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Heracleum Sphondylium
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Heracleum Sphondylium

Heracleum spondylium, Heracleum

Boiron and Homeodel
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Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Below are the strongest indications of Heracleum Sphondylium in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

Materia Medica Sources
H.C. Allen - no Heracleum Sphondylium
T.F. Allen  
Boenninghausen - no Heracleum Sphondylium
Boericke - no Heracleum Sphondylium
Boger - no Heracleum Sphondylium
Hahnemann - no Heracleum Sphondylium
Hering - no Heracleum Sphondylium
Kent Lectures - no Heracleum Sphondylium
Kent New remedies - no Heracleum Sphondylium
Reversed & reworded Kent repertory - no Heracleum Sphondylium
Morrel - no Heracleum Sphondylium
Nash - no Heracleum Sphondylium
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("Branca ursina.") Heracleum sphondylium, Linn.

Natural order, Umbelliferae. Common names, (Germ.), Baerenklau; (Fr.), Branc-ursine.

Preparation, Tincture of the whole plant.

Authority. Dr. Rosenburg, Archiv f. Hom., 17, pt. 2, p. 46, provings on self and three others, including a girl of 20, with the tincture; doses, 20 to 60 drops.

. Heracleum sphondylium. "Branca ursina." N. O. Umbelliferae. Tincture of whole plant.


Debility. Dyspepsia. Gout. Headache. Seborrhoea capitis. Skin, affections of. Spleen, pain in.


Heracl. has been proved. It was found to exercise a pronounced action on the digestion, producing hunger, with inability to eat, nausea, vomiting; colic, diarrhoea, and pains in the spleen. It also affected the sexual organs and the skin. A characteristic is "Headache with drowsiness; agg. on moving in open air; amel. tying up the head with a cloth." Exhaustion, indolence, and weakness were complained of.

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Compare Con., Abies n., Cean.; in headache with drowsiness, Brucea, Ginseng, Gels., Nat. s., Nux mos., Sul. SYMPTOMS.

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Fretfulness and ill-humor, taciturn.

Prostration of strength, indolence, moral depression; fits of hypochondriasis.

Ill-humour, capriciousness.

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Violent itching on the scalp; on scratching it, the ends of the fingers become fatty.

Vertigo, on reading while seated.

Cephalalgia, esp. in the sinciput and occiput, with inclination to vomit, and drowsiness, esp. agg. on walking in open air; amel. by wrapping up the head.

Violent itching on the scalp, on scratching which, the fingers become greasy; much fatty perspiration on the head.

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Lachrymation and weakness of the eyes while reading.


Lachrymation and fatigue of the eyes while reading.

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Frequent sneezing, with stitches in the region of the spleen.

Frequent sneezing, with stitches in region of spleen.

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Bitter taste in the mouth.

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Itching and biting on the scrotum.

Violent itching in the skin and moist itch-like eruption.

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Pressure in the throat, as from tenacious mucus.

Pressure in the throat, as from mucus, which it is impossible to detach; accumulation of mucus, tickling roughness and scraping in the throat.

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Oppression of the chest and chilliness.

Stitches in the chest on inspiration.

Oppression of the chest, with chilliness, or else with palpitation of the heart; difficulty of respiration on ascending a staircase.

Stitches in chest during inspiration; dry eruption on chest, burning after scratching. 21. Limbs.

Gouty tearing in the limbs.

Shooting and burning pains in the feet.

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Respiratory organs

Arrest of breathing on ascending a mountain.

Dry, hacking cough, with feeling of soreness in the chest and shooting pains.

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Sticking and griping colic, obliging him to bend up.

Lancinating and pinching colics, which force the patient to writhe; pulsation and pains in region of spleen; flatus and colic, with nausea and disgusting risings.

Frequent sneezing, with lancination in the region of the spleen.


Pressure in the stomach, with nausea and pressure in the pit of the stomach, after eating, as from a stone; these stomach troubles are always accompanied by nausea.

Bitter taste; sweet bitter risings, with regurgitation of bitter liquid; craving, with loathing and horror of all kinds of food; increased thirst; nausea; vomiting, bitter, bilious, with pains in the stomach, and much congestion in the head.

Pressure at the stomach, with nausea, or else in the scrobiculus, as from a stone (after a meal); the pains in the stomach are always accompanied by an inclination to vomit.

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Stool delayed, with urging and pain in the anus.

Stool and anus

Stools tardy, with pressure and pain in the anus.

Slimy, fetid stools.

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Sexual organs

Transient sticking in the labiae.

Male sexual organs

Drawing pain in the penis; shootings in the glans.

Itching and smarting in the scrotum; pollutions.

Female sexual organs

Transient sticking in the labiae.

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Inferior extremities

Sticking and burning in the feet.


Exhaustion, indolence, and weakness.

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