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baby asthma
Hi i was here before asking for help with my 23 mth boy who has allergies and allergy asth
elainesmyth68 2005-12-01
3   last decade

muscular dystrophy
my daughter is 5years and four months old. diagnosed as muscular dystrophy. if there are a
bakhtiar 2006-01-24
2   last decade

I am 26 but I had never had sexual intercourse yet and I am very shy to approach to femal
segen 2006-01-26
1   last decade

Every once and a while I smell fart coming from me without me farting. And I know that I
gs430l 2006-01-21
2   last decade

White Puss bumps in Back of Throat
I have developed white puss bumps with no odor at the back of my throat. I have already ha
mroth 2006-01-26
1   last decade

permenant pimple nose tip
Hey, im just an ordinary 16 year old. I had an pimple on the tip of my nose and i squeezed
dirtjumper 2006-01-24
2   last decade

Uterine Fibroids
Does anyone have any information on what I can take for this. I know that I have read tha
kbrown85283 2005-10-05
9   last decade

Berberis and exercise produce strong kidneys pain
Berberis and exercise produce strong kidneys painI am a man of 46 years old and I have mo
Manuel Lee 2006-01-22
4   last decade

Treating Injuries with Nutrients
Hello folks,Could someone please tell me what kind of vitamins and supplements could promo
sporty 2006-01-25
no replies yet

Dr Kumar, Sabra, Pankaj Varma
This is in continuation of a long ago post - child Eye issues.My 6 year old son has had a
new2town 2006-01-25
no replies yet

tesitlces, anxiety, muscles loss and varicocele
gey guys. im a 19 year old male in london.for the last 5 years i have been very nervourse,
masterp 2006-01-24
3   last decade

question for walkin or anyone else who knows
7/18/05 you replied to someone and asked if the baby had bluey whites of the eye-what does
khansdaughter 2006-01-25
no replies yet

white bumps in the throat
this is for tonsils gone from 1-23-06. I am considering having my tonsils removed due to
senorita 2006-01-25
1   last decade

Need help!
I m a 31 year old married man. I have a question. When ever i make love with my wife a tra
mos14 2006-01-24
3   last decade

Afraid of Animals
My son is 8y.o. & is scared of most animals, I was attacked by a large dog 1.5yrs ago
Davren 2006-01-25
1   last decade

Sauna aggravates!
Hiwould appreciated any advice on what would be a good remedy for someone who seems to inf
saltOftheEarth 2006-01-23
2   last decade

Breast augmentation
Are there homeopathic remedies that would have an effect on breast tissue growth?
Cecilia 2005-07-10
10   last decade

Doctor pls help me - depression
To,Any experienced doctor. Pls help me.Dear doctor, I am a case of depression or sadness/
rayofhope 2006-01-14
7   last decade

Swollen upper lids
Dear reader of this post!I apologize for mistakes (I m not good in writing english), I nee
asterixis 2006-01-24
2   last decade

Cough & Cold again
My daughter and son, 3yrs 7mths both, are running with cough and cold again. Both having r
Deven 2006-01-22
4   last decade

Urinary Tract Infection
Developed Uti last Wednesday after sexual intercourse. It has been coming and going and I
maltesemd 2005-04-07
8   last decade

brown skin to white skin
my father's skin is white and my mother's brown.thats why i have brown skin..can
avinav 2006-01-25
no replies yet

rajboms 2006-01-25
no replies yet

erction problem
I am 34yrs.old married maleupto age of 26 i had masturbate lot, at age of 27 i got married

xiang 2005-11-25
27   last decade

Black Eye Discharge in Cat
I have a 8 year old neutered male persian cat. Six months ago, he had a sinus infection t
Len Wenzel 2006-01-25
no replies yet

How I feel. Don't see light.
There are certain things in this world that we need to survive. Some of those things can
Scott79 2006-01-24
2   last decade

WG Mom insomnia
I am a Texas Wegener's Mother of 3 long battle with WG diagnosed Feb 2002, Dr's
texaswgmom 2006-01-24
1   last decade

Thuja for dandruff ...Works!
I was advised to take sigle dose of Thuja 200 by Dr Sajjad on this forum. I had dry, flaky
freakster 2006-01-24
1   last decade

Menstrual Irregularity - Two anovulatory cycles in a row
I am 36, and all of a sudden had 2 anovulatory cycles in a row. They were 41, and 44 days
maisie 2006-01-25
2   last decade

child w/ vaccination reactions with mild/occassional asthma
I have a five and a half year old son, who has been taking sulphur 30 once a day for about
amaraya 2006-01-22
2   last decade

Excessive Hairloss (Hair experts - plz help!!!
I am a 27yr male from India. I have been suffering from excessive hairfall (male pattern b
coool 2006-01-19
3   last decade

tongue problems!!
I am hoping homeopathy can help. I thought I was having an allergic reaction but this is g
4myaddguy 2006-01-24
1   last decade

Toddler with purple circles under & around eyes
Hi I have a 2.5 year old boy who has purple circles under and around his eyes. He sleeps 2
lizzyb 2006-01-24
1   last decade

Gall Stones in Ca Cervix Patient
My Mother is a Ca Cervix patient(post hystertomy),has been diagonised witha gall stone sin
parida 2006-01-24
1   last decade

alternatives to horsechestnut for varicocele
hey what else can people use for varicocele. i already have vit e, billberry, ginko and i
masterp 2006-01-23
1   last decade

Throat pain left side
Since yesterday, I am having moderate pain on the left side of throat. The pain is felt on
Deven 2006-01-24
1   last decade

dog alopecia
hi, i have a 3 yr old dachshund with the begginning of alopecia, stubble on the chest whic
SAUSAGEDOG 2006-01-20
6   last decade

Nasal Polyp remedies
Hello Doctors,I have done some extensive research on nasal polyps online, have even seen a
prophecy288 2006-01-23
2   last decade

Chronic Hair Loss
Hi All,My hair has been falling out from the top and upper sides of my head for about 10 y
Jo Jo 2006-01-15
5   last decade

cat - ibd
Hello! I have a 10 year old nutered cat that has had IBD symptoms for 3 years. The sympto
wadahoot 2006-01-23
1   last decade

Help with Thyroid
Hello. I am new to this forum. I am a 33 y. old female who has been diagnosed with a pos
maddiesmom4 2006-01-24
1   last decade

Hair Loss
Hair problem- Post your complain by selecting the rubric no ( i.e. more than one). You wil
deoshlok 2006-01-24
no replies yet

blackheads??? any help?
Does anyone have a good remedy to get rid of black heads? I have them all over my nose br
amaraya 2006-01-22
2   last decade

Uvietis in Horse
Hello, I need help in finding a homeopathic remedy for uvietis in my Appendix Quarterhorse
KathleenG9 2006-01-23
3   last decade

Help fast! Child sick for 5 days
We have slept three hours last night. My 3,5 years old son has has some stomack flu and ov

Maria&boys 2006-01-18
20   last decade

To dr.deoshlok sharma
you said to try Thuja Occidentalis to try to get rid of my Fordyce Spots on the underside
spowell 2006-01-23
3   last decade

Psorinum - what now?
To my post regarding my son with eczema, someone prescribed Psorinum 1M. I gave him the me
val0822 2006-01-23
2   last decade

Medicine Advice
Some days back I was advised to take Agnus C 200 for my treatment. But at my place Agnus C
pmahmood 2006-01-18
6   last decade

Stiffness in the back
I was doing some yoga exercises a few days ago. Perhaps in an incorrect posture- and exper
anjuverma 2006-01-22
1   last decade

Acne scars
Is silica effective in treating old acne scars? Scars are about 15 years old, rather deep.
umsiukas 2006-01-19
4   last decade

White Bumps on Throat/ Tonsillectomy
For those who have unusually large tonsils and had them removed because of the white bumps
captainglyde 2006-01-13
1   last decade

Obesity problem
Hi,I am a 28 year old guy with 5ft. 10 in height.My weight is 100kg. Pls help me out if th
Anirban 2006-01-23
3   last decade

Sexual Weakness & Extreme Fatigue
I am 33 year old man, married with one son. My problem is that my sexual drive has really
Simple Guy 2006-01-21
7   last decade

Infertility problem - Pleaaaaase Help!
Dear Friend,I've already posted a forum on it : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.p
azoomale 2006-01-08
1   last decade

defeciency of vitamin b12
memory losses, dizziness, some time feels as if you are about to faint,erection problem,
ASHOKSJ 2006-01-23
no replies yet

Excited nerves
Is there a remedy for person whose nerves get excited especially in the company of a few o
hisam 2006-01-23
1   last decade

alopica areata..totalis..universolis
i went threw all the stages of alopica..dealt with it for three years. Then i did light tr
Morgan Beth 2006-01-22
1   last decade

Newbie with Sinus and Adenoid problem.
Hello everyone,I'm new here, i've been reading a lot of your posts, they are so
Bronagh 2005-06-25
5   last decade

Serious Sea Food reaction
Hello, please I can´t eat or even breath in near sea food.I also have whistling resp
Roberta2006 2006-01-05
6   last decade

Insomnia and suicidal thoughts
I feel lost, please, help me with advice! My hell started 3 years ago - I had health probl
Mitra 2006-01-15
5   last decade

Calculi in Pancrease-Any doctor have a experience about this disese
Suffering form acute pancreatitis . there is severe pain in abdomen, blood suger is very h
deoshlok 2006-01-22
2   last decade

Calculi in Pancrease-Any doctor have a experience about this disese
Suffering form acute pancreatitis . there is severe pain in abdomen, blood suger is very h
deoshlok 2006-01-22
1   last decade

Acidic body
Can some body suggest any medicine to maintain the Ph level(power of hydrogen)in the body.
iffi123 2006-01-22
1   last decade

Alopecia Areata
Hair problem- Post your complain by selecting the rubric no ( i.e. more than one). You wil
deoshlok 2006-01-22
1   last decade

hapatitus patients pls check it
tuheed 2006-01-22
no replies yet

hi i m 26 i have profound sensuory neurol hearing losi had tb 5 years back and due to kana
mansur 2006-01-21
2   last decade

Gerd, acid reflux and lpr
Hi,Starting about a year and a half a go now I've had symptoms of what seams to be lp
gmoreno 2006-01-20
4   last decade

Child Cry
(Child cry due to any disease donít be bother select and wait for my comment)Now a day Chi
deoshlok 2006-01-22
no replies yet

Nymphomania problem- (It is a curable disease) Post your complain by selecting the rubri
deoshlok 2006-01-22
no replies yet

Fear problem- Post your complain by selecting the rubric no ( i.e. more than one). You
deoshlok 2006-01-22
1   last decade

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