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ear infection for 5yr old ---- please help
curious to know if ear infections can be cured by homeopathy. if i take my son to a regula
nineclouds 2006-03-16
5   last decade

bad breath
I have suffered from bad breath for many years, i have a post nasal drip and have always b
roonew 2006-03-16
2   last decade

multiple warts
I have multiple warts since 2 to 3 yrs.aftertaking elopathic as wall as homoeopathic treat
araissiddiqi 2006-03-17
1   last decade

is arnica safe for lactating mothers?
I am nursing. Is it safe for me to use Arnica for hair loss?
Bhanu Frueh 2006-03-16
2   last decade

Problem of white Hair
helloMy age is 21 and my all hair is white and the hair on my face is also going to white
mughalshar 2006-03-17
1   last decade

Dislocated Nose
I am 28 now, from the age of 12 i found that my nose is little bit bend in the middle. Whi
mohamedsalim 2006-03-17
1   last decade

remedy for male breast
I have read that one of our friend has this problem.please take THUJA-10M onedose. after 4
xiang 2005-12-11
1   last decade

Homeopathic Remedies
I have 195 homeopathic remedies that have been aged and are single remedies, with no combi
arrigoni 2006-03-16
1   last decade

high blood pressure at 22
I've had high blood pressure for the past year and am worried as to why. I am only 22
646464 2006-03-16
1   last decade

Stomach issues, burning, belching, yuk!
Hi all. I haven't had an endoscopy or colonoscopy, but I believe I have either an ul
VioletEyes 2006-03-17
1   last decade

All the answers to Carcinosinum/Carcinosin
Hello everybody,I've just been prescribed Carcinosinum 30k - my doc said it's to
AngieM 2006-03-04
3   last decade

Brain cell /strokedamage, high blood pressure and emphysema
My husband went to be checked by his doctor at the vA today. Even though my husbnad has be
blessme44 2006-03-14
4   last decade

have homeopathic kit to give away
hi.. i do not think i have what it takes to be a good homeopath..It takes many years exper
alicemagooey 2006-02-27
8   last decade

obcessive compulsive disorder
Age:20sex:maleunmarriedweight:54kgcountry:pakistanclimate:extreme cold in winter ex
sammakute2004 2006-03-13
2   last decade

Too Many Medicine Advise Please
Recently I took so many homeopathic remedies for my joint pain as advised from this forum
kplavunkal 2006-03-09
4   last decade

cure of my hernia problem in homeopathy
hello homeopathsi am asking for help again, but no body is replying here.i am also a stud
sana75 2006-03-15
2   last decade

Sulphur dosage for severe depression
My partner has had depression for 5 years, recently his business has gone extremely downhi
lexypie 2006-03-15
4   last decade

Hello Moderator
I have not been receiving mail notifications from this forum since yesterday. Could there
Pat2006 2006-03-16
no replies yet

Traces of an old scarlet fever
If the scarlet fever has been not completed rooted out with antibiotics and some traces re
adil_kakar 2006-03-14
2   last decade

Cure for infantile spasms in homeopathic
Hi!I have twins born on 05jan05 .Twin1 is perfectly fine but Twin2 is having problems of i
kbhatowa 2006-03-14
3   last decade

I need help with ringing in my right ear.
Hello, I am a 41 year old female. One year ago this month I got a pretty severe case of wh
modestygirl 2005-05-23
5   last decade

dr sharma, anyone - help - alopecia?
Hello I think I have alopecia. Hair loss for almost 10yrs now.1. Age - 372. Sex - black fe
leark 2006-03-15
2   last decade

dr sharma, anyone - help - alopecia
Hello I think I have alopecia. Hair loss for almost 10yrs now.1. Age - 372. Sex - black fe
leark 2006-03-15
2   last decade

I need suggestions for eczema relief!!
I am 24 yr old female and have severe eczema on three fingers. At times, they will weep an
mollierobinson 2006-03-15
2   last decade

Hepatitus C
SymtomWeeakness, Sleeplessnes, some time pain in right side.Please any remedy in homeopath
TM Chaudhry 2006-03-15
1   last decade

If i got cysts on my throat...
For the past 3 months ive been havin on n off pain in my throatr on the right side right u
mememe 2006-03-15
1   last decade

frequent urination only problem
I've been tested for different things from my doctor which is a urologist but they al
missata83 2006-03-10
9   last decade

singer lost voice; please help!!
I really need help. Im a young singer. 21f. I am (or was) a coloritura soprano. My voice i
Povalaguna 2006-03-13
8   last decade

is it ok.....
Hi,Just wanted to know if it is ok to take ayurvedic capsules whilst taking homeopathic me
gita_a 2006-03-14
5   last decade

iam a girl 22,once i saw parents sex,i became addict watching my parents sex,they playrole
m.aditya 2006-03-14
2   last decade

Fistula in ano
My friend a ship's captain developed a fistula in ano while working on-board. he is c
j cruz 2006-03-14
2   last decade

Help with Paranoia
I was wondering if there is any advice on a homeopathic treatment for paranoid & obses

Colette 2006-03-01
13   last decade

re vaginal tear
This in in reply to loulou667 from last year. Apologies if you have already found a cure b
Tracy68 2006-03-14
3   last decade

Stress, depression starting
I am experiencing some work-related stress and am starting to feel depressed by it. My sy

lmhoopes 2006-03-09
17   last decade

Phosphoricum Acidum - Alopecia?
Black Female with Alopecia. Just bought Phosphoricum Acidum 30C per the advise of a sales
Brownbooty 2006-03-14
4   last decade

Help needed for kitten with FIP
One of my foster kittens has FIP. My vet ordered FIP nosodes for him, and I gave him one d
menou 2006-03-15
no replies yet

alopecia/hair loss - help!!!
you can ge the result in a week whether medicine is working or not. I request you present
leark 2006-03-14
3   last decade

skin pigmentation(black spots)
Dear sir,iam kumar (age22) frm indiaiam suffering with skin pigmentation since 3 yearsfirs
bskumarb4u 2006-03-07
4   last decade

sos please
i am 50 yr old male suffering from joint pain, muscle pain, knee pain, shoulder and elbow

kamalroc 2006-02-08
24   last decade

SCAR treatment Arnica and Derma Action
I've seen the studies here on Arnica, so I decided to try it with the Derma Action fr
earthmover1 2006-03-14
1   last decade

My 10 year old daughter has a corn on the sole of her left foot. It does not pain unless s
patient 2006-03-14
3   last decade

can remedy cause weight gain?
My classical homeopath prescribed calc-phos for me, in part because of constant appetite.
polkadots 2006-03-14
1   last decade

Ringing in ears
Hi,I hope someone can give me some assistance.Since mid November 2005, I have had a ringin
obi2399 2006-03-14
2   last decade

white spots on skin (please help Dr. Kumar or any other homeo Dr.
my son age 9 gaining white spots from the last three months which are becoming larger. sta
roadmaster 2006-03-11
3   last decade

Can you help before my wife leaves me.
Hello, I am a 35yr old man with a lovely wife and 3rd old son.For some reason I seem to be
manonfire 2006-03-14
2   last decade

Hair Loss Problem
Hi,I am a 25-year-old female, experiencing hair loss since I was 13. I had my hair straig
susank 2006-03-10
3   last decade

uncontrllably high blood pressure
naheeda 2006-03-13
4   last decade

for doctor kumar
ONSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDERAGE: 20sex:maleunmarriedweight:54kgcountry:pakistanclimate:ex
sammakute2004 2006-03-14
no replies yet

Migrain Headache, Headache
Migrain Headache Definition: Headache is a nervous complaint and is characterized by vario
deoshlok 2005-11-16
2   last decade

feline leukemia
my 11 year old cat was just diagnosed with feline leukemia. i want to treat him with home
arlene1 2006-03-14
1   last decade

Arnika and its side effects
I applied “Arnika Plus Triofer” hair oil which was rather old (I think 1998 batch). I appl
alwaysinecstasy 2006-03-13
1   last decade

Dark Underarm Circles
I have dark pigmentation under my armpits. mainly left armpit. on right side just 2-3 spot
alwaysinecstasy 2006-03-13
1   last decade

please help me!
OBCESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER.Age:20sex:maleunmarriedweight:54kgcountry:pakistanclimate:ex
sammakute2004 2006-03-13
1   last decade

Hello, I started to hear the "sound of Night" (Crickets) about three months ago,

sunil 2005-02-27
39   last decade

I've had Psoriasis all of my 31 years.I'm not a very emotional person and have a
loydx8 2006-03-04
9   last decade

PLease help me!
OBCESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER.Age:20sex:maleunmarriedweight:54kgcountry:pakistanclimate:ex
sammakute2004 2006-03-13
1   last decade

Ankylosing spondylitis
Hi, I am 30 yrs old , have been diagnosed with AS since 1 yr ,had back and neck pain from
namaste 2006-03-13
1   last decade

Sinus Congestion
sinus congestion that just wont go away! I have tried OTC medicine but to no avail, can so
Chuck D. 2006-03-12
2   last decade

obcessive compulsive disorder
My problem is that of obcessive colpulsive disorder.the symptoms are, lack of self confide
sammakute2004 2006-03-12
1   last decade

Need homeopathic help to increase breastmilk supply and fight leg cramps
Am making this very detailed in the hopes that someone can better assess my situation. But
red17 2006-03-11
9   last decade

anxiety and depression
my anxiety is worse than my depression i need something natural to take to help i have a p
WFLORENCE 2006-03-10
4   last decade

New here...Lyme Nosode + other question
Hi, everyone... nice place you have here....I live in Colorado in the U.S.A., and recently
walkin 2006-02-06
2   last decade

Enlarged lymph nodes
I am 35 years old man. For about one year I have enlarged lymph glands i neck (one or two
arsjtr 2006-03-10
2   last decade

Joint Pain
Age: 31 yearsSex: FemaleI have the following symptons:1) Right knee joint pain since 2 yea
query 2006-03-12
1   last decade

"Pseudo Myopia " due prolonged Computer Use
10 years ago when my brother ( he was 30 years old then)was told , while undergoing had
s_neha 2006-03-10
4   last decade

any good indian homeopath like doctor kumar or any other, please help me
hello doctor kumari have read many of the posts here and found that you respond to many of
sana75 2006-03-12
2   last decade

need help of doctor kumar about hernia, weight loss and etc
hello doctor kumari have read many of the posts here and found that you respond to many of
sana75 2006-03-10
4   last decade

child epilepsy...
Hi!My name is Diana and I have a 4 year old sick nephew who needs help. His name is Peter
crazy_diamond 2004-08-25
6   last decade

cholesterol level
hello I am 53 female I have high cholesterol level and I am on medication, can homeopathy
sawsanlabib 2006-03-11
2   last decade

eye floaters
iam 38years old, 2years back block spot appeared in my left eye,now spots increased to 5-6
shivakumara.B 2006-03-11
2   last decade

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