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cirhossis hepatitis B
Hi All, I need an advise about hep b, as at the moment my dad has been diagnosed recently
z2218708 2006-06-28
2   last decade

Thuja-pls advise
I have ordered Thuja as per a diff. thread. I did get the CM potency in the pill form and
lollol 2006-06-28
1   last decade

I am 35. I have stammering problem from my boyhood. I have a daughter of 2 years 10 month.
protrasha 2006-06-27
2   last decade

worried 16 yr.old girl
My 16 year old daughter has had a few complaints lately. She has a lot of bruises, which
tbarbie 2006-06-27
2   last decade

Eczema 2 year old girl -- Need your advice
Hello everyone, I have a 2 year old daughter who has been recently diagnosed with mild ecz
parenttx 2006-06-24
5   last decade

trouble eating
im 24 and am nursing my second baby im haveing trouble eating though i dont seem to have
nikkii84 2006-06-25
3   last decade

glaucoma w/high bp and allergies
kindly advise alternative therapy/remedy for above combo. I cannot drink too many fluids
ganeshji 2006-06-27
1   last decade

In article http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2006/6/26/211433.shtml?s=et they sa
lajaw 2006-06-27
1   last decade

Calcarea Cabonica question
Hello, I have a 5 month old, who just visited a Homeopathic nurse yesterday. My daughter
atticus 2006-06-27
4   last decade

DR SAJJAD : premature gray hair
Dear Doctor Sajjad My name is Eliran im 27 year old male, with problems of substantial sex
Eliran1 2006-06-27
1   last decade

migraine pain
I have been suffering from Migraines for 5 years, since I was 4 months pregnant with my fi

chavamora 2006-06-26
18   last decade

Seeking advice for Gastric trouble
Dear Pankaj ji and Dr. Kuldeep ji, I take the liberty of requesting advice for my friend.
knbrao4 2006-06-27
2   last decade

Not getting cured...
I am 33 Yr old male. I am having multiple and severe problems.My problems are mostly of a
khanf 2006-06-27
2   last decade

Head Skin Problem
I have sores which iches a lot accompained by wounds and sometimes emerges some series of
kimamule 2006-06-27
1   last decade

Hb levels in kidney patient
How can the HB levels in kidney patient be increase as these fall below 10 levels. whether
adil_kakar 2006-06-26
3   last decade

high blood pressure
hi there i have high blood pressure problem.one day it went 180/100 i m m
pakimunda 2006-06-26
3   last decade

cold moved to chest in 8month old
8 days ago my son began sneezing and profuse, clear runny nose. He was rubbing one ear an
tbarbie 2006-06-23
3   last decade

something crawling down inside the right calf
Dear All My aunt is suffering from the following symptoms, can anyone suggest some medici

sazim 2006-05-26
16   last decade

I am having multiple neurofibroma near neck and on nerve root. as well as warts. I am curi
govindkalena 2006-05-28
6   last decade

Need Help with Bear hair loss, Cholestrol, and teeths
Hello Everybody, I need help regarding following symtoms. No smoking history, vegetarian
srajani 2006-05-31
3   last decade

is your mind is unsettled or restlessness ?- by dr. deoshlok sharma
Try Agrimonia Eupatoria -(Materia Medica) - the mind is unsettled and restless , prone to
deoshlok 2006-06-24
4   last decade

Erection, Obesity, Stress and Sedentary Life
I am 37years old. Married with two kids. Have been having incomplete erections for several
RemedySearcher 2006-06-26
1   last decade

Menstrual Cycle/Menopausal Problems- Please Help!
My menstrual periods have been late and this month, it lasted about 8 days, average flow,
blessme44 2006-06-24
4   last decade

swollon feet/ankles
My feelt and anfles swelled up about 1 1/2 weeks ago..and they won't go down. I stan
chavamora 2006-06-26
7   last decade

Remedy for High Cortisol/Cushing's remedy
I have cortisol levels so high the lab could not measure them on saliva tests. Of course,
haggis 2006-06-27
1   last decade

Ruthless Profit Makers!
Drug firms a danger to health - report International research exposes flaws in £33
walkin 2006-06-26
1   last decade

nephrotic syndrome
I had a diagnostic of Nephrotic Syndrome. My doctor treat me with Prednisone. I never get
perry03 2006-06-26
1   last decade

Johnny Boy! 2006-01-10
2   last decade

leftover urinary discoft
I contracted an UTI after firstime sex with my lover several months ago and it did not com
blissfulrituals 2006-06-25
6   last decade

Arsenic Alb.
I am taking Ars Alb 30 once a day for the last six months for acute mouth burning due to r
wahijs 2005-07-08
11   last decade

The acnepill is awesome. You dissolve it under your tongue and take it once a day. It tota
boo ya 2005-04-21
7   last decade

Neck bone spurs
I have had two operations in the last 8 years for bone spurs in the neck. The first time
Woodbucher52 2006-06-26
1   last decade

rib injury
i'm not sure if anyone may be able to help but it can't hurt to ask. i train in
InSpirit 2006-06-24
3   last decade

Chronic Constipation
What remedy is good for this type of constipation? I'm 24 years old. I simply have no
patience 2006-06-25
8   last decade

4yr old, white skin spots that itch
my daughter has tan skin and is very active but her legs and arms have white spots(alot) t
InSpirit 2006-06-24
2   last decade

Cikungunya virus
I want to know if anybody is familiar with the Cikungunya virus. It is transmitted by mosq
US123 2006-06-01
2   last decade

Severe Burning Starts
When I sit down on a chair, bed, sofa etc for more than half an hour or so. Severe burning
lrkukreja 2006-06-25
2   last decade

Suffering from Carpal tunnel....
I am suffering from Carpal Tunnel. I prefer natural medicine. I do not have health insuran

horsetrainer 2006-03-14
26   last decade

Increasing socialness with peers chlild
My 5 year old son is recovering from autism. He has made incredible progress and is no lo
Giovanna 2006-06-25
2   last decade

far infrared saunas portable
to all dr an qualified personell what ideas do you have about infrared portable saunas, i
kahlil007 2006-06-24
2   last decade

Elicina for acne scars?
anybody try this for acne scarring? if so how old was the scarring and what results did yo

hotty198 2005-05-13
16   last decade

I have read some books available on urine therapy. They claim cure or at least amelioratio
numbree5five 2006-06-25
1   last decade

taps with fingers/hands
I was wondering if anyone knew of a remedy that includes the characteristic of tapping wit
merrybees 2006-06-18
1   last decade

Burning in Food Pipe
Can you please help me to get rid of burning in my food pipe as and when I take Sweet thin
lrkukreja 2006-06-10
8   last decade

Foot Ulcer---diabetic---urgent
could someome suggest any remedy internal or external for foot ulceration due to prolonged
hisam 2006-06-24
4   last decade

Puppy not eating...Please help?
Looking for help with a 3 week old female Jack Russell puppy. I have had her for 2 weeks.
horsetrainer 2006-06-24
8   last decade

Heart Pounding- recent diagnosis of Lyme Disease-- Need help- do not want to use Antibiotics!!!
I am new to this forum and am very happy to find it. I have been doing some research onli
Shahara 2006-06-20
9   last decade

PMS cure or reliever?
Does anyone know what can help PMS? I have tied lots of herbs and still I feel like a psyc
Narelle 2006-06-24
2   last decade

Help-Gallbladder Surgery
My symptoms started three years ago. I've had three, what I call attacks. Most rece
racyspyder 2006-06-24
2   last decade

You are what you eat! -depreassion
Medication? You can Battle Depression Effectively with a Proper Diet! http://www.antidepre
walkin 2006-06-24
no replies yet

adverse effects
i want know about the drug tenovate-m, and are there any side effects of this drug?ointmen
RAJVIDYA 2006-06-24
1   last decade

adhd risks
2/10/06 • Warning Urged for ADHD Drugs Panel Cites Risks, Fears of Overuse By Shankar Ve
walkin 2006-06-24
no replies yet

juvenile InsulinDependantDM
i had onset of DM 6 years ago when i was 18 .is there any treatment in homeopathy
narayanan nk 2006-06-24
1   last decade

please help me i am not having so much hair to comb ,if i comb hairs will fall ,i will app
vaz_waseem 2006-06-18
3   last decade

another acne sufferer
I am a 25 year old unmarried female. I have had acne problems since I was 16-17. this mig
mariya 2006-06-20
7   last decade

“wounded” and “sour” artery after stent implantation
I wrote before in Homeopathy and Health Forum that on the 2nd of June I have been through
thezahoor 2006-06-23
2   last decade

2yr old bruises very easily
Help! My two year old little girl is constantly getting herself bruised up, she is always
mayfloweracademy 2006-06-22
2   last decade

Help me Get rid of this Alopathy Depression Medicines......
Hi There, I am expreriencing this depression symptom for last five years.It started when i
chaturchand 2006-06-23
3   last decade

torn knee cartilidge
My mother (79) has torn the cartilidge in her left knee and is in a lot of pain. Is there
jaden 2006-06-23
1   last decade

Help needed Please!
Hello Everyone. I would like your advice on how I can tackle some of these issues. Any adv
raja singam 2006-06-20
6   last decade

Black on teeth
I am a 22 year old female. About two and a half months ago I noticed that there was a tint
khoff9898 2006-06-22
3   last decade

gastro-intestinal problem
Hi, For the last 5-6days I am having some problem in the bowel movements. I am taking food
mohanviro 2006-06-21
4   last decade

Anti malaria
Dr Joe: I opened up another thread as it is a different topic. I am taking my son(2 and a
amitra123 2006-06-22
2   last decade

To relieve suffering is admirable
---or is it? Police investigate patient deaths Friday June 23, 2006 Police are to inv
walkin 2006-06-23
no replies yet

less weight &
I am electrical Engineer. My problem is my phesical condition.I have a thin body.My hight
ASIFKHAN 2006-06-23
1   last decade

Joe - IBS and nat phos
Any success in treating IBS with nat phos? Am suffering from IBS since 5 years with sympto
vikram78 2006-06-22
2   last decade

Question re bipolar
I have been studying homeopathy for about a year-and-a-half and am new to this forum. I w
cg_lem 2006-06-23
1   last decade

cervical spondylosis
iam suffering from neck pain,back scapular pain,upper chest pain,on left side from 2 years

av_ramesh 2002-07-13
20   last decade

Hair falling problem
Hi I am tanwi basak 25/f from india now in usa. i have been suffring from hair falling
Tanwi basak 2006-06-22
1   last decade

ear problem
Hi,my daughter 9yrs old is having itching from 4 yrs. It started like this. when we went f

anon99 2004-09-04
257   last decade

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