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Effexior withdrawl and symptoms please help
I've been off effexior for 2months. Had taken it for 5 years. First four years 75mg t
Carta 2006-11-14
1   last decade

H.pylori+stomache wounds
Hi to each and every one well i have blood test in which they found H.Pylori .i have acid
shabbir_bzu 2006-11-05
4   last decade

cough turns into sneeze
is a cough that turns into a sneeze a specific symptom for any remedy?
mollydalton 2006-11-13
7   last decade

cannot get rid of 5 year olds cough.
my son has always suffered from bouts of broncitis and unfotunately untill recently has be
mollydalton 2006-11-14
3   last decade

argument vs discussion
Shiv Khera 'What is the Difference between an Argument and a Discussion? An argument

gavinimurthy 2006-11-11
42   last decade

Please Help with Alopecia Areata!!!!
I can't even describe my feeling right now. I'm so depressed, scared and don
yaelush 2006-11-07
2   last decade

Attention Moderator-Regarding pradip2006
Dear Simon, Today your forum has witnessed a strange phenomenon.A new member who has perh

rajivprasad 2006-11-13
22   last decade

Removal of totality is removal of disease: Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Removal of totality is removal of disease: The standard of health varies in different pers
deoshlok 2006-11-14
1   last decade

What homeopathic remedy?
Hi, I'm trying to determine the homeopathic remedy for a friend of mine. He is 29
ellenbee 2006-11-13
8   last decade

Child Overdosed on Antimonium Tart
My son got hold of a vial of 1M Ant. Tart and I think took 1/2 of it. He is prone to crou
maltesemd 2006-11-12
4   last decade

ref: for walkin pineal gland hyperpigmentation
dear sir, if i may ask you a question regarding the question of hyperpigmentat
nmgdes 2006-11-14
no replies yet

I have tinnitus for 2-3 weeks now in the right ear. It comes from stress. I am doing mor

Loewe 2006-11-08
14   last decade

Help to solve Autism Mystery
Hi I have an 12 yrs old autistic son. From last one and half year i'm insearch of rig

Dipika 2006-10-30
25   last decade

Is sulphur the remedy for halitosis caused by post nasal drip and coating on tongue ?
tester 2003-05-04
4   last decade

Chronic Bad Breath, Halitosis
Hello there....In my long journey to find a remedy for halitosis, I came across this forum
bika05 2005-12-24
5   last decade

son's halitosis problem
HiMy son is 11.9 yrs old. he has offensive breath most of the time for which i need advise
desikudi 2005-02-24
10   last decade

Side-effects of Anesthesia
A month ago I had four impacted wisdom teeth removed. They nocked me out and I was swollen
michaeltorre 2006-11-11
6   last decade

dyspnea at night
Hello all, I am suffering from dyspnea at night. Worse when I lie down. In the mornings w
thekind78 2006-11-11
3   last decade

please advise me with a effective remedy for tonsillitis and adenoidal hepertrophy for my son aged 8 years
hello gals/guys/ doctors etc, i am in urgent need of help from you people. my son is eigh

viba5467 2006-11-10
16   last decade

Can you have an allergic reaction to Homeopathic remedies?
I gave my friend who had had surgery Arnica, Ruta and Traumeel. Two and a half days later,
Gator 2006-11-13
2   last decade

Sore Throats
Any suggestions to help sore throats?
Johnc 2006-11-13
2   last decade

ear pierce staph infection
Cartilege. Vegan, all raw food, very healthy. 1st time medically challenged. Tendency t
nandarani 2006-11-07
9   last decade

pituitary gland or pituitrin
hello. im a 14 year old boy with a normal penis(little over 5in). however, i would like my
iluvkujbball 2006-11-13
no replies yet

Please Help - Increase 30C Potency?
Hello all. I have taken one dose of remedy in 30C potency in 5ml for chronic condition. I
tanto1300 2006-11-12
5   last decade

urticaria help!!!
Hi I have been suffering from urticaria for a month now1st started with a small spot like
jiten19 2005-08-26
8   last decade

Adult acne, need remedies before I try accutane as my final resort
Hi, I'm a 27-yr old female, who have had acne since I was 21. I had acne in my tena
asukarto 2006-11-12
4   last decade

Hello, I have been suffering from sinus for 12 years. Each time I get a cold, and after
hanuman_2000 2006-11-10
7   last decade

need to know about dosage
Hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone could advise me, i know i have candidas albicans wh
elainesmyth68 2006-11-13
4   last decade

Re: A matter of principles From kuldeep on 2006-10-30 Negate evolution and stay monkey.

gavinimurthy 2006-10-30
15   last decade

Virus Attacked Soon Die Abchomeopathy
Dear sufferer, some virus i.e. silent killers are entered in this forum without any medica

deoshlok 2006-10-26
42   last decade

attn: everybody
Re: Help Required From PANKAJ VARMA on 2006-11-02 Dear Joe, Some friends here at ABC Fo

gavinimurthy 2006-11-03
47   last decade

alcoholism-some hints
ALCOHOLISM. Q. : Give indications for Nux vomica in Alcoholism. A. : Morning vomiting, t
gavinimurthy 2006-11-07
1   last decade

why to follow guidelines?
The misconception that homeopathic medicines can't suppress, can't harm, irrespe

gavinimurthy 2006-11-10
34   last decade

i am using syzygium jamb 20 drops 2 times mornig and night, my sugar level fasting 138, p
john mammen 2006-11-13
2   last decade

my wife
i have been married for 3 years now and i have only had sex with my wife once. my wife doe
hello1974 2006-11-13
4   last decade

ingrown toenail
i have an ingrown toenail which is causing lots of pain. the side of my toe is swelling an
hello1974 2006-11-13
5   last decade

Complex Dandruff . Anybody ! Please Help !!!
Anybody. Please Help !!! I am of South Asian descent, age 28, male, living in USA, 165 P
shawn_g2000 2006-11-12
8   last decade

10 week old with sleeping probs/reflux
Hi, My 10 week old son is a very restless sleeper and has a type of silent reflux that ke

Skhan 2006-05-23
22   last decade

sable advice
hello, my name is missy am 31 years old.and am i need for some advice.my head always feels
moondragonessfx3 2006-11-12
1   last decade

Behavioural / Concentration / focus problem with a 10yr old
The following are the symptoms of the child, Will appreciate any/all help- - itching - esp

dogooder 2006-09-05
13   last decade

require a remedy for Genital warts...
I am suffering from a genital warts maybe...which has spread to & around my legs which itc
shaikh47 2005-12-07
4   last decade

answers to chronic quetionnaire for rajiv
1 always 2 occ 3 occ 4 never 5 nver 6 occ 7 always 8 often 9 often 10occ 11 hardly 12 oft
mollydalton 2006-11-10
2   last decade

hi all, can anyone guide me to a good homoeopath in navi mumbai most probably VASHI. thank
monachand 2006-11-11
6   last decade

bedwetting in 9 year old boy
this is my first request for help. My intelligent, bright, energetic, sporty, sensitive bo
weedotty 2006-09-21
10   last decade

headache with stiff neck
dear sir i am having pain and stiffness in neck and shoulders reffering to the back of t

prashik 2006-11-06
19   last decade

my pennis is too short
there is ny medecine to which help in growth pennis
chaudharydada 2006-11-12
1   last decade

morgellons rare skin condition
Has anyone here heard of Morgellons Disease? it's a bizarre condition that causes str
kelly5678 2006-11-12
no replies yet

Inspirig Story of a truly great Indian Homeopath
Dear friends,I found this person's life story to be very inspiring and worth emulatin
rajivprasad 2006-11-11
11   last decade

Holy basil/ Tulsi/ Ocimum Sanctum
Does anybody know if there exists a homeopathic of the above mentioned herb? If so, what
jentoun 2006-11-12
5   last decade

Help - 26yo Female - Patch of Hair Loss
I am 26 years old. About 6 years ago when I was 20 I noticed I had a sudden bald spot a li
HomerCat 2006-11-10
7   last decade

acne scars
I am 18 and have had alot of acne in the past 4-years, I was recently on Roaccutane, which
SCORPIAN_KING80 2006-11-11
no replies yet

ATYPICAL facial neuralgia - Can you help ?
Hi from France, I felt on your Web site skimming over Google and found it very interestin
szweig 2006-11-10
9   last decade

any remedy for digestion
hi there can anybody tell me a remedy that can speed up digestion. i am a student and i ha

nauman00 2006-11-09
19   last decade

where is John Stanton ???
Attention all : Please do not take any advice from John stanton. He kills people ///he sho
bullcow 2006-11-03
9   last decade

Please help. I have a cold (or something like that). I feel awful between 6 and 7 a.m. whe

martita 2006-11-04
49   last decade

post-traumatic Fibromyalgia Syndrome
I changed my reply topic to a previous post but then realised it did not change the main t
hahnemann 2006-10-31
3   last decade

fungal infection reappears
My fungal infection has reappered and here is my brief history. I am 55 years old woman. I
gracefullady 2006-11-11
1   last decade

4 years Child has Development Delay
We have a 4 year old son and he is delay in speech and development delay in social skills

saad2002 2006-11-01
15   last decade

worse after overdose
my 5 year old who has been coughing for a week took almost a whole tube last night of dros
mollydalton 2006-11-10
5   last decade

dengue haemorrhagic fever
Please any body knows which remedy is best to prevent DENGUE FEVER, and if unluckily one g
purdaysee 2006-11-07
5   last decade

To Kuldeep.....Plz advice!!!
dr kuldeep, i had posted my message in this forum and i was advised by mr.pankaj varma to
vivpan 2006-11-09
5   last decade

premature greying of hair
Sir iam 26 years old male suffering from pitutary microadenoma 1.3x0.9 MM.75% of my hair i
venkatesh 2006-11-04
7   last decade

help please (i have a rash)
i have a rash on my penis but i dont want to go to the doctor what are some home remedies
cbear 2006-11-11
1   last decade

runny nose at night
Hi, This is my first time posting here, so sorry if this topic has been covered before. M
ali_and_jo 2006-11-10
3   last decade

nossal congestion
I am 52 years old is suffering from nossal blockage in both noses since 15 years and had
parinoor 2006-11-09
2   last decade

Open letter to Joe De Livera
Dear Dr. Livera, Please help me. Please see my previous post under swollen legs -- I re
Buchworm 2006-11-10
5   last decade

Dear Docs, I sometimes get this skipping heart beats.Its rare but worries me a lot.I have
raajkunvar 2006-10-30
2   last decade

fertility problem
Please assist and suggest My history is I was operated for Hernia and Varicocele at the ag
chetansuri 2006-10-31
2   last decade

Viral Gastroenteritis- Two year old..
My son who is two years old has been suffering from Viral gastroenteritis(diagnosed) from
Gautam 2006-11-10
6   last decade

alopecia areata and atopic dermatitis
I am a 30-year-old male. I suffered from alopecia areata four years ago. Initially, ther
sunil76 2006-11-01
1   last decade

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