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weight loss
i weigh 125kg male and am 55yrs old from south africa cape town. i need to lose weight in
bsingh 2006-06-07
11   last decade

food allergy
eruptions on forehead after eating eggs,mutton,chicken,soya products, red beans,pulses,etc
hello100 2006-07-18
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New to Alopecia
My hair starts falling about 2 and half weeks ago, from 5 small patches to 6 large patches
Auddy 2006-07-18
1   last decade

3 artries blocked
My cousin went through his medical examinations for heart and had found out that his 3 atr
hisam 2006-07-17
4   last decade

moving to canada
Hi there! i will be moving to Toronto next month from the middle east.I would like to know
sara85 2006-07-18
1   last decade

Hi there, as per advice on this msg board I have purchased thuja to treat excessive facial
lollol 2006-07-01
4   last decade

Medicines in juices
Can the homeo medicines be given in juices?
hisam 2006-07-18
no replies yet

Bells Palsy
Dear Friends, My sister in law is afflicted with Bells Palsy. Came on about 2 weeks ago.
Newcreation 2006-07-17
2   last decade

fluid in the ear
Hello, I have a 2 year old boy who has fluid in the ear since end of may. His speech is de
GOLDENSHADE 2006-07-15
3   last decade

Are we slow?
Hi all, We've had a report that the forum has been very slow; taking minutes to acce

moderator 2006-07-14
26   last decade

Message for Erika - 3 1/2 month baby with sleep issues
Hi Erika, On browsing through the forum, I read that you have experience with treating ba

Skhan 2006-06-30
142   last decade

post natal depression
can anyone suggest a remedy for post natal depresion, my moods are up and down, generally
andjosh 2006-04-03
3   last decade

Re: multiple annular of dorsal surface - Geograpical tongue
I need help for this little girl, who has designs drawn on her tongue Today it is gone the
marian 2006-07-17
1   last decade

Fordyce Spots on Upper lip
Hi, I am suffering with this Fordyce spots since a long time. Is there any remedy in Home
Jassu 2006-07-17
1   last decade

Calves aching at night
My calves (muscles at the back of my both legs) have been paining at night and these days
aksethi 2005-04-27
2   last decade

hpv vagina internal only
Hello i am 29 years old very fit, never had kids, eat healthy and have no health problems
reagan 2006-03-30
9   last decade

Potency and Dosage ...
1)Is there any disadvantage of taking higher potency? like 200C or + ? 2)Is there any for
zubairkhan 2006-07-17
no replies yet

Help! Spotty rash 2 weeks before wedding!
I have recently (in the last month) developed a spotty rash all over my chest, back, shoul
rooty28 2006-07-16
3   last decade

left sided hemiplegia
sudden left sided paralysis started with left hand and with tingling sensation.however the
ABDELAZEEZ 2006-07-16
2   last decade

Rash on Face
I have a strange rash that has recently presented itself on my face. At first I thought i
Sally Lue 2006-07-16
2   last decade

Increased H2O2 levels in the epidermis
My 14 year old daughter has Vitiligo, and its suggested that there is increased Hydrogen P
bluerus 2006-07-17
1   last decade

Chronic ear infection in 79 year old
I'm hoping someone can help. My dad is 79 and has developed a chronic ear infection t
missmikequinn 2006-07-16
4   last decade

genital warts hpv vagina
Hello i am 29 years old very fit, never had kids, eat healthy and have no health problems
reagan 2006-03-30
5   last decade

Blood level (anemia)
I took a anemia test and my blood level is below 8. If I eat foods high in iron, how long
tweetystone 2006-07-15
5   last decade

my mom s suffering from tenosynovitis of right wrist.she s unable to do any kind of work w
avani 2006-07-16
2   last decade

For Alexthink - PseudoCushings
I have read and reread your posts. I wonder if you could help me. I have all the signs o
patti3046 2006-07-13
3   last decade

Breath Holding in 1 year old Baby
My daughter is 1 year old, whenever she cries to ask for something which is unappropriate
shaikh47 2006-02-03
4   last decade

high ldl cholesterol and blood pressure
I am 39 year old malewith family history of Hear Attack. Since past 5 years my B.P. is 140
kanwarpsingh1 2006-07-16
2   last decade

penile curvature
i have penile curvature which was developed when i was involved in excessive masturbation
brightcheck 2006-07-13
3   last decade

swollen feet/ankles/legs
Have had severe swollen feet and ankles and now lower legs for about a month now..had bloo
chavamora 2006-07-15
2   last decade

Deliberate deception
The discovery that doctors are not telling the truth to patients You probably use homeop
walkin 2006-07-15
1   last decade

HPV Warts
I have been diagnosed with HPV, and my doctor has prescribed Aldara. I would like to take
lady 2004-04-07
2   last decade

Stomach Problems and Hair loss
Dear Doc I have had the stomach bug in the past which has made my digestion a problem sin
mnpatel 2006-07-11
4   last decade

I have hirsutism. Have hair on under chin area with pigmentation. Plucking and waxing over
trashi 2006-07-15
1   last decade

thin yellow mucus from nose
i have a thin mucus coming out my right nostrial started today it happened 3 times the muc
amarinder_13 2006-07-15
no replies yet

Treatment for Fungus under hips
homeo 37 2006-07-14
3   last decade

RM and 6 weeks pregnant
I have used over the counter nosespray for a long time and it seems to be the only thing t
bcblocher 2006-07-15
1   last decade

to dr. rishima an joe de
can you give me an idea on what to take im trying to shake this cough. i notice it happen
kahlil007 2006-07-15
2   last decade

My Wife is having PCOS. Is there any cure using Homeopathy?
vanikiran 2006-07-15
1   last decade

list of remedies
Hi, I´m new here; I work with Bioresonance, and as I need to know about the homeopat
ezeqhi 2006-07-15
1   last decade

to kildeep please answer
hi i have some acne scars i want to get red of that are about 6 years old.....i have been
jwalz120002002 2006-07-12
6   last decade

ovarian cyst
Hey.. my wife has OVARIAN CYST in her left ovary, we had a scanning after 40 days..and now
justine 2006-07-14
2   last decade

red eye - help!
Any desires or aversions for particular foods, and wether certain foods make you feel bett
ryho1372 2006-07-14
2   last decade

pet rat bleeding; please help
I have an older male rat. He's about a year and a half old. I notices some blood in
jsdiecast 2006-07-14
2   last decade

Very Very Important - Dr Dineshji, pls respond
Dear Sir, My Mother has developed white dots, why i am saying dots and not spots is that
homeoseeker 2006-07-13
1   last decade

selenium - is this the right cure? john pls help
this is my first post in this forum. john, i have heard about you from a friend whom you
wintercolor 2006-07-13
1   last decade

whats a healthy Lachesis
its a personal question as my girlfriend recently took a remedy and it brought out her lac
Becherovka 2006-07-13
2   last decade

is 200 same as 30c?
My homeopath doctor in India had prescribed my son Petroleum 200, Ars Alb 200, 2 pallets
jeet555 2006-07-13
5   last decade

Breastfeeding and homeopathics
Does anyone know if I can take Homeopathic thyoid support if I am breastfeeding my 6 month
Loresw79 2006-07-13
3   last decade

homeopathy and lupus
i was diagnosed with SLE 6 years back and after taking steroids, plaquinil and methotraxat
sara85 2006-07-13
2   last decade

i know i have this
Wow, This is so awful, I went to the doctor about 2 months ago he did a strep test and sai
sking123 2006-07-14
1   last decade

I was diagnosed with PCOS
Hi: I was diagnosed with PCOS. I have had an insulin fasting blood test and an insulin tol
sbarakat 2006-07-13
5   last decade

My wife is 32 years. wants to get pregnant. Diagnised for PCOS recently. has a 3 and ha
Shaik Maqbool 2006-07-02
7   last decade

Winter Viral-Flu, Cold, Sore Throat, Fever
Hi, I am 34yrs male living in Sydney. Sydney is very famous for flu/cold during winter ti
Daas13 2006-07-14
1   last decade

Dr girilal
Hi i am eagerly waiting for your esteemed opinion on myy posts on http://www.abchomeopathy
vyushti 2006-07-13
1   last decade

Squamous Metaplasia
I am a 24 yr old girl. I've been living with S.M. for about 3 years now. It started b
kenchrist 2006-07-13
2   last decade

Ankylosing Spondalities
I am suffering from last 2 years with Ankylosing Spondalities. I have tried all the alopat

muzadba 2004-10-14
45   last decade

sle - any remedy suggestion?
i have a case of sle (12 yrs old girl) energetic, pallor +, bright, skin rashes comes n go
dr_homeo 2006-07-12
1   last decade

ingrowing of nail....
I have just received a problem of ingrowing of my thumb nail (towards left) of left foot.
muravian80 2006-07-13
3   last decade

Arthritis from Fractures
Hi All! My Mother in Law has been told by her doctor that she is pre-osteoporosis. She ha
KIMMCORN 2006-07-12
2   last decade

Tuberculinum-pls help
Hello, I would appreciate any feedback on the following. I took my 3yr old son to a re
dazedandconfused 2006-07-12
4   last decade

Vomiting and Diorreah?
Hi All My 10 month old caught a bug last Friday, as did the whole family. It only lasted
shellnelliot 2006-07-13
2   last decade

mild spina bifida
hi im 42 and many years ago I was diagnosed with a mild form of spina bifedan now I have n
ndgblue 2006-07-13
2   last decade

Fibromyalgia/Vulvar Vestibulitis
Hi all. I am new here so please be patient with me. I have been trying out the 'find
CandiL 2006-07-12
3   last decade

infection in thumb of left foot... please help me
I have a problem of ingrowing of my thumb nail (towards left) of left foot. It was only re
muravian80 2006-07-13
1   last decade

My 8yr old son hit the car tyre and had a big bruise on his ankle.There was no blood but a
naushadakhtar 2006-07-13
5   last decade

nervousness, anxiety, depression
nervousness, anxiety, depression, negitive thinking, always thinking of consiquence, physi
malhotra_d20 2006-07-13
1   last decade

TMJ Disorder
I was diagnosed with TMJ disorder and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. My dentist had created a
Bams481 2006-07-13
2   last decade

how long does it take?
my son has been undergoig homeopathy treatment for his eczema for the last 6months. althou
nineclouds 2006-07-08
10   last decade

Drining coffee and using Acid Phos
Hi, I want to know if drinking coffee anti dotes Acid Phos. what i have experienced is
asifhameed 2006-07-12
no replies yet

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