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breast enlargement without syrgery
breast enlargement without syrgery what are medicines avilable
vaithyan 2006-06-04
2   last decade

acne scars
Hello I wonder what is the cost of laser cosmatic sugury to remove the acne scars type (ic
sweetslumber 2006-06-01
7   last decade

sinusitis and throat problems
Dear Dr. Sharma, Thank you for your answer and kind advice. I read that the Luffa Complex
siyani 2006-06-03
1   last decade

12 week old with runny nose and fever
Hi, My 12 week old son is currently taking lycopodium 30 c 2 pellets 2x a day and today i
Skhan 2006-06-03
1   last decade

Skin Problem
I am having problem with my skin, its getting blackish day by day, mostly my hand and lowe
Tanwi basak 2006-06-03
1   last decade

Gastric Problem
I m Siva Sakthi ( Male / 27 Yrs / Unmarried ) from South India. My Physical statis : He
fashionkraze 2006-05-31
5   last decade

PCODS -Serious Docs plz help me
I have PCOS problem..It was detected 10 months back.. I want to get pregnant..I'm mar
srbaba 2006-05-26
4   last decade

Please Help! My eyes!
Hi,I am an 18 yr old girl which recently has (3-4 months) discovered a slight discolorati

safina 2005-10-09
17   last decade

Dear Doctor I am a 21 year old male. 4 years ago I noticed that I have some problems livi
gaton 2006-06-02
4   last decade

sinusitis and throat problems
It would be greatly appreciated if you could give me your precious advice. I have been su
siyani 2006-06-03
2   last decade

Acidity and cold air
I,have acidity problom in ac room or cold air all the symptoms worse (is that related to
yoonus 2006-06-03
1   last decade

psoriasis, homeopathy, side effects
Hello, I have had psoriasis for 5 years now, and for the last 2 I'm trying homeopath
Tayra 2006-06-02
2   last decade

Toddler eye discharge
Hi, My daughter is 15 months. She had a blocked tear duct when she was about 3-4 months o

alicia 2006-05-24
13   last decade

Ringing in the ears
Hi My husband has ringing in his ears all the time. Other noises don't make it wors
brads 2006-06-02
4   last decade

scanty but regular periods and thinning hair
I am 3 years olk, doing my ph.d at the university of minnesota. here's my menstrual h
chutzpah 2006-06-02
2   last decade

Chronic Sinusitis
Hi everyone! I have chronic sinusitis for I don't know how many years but it was acci
Talat 2006-05-31
4   last decade

i need help i have acne
Hello my name is Yvette and I am 15 years old. I am suffering from very bad acne and woul
jvmystic790 2006-05-26
5   last decade

sick cat
My 1 yr old male cat woke up this morning wtih no apetite and very lethargic. No runny no
patricia 2006-05-20
1   last decade

Nesha_India, please help with allergies
Nesh_India,My husband has chronic allergies with dust and cold. He gets up in morning and

karishma 2006-04-26
34   last decade

lumps in armpit and on hands
Recently I found 3 lumps in armpits and 2 on hands.I can feel it only when i touch.There

unknown 2003-08-07
13   last decade

Help needed for IBS
Hi, I'm having the problem of IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) from last 5-6 years. The
sachin_chatekar 2006-05-26
2   last decade

Eel Serum (Anguillar Serum)
Does anyone know where I can buy Eel Serum (Anguillar Serum) online?
lsaustin 2006-06-02
1   last decade

Request to all homeopaths
To attend this forum, I really learned a lot. I have strong conviction that by sharing ou
ashfaq 2006-06-01
3   last decade

Dr. Luc's split method
Could anyone explian in detail -:Dr. Luc's split method. I mean to say as a dr expla
raja4 2006-05-26
5   last decade

Dog Wont eat
I have a 2 yr old Jack Russell bitch that simply wont eat. In every way she is fit and hea
daftmare 2006-06-02
no replies yet

silicone implants
I had breast augmentation done in Jan 2005, had to go for a 2nd procedure in May 2005 and
mpilo123 2006-06-01
2   last decade

my age is 42,female,suffering from chocolate cyst of8.0cm is larest of multiple cysts on r
nukkula 2006-06-02
2   last decade

For Dr. Joe - usage of Nat Phos 6x
Dr. Joe, I was going through the obesity forum and thought of considering your prescripti
b_ray 2006-06-01
5   last decade

Please Help Me
Dear friends im tahir khan from rawalpindi pakistan. i and my mother have been suffering
Naved Hasan 2006-06-01
1   last decade

Is allopathy mediaction effect your sexual life
Hi, I am 34 years of age and having BP as 136-90 I m on regular medicing Amtas AT from la
Ash123 2006-05-28
8   last decade

depression after accident - mike
I am pasting here a problem asked by some Mr. Mike. he had wrongly seeked advice through m
sepia 2006-06-01
5   last decade

I have been taking ant crud 30 for my corns in soles, i have benefitted by this medicine.
Reiki 2006-06-01
5   last decade

When you post a qestion on the MESSAGE BOARD, please give the name of your (1)City and (
PANKAJ VARMA 2003-08-17
3   last decade

Highest Form of Wealth in the Universe !
Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages in the world.Many books of wisdom from ancient Ind
PANKAJ VARMA 2004-10-18
10   last decade

cell salts
can anyone aim me in the right direction about the 12 cell salts. i have been study in a

tigerduck 2003-09-07
14   last decade

Cough Remedy
Hi All Was wondering if anyone could help me with my 3 year old girl. She currently has
shellnelliot 2006-06-01
1   last decade

Eyebrow and beard hair loss?
Hello, I have been suffering from hair loss on and off for about a year now. First I not
aidany 2006-06-01
2   last decade

face discoloration
I have skin discoloration, brown spots, on my check bones, (looks like I used brown blush)
Trinn 2006-06-01
1   last decade

Sensitivity for fruit acid at 11 months baby...help
Maja,11 months,dark-blond curly hair,blue eyes,shy,lovely,smiles a lot,crying only when hu
majdor 2006-06-01
1   last decade

Doctor Patient Relationship
Doctor-Patient Relationship By Dr. Prasenjit Ray BHMS (cal) PGT (Psychi
homeo_psychiatrist 2006-06-01
no replies yet

Hydrocele in my 4.5 yr old
We just got to know abt my 4.5 yr old boy..that he has hydrocele and it is in both his tes
RITU18 2006-05-31
9   last decade

brothers who cannot walk or stand.
Dear Friends, Last week I attended two male patients of 25 years & 22 years both are bro
apsiva001 2006-06-01
1   last decade

remedy potency too high?
Hi everyone, Could you let me know if a remedy is needed in a low potency like 6C few tim
flowers28 2006-06-01
1   last decade

for the last 10 years i.am suffering from defferent form of hyper acidity symptoms (burnin
yoonus 2006-06-01
1   last decade

Hi everyone I have recently had a baby and am breast feeding. I find taht I am experianci
nadia1 2006-05-23
11   last decade

Phytolacca Berries
I need to take Phytolacca Berries for weight loss. I have been advised to take them for 3

laurali 2006-05-30
13   last decade

Byetta - Diabetis
I heard this medication on the news this evening. It is said that exenatide-4 which is fou
jose07 2006-06-01
no replies yet

Worming Horses
To whom it may concern, A while ago I posted a message asking for a homeopathic remedy fo
horsetrainer 2006-05-27
3   last decade

homeopathic meds
to any qualify personel i would like to know just how many homeo meds can one take a day.a
kahlil007 2006-06-01
1   last decade

one knees front bone is increased
my name is adil. my left knees front bone is increased. i m suffering` with this problem f
jarral 2006-05-31
1   last decade

Left hip pain
Hi I have polio to my right leg from 3 months age. I have had pain in left hip for some y
cslatha 2006-05-30
8   last decade

SLE Treatment
Hi, Pls Pls i want to know the treatment for SLE. My brother is taking steroids. knowing t
rajsekhare 2006-05-31
2   last decade

side effects of Rhus Tox?
I recently began taking RT for pain and swelling in one of my toes and ball of foot.. Dia

catbird 2006-04-16
13   last decade

Gall sludges
I have been having pain in the upper right back and upper right ab/chest area, the pain so
seekingrelief 2006-05-30
1   last decade

Remedies and heat
Are homeopathic remedies sensitive to heat? I will be moving into an apartment without air
WilsonM 2006-05-30
1   last decade

Att: Kuldeep
Dear, my daughter aged 28 had acne problem. Somebody gave some cream treatment. Unfortun
khawaja1 2006-05-31
1   last decade

Beyond Desperate-Doctor?
I have an affliction for over two years that has ruined my life. Symptoms are Soft stool,
justintyme 2006-05-29
7   last decade

How slow is Silicea ?
Hi,I was recently going through Kent's Lectures on Materia Medica.About Silicea, he n
ranaknight 2005-01-08
6   last decade

Hi I am Nadia. I am 30 Years old and have just had my third child which I am still breast

nadia1 2006-05-30
24   last decade

Continuous expectoration
About a month ago, I took Streptococcinum as a preventive since there was a throat infecti
homeolearner 2006-05-29
4   last decade

tiredness in morning.feel less energy & less strength .feet get tremble after long standi
123rajesh 2006-05-30
2   last decade

Hives - intermittent - not much itching - complex history
Hives bother me intermittently. Sometimes on the face when I'm in public. On the derr
positroniumCAL 2005-09-25
3   last decade

Watering Eye!
My husbands left eye keeps watering. No burning or pain. No other symptoms. Happends mostl
Livvy 2006-05-30
2   last decade

Heel Pain
I had heel pain since 20 months on right side. I took pain killer and 3 local injection a

ahmednil 2006-04-13
15   last decade

Cystic Acne - HELP!
Hi, I have recently developed what I believe is cystic acne. I have 2 bumps on my chin tha
adelima 2003-12-31
11   last decade

More Help needed for...Obesity!
I am at least 150 pounds overweight! I have tried to eat like a healthy person, but never
LizzieLou 2006-05-26
11   last decade

Sexual Weakness
I have had a number of patients suffering from impotence and sexual deficiency. Through pr
kalibrom 2004-07-11
12   last decade

bioplasma cell salts
Does anyone know if taking the combination of all 12 cell salts can make symptoms worse be
peet69 2006-05-26
5   last decade

Q=mother tincture?
I think I am right, but before I order, Q does mean tincture correct?
tweetystone 2006-05-29
2   last decade

Staphisagria correct doses
Hello Doctors, I am sufferring from the weakness due to over musturbation.Very weak genita
elkuna 2006-05-29
1   last decade

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