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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Stomuch and indigestion system bad due to nightfall. Urgent Help
hello deshlok sharma sir, I have huge indiges...
3admin111:12 20 Dec 15 by admin1
3and half year child problem help please
Dear sir My son who is 3 and half month years...
2pakki109:54 20 Dec 15 by pakki1
for dr. telescope sir.
sir i have a problem of excessive precum leakage, ...
0chrisgayle07:08 20 Dec 15 by
Medication-induced Non-stop Eyelid-twitching - My Healing Experience
Medication-induced Non-stop Persistent Eyelid-twit... [LAST PAGE]
69ntuc198005:50 20 Dec 15 by ntuc1980
if a remedy is disappearing your symptoms, how long you should take it?
one of my friends, has some sexual problem, i.e..s...
0chrisgayle05:31 20 Dec 15 by
help any good dr. plz
can anybody tell me, what's this happening wi...
2chrisgayle04:31 20 Dec 15 by chrisgayle
premature ejaculation phosporicum acidum
hi i have premature ejaculation i am young i ejacu...
3rosena02:00 20 Dec 15 by akshaymohl
Eosinophilic Esophagitis treatment or homeopathic medicine??
My son was diagnose with Eosinophilic Esophagitis ...
3Aishatif22:49 19 Dec 15 by kochsofthotmail.com
Nightfall from 12 years. Urgent help.
Hi sabkamalik1, please see my detailed informat...
12admin119:12 19 Dec 15 by sabkamalik1
erectile dysfunction
hi i am 30 yrs old male suffering from erectile dy... [LAST PAGE]
13Sim19:10 19 Dec 15 by sabkamalik1
URGENT child with fever
Can someone please help me, my child is with fever...
1milentie13:07 19 Dec 15 by ahmedja
help if Any good dr. is here???
i've problem of seminal fluid leakage, it st...
0chrisgayle12:01 19 Dec 15 by
Carpal tunnel syndrome / writer's cramp
I have been suffering from last 15 years. I can no... [LAST PAGE]
48dave_brijesh 11:53 19 Dec 15 by rishimba
Any height increasing medicine for me? please
Hello Experts, My name is A. Kuamr, I want to i...
1Neha1208:38 19 Dec 15 by sabkamalik1
Wanting to help a friend
I have a friend who has numerous internal lacerati...
1Chelle105:49 19 Dec 15 by telescope
Need help ASAP with baby teething some reflux
Hi there my daughter has reflux we used NP6x since...
7Danicir00:48 19 Dec 15 by akshaymohl
Any Homeopathy doctor please help me, Severe pain in right / left Popiteal Fossa
Dear Doctor, Problem - My daughter, age 11 and 1...
4Amita2678019:07 18 Dec 15 by homeodr
Cat with lymphoma has severe anemia
My cat is suppose to be on chemo and getting bette...
7panteracmb16:38 18 Dec 15 by radu_costache
To Moderator..help with getting emails after replies
To Moderator Since middle of November I have not ...
0evefriday13:30 18 Dec 15 by
urgent:no one is helping me : please blue sky or any doctor guide me
Hi sir, My father ,age 61 years is suffering fro... [LAST PAGE]
14mani12413:10 18 Dec 15 by nawazkhan
Nightfall from 12 years.
hello, I am sufferring from nightfall from 12 ye... [LAST PAGE]
17admin111:18 18 Dec 15 by admin1
Hello Telescope - Please help -my father has bronchitis
Hello, I'm very worried about my father, 80...
9ipslon09:37 18 Dec 15 by telescope
Eye Floaters Problem
Dear Sir, For almost past 2 weeks i have started ...
1mudassarhanif09:16 18 Dec 15 by kadwa
high blood pressure
I am suffering from high blood pressure . 148 ove...
1DKathy09:14 18 Dec 15 by kadwa
birth hypoxia
Dear Dr. My 6 yrs daughter, home delivery, birth ...
1sisirrai09:09 18 Dec 15 by kadwa
Nightmares, Brain Fog
I am a female. My tolerance, Blood work , General ...
1vtechy109:01 18 Dec 15 by kadwa
dr kadwa pl help acute hepatitis b
My wife 46 years Acute hepatitis b Let elevated...
1dkpateria08:54 18 Dec 15 by kadwa
This is for Dr. Rishimba
My son is 7yrs old. He is in grade one. Doctor sus... [LAST PAGE]
27maryland201508:51 18 Dec 15 by rishimba
Fever/coughing in 3.5 yr
Hi there, I need some advise as consulting with ...
1Canadian girl08:38 18 Dec 15 by kadwa
Dr Kadwa Please Help with Mother's Condition
Sir, My 54 years old mother was brought down by...
3mayankgates08:22 18 Dec 15 by kadwa
Facial Hair - Question for sajjad
Hello, I have seen that you prescibed Oleum ja...
11DP08:19 18 Dec 15 by falah
Hello, In my area we have excessive amount of &q...
3rockerhell08:15 18 Dec 15 by kadwa
Antiandrogen homeopathic remedy?
Dear Sir/Madam Are there any antiandrogen homeo...
0troja06:46 18 Dec 15 by
Dr Nawaz Khan ..please help
Dear Doctor, Problem - My daughter, age 11 and 1...
8Amita2678006:43 18 Dec 15 by ahmedja
How can i away from Masterbation habit?
Dear sir /Madam, I am sozzo.25 year old. I have ...
5sozzolrony06:21 18 Dec 15 by ahmedja
help? pre cum leakage, only when i talk to my girlfriend
whenever i start talking to my girlfriend (just no... [LAST PAGE]
21amit1006:13 18 Dec 15 by ahmedja
how selenium 3x works for parasympathic and PC nerves weakness?
age 23. taking selenium 3x from lart 5days ,giv...
0amit1004:56 18 Dec 15 by
please help.. PE Problem
hi Doc, i think i have same problem here. but a bi...
5risris03:23 18 Dec 15 by risris
Side Effects of High Dose Belladona
Hi, I am a father of a ten year old Autistic bo...
0amirriaz102:21 18 Dec 15 by
thyroid profile of my son aged 10 years kindly see his all reports anf then suggest me urgently
Hello you are requested to suggest me fast remady ...
0anweraleem20:19 17 Dec 15 by
cannot sleep due to uncontrollable different stressful thoughts.please help
Hello doctor Please please help to my sleepless n...
2Kenni15:37 17 Dec 15 by sabkamalik1
Hi.. Im new on the forum desperate looking for a r...
0izzi one15:33 17 Dec 15 by
how much time it wil take to cure my excessive precum problem?
i've musterbated alot, now i'm having p...
5amit1015:28 17 Dec 15 by amit10
HI (Simon) moderator.. urgent attention.. Bad abuse word from amit10id.
Hi Simon, a person with idname amit10 crossed ...
7sabkamalik115:28 17 Dec 15 by sabkamalik1
hjhjh [message edited by vijaymagaji23 on Sat, 19 ...
2vijaymagaji2313:47 17 Dec 15 by vijaymagaji23
Daughter Problems
Dear Sir, My 7 years old daughter has following p... [LAST PAGE]
18mudassarhanif12:01 17 Dec 15 by mudassarhanif
School Withdrawal & Croud Fobia
My daughter is passing through the similar phase, ...
2sanjuji11:31 17 Dec 15 by sanjuji
Hair loss
Hello doctors, I am having hair fall problem and ...
11Bgneha10:31 17 Dec 15 by Bgneha
Acne on Cheeks and Skin - New to Homeopathy
Hi, I am 28 years old. I have been suffering fr...
0Shruti207:28 17 Dec 15 by
Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia Desperate
Her (4...
1LambdaWau04:45 17 Dec 15 by telescope
Hairfall and acne on face
Hi, I am having hairfall issues since last 2 years...
11Inkurerjoo00:36 17 Dec 15 by nawazkhan
cantharis30 how long to continue
i was suffering with burring sensation in urinary ...
3dkpateria00:35 17 Dec 15 by nawazkhan
nawazkhan sir please please help
i was taking treatment from doctor mani_jee for my...
3mariz00:24 17 Dec 15 by nawazkhan
Infant with reflux
I'm at a loss because I am looking for a natu... [LAST PAGE]
14Cduff00:08 17 Dec 15 by Cmasters443
Need help now baby teething
I have a 4 month old what wet dose should I give f...
0daniellec00:00 17 Dec 15 by
Right kidney stone
Last december i ate eggs regularly(4 eggs a day in...
6baniya19:08 16 Dec 15 by radu_costache
hair loss- please help dr kadwa
Hello I am suffering from hair loss & im ...
1raavi_zc16:29 16 Dec 15 by raavi_zc
my 9 year daughter is having fear of animals dogs ...
2dkpateria15:20 16 Dec 15 by dkpateria
urinary infecction
hi I have a urinary infection by bacteria cocci t...
1grandmalady9913:23 16 Dec 15 by nawazkhan
Hiatal Hernia and Peptic Ulcer
I need some assistance in resolving the following ... [LAST PAGE]
53htavares12:58 16 Dec 15 by raavi_zc
Ficus Tree relocation
Hey- Does anyone have an idea for a remedy to he...
0rom10901:39 16 Dec 15 by
Hair Loss/35 year old woman
Hello, I have a question for a homeopath doctor o...
0Hope4Hair20:51 15 Dec 15 by
Flat warts
Hi I'm desperate for help. I've had f...
5anxious8819:20 15 Dec 15 by Ranasavio
Child rashes 5 year old girl
Hello Doctor - My daughter has turned 5 on th...
1harip12:38 15 Dec 15 by telescope
Pls help doctor, i hav health issues from 5months after possible exposure
Hello sir, I was involved in gay anal s...
1Amar26112:31 15 Dec 15 by telescope
Forgetfulness and day dreaming in 8 yr old
My son 8...
3janks12:21 15 Dec 15 by telescope
Please please help Ecoli UTI from last one year
Hi sir, My father ,age 61 years is suffering from...
2mani12409:46 15 Dec 15 by mani124
fast heart beat / short breathing
I have fast heartbeat 110 beats per minute. Whe...
1MKN06:43 15 Dec 15 by Mahfoozurrehman
pelvis bone broken
My father aged 75 broke part of his pelvis bone ...
1kounish06:39 15 Dec 15 by Mahfoozurrehman
Sinus Chronic
Dear Sir, I will try to Explain my Conditions f...
1saini.amith06:35 15 Dec 15 by Mahfoozurrehman
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