2007-01-03
no replies yet

alopecia and underactive thyroid
I am a 38 year old woman with two children. Approximately 2 year ago started to notice ha
jumbo 2007-01-03
no replies yet

Epstein-Barr, viral issues
Good day! I was just diagnosed with EBV, as an adult. I was told it would not morph into M
moonsta 2007-01-03
no replies yet

Dr. Deoshlok Sharma, and others.
I addition to the information I already gave, my nephrologist called me up early this morn
cks689 2007-01-03
no replies yet

manic depression, salmonella and shigella
To all the wonderful doctors and expert homeopaths: I read the above artice stating that
cks689 2007-01-03
2   cks689 last decade

Help 5 month old kitten with ideopathic cystitis
Hi, I hope I'm on the right site to ask this question. I just lost a 17 yr old cat t
Calli 2007-01-03
2   Daisy43 last decade

complicated case
hii.iam male 31 years old..i have complicated problems..iam masterbating from very early a
ilyas-30 2006-12-31
3   ilyas-30 last decade

eid mubarak to all member and doctors
eid mubarak to all members and doctor shahzad
khurramkausar 2007-01-03
no replies yet

fear/anxiety - Jacob/Pankaj kindly help.
I'm seeking help for my anxiety problem. Here are the details : About me : I'
anonymous.user 2007-01-02
5   anonymous.user last decade

Gray Hair
Hi, I am 31 year old with lot of gray hair. Now a days it is spreading rapdily. Is there
neeru 2007-01-03
no replies yet

Hi. My penis size
Hi all, Can you please suggest me, what to do to increase my penis size. Its too am
kumar_dasari 2007-01-03
no replies yet

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