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Homeopathic Remedies - E

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Single and Combination Remedies
Buy Earache Drops   Earache Drops Combination Remedy Available KidsAdult
Not Available   Eberthinum Not available over the counter.
Buy Echinacea Angustifolia   Echinacea Angustifolia Available 2C-200C, 1X-200X, 1M-10M, , Q
AKA: Purple Cone-flower
Buy Echinacea Purpurea   Echinacea Purpurea Available 2C-200C, 2X-200X, , Q
AKA: Purple Echinacea, Echin, Echinac, Echinacea, Echinacea Rudbeckia, Purple Cone Flower, Echinacea purpurea.
Buy Eichhornia Crassipes   Eichhornia Crassipes Available
Buy Elaeis Guineensis   Elaeis Guineensis Available 2X-30X, 12C-30C, , Q
AKA: South American Palm
Buy Elaps Corallinus   Elaps Corallinus Available 4C-200C, 8X-200X, 1M-10M,
AKA: Elaps, Coral-snake, Coral Snake, Elaps corrallinus
Buy Elaterium   Elaterium Available 3X-200X, 3C-200C,
AKA: Squirting Cucumber, Elaterium Off
Buy Eleutherococcus senticosus   Eleutherococcus senticosus Available 2X-30X, 12C-30C,
AKA: Eleutherococcus
Buy Embelia Ribes   Embelia Ribes Available
Not Available   Emetinum Not available over the counter.
Buy Empty Carrying case   Empty Carrying case Value Kit Available -
AKA: Storage Container, Travel Box, Empty Case
Not Available   Empty Remedy Case Value Kit Not available over the counter.
AKA: Storage Unit, Remedy Box
Buy Enterococcinum   Enterococcinum Available
Buy Enuraid   Enuraid Combination Remedy Available -
Buy Eosinum Natrum   Eosinum Natrum Available 3X-200X, 3C-200C,
AKA: Eosinum
Buy Ephedra Vulgaris   Ephedra Vulgaris Available 3X-200X, 2C-200C,
AKA: Ephedra
Buy Ephedrinum Muriaticum   Ephedrinum Muriaticum Available
Buy Epigea Repens   Epigea Repens Available 2X-200X, 2C-200C, , Q
AKA: Trailing Arbutus, Epigea, Epigaea Repens
Not Available   Epilobium angustifolium Not available over the counter.
Buy Epilobium Palustre   Epilobium Palustre Available 2X-30X, 12C-30C, , Q
AKA: Epilobium
Not Available   Epilobium parviflorum Not available over the counter.
Buy Epiphegus Virginiana   Epiphegus Virginiana Available 3X-200X, 2C-200C, 1M
AKA: Beech Drop, Epiphegus virginianus
Buy Equisetum Arvense   Equisetum Arvense Available 2C-30C, 2X-30X, , Q
Buy Equisetum Hyemale   Equisetum Hyemale Available 2C-200C, 3X-200X, 1M-10M,
AKA: Scouring-rush, Equisetum, Equisetum Hiemale Hyemale, Equisetum hiemale
Buy Erechthites Hieracifolia   Erechthites Hieracifolia Available 3X-200X, 3C-200C,
AKA: Fire-weed
Not Available   Erica vulgaris Not available over the counter.
Buy Erigeron Canadense   Erigeron Canadense Available 3X-200X, 2C-200C,
AKA: Leptilon Canadense, Fleabane, Erigeron Canadensis, Erigeron, Erigeron Canandensis
Buy Eriodictyon Californicum   Eriodictyon Californicum Available 2X-200X, 3C-200C, , Q
AKA: Eriodictyon Glutinosum, Yerba Santa
Buy Erodium   Erodium Available 2X-200X, 3C-200C, , Q
AKA: Erodium Cicutarium
Buy Eryngium Aquaticum   Eryngium Aquaticum Available 2X-200X, 3C-200C, , Q
AKA: Button Snake-root
Buy Eryngium Maritimum   Eryngium Maritimum Available
AKA: Eryng
Not Available   Erysimum officinalis Not available over the counter.
AKA: Erysimum off
Buy Erythrite   Erythrite Available 8X-30X, 4C-30C,
Buy Escherichia Coli   Escherichia Coli Nosode Available
Buy Escholtzia Californica   Escholtzia Californica Available 2X-200X, 2C-200C,
AKA: Eschscholtzia Californica, Escholtzia
Not Available   Eserinum Not available over the counter.
AKA: Eserine, Eserinum salicylicum
Not Available   Espeletia Not available over the counter.
Buy Ether   Ether Available 3C-200C, 3X-200X,
AKA: Etherum
Buy Ethylicum   Ethylicum Available 3C-200C, 3X-200X,
Not Available   Ethylsulfur dichloratum Not available over the counter.
Not Available   Etoile alpheord Not available over the counter.
Not Available   Etoile althalimin Not available over the counter.
Buy Eucalyptus Globulus   Eucalyptus Globulus Available 3X-200X, 2C-200C, 1M
AKA: Blue Gum-tree, Eucalypt, Eucalyptus, Eucalyptol
Buy Eugenia Caryophyllata   Eugenia Caryophyllata Available
Buy Eugenia Jambos   Eugenia Jambos Available 2X-200X, 2C-200C,
AKA: Jambosa Vulgaris, Rose-apple, Eugenia Jambosa, Eugenia Jambolana, Jambolanum, Eugenia jambosa , voir syzygium jambolanum tm
Buy Euonymus Atropurpureus   Euonymus Atropurpureus Available 5X-30X,
Buy Euonymus Europaeus   Euonymus Europaeus Available 3X-200X, 3C-200C,
AKA: Wahoo. Burning Bush, Euonymus Atropurpurea, Euonymus Europaea
Buy Eupatorinum Aromaticum   Eupatorinum Aromaticum Available 3X-200X, 3C-200C,
AKA: Pool-root, Eupatorium Aromaticum
Buy Eupatorium cannabinum   Eupatorium cannabinum Available
Buy Eupatorium Perfoliatum   Eupatorium Perfoliatum Available 2C-200C, 3X-200X, 1M-10M, CM
AKA: Thorough Wort, Eup. Perf
Buy Eupatorium Purpureum   Eupatorium Purpureum Available 3X-200X, 3C-200C,
AKA: Queen Of The Meadow
Not Available   Euphorbia amygdaloide Not available over the counter.
Buy Euphorbia Amygdaloides   Euphorbia Amygdaloides Available
Buy Euphorbia corolata   Euphorbia corolata Available
AKA: Euphorbia Corollata
Buy Euphorbia cyparissias   Euphorbia cyparissias Available
Buy Euphorbia Lat.   Euphorbia Lat. Available 3X-200X, 3C-200C,
AKA: Euphorbia Lat
Not Available   Euphorbia palustris Not available over the counter.
Buy Euphorbia Pilulifera   Euphorbia Pilulifera Available 2C-30C, 4X-30X,
Buy Euphorbium   Euphorbium Available 3C-200C, 6X-200X,
AKA: Spurge-the resinous juice of Euphorbia Resinifera, Euphorbia Resinifera, Euphorbia, Euphorbium Officinarum, Euph, Euphorb
Buy Euphrasia Officinalis   Euphrasia Officinalis Available 2C-200C, 2X-200X, 1M-10M,
AKA: Eye Bright, Euphrasia, Eyebright
Buy Eupion   Eupion Available 6X-30X, 6C-30C,
AKA: Wood-tar Distillation, Eupionum, Eupion

Entries on a white background are from Boericke's Materia Medica. Entries on a green background are from a reversed Kent's repertory, with some alterations to modernise the language. Uses are based on traditional homeopathic practice and have not been reviewed by the FDA.