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dr.sajid .... dr.kumar please reply & help
Hello I've been following this forum for quite a while and see you two are the best p
rabsii90 2006-06-16
2   last decade

Oesophagit homeopathic treatment
Angiography showed two blocked arteries for which I have been through PTCA (Angioplasty) o
thezahoor 2006-06-16
2   last decade

Chronic Urticaria
Hi I've been suffering from the above since June of last year. I've been to se
Drew14 2006-06-16
1   last decade

i have a chronic urticaria i've checked my food habits but it shows no logic. i think
amitnanavati 2006-06-16
1   last decade

Keloids on both ears
Hi, I have keloids behind both my ears - the right one is more prominent. Anyone have a r
Skhan 2006-06-17
1   last decade

Body pain soon after going to bed at night.
I suffer from mild body ache only in following parts of the body: neck, shoulders, back an
T.S.Nagarajan 2006-06-17
1   last decade

Acne Advise Requested
have read the various ance related posts with interest and have even taken some inspiratio
bendi 2006-06-16
3   last decade

Faty Loss
i want to loos my Fat. I am 23 years Old. i am Software eng so most of my time i spend in
myharshdesigner 2006-06-16
1   last decade

no appetite, anxiety, or extreme worry?
Hi, I an new here and need some help. To begin with, about three weeks ago I just had a ba
jerry682 2005-05-06
9   last decade

How to take Bach Flower essences
Hi, I want to know how to take bach flower essences. Like homeopathy do we have to stay
anon99 2006-06-15
4   last decade

remedy enquire
dears sir i am inneed of ustilago maydis CM for my friend. where can i get it. it is a rar
gopal18 2006-06-16
1   last decade

Endocrine Drops
Hi, Im suffereing from Hypothyroidism and have been prescibed by someone Endocrine Drops-
mailaby 2006-06-16
2   last decade

Sexual problem?
Hello, I wanted to check into this because I noticed when I had sex I would ejaculate to e
igetya 2006-06-02
6   last decade

HBP and Aconitum Ferox Q
I tried several remedies for HBP in a few patients. The best result obtained from Aconitum
sthillaiyah 2006-06-14
2   last decade

how to Increase my height.
Hi I'm from India, Bangalore i'm 25 yrs old can i increase my height i'm 4
prtina 2006-06-16
1   last decade

New Paradigm -- lie!
Doctor behind MMR scare to face four charges of misconduct over research Monday June 12,
walkin 2006-06-12
2   last decade

Is there a way to switch from Allopathic to Homeopathy ???
Hi I am 53 years old…had a triple by pass 3 years ago … my heart is okay no damage. I am

jacobson 2006-06-05
20   last decade

Homeopathy and Malaria
Does anybody have any information about this? Does homeopathy have anything to offer in te
WilsonM 2006-06-16
1   last decade

Is there any treatment 4 Tuberculsis
I suffered from Tuberculosis and it was diagnosed 50 days ago. I was given streptomycin In
kashifjan 2006-06-10
5   last decade

High Blood Pressure with anxious personality.
Hello Dr. Sajjad & Dr. Deoshlok Good morning to all of you I am 53 years old…had a
jacobson 2006-06-15
2   last decade

red eyes with discharge and eczema
What can i take for red eyes meduim discharge and eczema
divine1976 2006-06-16
1   last decade

Acne+weight gain+low motivation
Hi! Any suggestions for acne on neck, upper back and chest? I also have mild acne on my f

peet69 2006-05-24
26   last decade

major teeth work 2morrow-interference???
Hi there. I need some quick input. I will be having all of my 12 amalgams removed tomorrow
wendypape 2006-06-13
6   last decade

Sneezing, itchy watery eyes
My 5yr old son started having runny nose , watery itchy red eyes yesterday. He was outside
rasingh 2006-06-12
4   last decade

Nasal Polyps long term problem
Dear Sir, I have had very serious nasal polyp problem for 33.5 years. In these years since
deniz 2006-06-09
6   last decade

sorry it's Nasal Congestion !!
Sorry for the typo in my previous post...
monika-jethi 2006-06-16
no replies yet

Medicine is abour MONEY
Acute hospitals may close, NHS chief warns · Biggest deficit problem in East Angli
walkin 2006-06-15
1   last decade

Diabetic Neuropathy
My mother is a diabetic patient and her renal parameters are elevated as well her heart is
shubham 2006-06-15
1   last decade

"Pituitarum Posterium" & "Pituitrin" -are they the same remedy?
I feel they are same but similar and the basic difference is 'Pituitarum Posterium&q
naman 2006-06-15
1   last decade

Survey for university project
Hi all, I've been asked to post this by a research student at Eindhoven university:
moderator 2006-06-07
10   last decade

NHS trusts pledge to copy Tesco business methods Thursday June 15, 2006 Chief executiv
walkin 2006-06-15
no replies yet

sleep problem - sleepy in the morning
it just started a couple of days back. when I get up in the mroning, I am fully alert. aro
tjalal 2006-06-15
1   last decade

baby - late walking
Hi all, My baby is a bit late in walking. he is around 13-1/2 month old. he has been stan
tjalal 2006-06-12
9   last decade

Sudden itches
i get these sudden itches sometimes.....it lasts for like 5 mins and then goes away comple
devang1987 2006-06-15
1   last decade

Calendula Ointment
How to make Calendula ointment. Can be used for burns, injuries and insect bites etc. Cr

girilal 2006-06-09
23   last decade

How to choose the right practitioner?
Greetings all, I'm a new member on this board and have lurked around the archives, lo
MelMan 2006-06-11
11   last decade

feeling worse of staphysagria, chalazion
I'm from Poland, i'm 23 girl. Since 18 months i have acne rosacea and also chala
Victoria_Antares 2006-06-14
1   last decade

Dear All Something I found on the net, and here it is for your perusal 'When you
sazim 2006-06-12
2   last decade

who doesn't have problems
Some wise guys advised me once 'there are only two kinds of people who do not have pro
ziakhan 2006-05-31
4   last decade

Thyroid nodules
Are thyroid nodules regarded as indurations, tumors, or something else?
ddfpa 2006-06-14
3   last decade

Need help with sick kitty:(
Hello all. I've got a 9 y/o neutered male orange tabby, Jade. He's honestly th
vespergenic 2006-06-14
3   last decade

My eight years old asthma/hayfever
Hello, I've justed joined this forum and would really appreciate some advise for my b
rkana 2006-05-17
7   last decade

burning throat, gerd
I am on 40 ml of Prilosec and still have burning throat but not a problem with heartbun. F
Redhead 2006-06-12
1   last decade

Please help!
I have severe allergies and cannot breathe through my nose at all. Not in, not out, yet it
glamcherie 2006-06-10
2   last decade

Help Request (SoS).
hi all, I am writing my conditions/symtoms: I am facing high level of impotency. Age: 30
meerkhan 2006-06-11
2   last decade

8 yr old daughter eczema case
I began reading the eczema posts and have learned that I SHOULD stop allowing her to eat s
mayfloweracademy 2006-06-13
2   last decade

glands on neck and joints
patient's age is 40 male working employee having glands on neck a few but on joints o
avajihuddin 2006-06-14
2   last decade

Useful advice for panic attacks
Useful advice for panic attacks and ... I hope some of the advices given below might be h
siyani 2006-06-14
no replies yet

weak eye sight
my friend is aged 22,male,not married,size is 5 feet 4 inch, healthy,weight is 65 kg, has
usmanghani 2006-06-11
2   last decade

CALENDULA tea for some skin conditions.
For skin irritations and burns, try something topical. Call around to health stores, ask i
sabra 2004-12-22
7   last decade

Depression, chronic tiredness
I am new to the forum. I am trying to copy and paste a survey filled, but a message YOU AR

argentaria 2006-05-21
42   last decade

desperate call for help----sos
i have a habit of chewing tobacco. now i cannot open my mouth beyond 2cm.i cannot tolerate
moonstruck 2006-06-13
6   last decade

i feel dizziness and ringing noise in ears, slightly upset in the morning, vision fickerin
amitre 2006-06-13
2   last decade

Evening Primrose Oil
I am a mother who needs help with my baby's skin condition.My 6 months old daughter h
shinta 2006-06-13
1   last decade

any remedies for injuries?
Anyone have any remedies for a bad injury of the cartilage? (severe swelling and stitching
GoodFella 2005-08-11
5   last decade

iron suppliment for 9 month old baby
Hi, My son is 9 Months old.His iron is slightly low (almost boderline) . Is there any ho
monika-jethi 2006-06-12
8   last decade

Songs echoeing in mind
what are the possible remedies for mental symtoms like songs being echoed in the morning
hisam 2006-05-25
4   last decade

antidote remedy
hello, i looking at abchomeopathy online solution for ed problem. it suggested using phos
jacques 2006-06-12
4   last decade

pankaj varma please respond
hi, i have forwarded an email at your id.please check. thanks
sanvar 2006-06-11
1   last decade

How do I treat my diagnosed urinary tract infection?
Hi I am 51 Caucasian woman who has diabetes 2 for two months. I have dramatically changed
Seesaw 2006-06-11
2   last decade

Baby Eczema
My baby is 3 1/2 months old and I discovered her dry skin is Eczema. She is not immunized
Freedom 2006-06-12
2   last decade

Homeopathy - The Core Principles
Dear all I came across the following article by Michael Tomlinson, and I found it quiet i
sazim 2006-06-12
11   last decade

thoracic outlet syndrome
Does anyone know of any herbal remedies/help for this? Thanks!
fullhouse451 2006-06-13
4   last decade

perineal tear from delivery - when used glue instead of stitches..
HI, I had my second baby almost 4 weeks ago and had a minor (less than 1 inch) tear and my
mommaof2 2006-06-11
1   last decade

Seeking Advice Regarding 9 month old
Hi All Am new to the forum, and hope you dont mind me joining! Would like some advice re

shellnelliot 2006-05-25
21   last decade

to sajjad
would you have any ideas on this problem. many years ago i use to played a lot of basketba
kahlil007 2006-06-13
1   last decade

Hi Folks !
Busy with some personal work for 2/3 days. Those waiting for replies...will revert after t
PANKAJ VARMA 2006-06-12
1   last decade

Tendonitis in left wrist
Hello. I am suffering from Tendonitis in my last wrist since approximately past 6 months.
ankitsheth 2006-06-07
3   last decade

Beware lazy Doctors
Who save time by prescribing DRUGS Tough curbs on Prozac prescribed for children &midd
walkin 2006-06-12
1   last decade

Mercury warnings for fidh . not vaccines
Monday, June 12, 2006 MOLE LAKE, Wis. -- Tina and Rick Van Zile are members of the Mole La
walkin 2006-06-12
no replies yet

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