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Apis Mellifica
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Apis Mellifica

The Honey-bee, Bee sting, Apis Mellifera, Apis mel, Apisinum

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HPUS label indication: Stings
Apis Mellifica

Below are the strongest indications of Apis Mellifica in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

Acts on cellular tissues causing oedema of skin and mucous membranes.
The very characteristic effects of the sting of the bee furnish unerring indications for its employment in disease. Swelling or puffing up of various parts, EDEMA, red rosy hue, stinging pains, soreness, intolerance of heat, and slightest touch, and afternoon worse are some of the general guiding symptoms. Erysipelatous inflammations, dropsical effusions and anasarca, acute, inflammation of kidneys, and other parenchymatous tissues are characteristic pathological states corresponding to Apis Mellifica. Apis acts especially on outer parts, skin, coatings of inner organs, serous membranes. It produces serous inflammation with effusion, membranes of brain, heart, pleuritic effusion, etc. Extreme sensitiveness to touch and general soreness is marked. Constricted sensations. Sensation of stiffness and as of something torn off in the interior of the body. Much prostration.
Better, In open air, uncovering, and cold bathing.
WORSE, heat in any form; TOUCH; pressure; late in afternoon; after sleeping; in closed and heated rooms. Right side.
Complementary; Nat, mur. The “chronic,” Apis Mellifica.; Also Baryta Carb., if lymphatics are involved. Inimical. Rhus.
Compare: Apium virus (auto-toxaemia, with pus products); Zinc.; Canth.; Vespa; Lachesis.

    MIND (click for more)

Jealous, fright, rage, vexation, grief
Stupor, with sudden sharp cries and startings

Awkward; drops things readily

Whining, tearfulness

Apathy, indifference, and unconsciousness

Cannot concentrate mind when attempting to read or study.

Jealous, fidgety, hard to please

Listless; cannot think clearly

Behaviour; shrieking
Behaviour; shrieking; brain cry


Death; presentiment of death

Delirium; during sleep

Emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition; indifference, apathy, etc.
Emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition; irritability
Emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition; weeping, crying, tearful mood (lamenting)
Emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition; weeping, crying, tearful mood (lamenting); causeless, groundless, with no reason

Insanity; busy
Insanity; erotic

Intellectual faculties; impaired thinking; absent-minded (see forgetful)

Unconsciousness; during fever

Sensation of dying

Stupor alternating with erotic mania

Sudden shrill, piercing screams

    VERTIGO, DIZZINESS (click for more)

During headache

    HEAD (click for more)

Vertigo with sneezing, worse on lying or closing eyes
Bores head into pillow and screams out.
Dull, heavy sensation in occiput, as from a blow, extending to neck (better on pressure), accompanied with sexual excitement
Bores head in pillow
Congestion (see pulsation)

Congestion (see pulsation); before period
Congestion (see pulsation); during period
Congestion (see pulsation); fullness
Congestion (see pulsation); open air
Congestion (see pulsation); warm room

Constriction, tension (see also pulling, pressing)

Heaviness (see pain; pressing)
Heaviness (see pain; pressing); open air
Heaviness (see pain; pressing); warm room

Hot; forehead
Hot; forehead; cool air
Hot; in a warm room
Hot; open air

Hydrocephalus (water on the brain: headache, drowsiness, vomiting)

Pain, headache
Pain, headache; back of head (occiput)
Pain, headache; in forehead; when indoors; in a warm room
Pain, headache; pressing (see bursting, pulling); forehead
Pain, headache; pressing (see bursting, pulling); forehead; open air
Pain, headache; pressing (see bursting, pulling); forehead; warm room
Pain, headache; pressing (see bursting, pulling); when indoors; in a warm room
Pain, headache; stitching, sudden, sharp; temples
Pain, headache; top of head (vertex)
Pain, headache; walking; in open air
Pain, headache; warm room
Pain, headache; with high or low temperature; headache during the heat

Skin and scalp; erysipelas (inflamed from infection, deep red colour)

Swollen, and feeling swollen

Heat, throbbing, distensive pains, better on pressure, and worse on motion

Sudden stabbing pains

Whole brain feels Very tired

    EYE (click for more)

Keratitis with Intense chemosis of ocular conjunction

Pain around orbits


Staphyloma of cornea following suppurative inflammation

Lachrymation hot

Serous exudation, edema, and sharp pains

Sudden piercing pains

Conjunctiva bright red, puffy

Conjunctiva (external lining of eye); swelling

Cornea (transparent part of eye); spots and specks, on cornea

Discoloration; redness
Discoloration; redness; lids

Inflammation; acute
Inflammation; erysipelas (inflamed from infection, deep red colour, see face)
Inflammation; heat
Inflammation; infants
Inflammation; wounds; conjunctiva (external lining of eye)
Inflammation; wounds; conjunctiva (external lining of eye); oozing pus (including cornea)
Inflammation; wounds; lids

Pain; as from something in eye
Pain; burning, smarting, gnawing, biting
Pain; burning, smarting, gnawing, biting; warm room
Pain; stinging
Pain; stinging
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp

Stiffness; lids

Strabismus (eyes incorrectly aligned)

Swellings; lids
Swellings; lids; from fluid accumulation
Swellings; lids; under the lids
Swellings; lids; upper lids

Tears; burning

Ulceration; cornea (transparent part of eye)

Lids Swollen, red, Oedematous, everted, inflamed; burn and sting

STYES, also prevents their recurrence.

suppurative inflammation of eyes

    VISION (click for more)

Dim; evening; when reading

Weak (see eyes, weak); using eyes


    EAR (click for more)

Pain; on swallowing
Pain; with sore throat

Skin; discoloration; redness

External ear red, inflamed, sore; stinging pains.

    NOSE (click for more)

Red, swollen, inflamed, with sharp pains.

Coldness of tip of nose

Accumulation of fluid

Coldness; tip of nose

Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp

Skin or lining of nose; discoloration; redness; skin erysipelas (inflamed from infection, deep red colour)


    FACE (click for more)

Erysipelas with stinging burning oedema

Extends from right to left.

Lips; turned out lips

Pain; stinging

Skin; discoloration; red
Skin; itching (see skin); stinging
Skin; out-breaks on skin; like nettle rash
Skin; out-breaks on skin; red; erysipelas (inflamed from infection, deep red colour)
Skin; out-breaks on skin; red; erysipelas (inflamed from infection, deep red colour); around eye
Skin; out-breaks on skin; red; erysipelas (inflamed from infection, deep red colour); fluid accumulation
Skin; out-breaks on skin; red; erysipelas (inflamed from infection, deep red colour); periodic
Skin; out-breaks on skin; red; erysipelas (inflamed from infection, deep red colour); recurrent
Skin; shiny skin
Skin; shiny skin; waxy

Stiffness, muscles; lips

Swelling; around eyes
Swelling; fluid accumulation
Swelling; lips
Swelling; lips; upper
Swelling; scarlet fever
Swelling; under eyes

Swollen, red, with piercing pain

Waxy, pale, oedematous

    MOUTH (click for more)

Red, shining, and puffy, like erysipelas

Cancer of the tongue.

Gums swollen

Lips swollen, especially upper

Membrane of mouth and throat glossy, as if varnished

Discoloration; palate (roof of mouth); red
Discoloration; tongue; red
Discoloration; tongue; red; fiery-red
Discoloration; tongue; yellow; bright; shining

Dryness; tongue

Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters; stitching, sudden, sharp, stinging
Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters; tongue
Growths, blisters, swellings; blisters; tongue; burning

Gums; watery-look

Inflammation; tongue

Swelling; tongue

Teeth; grinding

Scalding in mouth and throat

Tongue feels scalded, red hot, trembling

Tongue fiery red, swollen, sore, and raw, with vesicles

    THROAT (click for more)

Uvula swollen, sac-like.

Constricted, stinging pains

Discoloration; redness; throat

Glazed appearance

Inflammation; erysipelas (inflamed from infection, deep red colour)
Inflammation; uvula (lobe at back of mouth)

Larynx (voice box); bruised feeling

Membrane, exudation, diphtheria, etc.

Pain; stinging
Pain; stinging; when not swallowing
Pain; sudden, sharp; on swallowing

Swelling; uvula (lobe at back of mouth)
Swelling; uvula (lobe at back of mouth); fluid accumulation

Tickling in the air passages; in throat-pit


    ABDOMEN (click for more)

Sore, bruised on pressure, when sneezing

Dropsy of abdomen

Vomiting of food

Craving for milk ( Rhus.)

Extremely tender


Bladder; inflammation
Bladder; pain; pressing, pressure
Bladder; retention of urine (see urination delayed)
Bladder; retention of urine (see urination delayed); in children
Bladder; urging to urinate (unhealthy desire)
Bladder; urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); constant
Bladder; urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); during fever
Bladder; urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); frequent (see urination, frequent)
Bladder; urination; frequent
Bladder; urination; involuntary, incontinence
Bladder; urination; involuntary, incontinence; during cough
Bladder; urination; involuntary, incontinence; night, bed wetting
Bladder; urination; painful or difficult urination; painful; dances around the room in agony

Inflammation; neck of large intestine (right side, between hip and ribs. typhlitis)

Kidneys; inflammation; acute (see albumen)
Kidneys; suppression of urine

Pain; sore, bruised, tenderness, etc.
Pain; sore, bruised, tenderness, etc.; behind lower ribs
Pain; sore, bruised, tenderness, etc.; right side, between ribs and hip
Pain; stinging

Stomach; burping, belching; tasting like food; drinking water
Stomach; thirst; during chill
Stomach; vomiting
Stomach; without thirst
Stomach; without thirst; during heat

Swelling; from watery fluid; abdominal cavity


Stomach; Sore feeling

Swelling in right groin.

    RECTUM (click for more)

Constipation; during period

Diarrhoea; movement

Pain; soreness
Pain; soreness; after stool
Pain; urge to stool, or urinate, but producing nothing
Pain; urge to stool, or urinate, but producing nothing; during dysentery


Relaxed anus

Skin and lining; excoriated (as if grazed, chaffed); from stool

    STOOL (click for more)

Bloody, painless

Cannot urinate without a stool Dark, fetid, worse after eating

Anus feels raw

Constipation; feels as if something would break on straining.

Diarrhoea watery, yellow; Cholera infantum type

Hemorrhoids, with stinging pain, after confinement

Involuntary on every motion; Anus seems open

Hard; during period


    URINE (click for more)


Last drops burn and smart.

Burning and soreness when urinating

Suppressed, loaded with casts; frequent and involuntary; stinging pain and strangury; Scanty, high colored

Albuminous (white, thick)
Albuminous (white, thick); after scarlet fever
Albuminous (white, thick); during pregnancy


Burning (includes hot)


Colour; dark

Ejecting lumps; of tubes

Milky; in hydrocephalus (water on the brain: headache, drowsiness, vomiting), very little but frequent discharges of milky urine with unconsciousness and delirium

Odour; offensive


Sediment; like coffee beans

    GENITALS (click for more)

Bearing-down, as if menses were to appear

Dysmenorrhoea, with severe ovarian pains

Female; Oedema of labia; relieved by cold water
Female; congestion; ovaries
Female; fluid build up (see swelling); ovaries
Female; hardness; ovaries; right
Female; heaviness; ovaries
Female; inflammation; ovaries
Female; inflammation; womb
Female; miscarriage
Female; pain; burning; ovaries
Female; pain; burning; ovaries; after sexual intercourse
Female; pain; burning; ovaries; during miscarriage
Female; pain; ovaries
Female; pain; piercing, stabbing; ovaries
Female; pain; stinging; ovaries
Female; sexual intercourse; desire increased; in widows
Female; swollen; enlarged; ovaries
Female; swollen; enlarged; ovaries; right
Female; tumours; ovaries

Male; prostate gland; inflammation
Male; swelling; scrotum; fluid accumulation
Male; testes and scrotum (balls); scrotum swollen by fluid accumulation

Great tenderness over abdomen and uterine region.

Menses suppressed, with cerebral and head symptoms, especially in young girls

Metrorrhagia profuse, with heavy abdomen, faintness, stinging pain

Ovarian tumors, metritis with stinging pains

Sense of tightness

Soreness and stinging pains; ovaritis; worse in RIGHT ovary

    RESPIRATION (click for more)

Suffocation; short, dry cough, suprasternal

Feels As if he could not draw another breath

Hoarseness; Dyspnea, breathing hurried and difficult


Oedema of larynx

Difficult (dyspnea)
Difficult (dyspnea); constriction of larynx
Difficult (dyspnea); during chill
Difficult (dyspnea); from warmth; in a warm room
Difficult (dyspnea); lying down impossible
Difficult (dyspnea); open air
Difficult (dyspnea); wants doors and windows open
Difficult (dyspnea); when overheated
Difficult (dyspnea); while lying down
Difficult (dyspnea); while lying; lying with the head low
Difficult (dyspnea); with heat
Difficult (dyspnea); with skin diseases; suppressed out-breaks on skin


Like deep snoring; daze and crying out as with a sharp pain

    COUGH (click for more)

While lying down
While lying down; night; midnight, cough wakens him

    CHEST (click for more)


Heart; angina pectoris

Lungs; fluid build up in chest cavity (pulmonary oedema)

Oppressed feeling
Oppressed feeling; during chill
Oppressed feeling; warm room

Pain; burning
Pain; burning; front part
Pain; heart
Pain; sore, bruised
Pain; sore, bruised; collar bone; above
Pain; sore, bruised; from coughing
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; breast
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; heart

Skin; out-breaks on skin; breast; inflammation from infection, deep red colour on breast

    BACK (click for more)

Inflammation; membranes; in spinal meningitis
Inflammation; with suffocation, worse in warm room

Pain; coccyx (bottom tip of spine)

Pulsating; neck
Pulsating; neck; extending to shoulder

    EXTREMITIES, LIMBS (click for more)

Arthritic nodules
Arthritic nodules; finger joints

Awkwardness; hands; drops things

Coldness; lower limbs; foot
Coldness; lower limbs; knee; during chill

Inflammation; joints
Inflammation; leg; skin erysipelas (inflamed from infection, deep red colour)
Inflammation; toes; skin erysipelas (inflamed from infection, deep red colour)

Numbness (see tingling); upper limbs

Pain; burning; foot; toes

Paralysis; on one side of body (hemiplegia); left

Sensation of enlargement; foot

Skin; discoloration; foot; pale
Skin; discoloration; hand; red
Skin; discoloration; knee; purple; spots
Skin; felon (whitlow, onychia, paronychia, foot rot, etc.); itching
Skin; felon (whitlow, onychia, paronychia, foot rot, etc.); stinging pain
Skin; felon (whitlow, onychia, paronychia, foot rot, etc.); whitlow, foot rot
Skin; itching; lower limbs

Stiffness; foot
Stiffness; foot; night
Stiffness; toes

Swollen; ankle
Swollen; fluid in tissues
Swollen; foot
Swollen; foot; fluid accumulation
Swollen; foot; night
Swollen; foot; sensation of
Swollen; hand
Swollen; hand; fluid accumulation
Swollen; lower limbs; fluid in tissues
Swollen; lower limbs; fluid in tissues; after scarlet fever
Swollen; lower limbs; stinging
Swollen; toes; not visible

Feel too large

Feet swollen and stiff

Felon in beginning

Hives with intolerable itching

Knee swollen, shiny, sensitive, sore, with stinging pain

Numbness of hands and tips of fingers


Oedematous swellings.

Rheumatic pain in back and limbs


Tired, bruised feeling

    SLEEP (click for more)

Dreams full of care and toil

Screams and Sudden startling during sleep.

Deep; during heat

Sleepiness, tiredness

Symptoms during chill

Very Drowsy

    CHILL (click for more)


At certain time of day or night; from 3 p.m.
At certain time of day or night; from 3 p.m.; to 4 p.m.; 5 p.m.
At certain time of day or night; from 4 p.m.
At certain time of day or night; from 4 p.m.; to 5 p.m.

Beginning in particular area; abdomen and extending from abdomen
Beginning in particular area; chest

During movement


In warmth; in warm room; not relieved in warm room, nor by a warm heater
In warmth; in warm room; smothering in warm room


Open air

Warm room

Warmth is unbearable

    FEVER (click for more)

External heat, with smothering feeling

Afternoon chill, with thirst; worse on motion and heat

After perspiration, nettle rash, also with shuddering.


Afternoon; with chilliness

Burning heat
Burning heat; afternoon

Continued fever; with skin out-break

Desire to uncover

Fever with skin out-break; measles
Fever with skin out-break; scarlet fever

Fever without chill
Fever without chill; afternoon; 3 p.m.; to 4 p.m.

Localised; cerebro-spinal fever

Morning; with chilliness

Warmth; covering
Warmth; warm room
Warmth; warm room; heat of the room is intolerable


With chilliness

Perspiration breaks out and dries up frequently

Sleeps AFTER the fever paroxysm

Sweat slight, with sleepiness

    SKIN (click for more)


Carbuncles, with burning, stinging pain ( Ars.; Anthrac) Sudden puffing up of whole body.

Erysipelas, with sensitiveness and swelling, rosy hue

Abnormal growths; warts; waxy

Discoloration; red
Discoloration; white

Inflammation; skin erysipelas (inflamed from infection, deep red colour)
Inflammation; skin erysipelas (inflamed from infection, deep red colour); with swelling

Itching; stinging

Out-breaks on skin; boils; painful boil, shedding skin and tissues (carbuncle); stinging
Out-breaks on skin; burning
Out-breaks on skin; like nettle rash
Out-breaks on skin; like nettle rash; during fever
Out-breaks on skin; like nettle rash; night
Out-breaks on skin; like nettle rash; nodular
Out-breaks on skin; like nettle rash; while perspiring
Out-breaks on skin; measles
Out-breaks on skin; scarlet fever
Out-breaks on skin; stinging

Pain; burning
Pain; stinging





Swelling; pale
Swelling; stinging

Swellings after bites; Sore, sensitive

    INJURIES AND ACCIDENTS (click for more)

Wounds; penetrating wounds

    GENERALITIES (click for more)

Fluid build up; external
Fluid build up; internal

Inflammation; thin, watery membranes

Lethargic, tired

Lying down; lying down

Pain; burning externally


Pulse; frequent, accelerated, elevated, exalted, fast, innumerable, rapid

Sensitive; excessive physical irritability
Sensitive; externally

Suppression of sexual desire

Swelling; in general
Swelling; puffy

Symptoms not symmetrical; right

Temperature (felt and effects of temperature); hot feeling; sensation of heat
Temperature (felt and effects of temperature); warmth
Temperature (felt and effects of temperature); warmth; warm bed
Temperature (felt and effects of temperature); warmth; warm room


Warmth; warm bed
Warmth; warm room

Weakness (see lethargic, weariness)

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Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Entries on a white background are from Boericke's Materia Medica. Entries on a green background are from a reversed Kent's repertory, with some alterations to modernise the language. Uses are based on traditional homeopathic practice and have not been reviewed by the FDA.