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silica and calcium sulphate-confused!!
It it is my understanding that for treatment for boils, silica would push the pus through
vijay99 2006-04-30
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john stanton, ......
Please, tell me what to give my 14 year old kitty - she has not eaten for days (except for

ploutos 2006-03-27
162   last decade

Pain in the right Knee.
Dear Madam / Sir, My wife has problem in her right knee, Doctor says that the Cartilage is
smakhtar 2006-04-29
2   last decade

seek help from experts
I have B12 deficiency, with dominant symptoms:-my diet is 95% vegetarian-weakness after le
ashfaq 2006-04-29
1   last decade

left testis is 30% bigger
hi all i have a very serious problem.my left testis is almost 30% bigger than my right
jasim1234 2006-04-29
1   last decade

Query about treatment
Complaints: From Last June, I have developed itching tendency in Left hand followed by agg
riddhi 2006-04-20
5   last decade

Nat Phos 6x in pellet or tablet form?
To anyone who is considering using Nat Phos 6x for weight control or digestive problems,
Pat2006 2006-04-27
8   last decade

storing homeopathic remedies
I have read different information about storing homeopathic remedies and want to find out
lmhoopes 2005-05-15
10   last decade

to qualified personel
can anyone tell me if there is anything to take for weight lost other than, nat phos 6x. i
kahlil007 2006-04-29
2   last decade

cat with chronic kidney failure
my 15 year old cat was diagnoised with moderate kidney failure about a month ago. She had
khaos 2006-04-29
1   last decade

Acne "rashes"
I have acne all over my back and chest. Thanks to Joe de Livera and his suggestion to take
Sally Lue 2006-04-29
5   last decade

care for post nasal drip
I have suffered from a post nasal drip for many years for which i believe to be the cause
646464 2006-04-28
4   last decade

Lump on arm
My 27 yr old son yesterday suddenly got a severe pain in his left arm near about the elbow
maya_hari 2006-04-28
2   last decade

swelling in the knee
Hello,My uncle get recurrent accumulation of water in the knee. He is getting it removed e
janaraji 2006-04-28
3   last decade

Sudden Body Itch
I am so miserable because I have been itching away about a week. It's driving me cra
mototuti 2006-04-29
1   last decade

Chronic Asthma
This is Fahed here, i am 23 year old male living in India,I frequently suffer from Asthma,

fahed 2005-08-23
37   last decade

Can it be that simple?
walkin 2006-04-28
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repeat uti's in toddler with developmental delays
My daughter suffers from repeat urinary tract infections. She is 2 1/2. She was 9lbs 14
jillrae 2006-04-06
4   last decade

How and Where to find Carcinocin?
Hello,I was recommended the Remedy Carcinocin 1M by Mr.Kuldeep for my daughter's prob
US123 2006-04-27
1   last decade

Question for Walkin or anyone else?
Out of interest, would it ever be a considered effective treatment by a homeopath for , sa
carlotta 2006-04-26
1   last decade

dark circles around eyes...help!!
Hi...I have always had dark circles around my eyes. My dad and sisters have them as well,
rosekaur 2005-09-14
4   last decade

Therapeutic of Asthma.
ARALIA RACEMOSA.Asthma on lying down at night, dry wheezing respiration when lying on back
sajjadakram635 2006-04-24
10   last decade

Aggressive dog
My neighbours dog is very aggressive.. he is a type of mongrel similar to the white dogs w
maya_hari 2006-04-24
8   last decade

Tooth trauma
I need some help - please!!!While I was biting on a large piece of ice, I got an immediate
arthursmom 2006-04-25
9   last decade

early puberty
Can homeopathy be used to try to slow down or stop puberty? My eight year old daughter ha
Longborough 2004-10-09
6   last decade

12 month old TEETHING diarrhea and sleepless
My 12 month is in pain from teething. Her back molars came through, her bottom tooth as w
jtlaharder 2006-04-25
3   last decade

To Kuldeep/John/Nikhil/Pankaj/Rajiv/Jerry/Joe/A.K.Khan
and all of the knowledgeable forum members out here....Could someone please look at my ear
arth75 2006-04-24
12   last decade

Dark/Sunken Eyes and Teeth Grinding
Hi,I am 25 years of age. I am Irish. I am currently living in South Korea for 1 year, sinc
Collie 2006-04-27
1   last decade

Hair loss
Young woman suffering from hair due to excessive chemical damage. Can homeopathic medicati
Desperado_pLZ 2006-04-26
1   last decade

Korsakov's = Hahneman's -dilutions ? corrispondence
hi, Iwant to konw the equivalent dilution Korsakovís = hahnemannís ? XMK = CH ?LMK
piergiorgio 2006-04-25
7   last decade

extreme itching.
A violent itch has been stalking me for the past four years that mainly consists of tiny r
Poor Boy 2004-08-10
9   last decade

Stress Linked To Glands > ?
After my glands in my neck being swollen for six months i had a blood test, it shown up cl
HELENH 2006-04-26
1   last decade

Does anyone know anything that can stop Karitosis or skin tags? I feel like I am being ta
celtic 2006-04-25
1   last decade

HIRSUTISM in a teenager- please help
Learned members,My 15 yearold daughter has Idiopathic Hirsutism ( Hirsutism caused by no u
US123 2006-04-22
11   last decade

please help
If any body know where i can get second hand books of Dr J ELIS BARKER. i got one translat
princeofnoland 2006-04-19
2   last decade

Hyoscyamus caused IBS
Is there any chance that taking Hyoscyamus 6c for mental symtoms would inadvertently cause
auryn 2006-04-25
3   last decade

remedy to ward against any after effects of hep b bv accination
Have just had a hep B vaccination (I am a Nurse). The last course did not give me very mu
ennaoj 2006-04-24
3   last decade

Dear AllWhat is the homeopathic medicine derived from Neem, and what are its usesThanks &a
sazim 2006-04-24
2   last decade

Alopecia areata, diabetes, hair loss,HELP?!?!
Hi i am a 24 yr old male.I have had type 1 diabetes since 20.Within the last few months i
danadecowski 2006-04-26
no replies yet

Excessive masturbation!
Hello everyone , i just registered here.I would say a little about my self first. i am 27
Metalhead 2006-04-23
6   last decade

remedy - under the tongue or chew?
I have read a lot of different views on how to take remedy in pill form.Wanted to know opi
ojtwelve 2006-04-26
1   last decade

nasal allergy
I read somewhere in a book once about a homeopathis medicine which should be taken if the
b_shgill 2006-04-26
no replies yet

Premature ejeculation
Hi Dr. SajidI am 31 years old male and got married last year. I am facing this problem fro
arshadab 2006-04-26
no replies yet

Orange Juice or Peanut Antidote Remedy?
By me drinking Orange Juice or eating Peanuts, will this Antidote Remedy?I normally drink
ojtwelve 2006-04-26
1   last decade

14 yr old son with mild autism, weak memory and word recall
Slow to walk and talk,youger years showed mood swings from very sweet to very ugly, diffic

nancysb 2005-04-14
33   last decade

acid reflux with carbo vege?
My mom is 52 years old. These past three weeks she has been suffering from Acid reflux. Sh
fenny76 2006-04-25
3   last decade

Severe Insomnia-Please Help!
I have been having very severe sleep onset insomnia lately. My insomnia problems starting
Sally Lue 2006-04-25
2   last decade

I have 2 grandkids with allergys and sick. One is 9 years old with headache and neckache.
tweetystone 2006-04-25
3   last decade

very chronic urticaria
please any one help me, i have a 20 year old chronic urticaria and im only 33 years old. p
fogoncito 2005-09-14
6   last decade

Can sheet rock cure some one?
First one must know: What is the chemical composition of sheetrock or Drywall also often c

kuldeep 2006-02-08
55   last decade

Anal Fistula
Hello..first of all I would like to say, this is such a great forum! I am hoping that some
ColoCub78 2006-04-24
2   last decade

Hitus hernia and acid reflux problem
I have had hitus hernia for quite a while now and this is the cause of my acid reflux prob

A2Z_A2Z 2005-08-02
16   last decade

Floaters and black spot .
I am 37 yrs old working femail.About 11 yrs back i had undergone R.K to remove mius number
skjasmine 2006-04-25
no replies yet

Pankaj, and others - NAT MUR dose guidance please
Greetings Pankaj, and others!for several months I have been working full time at my (relat
Frances 2006-04-24
6   last decade

Glaucoma prevention
I am a 53yo male with a paternal history of glaucoma. My pressure is 21r/23l I have no vis
sethr 2006-04-24
5   last decade

Mr, Joe de Livera, Kuldeep and others, Please help me in Alopecia Aerata
Dear Sir and Friends,For the past 7-8 Years, I have been suffering from this ugly and worr
ganesh2280 2005-12-19
6   last decade

Is there someone qualified for some URGENT help ???
Hello all,I am 31/m from Mumbai India. I do apologize for writing such a long post but wou
arth75 2006-04-22
8   last decade

Hypothyroidism/Graphite - new forum member
Hi, I am a new member who happens to be new with homeopathy. Have been diagnozed with hypo
casparilo 2006-04-24
1   last decade

Calcarea Sulphurica for Acne?
I was given this for my 17 yr old son who has ance on face, chest and a little on back. No
mbellm 2006-04-23
4   last decade

Aversion things pointing at you
Hi I'm looking for the remedies which have an aversion to things that point at them.
kayhello 2006-04-12
3   last decade

phytolacca berry
i am taking sepia 30 and conium 30 for pms prescribed by a doctor. now i wish to take phyt
sepia 2006-04-24
3   last decade

Recurrent miscarriage
I'm now on my third missed miscarriage and am wondering whether homeopathy can help.
mcmics 2006-04-24
1   last decade

Need some help please
Hello all,I am 31/m from Mumbai India. I do apologize for writing such a long post but wou
arth75 2006-04-20
4   last decade

provings from cell salts ?
Question: Is it possible to get a proving from the Cell Salts ?
carlotta 2006-04-24
1   last decade

sulphur and sulphur iodatum- difference ?
i want to understand the difference of the characteristics ( mental. et.etc. ) between sul
piergiorgio 2006-04-24
1   last decade

6c potency???????
Dear all,I posted my problem on this forum under the topic "gey hair, falling hair an
muravian80 2006-04-24
2   last decade

Hello - I am looking for a remedy for PMS. I have heard of using sepia and chaste tree. Do
mistresslynch 2005-06-07
5   last decade

premature ejacuation
i am 25 yr old and unmarried. i had the problem of premature ejacuation since 6 months and
cbcc_durga 2006-04-24
no replies yet

Follow up regarding Acne
Hello, This post is in continuation to a previous post I had written in regards to my acne
zigkaddy 2006-04-23
4   last decade

for rajiv prasad
hi rajiv,...i didnt have ur email id so had to post u here.. i need your help in professio
mihir 2006-04-23
1   last decade

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