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Urgent Please help
Sir, I am 39 post- graduate girl. I suffering from many problem regarding my beauty, l
ashllika 2006-05-11
9   last decade

Enlarged spleen and liver
I was diagnosed with enlarged spleen and liver in september of this year. Have chronic hy

Katherine 2005-11-24
14   last decade

yellow teeth
Is there any remedy for yellow teeth?
oberoidk 2006-05-11
9   last decade

Wrinkles, aging changes in skin, Old age and Wrinkles - By Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Wrinkles Definition Wrinkles are visible creases in the skin. Considerations Most
deoshlok 2006-05-18
2   last decade

I was suggested to buy ceonatus americanus (jersey tea ) for my enlarged spleen. However,
dabitz 2006-05-17
1   last decade

lumps in armpit during menstrual
Just to make me feel better...I am 25, female, and right before my menstrual cycle I get s
milf4mc 2006-04-28
4   last decade

Joe De Livera
You recommed using Arnica 30, 1 drop liquid in 400ml of spring water twice daily, to sto
Chuck D. 2006-05-17
2   last decade

split tongue
Hi Can anyone advise on the following please? 1)Patient has deep split in middle of to
heaman 2006-05-17
1   last decade

I have just ordered Phosphorus and Nux Vomica for my hayfever that will start in M

BelindaCPFC 2005-03-10
19   last decade

Me, summed up. Could use your help
43 years old Male 6' 0& quot; 145 Lbs (have been since high school) Not particularly

jdant 2006-03-07
25   last decade

Is there homeo remedy for thyroid problem
I like to know from homeo doctors if homeo medicine works best for under or over active th
rdutt 2006-04-28
7   last decade

lever problem
A friend of mine has recommended me to use Lycopodium 200 2 drops daily to guard against
ahmedkhattak 2006-05-07
8   last decade

excessive sex make my left testis bigger
hi all i have a very serious problem. my left testis is almost 30% bigger than my right

jasim1234 2006-04-29
21   last decade

Please Help
Hello to all doctors on the forums My mother is suffering form gall stones & is not
Vimal 2006-05-05
4   last decade

Wound in my throat
About 5 days ago I was eating baked chips. They were triangular shaped like Doritos. Aft
Stealth 2006-05-17
1   last decade

Duodenal Ulcer
Hello I have been suffering from acidity since last 1 month and doctors did endoscopy and
npavankumar 2006-05-16
2   last decade

weakness in voice
I've been taking Prevacid and/or Nexium for over 5 years. I have a very weak voice.
pamsimpson 2006-05-05
2   last decade

diabetes type i in children
My 7 years old son has recently been diagnosed as patient of diabetes type I and he is run
ehsan.akhtar 2006-05-04
3   last decade

Allergic Rhinitis
I am suffering since 4-5 years. Everyday I have pulsating headache, blocked nose, sneezing
awanikamat 2006-05-09
1   last decade

one ovary functional
My one ovary is functional as other one got removed surgically.I have one girl 10yrs, want
ashfaq 2006-05-16
3   last decade

Adrenal Burnout
I've had many ongoing medical problems the past few years..well more like all my life
bittersweet 2006-05-17
1   last decade

Mother wanting to wean
I have a two year old that I have been trying to wean for about a year now. We are having
nummymummy 2006-05-15
6   last decade

Help - Husband with insomnia and chest pain
Hi, I am not sure insomnia is my husband main complaint, but it seems to slowly deterio

LovingMom 2006-05-14
67   last decade

Help! - Chronic respiratory diseases and more
Hi, I am Luise and I have a following problem. I have a chronic cold, which demonstrat
luisepoulain 2006-05-15
8   last decade

Allergies yet again...
I live in central California and this year the pollen count is killing me. I have always h
Pollenator 2006-05-13
2   last decade

neck and shoulder pain
my daughter is a 26 yearold dancer. On Friday suffered severe neck and shoulder pain trav
Tidalfire 2006-05-16
2   last decade

Pankaj ,joe :23 month old constantly picking nose
Hi Pankaj and joe My 23 month od daughter is constantly picking her nose.She cannot take
shiny 2006-05-14
12   last decade

Will Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM antidote homeopathic remedy?
I am thinking of taking Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM. Will any of these antidote the c
ojtwelve 2006-05-16
no replies yet

Chelation antidote homeopathic remedy?
I am thinking of doing a chelation. Will this antidote the current homeopathic remedy I am
ojtwelve 2006-05-16
no replies yet

Unnecessary hair growth on chin and neck
My daughter is 27 yrs She has a child of 4 yrs . Has recurring hair growth on chin. It bec
Gkhol 2006-05-12
2   last decade

Whats going on in this forum aren't you meant to answer people's questions?
Its amazing how only stories that create a stir are answered. I still have a question that
Mona Lisa 2006-05-15
8   last decade

Pankaj- please help with extreme itching on arms and legs
Hi Pankaj, Quick question...do you think the remedies that you had prescribed will help
zigkaddy 2006-05-15
2   last decade

can homeopath help with cavities?
My husband has his first cavity at 31 yrs! He's British, now lives in US. Switched to
freebird 2006-05-14
2   last decade

4year old boy and his rash
My 4 year old has 'bumpy' skin which is a kind of rash on his torso, primarily on

Spotty celestial 2006-05-11
27   last decade

i am not taking any other medicine.i've got nat phos 6x .i'm taing it religiou
shweta 123 2006-05-14
5   last decade

baby nightmares?
My 8 month old baby seems to be having nightmares or night terrors. He will stir and cry
little birdy 2005-11-16
3   last decade

tiny bumps, sand like on upper eyelids (underneath eyebrows)
Does anyone else have this problem? I'm a female, and since we tweeze our eyebrows, o
zigkaddy 2006-05-10
4   last decade

Spasms, poor sleep, inner shakiness
I am suffering from severe spasms , especially in evening and night times. Spasm is all ov
Dinesh2U 2006-05-12
5   last decade

In our place, Drs. or pharmacies pour few drops of liquid medicine into small container of
iffi123 2006-05-15
2   last decade

Help Please
My skin is pussy,inflamed and itchy could it be sulphur and zinc reaction?????
Mona Lisa 2006-05-15
1   last decade

homeopath in Saudi
I read in a previous post that somebody mentioned Dr Rafatullah in Riyadh, Saudi. Does any
anony 2006-05-14
3   last decade

my height is not increasing
i am 15 yrs old my height is 160cms. kindly syggest any homeopathic medicine to increase
mayankmag 2006-05-11
3   last decade

Sulphur and zinc reactions
Can someone be allergic to both sulphur and zinc ?
Mona Lisa 2006-05-15
no replies yet

Hair Loss/Receding Hairline at 16
Hello, I have recently stumbled upon this site and hopefully someone here can help. I&#
stone17 2006-05-15
1   last decade

About tissue salts?
hi , i want to ask something about the tissue , in homeopathy when i want to use remedy fo
cellsalts 2006-05-13
5   last decade

HELP 9 days stomach bug in small kids
Day 9- I am so frustrated, herbs, colloidal silver nor oil of oregano is killing this da

wendypape 2006-04-23
16   last decade

Desperate for help- GERD for many years-facing surgery
I have been reading over the posts on this forum a few times over the past few months..it
bittersweet 2006-05-13
9   last decade

Fears and Phobias
The NORMAL vicious circle Watching a TV program on phobias it was impressed on me how m
walkin 2006-05-14
1   last decade

do you know?
What Is Coming Through That Needle? The Problem of Pathogenic Vaccine C
walkin 2006-05-14
no replies yet

autism - is it natural or created
Autism - Worst Welfare Disaster In History

walkin 2006-05-14
no replies yet

acne treatment that won't antidote homeopathic remedies
Know of any that don't dry the entire face out?
freebird 2006-05-13
4   last decade

homeopathy is bad
I have taken homeopathy medicine and found it always aggravates. It never cure disease rat
r_mat04 2006-05-07
5   last decade

newbie here and ....
I am not new to homeopathy but haven't done much in the last few years relying more o
annie12345 2006-05-13
6   last decade

Does Apocynum Cannabinum is effective for loosing fat from waist
Hi Doctor, From a homeopathy magzine,I came to know that to reduce fat from stomach and w
shail_malik 2006-05-13
1   last decade

All the homeo experts Please do read this and put your comments, this will help lot of people
well i am 34 years old and like most of other people i have got the problem of pre mature
hasn45 2006-05-13
3   last decade

natural acne treatments that won't antidote homeopathic remedies????
Can a homeopath or someone with experience share some solutions????
freebird 2006-05-13
1   last decade

Please help if can
I am 19 male but my penis is too small to do sex. So what medicine should i take to solve
saswatadhar 2006-05-11
9   last decade

Brain Development
Hi, a friend gave me a bottle of Homoepathy tablets for Kids brain development and it seem
jalilsam 2006-05-14
1   last decade

foul smelling gas, please HELP
i am a 37 yr. old woman, gave birth to a healthy boy (1st child) 7.5 months ago, and have
hunter369 2006-05-13
1   last decade

kidney cyst
Recnelty I was diagnosed with a kidney cyst-more tests are pending. I am a 40 year survivo
isleofskye 2006-05-13
1   last decade

Should you have salt
I am not supposed to have spicey foods. Would salt and pepper, those kind of seasonings be
westwindd 2006-05-13
1   last decade

Losing more hair
I am 62 year old female. I am on medication for low thyroid. My hair has been thinning
brightly 2006-05-13
1   last decade

What your vet may not know
Vioxx Debate Echoed in Battle Over Dog Drugs Friday, May 12, 2006 The drug came on th
walkin 2006-05-13
no replies yet

what your doc may NOT know
MRSA, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a bug once found only in hospitals o
walkin 2006-05-13
no replies yet

hair loss... pls help... urgent
I am a 20 year old male from mumbai. I have been experiencing hair loss for past 6 mon
agnello 2006-05-13
3   last decade

What side effect?
Doctors urged to be more vigilant over drugs' side-effects · 5,000 die every y
walkin 2006-05-13
no replies yet

to joe
hi,i'm taking nat phos 6x to reduce weight.it has been one week there are no results
shweta 123 2006-05-13
1   last decade

homeopathic remedies X or C
What is the diffrence between remdies with Xs and those with Cs?
Pat2006 2006-05-13
2   last decade

Tumour of brain
hi to all one of my near one has brain tumour glioblastoma a malignant tumour,his
drmohib 2006-05-11
1   last decade

remedy for nasal blockage and snoring
my friend using otrivin nasal drops from 15yrs,has lots of snoring also.he had gone throug
shweta 123 2006-05-10
1   last decade

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