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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Agstigmastim genetic disorder
Hi everyone. I have agstigmastim and it runs in th...
1dwest241920:40 23 Nov 15 by dwest2419
Bilateral heel and calf pain
I am a 34 year old male having bilateral heel pain...
3devendratri18:43 23 Nov 15 by devendratri
pineal and pituitary glands
Hi everyone. Does anyone have any homeopathy remed...
0dwest241918:17 23 Nov 15 by
Sulfur and Severe Constipation
Hi,My age is 38 and I have been suffering from sve...
2Muratza16:41 23 Nov 15 by Muratza
High Cholestrol : Attention Nawaz
1.Age: 76 + 2. Male or Female or other : ...
3kabirkazi15:38 23 Nov 15 by nawazkhan
multiple sclerosis
I've recently been diagnosed with MS. As I...
1LightSharer14:40 23 Nov 15 by rishimba
Why appears the female pattern baldness?
Why appears the female pattern baldness? The empl...
0profilehair12:32 23 Nov 15 by
Need remedy baby with reflux
Hi my daughter is 3 month and has been on nat pho...
1Danicir11:06 23 Nov 15 by kadwa
toddler congestion
So my son has a bad nose congestion that lead to a...
1bluesky7711:00 23 Nov 15 by kadwa
heart burn
my symptoms are after break fast by 9.30am I get h... [LAST PAGE]
21arumugham11:00 23 Nov 15 by sabkamalik1
memory and concentration...focus on study...
I want to increase my memory and concentration. .....
1amiya12307:59 23 Nov 15 by robertmiller
Mild to moderate autism
My son 3 years and 7 months, he had his standard...
4Autismdefeat02:51 23 Nov 15 by telescope
Sensory Processing Tactile Defensiveness
I am looking for ideas to help with my 6-year-old ...
5barb32702:37 23 Nov 15 by ruchi1677
Become White Hair
I'm 31 Year Old and most of my hair white fro...
0Rohan3116:13 22 Nov 15 by
Eczema after 14 years of peace
Hi After 14 years without symptoms ive got eczem...
5Mahtan14:50 22 Nov 15 by Mahtan
Food poisoning
Hi Dr Kadwa, Hope you are doing well.... I w...
4shabnamansari4014:37 22 Nov 15 by dwest2419
Please Help Dcotors
I am 33 years old, married sine last 4 years. I...
3steve198213:21 22 Nov 15 by telescope
Nervousness, Anxiety, Stress, Fear
Deal All, I am 29 year old male, unmarried, suf...
1arpithomeo_1113:04 22 Nov 15 by telescope
Ayurvedic-related question
Hello all. I have a question more related to ayurv...
6AndyP07:04 22 Nov 15 by sabkamalik1
Excessive Hairfall in Winter
I am 28 years old Male from India. I face excessiv...
5mayankgates05:25 22 Nov 15 by mayankgates
Premature Grey Hair

[message deleted by Viv2ban on Sun, 22 Nov 201...
0Viv2ban04:00 22 Nov 15 by
graphite 6c for premature ejaculation
hai, age 28, i think i suffering premature ejacula...
6risris00:34 22 Nov 15 by risris
Can food posioning cause retina detachment?
Can food poisoning cause a retina detachment (eye ...
0dwest241923:30 21 Nov 15 by
histaminum hydrochloricum
HI, I tried giving my son 30C of histaminum hydr...
0elibob19:30 21 Nov 15 by
I have problem in travelling by flights especially...
7rsbishtxx18:05 21 Nov 15 by sabkamalik1
Atrial fibrillation and nerves wekness
hello experts this is my first interaction with...
4last.wishes11:35 21 Nov 15 by last.wishes
Vericocele grade 2, please help me out.
I'm suffering from left tetis pain from las...
12Karim khan10:06 21 Nov 15 by 0antivirus0
Stomach infection with mucous type vomiting and indigestion -urgent
Hi I have been struggling wit stomach problems l...
5Kenni07:02 21 Nov 15 by Kenni
Del [message edited by girl2010 on Sat, 11 Jun 201...
1girl201006:44 21 Nov 15 by telescope
Hi! I'm Female, 31.Had an open myomectomy for...
9DazedPeony03:15 21 Nov 15 by nawazkhan
I need to know what to take for vitreous hemorrhage?
Hello. Here is my story. I have had a vitreous hem...
11dwest241919:19 20 Nov 15 by dwest2419
Eczema in toddler started at age 2
My Daughter has eczema that started when she tur...
8aishgup18:14 20 Nov 15 by aishgup
Chronic gastric problem
Hi, I am 45 years male 5'6", 68 Kg 1.... [LAST PAGE]
13sanjeev201518:09 20 Nov 15 by Dr.Nishat parveen
constitutional for 3 years old with recurrent colds
My son who just turned 3 has in average a cold eve... [LAST PAGE]
24bluesky7717:59 20 Nov 15 by rishimba
Stone in my kidney and ureters
My Left kidney shows features of hydronephrotic. M...
2siddharthaghosh15:53 20 Nov 15 by siddharthaghosh
I am a 36 year old woman. I have a cough. It is ...
5CindyG10:42 20 Nov 15 by nawazkhan
Headache after cesarean
My wife is 24 year old and we our first baby after...
6ankit11110:17 20 Nov 15 by 0antivirus0
sab ka malik sir please help me
I am male & 25 years old. I have many problems... [LAST PAGE]
26surajitabchlover10:02 20 Nov 15 by surajitabchlover
Anger problem expert advice please
Hello, my husband started to take nux vomica he ... [LAST PAGE]
34fresa09:16 20 Nov 15 by akshaymohl
age-36,male,non-diabetic,like-sweet,consumes less ... [LAST PAGE]
15bcskolkata08:43 20 Nov 15 by bcskolkata
Please Help with Hairfall
I am suffering from extreme hair fall. Even gently...
0mayankgates06:31 20 Nov 15 by
children problem help
Dear sir My son who is 3 years old suffering fr...
1Nitesh Kamal05:25 20 Nov 15 by telescope
Pigmentation Spots Due To Waxing
Hi Doctor(s) My niece had waxing done on the ar...
0Jitendra196004:23 20 Nov 15 by
Burning sensation(urging to urinate)
Dear Sir, I am suffering from urinary Burning sen...
1amit143mishra04:19 20 Nov 15 by amit143mishra
Stone in right kidney (lower calyx)
Hello Sir, I had a stone in my right kidney of 9m...
0abhishek.mech9900:52 20 Nov 15 by
concieving issue
Aoa.i married and two years paseed doctor is sayin...
6angel rahi20:47 19 Nov 15 by nawazkhan
attn : rishimba - 3.5 yo girl prolonged cough
Hello, My 3.5 yo girl faced a small cold about ...
8lucius 10015:57 19 Nov 15 by lucius 100
Chronic constipation and incomplete defecation (Major problem)
1. Age: 27 2. Gender: Male 3. Marital status: Si...
2ePSpO315:00 19 Nov 15 by telescope
suggest me remedy from my symptoms
hello my name is mujahid and i m 29 year old.10 y... [LAST PAGE]
37smali11:27 19 Nov 15 by telescope
Adenopaty / severe breast pain before period
Dear doc, Since last 3 months i ve been experien...
2Alice2310:54 19 Nov 15 by Alice23
Treatment for Cronic kidney faliure
Looking treatment for my relative whose Blood repo...
1amitvash_200110:54 19 Nov 15 by kadwa
Urgent: Tooth Decay in toddler
Hello Experts, i need an urgent advice on tooth...
1PTrivedi10:46 19 Nov 15 by kadwa
Diabetic Patient, Foot Ijured (Only Rishimba or Kadwa)
An old lady stuck her foot against wall, she is ...
1cartoon12310:41 19 Nov 15 by kadwa
Lower back/ Sciatica pain
My elder sister(35)is suffering form lower back ...
3v.msin10:34 19 Nov 15 by kadwa
Mercsol 200 for low testestrone level
Mercsol 200 for low testestrone level Is it the r...
3vaibhavkalra05:36 19 Nov 15 by sabkamalik1

[message deleted by Love2u on Tue, 17 Nov 2015...
5Love2u23:34 18 Nov 15 by Love2u
Masturbation problem
I have masturbation problem since many years. When...
1tim_leuwan18:43 18 Nov 15 by sabkamalik1
Rhus tox proving
Ho there I think I am proving rhus tox . I ...
1Cristinel17:29 18 Nov 15 by Cristinel
Premature ejaculation
I m suffering from premature ejaculation....sir i ... [LAST PAGE]
17AbcSandeep14:47 18 Nov 15 by sabkamalik1
Every morning get vomit mild yellow or white like foam
Hi doctor please help me I am having hostel type ...
1Kenni13:28 18 Nov 15 by 0antivirus0
Hyoscyamus vs Lachesis
Dear All, I would like some input about...
12Albert13:27 18 Nov 15 by telescope
serious health problem
hello doctor, i just read your account of your...
10esene13:24 18 Nov 15 by 0antivirus0
can someone please treat me I have intestinal parasites n thinning hair and depression I want to die
I've had it for a year now maybe longer I hav... [LAST PAGE]
13curemeplease12:18 18 Nov 15 by telescope
Dandruff & Hair Fall
Suffering from hair fall for allmost two years. No...
0Tuilip08:46 18 Nov 15 by
fatigue, muscle and joint pain/stiffness
I am chronically tired and experience a great deal...
3sissysmimi04:53 18 Nov 15 by rishimba
dandruff problem last 10 years
Dandruff is not visible from outside but comes out...
0piu8003:05 18 Nov 15 by
Tactile defensiveness
Hi! I'm new to the forum! Here is my proble... [LAST PAGE]
25lmeister19:31 17 Nov 15 by ruchi1677
Acid reflux help for my 5 month old!!
Hello! I have a 5 month old daughter. We had a f... [LAST PAGE]
26Ecosgriff19:00 17 Nov 15 by sameervermani
Possible cyst coming back
Hi There, approx 2 years ago, i had an anal fistu... [LAST PAGE]
22Lemifi17:20 17 Nov 15 by nawazkhan
Hair loss :(
Hello, I am a 25 year old female, but I have been ...
7boogie15:48 17 Nov 15 by rishimba
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