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Ammonium Muriaticum
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Ammonium Muriaticum

Ammonium Chloride, Sal. Ammoniac, Am m

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HPUS label indication: Acrid tears

Below are the strongest indications of Ammonium Muriaticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

A state of prostration bordering on a typhoid state is produced by this remedy. All mucous secretions are increased and retained. It is especially adapted to fat and sluggish patients who have respiratory troubles. Coughs associated with catarrhs and affections of liver. A tendency to irregular circulation, blood seems to be in constant turmoil, pulsations, etc. Many groups of symptoms are accompanied by cough, Profuse glairy secretions. Its periods of worses are peculiarly divided as to the bodily region affected; thus the head and chest symptoms are worse mornings, the abdominal in the afternoon, the pains in the limbs, the skin and febrile symptoms, in the evenings. "Boiling" sensation.
Better open air.
WORSE, head and chest symptoms in the morning; abdominal symptoms in the afternoon.
Antidotes: Coffea; Nux; Caust.

    MIND (click for more)

Desire to cry, but cannot
Consequences of grief.

Melancholy, apprehensive; like from internal grief

    HEAD (click for more)

Feels full, compressed; worse mornings.

Hair falls out, with itchings and dandruff

Pain, headache; in forehead

    EYE (click for more)

Mist before eyes, optical illusions in incipient cataract; capsular cataract.

    NOSE (click for more)

Loss of smell

Free Acrid, hot watery discharge corroding the lip


Nose sore to touch; ulcerative pain in nostrils

Discharge from nose; wearing away skin

Sneezing; comes on suddenly; wakes from sleep
Sneezing; frequent

obstructed, stuffy feeling; constant and unavailing efforts to blow it out


    FACE (click for more)

Inflammatory face ache

Mouth and lips sore and excoriated.

    THROAT (click for more)

So tough, it cannot be hawked up

Stricture of oesophagus.


Internal and external swelling of throat with Viscid phlegm

Sore spot behind uvula, relieved by eating

Throbbing in, and swelling of tonsils, can scarcely swallow

    ABDOMEN (click for more)

Splenic stitches, especially in the morning, with difficult breathing


Pain; cramping, griping
Pain; navel; region of navel; before stool

Stomach; hiccup
Stomach; pain; gnawing, biting

Abdominal symptoms appear during pregnancy

Cancer of stomach.

Chronic congestion of liver

Epigastric pain immediately after eating

Excessive fatty deposit around abdomen

Gnawing in stomach

Much flatus


Pain around navel

Stomach; Thirst for lemonade, regurgitation of food, bitter water brash

Strained feeling in groin.

    RECTUM (click for more)

During and after stool, burning and smarting in rectum

Green mucus stools alternate with constipation

Hard, CRUMBLY stool, or covered with glairy mucus

Hemorrhoids after suppressed leucorrhoea.

Itching and hemorrhoids, soreness with pustules

Constipation; difficult stool

Stinging in perinaeum

    STOOL (click for more)





    GENITALS (click for more)

Leucorrhoea, like white of an egg (Alum.; Bor.; Calc

Pain as if sprained in left side of abdomen during pregnancy

Diarrhoea, greenish mucous stools, and navel pain During menses

Female; Menses too early, too free, dark, clotted; Flow more at night

p.); with pain about the navel; brown, slimy After every urination.

    RESPIRATION (click for more)

Dry, hacking, scraping cough; worse lying on back or right side

Hoarseness and burning in larynx

Burning at small spots in chest

Cough loose in afternoon, with profuse expectoration and rattling of mucus

Cough with profuse salivation.

Oppression of chest

Scanty secretion

Stitches in chest

    CHEST (click for more)

Swelling; arm pit glands

    BACK (click for more)

Icy cold between shoulders; not relieved by warm covering, followed by itching

Pain; lumbar (lower half of back); night
Pain; lumbar (lower half of back); night; 3 a.m., forcing out of bed; during sleep
Pain; lumbar (lower half of back); night; in bed
Pain; sore, bruised, beaten; lumbar (lower half of back); night
Pain; tearing; neck

Backache, as if in a vise when sitting.

Bruised pain in coccyx when sitting

    EXTREMITIES, LIMBS (click for more)

Neuralgic pain in amputated limbs

Sciatica, Worse sitting, better lying

Ulcerative pain in heels

Contraction of hamstring tendons

Contraction of muscles and tendons; leg
Contraction of muscles and tendons; lower limbs

Heaviness; upper limbs; right

Pain; lower limbs; sciatica (pain radiating from back along back of thigh); lying down
Pain; lower limbs; sciatica (pain radiating from back along back of thigh); sitting
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; fingers; tips of fingers
Pain; tearing; fingers; tips of
Pain; tearing; fingers; tips of; evening
Pain; tearing; foot; heel
Pain; tearing; lying down
Pain; tearing; thigh; while sitting
Pain; tearing; toes; evening
Pain; tearing; toes; tips
Pain; tearing; wandering
Pain; tearing; while sitting
Pain; wandering, shifting

Paralysis; upper limbs; right
Paralysis; upper limbs; sensation of paralysis

Perspiration; foot; sole

Pulsation, throbbing; thumb; under nail

Skin; itching; like insects crawling on skin; fingers; tips
Skin; itching; like insects crawling on skin; toes; tips

Stiffness; upper limbs; right

Tension, tightness; thigh

Tingling, prickling, asleep (see numbness); fingers; finger tips
Tingling, prickling, asleep (see numbness); toes; tips

Offensive sweaty feet

Pain as from ulceration in finger tips

Pain in feet during menses.

Shooting and tearing In tips of fingers and toes

    SLEEP (click for more)

Dreams; amorous
Dreams; anxious
Dreams; difficulties
Dreams; frightful
Dreams; water

Sleepiness, tiredness; evening
Sleepiness, tiredness; evening; twilight

    CHILL (click for more)

After sleep

Chilliness (see also whole body; temperature); evening; as often as wakes
Chilliness (see also whole body; temperature); night; after lying down, and as often as wakes, without thirst


On waking; as often as wakes up

    FEVER (click for more)

Chilliness evenings after lying down and on awakening, without thirst

Alternating with chills

Heat in palms and soles

Lowest potencies.

Sub acute, low fevers due to unhealthy climate

    SKIN (click for more)

Blisters on various parts

Intense burning better cold applications.

Itching, generally evenings

Pain; ulcerative pain
Pain; ulcerative pain; after scratching

    GENERALITIES (click for more)

After scarlet fever

Lying down; lying down
Lying down; lying on back


On first sitting down

On waking

Pain; twinging
Pain; ulcerative; externally

While sitting
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Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Entries on a white background are from Boericke's Materia Medica. Entries on a green background are from a reversed Kent's repertory, with some alterations to modernise the language. Uses are based on traditional homeopathic practice and have not been reviewed by the FDA.