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Olfaction of remedies
Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and to the world of homeopathy. I will be seeing
Tinga 2006-06-08
3   last decade

crataegus oxyac
I am heart patient i am using following medicines TILDIEM 30 mg 3 times Tennormin 50 mg on
nabeel 2006-06-09
1   last decade

Multiple Food Allergies/EE/Asthma
Hello again, I would like to learn more about how homeopathy could help my 4yr daughter w
Tinga 2006-06-08
2   last decade

hands that serve...
The hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray !!...........my BABA said so.Wishe

PANKAJ VARMA 2004-10-14
26   last decade

use of phosphorus 30
Dr Ali, please advise how many drops of above mentioned med should be taken.Number of ppl
ahmedkhattak 2006-06-08
1   last decade

Get Dirty
The Pharmaceutical industry has brainwashed the orthodox medical profession into 'curi
walkin 2006-06-07
2   last decade

Fever and Throat infection
Hello, My daugther 1 year and 3 months old has got fever from yesterday evening. Her temp
amarkumar 2006-06-01
3   last decade

yesss i was the stupid one that as soon as the sun came out .... went out and sunbathed wi
xlaurax 2006-06-08
1   last decade

Urgent problem please help
Hello there, I have suddenly encounterd a problem since taking homeopathy treatment from
lushlegs 2006-06-04
6   last decade

sever coughing
Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could help me out. I am looking for a remedy that wou
mundemc 2006-05-29
3   last decade

Strep reoccuring bacterial inf
I have had a bacterial infection 4 times since December. I have ran a course of either a
mmmppc 2006-06-06
3   last decade

symptoms are: swelling of fingers extreme sensitivity to cold even 50 or 60 degrees, air c
bewitched 2006-06-07
2   last decade

my symptoms are chest pain, purulent sputum, lethargy, fever. is there a treatment under h
namgay 2006-06-07
1   last decade

Autism - please help me
can anybody help me i am crying and crying can anybody suggest me a best remedy i am
isarowar 2006-06-04
2   last decade

Jelly Fish
Im going on holiday abroad and know that there are jellyfish in the sea where we are stayi
cocojosie 2006-06-03
4   last decade

Blood Clot in Eye
Please suggest something for this small hemmorage in my eye. Its been there for years. I

gracey 2005-09-19
21   last decade

Help with daughter's deep wound
Hi, Last week, my 3 year old fell out of bed and split the area between her eyebrows open
jenleitch 2006-06-07
2   last decade

Arnica for chronic muscle pain
Hi, My question is that, is arnica 30c wet dose effective for chronic bursitis (muscle pa

zigkaddy 2006-05-14
47   last decade

I finally cured my chronic ear infection
About seven years ago I had a large amount of wax build up in my right ear. The doctors t
wassail 2005-08-08
8   last decade

3.5 y/o son has been dealing with reflux for 2 years
... and I'm fed up with the medication not helping! He was on zantac for two years st

lizzielamb 2006-03-27
13   last decade

opening homeopathy medicine shop
I am interested in knowing what is the requirement for opening homeopathy medicine shop in
Reiki 2006-06-07
3   last decade

Flitting arthritis
Last November I developed arthritis in my left knee. I developed quite a lot of problems

Climber 2005-06-14
25   last decade

painful Abdominal discomfirt
Hi I am suffering from a very painful abdominal discomfirt. My history is like this. Age
RanaP 2006-06-06
1   last decade

Strep infection
Strep reoccuring bacterial inf From mmmppc on 2006-06-06 0 replies 0 views I have had a b
walkin 2006-06-06
1   last decade

To MR. Sajjad Akram
dear Dr. Sajjad Akram please tell me ur e-mail address, i want to contact you personaly to
Naved Hasan 2006-06-06
1   last decade

How to get off allopathic drugs?
A friend of ours wants to know how to get off of allopathic medicines safely, since he wan
blessme44 2006-06-07
1   last decade

knee strain - possible tear acl
Aloha, I had a fall 5 months ago & injured my left leg. The ankle & knee were swollen but
liona 2006-06-06
5   last decade

Dry socket
Last week I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth surgically removed. Three are healing fine, and
mayfloweracademy 2006-05-31
9   last decade

bach remedies --- doctors please help
my 5 yr old son has been suffering from cronic eczema and is undergoing homeopathy treatme
nineclouds 2006-06-05
4   last decade

Constipation Pls help
Hi I am suffering from a very painful abdominal discomfirt. My history is like this. A
RanaP 2006-06-06
3   last decade

some of the bach flower remedies
By Dr. Prasenjit Ray B.H.M.S. (CAL) PGT (Psychiatry)
homeo_psychiatrist 2006-06-01
6   last decade

Psorinum for skin problem?
Could someone kindly explain why Psorinum should not be given for psora or the psoric diat
mersing 2006-06-05
3   last decade

i am a married man, aged 39, my wife, 38 got menopause 2 yrs back.since then she has got v
sunoida 2006-06-06
1   last decade

I visited my homeopath today and she gave me hydrophobinum (homeopathic rabies.) I took i
new to homeopathy 2006-06-06
10   last decade

allergic reaction to sunscreen
My daughter is 3 yrs old. Last Saturday, it was sunny so we went to a park. I put Cetaphil
rasingh 2006-06-05
2   last decade

I just finished reading the posts from the archives regarding melasma. I too have this pr
mayfloweracademy 2006-06-05
6   last decade

IS there any homeo medicine for reducing anger
My friend is very short tempered by nature. After marriage the problem has become severe.

rdutt 2006-06-01
30   last decade

Anal Fissure?
I haven't been diagnosed with anal fissures but I believe that's what I have. I&
zgambitx 2006-05-24
9   last decade

what r its cause 7 how to prevent it
dipon 2006-06-06
2   last decade

Arnica Montana 30X
I would like to know what the 30X, 30C, etc. stand for in Arnica Montana 30X. Would you p
rnchenoweth 2006-06-05
1   last decade

Remedy for constant attention needs
Is there a remedy for someone who wants and needs constant attention, approval and complim
allergic 2006-06-06
1   last decade

up to what age ur height is able to increase & what r the steps & medicine
dipon 2006-06-06
1   last decade

please respond pankaj verma
hi pankaj, i had e mailed u the gist om case and am yet to hear from you.please respond. t
sanvar 2006-06-02
3   last decade

Uric acid and Cholestrol
I have been facing high uric acid issue for last 3 years and i am under homeopathic treatm
sahil28 2006-06-03
4   last decade

Duscus Vaccination
ARTICLES 'Theories of science must be judged on the basis of facts and reasoning, and
walkin 2006-06-03
1   last decade

Hi just wondered if anyone has managed to shrink fibroids using homeopathy any advice woul
2407tracy 2006-06-05
2   last decade

Burning Tongue/Shortness of breath
My Mother's who is 70 year old is suffering for over a year now from burning tongue.
needofhelp 2006-06-02
2   last decade

Recurring Sore Throat
5 weeks ago, upon waking one morning, I had a very accute, sore throat. Swallowing made i
jschwaiger 2006-06-05
1   last decade

spring water
This is for Mr. Pankaj Verma, I suppose you are from India. I stay in Mumbai.In India we d
Reiki 2006-06-05
4   last decade

Liver Hemangioma / Splenic Cysts
I was diagnosed about 3 years ago after complaining of pain in the upper abdominal on righ
Milly 2006-06-01
3   last decade

Belladonna for Asthma question
I began taking Belladonna for my asthma based on my own research, and I'm glad to say

samnbudsmom 2005-12-08
19   last decade

sinusitis and throat problems
Dear rishimba, Thank you for your advice. I read that Luffa Complex Nasal spray (from Bio
siyani 2006-06-03
2   last decade

heart palps, dizziness....
Hey i just joind this forum, but i'm not new to homeopathy though. I desperately need
jeena 2006-06-04
9   last decade

aggravation - how long does it last
HI, I have taken Argentum Nitricum 200c and had a first aggravation within 24 hours. I am
nthaby 2006-06-04
3   last decade

Herpes Help
Hi i have herpers it come on my lips every month or 2nd month...i don't know how can
sha786 2006-05-31
6   last decade

Dr Deoshlok please help!
Dear Dr. Deoshlok,Could please kindly take a look at my symptoms and let me know what shou

gitagita 2006-03-16
25   last decade

Cleanliness Mania
My 27 year old deaf son has a mania for rearranging things. First thing in the morning bef

maya_hari 2006-05-29
19   last decade

thyroid problems
Hello to all...I have a question regarding my father. He had hyperthyroidism a couple of m
jose07 2006-05-31
12   last decade

Dear Murthy and Joe De Liveria
Dear Murhty and Joe De Liveria,I hope both of you are fine with your families...hope the t

PANKAJ VARMA 2004-12-27
23   last decade

plz help me
well i had problem and i am very much hurted from this problem.i had this problem when i w

shabbir_bzu 2006-05-25
39   last decade

does any one have ideas how to get or maintain engery. live in new york city male 200 poun
kahlil007 2006-06-04
1   last decade

to sajjad.
what can one take to get engery, after working all day want to come home and workout. iam
kahlil007 2006-06-03
4   last decade

breast enlargement without syrgery
breast enlargement without syrgery what are medicines avilable
vaithyan 2006-06-04
2   last decade

acne scars
Hello I wonder what is the cost of laser cosmatic sugury to remove the acne scars type (ic
sweetslumber 2006-06-01
7   last decade

sinusitis and throat problems
Dear Dr. Sharma, Thank you for your answer and kind advice. I read that the Luffa Complex
siyani 2006-06-03
1   last decade

12 week old with runny nose and fever
Hi, My 12 week old son is currently taking lycopodium 30 c 2 pellets 2x a day and today i
Skhan 2006-06-03
1   last decade

Skin Problem
I am having problem with my skin, its getting blackish day by day, mostly my hand and lowe
Tanwi basak 2006-06-03
1   last decade

Gastric Problem
I m Siva Sakthi ( Male / 27 Yrs / Unmarried ) from South India. My Physical statis : He
fashionkraze 2006-05-31
5   last decade

PCODS -Serious Docs plz help me
I have PCOS problem..It was detected 10 months back.. I want to get pregnant..I'm mar
srbaba 2006-05-26
4   last decade

Please Help! My eyes!
Hi,I am an 18 yr old girl which recently has (3-4 months) discovered a slight discolorati

safina 2005-10-09
17   last decade

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