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Magnesia Sulphurica
MindVertigo, DizzinessHeadEyeVisionEarNoseFaceMouthThroatAbdomenRectumStoolUrineGenitalsRespirationCoughExpectorationChestBackExtremities, LimbsSleepChillFeverPerspirationSkinGeneralitiesMagnesia Sulphurica AvailabilityBuy Magnesia Sulphurica


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Magnesia Sulphurica

Epsom Salt, Magnes. Sulph, Magnesium sulfuricum, Magnesium Sulphuricum

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HPUS label indication: Warts

Below are the strongest indications of Magnesia Sulphurica in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

The skin, Urinary, and female symptoms are most marked. The purgative action of Sulphate of Magnesia is not a quality of the drug, but a quality of its physical state, which renders its absorption impossible. The properties inherent in the substance itself can only be discovered by attenuation ( Percy Wilde.)
It is claimed that the addition of a small amount of Magnesia Sulphurica. to the usual hypodermic of Morphine increases the value of the hypodermic from 50 to 100%.
Magnesia Sulphurica. is of diagnostic and therapeutic value in Gallstone colic. From 2 to 4 teaspoonfuls in glass hot water taken at onset of a colicky attack may abort or stop the colic.
Epsom salts is one of the most active saline cathartics, operat

    HEAD (click for more)

Apprehensive; vertigo; head heavy during menses

Eyes burn, noises in ears.

    ABDOMEN (click for more)

Stitches and burning the orifice of the urethra after urinating

Urinary Organs.

Diabetes ( Phos-ac.; Lact-ac.; ARA

Rising of water in mouth.

Stomach; Frequent eructations, tasting like bad eggs

Stream intermits and dribbles

The urine is greenish as passed; is of a clear color, and in a large quantity

The urine passed in the morning copious, bright yellow, soon becomes turbid, and deposits a copious red sediment

    GENITALS (click for more)

Female; Thick leucorrhoea, as profuse as the menses, with weary pain in the small of the back and thighs, on moving about

Menses too early, intermit.

Menstruation returned after fourteen days; the discharge was thick, black, and profuse

Some blood from the vagina between the menses

    BACK (click for more)

Bruised and ulcerative pain between the shoulders, with a feeling as of a lump as large as the fist, on which account she could not lie upon her back or side; relieved by rubbing

Violent pain in the small of the back, as if bruised, and as before menstruation.

    EXTREMITIES, LIMBS (click for more)

The left arm and foot fall asleep in bed, in the morning after waking.

    FEVER (click for more)

Chill from 9 to 10 a.m

Shuddering in back; heat in one part and chill in another.

    SKIN (click for more)

Dropsy (physiological doses).

Erysipelas (applied locally as a saturated solution)

Small pimples over the whole body, that itch violently

Suppressed itch ( Sulph.) Crawling in the tips of the fingers of the left hand; better on rubbing

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Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Entries on a white background are from Boericke's Materia Medica. Entries on a green background are from a reversed Kent's repertory, with some alterations to modernise the language. Uses are based on traditional homeopathic practice and have not been reviewed by the FDA.