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itchy scalp ,thinhair and hair loss
joe pls help me my hair is thin and grey and falling .my scalp is some times itchy.scalp i
sandeepty 2006-12-06
3   sandeepty last decade

for dr deshlok sir
sir my pennis has been showing improvement in size now its 4 inches in length , , should i
indianboyby 2006-12-04
9   last decade

Accidental Burning due to fire
The cloths of my eldest daughter cought fire when she was some 14 yrs old and got deep bur
Santosh44 2006-12-06
10   last decade

GERD...no acid, no pain...meal comes back
Hello, Maybe you can help me. I live in bolivia. I was diagnosed with GERD 3 months ago.
MAJITO 2006-12-08
no replies yet

back head ache
help needed my cousin has pain in back side of the head since last week.the pain comes for
asimattar 2006-12-07
1   last decade

Sudden Tinnitus From Jet Noise
On October 7th of this year I was exposed to jet noise for a brief moment and have tinnitu
MSphar 2006-12-06
2   last decade

Helicobacter Pylori Chronic Gastritis
Hi! I am 33 y/o male. I have a H.Pylori induced Chronic Mild Gastritis for about 2-3 years
ateeeq 2006-10-05
2   last decade

cold sore, breakout....all on left side
It started with a sore under my left eye, to a cold sore on left side of my lip & now I ha
namastenat 2006-12-07
no replies yet

follicular infection
I have an internal bump in my groin. I used to get this when I was in my 20s and my obgyn
mahagv 2006-12-07
no replies yet

Potency query
Dear All, I have used phosphorus 6c (liquid form) mixed in 2lt bottle with 20 strokes each
krishnamohan 2006-12-03
11   last decade

cystic acne - patient profile
I have stated my profile here to get help on my acne conditions.. I trust to get good and
samrita 2006-12-04
6   last decade

severe hair fall
I have been suffering from hair loss for the past one year and I'm only 23 (f). I hav
san123 2006-12-07
no replies yet

white hair
I M 21 yrs. my 25% hair got white.What is the reason for white hair in childhood? Is ther
nidhiname 2006-12-07
no replies yet

White Hair Problem
I got my hair 25% white from when i m 16 years now i m 21 years. What is the reason for wh
nidhiname 2006-12-07
no replies yet

Chroni Urticaria
I am a 26 y/o male from Ohio. I have recently moved to San Diego about 3 weeks ago. Sinc
jayson 2006-11-26
6   last decade

drooping eyelid
I am female 26 unmarried. ,I have drooping eyelid problem in my right eye since 4 years. a
annu85 2006-12-07
1   last decade

Eyebrow & eyelash falling problem
I am suffering from eybrow & eyelash falling problem. Also suffering from eyebrow & eyelas
hena_4567 2006-12-05
6   last decade

is anyone out there try MSM alone??? does it really works, and how long???to clear up co
ninja 2006-12-07
no replies yet

Heart problem, Please help
hello my name is farhan and i am from pakistan. from previous two months i am suffering fr

fani_000 2006-11-08
32   last decade

Diagnosed with weak osephagul sphicter
Hi All I have been taking nat phos 6x Joes remedy for some time now which has helped grea

chahat 2006-12-02
18   last decade

solution of problem needed
dear doc, kindly guide me about my sexual problem and advise me what to do. my problem is
stylish678 2006-12-03
3   last decade

Skin problem after shave
Hello doctors, I get small bumps immediately after I shave my beard.I
Vijai 2006-02-10
12   last decade

appetite increaser
Hi, I'm new here and am actually seeking advice for my horse not for myself. She is a
amandawordingham 2006-12-05
3   last decade

thick discharge from penis weak memory
nerves weakness, Heat in head, angry feeling, always drowsiness though night sleep is OK,
santverma 2006-12-06
no replies yet

Itching Underside of my Scrotum
Hi~! Its been about 6 month since its been itching. I've look at some of the forums a
CureMePlz 2006-12-06
3   last decade

Wet Dose question?
What is a wet dose? Does that mean taking the pill with water instead of under the tongue?
Delight 2006-12-06
4   last decade

Hi, I had been diagnosed with GERD 7 months ago after being on Protonix for one month and
hoping 2006-12-04
3   last decade

Question about breastfeeding and homeopathy
I bought some Rescue Remedy spray (occasional stress / anxiety / shortness of breath / pan
amyphilo 2006-12-06
no replies yet

arnica montana 30 x
i posted earlier and received one reply i'm not sure if it is correct.......i need to

glenda 2006-12-03
17   last decade

arnica erections
Hello all. I been taking Arnica for many years after I read here of the many benefit. At f
joseph700 2006-12-05
10   last decade

off the track posts
In order not to disturb the patients on their threads, I will copy the provocative, unconn
grk2006 2006-12-05
8   last decade

to much weight loss
My son witch was diagnoised with type 1 diabetes last year continues to lose weight .He is
Judy F. 2006-12-05
4   last decade

facial hair
my daughter is 22 and ever since she hit puberty she has had problems with facial hair and
Myriad 2006-12-01
9   last decade

Exhaustion, fainting spells and panic attacks
Since taking Syph 200c twice a week for 4-weeks over 6 weeks ago(given by homeopath), I wa
Tina R 2006-12-05
10   last decade

off the rack posts 2..arnica
Re: arnica erections From Joe De Livera on 2006-12-05 To Joseph Thank you for confirmi
gavinimurthy 2006-12-05
1   last decade

white patches
Iam suffering from white patches on my body from the past 10 years.I want to know what is
drakshayani 2006-12-04
1   last decade

please help me..... to get cure from this disease
dear doctors: I am a 30-year-old single male. I suffered from alopecia areata three years
sunil76 2006-11-06
6   last decade

Marks on skin
I have very sensitive skin, even a small scratch on my skin leaves a permanent mark. This
ban_mang_rp 2006-12-05
1   last decade

CA Prostat
14 months ago , My father age 67 years , was diagnosed having CA Prostat with effected bon
vohra 2006-12-05
1   last decade

Who should prescribe...
We should consider this point honestly now. On this Forum, so far, everyone has been presc

Seena 2006-12-02
22   last decade

Palpitations and menopause
My periods have become irregular and my blood pressure is 140/90. I think I've hit me
Myriad 2006-12-04
1   last decade

Cure for Candida
Is there any cure for Candida in Homeopathy ? two years before, I had this bad sore throat
jvdAlm 2006-12-04
1   last decade

Treatment for Asthma
Sir, I am 26 yrs old.I was very healthy when i was in school.My problem started when i
sriharshadevi 2006-11-28
9   last decade

Hair Loss / Scalp pain
Hi, I have been experienced pretty heavy hair loss and scalp pain to varying degrees for t
saittoh 2006-11-20
8   last decade

Dear Moderator - Someone is cheating here
Dear Simon, A new id has just appeared as below: Re: And so it is initiated AGAIN... From

PANKAJ VARMA 2006-12-04
19   last decade

Multiple lypomas covering body
I have had multiple lumps (lypoma, fatty tumors) covering my body (just under the skin) al
lightsiedentopf 2006-12-03
3   last decade

L M potency question
Hi,can anyone help me with this. I want to know while taking LM potency with what potency

agupta 2006-11-27
34   last decade

To Murthy and Other Docs
Dear Murthy and Other doctors .. This post is not to offend anyone. Just getting a better
vkothari80 2006-12-04
4   last decade

high blood pressure
Im taking the Nat Phos and Arnica therapy for Gerd....I am on medication for High Blood Pr
glenda 2006-12-04
3   last decade

Re: Osteoarthritis
I read some threads regarding arthritis and I was impressed so am joining this forum. Ple
osteo patient 2006-09-18
6   last decade

Ptency Query
Dear Mr.Murthy, Please guide me on the forum for my problem detailed as below. I have use
krishnamohan 2006-12-04
1   last decade

I posted about a month ago after I had a darning needle puncture wound on my toe and a red

Consider-This 2004-10-01
15   last decade

Hi, I have severe sinusitis problem. This occurs in the night during deep slumber thereby
Papali 2006-11-30
3   last decade

Chronic Throat Problem
Well iam a chronic patient with cough and cold from childhood. What happens first i get a

Sidhant 2006-12-01
24   last decade

4 yr old w/cough asthma and rash aggravation
1. Name: Noah 2. Age: 4 ½ years 3. Sex: male 4. country: USA 5. climate: No
lily white 2006-11-29
12   last decade

sinus problem
I am 40 yrs old female, since last 5 yrs i am suffering from sinus problem.At the initial
guna6 2006-12-02
3   last decade

to pankaj varma
Dearest PANKAJ VARMA. I don't want to create any confusion for you. So feel free to j
P.Verma 2006-12-04
no replies yet

And so it is initiated AGAIN...
Re: Who should prescribe... From PANKAJ VARMA on 2006-12-02 'How many qualified homoe

JCS2006 2006-12-03
24   last decade

Chicken Gunya
chicken gunya is attack to my mother and father before 10 days, joint pains. please name f
naveensriv 2006-12-04
1   last decade

a r n i c a - for anything and everything ...
A R N I C A - For Anything and EverythingAND AGAIN, abrra-caa-dabbra ... vroomm..poooffff.

Nesha-India 2006-01-30
254   last decade

Reposted: AVOID such homeopaths
He claims he has found his own method, necessary because these are trying times and theref
ripas 2006-12-04
no replies yet

Masturbation and penis shrinking
I am in my mid twenties and I just learned from endrocrinologist yesterday that I have tes
abcguy 2005-05-18
5   last decade

Dear Joe
Dear Joe I am opening a seperate thread for you, to pour out all your ire against me, ins
gavinimurthy 2006-11-16
2   last decade

toothache please help urgent
Hi sorry couldn't find help from doing a search. My son head butted me so that my ja
pangolin 2006-11-22
11   last decade

Feelings on Marijuana
Serious topic, What are your feelings on Marijuana? Please do not post that i am some so
Diesiel 2006-12-02
5   last decade

back ache
my husband is suffering from back ache from a few months (earlier it was mostly lower back

moddy 2006-12-01
18   last decade

First of all, I am a female 23 years old 100 pounds and I've been taking zoloft for a
ihavegas 2006-12-01
1   last decade

Digestive Disorder
Hello, The symptoms are passage of mucous but no much matter during stools. Any suggesti
thekind78 2006-12-02
1   last decade

cure for p.c.o.d
HI,I am a 27yr old unmarried girl & suffering from PCOD from last 10yrs.I have taken all t
NIDHI 2006-11-30
2   last decade

Am I a spoiled Homeopathic case, or can help be offered?
Greetings all, I believe I've experienced a very serious case of malpractice by a sh
MelMan 2006-11-24
7   last decade

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