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Husband with chest pains, nausea, etc.
Hi, I recently took my 53 year old husband to the emergency room for chest pain, hearburn,
FloridaGirl 2006-10-22
8   last decade

chamomile tea and sulphur
My son has taken sulpher 200c (one for two days) under the direction of his homeopath for
john34 2006-10-23
7   last decade

plantar fasciitis/bone spurs
quite painful,not much luck w/other treatments .maybe this will help,any ideas?
smoochie 2006-10-17
10   last decade

kuldeep/girilal asks Mr Bandar a question
What is your definition of a button?

kuldeep 2006-10-22
23   last decade

Sad when others are happy
A friend of mine came with a unique symptom that hes is happy/cheerful/talkative when hes
hisam 2006-02-27
7   last decade

anal fistula
Hi Joe, I had a hemorrhoidectomy a three months ago after giving birth to my son. Six w
nycmom 2006-10-08
3   last decade

white hairs
i am an engineering student .i am 22 now . i too face the problem of white hairs. it start
sumitkrsinha 2006-02-28
2   last decade

Why this name Bandarbabu 2000
Bandar,now known as Machilipatnam is a coastal town in Andhrapradesh,India. It has got a
bandarbabu2000 2006-10-22
5   last decade

My schedule on ABC
I will be online here from 5A.M. to 7A.M and again fro m 6 P.M. to 9 P.M., Indian Standard
bandarbabu2000 2006-10-22
6   last decade

Sensitive to smell
Hi All, I want to know if a child is likes all strong smels like petrol, perfumes, soaps
Dipika 2006-10-20
10   last decade

Recently moved...not feeling well
I did not mention my own health. Since we moved from near the ocean into a place in the mo
FloridaGirl 2006-10-22
4   last decade

For ppl asking credentials of Dr Deoshlok Sharma(For Mr Murthy And Rajiv)
Hi Mr Murthy And Rajiv I am not starting new debate but just for your knowledg
pankajnarang81 2006-10-21
5   last decade

chest pain and stiffness
I am a 32 yrs male and had a severe pain in the right side of chest, back and right hand a
heartpatient 2006-10-22
1   last decade

Be Care full - dangerous for the community
These Rajivprasad was as PhD student in the field of Management doing my doctorate from II

deoshlok 2006-10-19
51   last decade

Please help I have uncontrollable swelling
Please help me -- I am getting more and more depressed over this condition. Thank you soo
Buchworm 2006-10-22
1   last decade

what is spring water
i have allergic asthma patient i have read one article from forum about nat sulf 6c, but i
ashok_w2k6 2006-10-22
1   last decade

flu related diarea
what shal I use for flurelated diarea?thanks
lotus2006 2006-10-21
2   last decade

early pcos
-I have PCOS and I am not trying to get pregnant but I would like for my cycles to return
mandolin 2006-10-22
2   last decade

to kuldeep
how ,long does it take for silica to work on acne scars? and is there any chace the silica
jwalz120002002 2006-10-22
2   last decade

Help with ezema in 5 month old son
Hi to all,After reading many threads, I would greatly appreciate a response especially fro
WNCGirl 2006-02-02
6   last decade

constant ear infections, need answers!
Hello, I am 17 years old and have started geting constant ear infections. When I was in
silveryeye 2006-10-19
5   last decade

What is a good remedy for chronic candidiasis .thanks
lotus2006 2006-10-21
4   last decade

to all
does anyone know about the sx fraction. maitake mushroom. i hear its good for the synd
kahlil007 2006-10-21
2   last decade

"Possible wart transfer?".
What can I do to avoid a 'possible wart' on the scrotum of my testicles transferri
SEEVA 2006-10-21
1   last decade

gas trouble
hi friend i havve a problem that my stomoch feel filled with gas if sit for more than one
hari_2005h 2006-10-21
1   last decade

JoPathy -
Hi Joe Wishing you a very very happy Birthday. May God shower you with name, fame and hea

achandra 2006-10-20
23   last decade

infant reflux
I have a 3 months old baby that suffers with infant reflux. The baby is breastfed. After
envious 2006-10-19
10   last decade

Hiatus Hernia
I have had a Sliding Hiatus Hernia for years now. I emphsis that I do NOT get any acid ref
munderay 2006-10-20
12   last decade

happy diwali
To all members of the Forum and to the Moderator and all your families. (Irrespective of
PANKAJ VARMA 2006-10-21
9   last decade

Urine Infection
My daughter 3.5 years old is complaining of pain in her urine area since about 15-20 days.
naushadakhtar 2006-10-19
10   last decade

Effoxor Withdrawal - Help!
After speaking to my primarily doctor about the redness on my chest, hand and nose, she de
JorgeZ 2006-10-20
1   last decade

Does anyone know where i can get Phytolacca 200c, in No.40 pill size and Conium Mac 30c ,
drbob 2006-10-20
2   last decade

Unsuccessful remedies - help!
My 15 month old son has had two swollen glands (one inguinal and one cervical) for about 6

luckylot1999 2006-09-12
175   last decade

to joe de livera
dear joe please read my post ènlarged uterus`written oct 20th.thank you,anxious for
mollydalton 2006-10-21
1   last decade

Every patient should read this thing carefully - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Please do not think Homeopathy fail to cure Your last word to the doctor may cure your d
deoshlok 2006-09-22
4   last decade

Eczema Help.
I am 22 years old, I've had eczema since I was a baby, I tried homeopathy treatment w

a406a4 2006-09-09
15   last decade

Gasses in infant
What medicine should be given to 2 month baby for gasses and what would be the dose.
iffi123 2006-10-18
5   last decade

Treatment for frequent cough, cold and low energy
Hi, My wife Age: 30 Wt: 48KG Ht: 5' Gender: Female Problem: Frequent cough and col
rohitchattar 2006-09-14
11   last decade

All in perspective
I hear a lot or more precisely read a lot of bickering going on in this forum.I'm goi
PatteeRan 2006-10-19
2   last decade

mag phos for gerd???
Someone wrote that Mag Phos can be taken together with Nat Phos for GERD. The Nat Phos a
kwanyin 2006-09-22
10   last decade

Need your help Pankaj on where I can find pineal 6x
In a previous message you had told me to take pineal 6x for breast enlargement. I'm h
outoftouch 2006-10-16
6   last decade

Itchy, inflammed skin eruption
My sister has a skin eruption that broke out last night. It started on her legs, has progr
annka 2006-10-20
5   last decade

chamomile / lycopodium question
Chamomila is listed an antidote fore Lycopodium - does this mean that one should avoid oth
carlotta 2006-10-20
1   last decade

throat hurts when yawning
for the last two weeks my throat has been hurting only when i yawn. when my throat strethe
DIANNA29 2006-10-20
2   last decade

Throat Infection
Hi! I am 23 years old.I am having throat infection.I feel pain in throat and i have diffi
ranganathan 2006-10-18
6   last decade

Hair Loss
Hi, Iam 27yrs and the hair loss seems to be troubling me since 10months. This has drastic
Sanjana 2006-10-18
7   last decade

Could it be graphites?
I know very little about homeopathic remedies, but I feel I should know more. I stumbled
Mielan 2006-10-20
2   last decade

This is from another site. Some people would be interested. ---------------- According to
PANKAJ VARMA 2006-10-20
5   last decade

i have a question cause i'm new to homeopathic medicaments. i'm taking antidepre
recca 2006-10-20
2   last decade

Diabolical hayfever + pregnant
Hello there, hope you someone can help me as I am at the end of tether. I was a smoker & u
Snowi_d 2006-10-19
1   last decade

Joepathy - for Joe De Livera
Don't worry Joe !! All these people 'yelling' and 'screaming' at AB

PANKAJ VARMA 2006-10-15
31   last decade

Urinary Incontinence in Children
Million people have problems holding urine until they can get to a toilet. This loss of ur

shamid 2003-10-20
14   last decade

Arnica pills for hairline head fracture
Joe is right. Arnica is good. My son got this hairline fracture when he was 3 years old an
atticcat 2006-10-18
7   last decade

Essential Tremon~
This is my first post and I come equiped with a Materica medica & Homepathic kit from Indi
Angelica 2006-08-11
9   last decade

carsinosin 200
After one visit to my homeopathist I was given 3 tablets of car 200 to take. Of the aspect
18vil 2006-10-18
7   last decade

For Pankaj Varma Only
Dear Sir Even i have my spritual guru and you are also a spritual person having ful

pankajnarang81 2006-10-18
32   last decade

Extremely Depressed. Please HELP!!!!
I am 45 years old. I have been suffering from severe depression and anxiety for the last 1
babul27 2006-10-12
8   last decade

pennis problem... please help me....
I am a 26 year old unmarried male. I have a problem of severe itching on penis and testie
us_phy 2006-10-20
no replies yet

Need To Increase my sons appetite
Hi, My son is 21 months he has only gaind 1 pound in 8 months.So that puts him at 21 pound
faithjudy 2006-10-19
1   last decade

Ahoy, JACOB~ Pulsatilla for ET
Hi Jacob, gosh i posted a minute ago but now I can't find it, nor could I find our th
Angelica 2006-10-19
no replies yet

Ear fullness and tinnitus
HiI've had a feeling of fullness or blockage in my left ear for nearly 6 months. The

davmandy 2003-05-11
13   last decade

ask about Dosage(sex sensitive) hafiz
hello dr.deoshlok sharma, how r u hope fully u will fine. i want to ask with u about Dos
hafiz 2006-10-19
no replies yet

ask about Dosage(sex sensitive)
hello dr.deoshlok sharma, how r u hope fully u will fine. i want to ask with u about Dos
hafiz 2006-10-19
1   last decade

Severe hairloss and plucking
Hello, I am a 42 year old who has suffered with hair loss for around 13 years, but it has
Colleen 2006-10-19
no replies yet

If I find my simillum, how do I know what dose and form to take?
hello, i feel that argentum nit is my simillum for long-term issues i have had (spanning

Eureca 2006-10-17
30   last decade

Reversing male pattern baldness
Hi, I'm a 28 year old male. I'm losing hair at the crown. I'm assuming this
webnomad 2006-10-19
no replies yet

Medication for pet dogs hip displacea
I would like to know whether homeopathy is effective on animals and if so, my 8month old l
sharadbhalla 2006-10-19
2   last decade

Looking for a NYC Homeopath
I'm looking for a recommendation for a homeopath in NYC (incl. 5 boroughs). I really
forkingpaths8 2006-10-19
1   last decade

please give me a remedy for weak, bendable and brakable nails
I have weak, bendable and brakable nails, so they don't grow! is there a remedy that
maryam 2006-10-17
8   last decade

depression, lethargy, hypertension
Pls let me know is there any remedy for me I'm taking Lemna Minor 30 for croyza and C

aqueel 2006-10-12
13   last decade

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