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Mercurius Solubilis
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Mercurius Solubilis

Merc Sol, Mercurius solubilis, Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni

Boiron and HomeodelWHP - Washington HomeopathicHylands and Standard Homeopathic
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HPUS indication: Sore throat

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Below are the strongest indications of Mercurius Solubilis in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

Materia Medica Sources
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H.C. Allen - no Mercurius Solubilis
T.F. Allen  
Boenninghausen - no Mercurius Solubilis
Boericke - no Mercurius Solubilis
Clarke - no Mercurius Solubilis
Hahnemann - no Mercurius Solubilis
Hering - no Mercurius Solubilis
Kent Lectures - no Mercurius Solubilis
Kent New remedies - no Mercurius Solubilis
Reversed & reworded Kent repertory - no Mercurius Solubilis
Morrel - no Mercurius Solubilis
Nash - no Mercurius Solubilis



(Morning), Confusion of head, etc.; sneezing; swelling of gum; tongue coated white; bad taste in mouth; loss of appetite; perspiration.

(Forenoon), Stitches in zygoma; hiccough.

(Afternoon), Towards evening, dimness, etc., before eyes; points before vision; throbbing in gum; about 5 to 6 o'clock, weakness.

(Evening), Ringing in ears; colic, etc.; weariness, etc., in legs; sticking in ankle; stitches in heels; weakness; itching on joints an hour and a half after lying down; perspiration.

(Night), Anxiety, etc.; toothache; swelling of gum; on falling asleep, burning in gum; burning in mouth; cutting in abdomen; greenish gonorrhoea; drawing in limbs; febrile attacks; perspiration; fatty perspiration; offensive perspiration.

(Midnight), Griping in abdomen.

(Open air), Inflammation of eyes; chilliness.

(Walking in open air), Dozing, etc.; sensation in abdomen; bloody expectoration; pain in sternum; sticking in knee-joint; sticking in calves; stitches in ribs, etc.

(Drinking), Rumbling in abdomen.

(Eating), Pain in teeth; hiccough; nausea; immediately, qualmishness; dyspnoea.

(Indoors), Vertigo.

(Lying), Faintness.

(Motion), Especially in open air, pain on side of back; pain in shoulder.

(Rest), Pain in ball of hands.

(Rising after eating), Worse in warm room, relieved by open air; dullness above nose, etc.

(Sitting), Vertigo; bruised pain in small of back; dislocated pain in limbs; burning in shoulder; pain in sole; lassitude; weariness; biting in back.

(Standing), Griping in small of back; burning in sole.

(Walking), Stitches in zygoma; especially on ascending steps, pain in lower abdomen; palpitation; stitches in muscles of back; stitches in condyle of knee; sticking in ankle; weariness; itching in sacrum; perspiration.


(Night), Throbbing in gum.

(Eating), Pain above umbilicus.

(Lying down), Toothache; pain in abdomen.

(Sitting), Pain in small back.

(Walking), Griping in small of back; weakness; perspiration; general feelings, ; sleepiness.

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While indulging his foolish fancy, he was, however, inclined to weep, and when this paroxysm passed over he was very much exhausted,

Much anxiety, and orgasm of blood, at night, with sticking in the bloodvessels,

Ill-humor, associated with anxiety, all day; he constantly thought something disagreeable would happen,

Extremely indifferent,


Hurried and rapid talking,

Thoughts entirely vanish,

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Confusion and Vertigo.

Vertigo in the head during the day,

Violent vertigo while standing, on bending the head forward,

General Head.

The head pain over the whole head,

Head felt bound around as with a cord; it feels heavy and swollen,

A constant violent tearing pain extending from the occiput to the forehead, where it is a pressure,

External head

Small elevated, firmly seated scabs between the hairs,

The whole external head is painful to touch,


Stitches in the forehead while walking in the open air,



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The eyes were forcibly drawn together, as if long deprived of sleep, while sitting, standing, and walking,


Burning in the eyes,



Great swelling, redness, and constriction of the lids, which were very sensitive to touch,

Lachrymal Apparatus.

Watering of the eyes and lachrymation,




If she attempts to look at anything she cannot distinctly recognize it, and then the eyes are almost always involuntarily drawn together; the more she tries to restrain the contraction the less able is she to prevent it; she is obliged to lie down and close the eyes,

A fog before one or both eyes,

Vision completely vanishes for five minutes; a similar attack occurs every half hour, and for five minutes he is completely deprived of vision,

The eyes cannot tolerate the firelight or daylight,

Firelight blinds the eyes very much, in the evening,

Sparks of fire before the eyes,

Fiery points before the vision, tending upwards towards the clouds, especially in the afternoon,

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The ear was inflamed internally and externally, with pain partly cramplike, partly sticking, and a feeling as if stopped by swelling,

Bloody and offensive matter flows from the right ear, with tearing pain,

The lobule of the ear is very painful for eight days, red and hot; two days afterwards, a pimple appears on the lobule, and lasts twelve weeks,


Stitches within the ear on stooping,


Roaring in the ears,

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Tip of the nose red, swollen, inflamed, and itching,

An offensive odor from the nose as in violent coryza,

Acrid matter flows from the nose, having the odor of old cheese,

Nosebleed of varying severity,

Nosebleed during sleep,

She was obliged to sneeze once daily for twelve days in succession,


The nasal bone is painful when taken hold of,

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Features sunken and elongated, eyes dim and obscured, face white and earthy,



Soft, red swelling of the upper lip, that internally separates from the gum, where it looks shaggy; on its inner and outer surface deep suppurating sores form with sticking pain, at times with itching,

Corner of the mouth ulcerated and painfully sore,


Almost complete immobility of the jaws, so that he could scarcely open the mouth; yet with the most violent pain,

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Looseness of the teeth which are very painful when touched by the tongue,

A feeling as if all the teeth were loose,

On moving the mouth, sensation as if the teeth were loose, especially the lower front teeth,

Violent toothache at night, and as it disappears great chilliness over the whole body,

Tearing in the roots of all the teeth the whole day,

Toothache, a pulselike jerking from the teeth of the lower jaw into the ear, and from the upper jaw into the head, with painfulness of the gum from 9 P.M. on; only relieved by lying down and going to sleep,

The gum is swollen, and separates from the teeth,

Swelling of the gum at night; better during the day,

Bleeding of the gum from the slightest touch, for fifty-six days,

Tearing in various places in the gum; it is sore and swollen,

The gum was painful when touched and on chewing, especially hard food,


Tongue coated white, with whitish swollen gums that bleed when touched,

Swelling of the tongue that was coated white,

Tongue swollen; hollow externally; suppurating,

Tongue swollen, and so soft on the margin that it showed the imprint of the teeth in scallops, which looked ulcerated,

The tongue is painful with burning pain, as if cracked,

General Mouth.

Aphthae in the mouth,

A kind of aphthae in the mouth,

Pain and swelling of the salivary glands,

Burning in the mouth, at night,


Constant ecptysis,


Sweetish taste in the mouth,

Sweetish taste in the mouth, and an illusive sensation as if the body were made up of sweets,

Sour taste the mouth, during and between meals,

Salty taste in the mouth,

Bread tastes sweet,

Butter has a disagreeable taste,


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Deep cracklike cuts, in the fingers, especially on the inner side,

Eruptions, Dry.

Itching eruption on the lower extremities, especially on the inner surface of the thigh,

Eruptions, Moist.

Very small transparent vesicles, containing water, appear in various parts of the body, in the morning before daybreak,

Several small red vesicles on the end of the glans penis under the prepuce, that after four days become ulcers and discharge a yellow-while matter of a strong odor, staining the shirt; afterwards the large ulcers bleed, and when touched there is a pain affecting the whole body; they are round, the margins averted like raw meat and their bases covered with a caseous coat,

A rough, partly red, partly while, tetter-like spot in the skin of the left zygoma,

Eruptions, Pustular.

Small boils in the left groin, and burning during micturition,

Bleeding of an ulcer that had previously existed,

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Throat constantly dry; it hurt as if too tight posteriorly; a pressure in it if he swallowed, yet he was constantly obliged to swallow, because the mouth was always full of water,

A sensation as of a worm rising into the throat, so that he was constantly obliged to swallow; it disappeared, without, however, a feeling of anything gliding downward,

Sore throat; a sensation as if something were sticking in the throat,

Uvula and Tonsils.

Suppuration of the tonsils, with sharp sticking pain in the fauces when swallowing,

Pharynx and OEsophagus.


Difficult swallowing; she could force things down only with great difficulty, and strong pressure,

External Throat.

Sticking pain in the cervical glands,

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Pressure in the left chest, that prevents deep inspiration,

Stitches in the right chest, on sneezing and coughing,

Frightful tearing in the pectoral muscles, near the left shoulder,


A stitch in the anterior and upper portion of the chest, extending trough to the back, only on sneezing and coughing, not when breathing; it constricts the chest,


A painful sensation, as from a swelling, in the left side beneath the last ribs,


Heart and pulse

Heart's Action.


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Difficult respiration, as from want of air, in the morning,

Respiratory organs

Cough and Expectoration.

Cough which sounds and feels as if everything in the chest were dry; with pain in the chest and small of the back,

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Pain in the back as if bruised, ,



Pain in the small of the back, relieved while sitting,

Sticking in the small of the back, on breathing as usual (after one hour),


Neck and back


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Griping in the pit of the stomach, followed by a soft stool, and afterwards still griping and rumbling in the abdomen, in the evening,


Very transient ravenous hunger, soon after a full meal (immediately),

No desire for warm food, only for cold, *bread and butter, etc.,

Sensation as if he had eaten something sweet that caused aversion and consequent nausea,


He constantly wished to drink,

Extremely violent thirst,

Eructation and Hiccough.

Constant eructations of air,




A pushing, pressing-out pain in the region of the liver,

Umbilical and Sides.

General Abdomen.

Abdomen hard, distended,

Rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen previous to every stool (second day),

Griping in the abdomen woke her at midnight, two nights in succession, and lasted an hour,

Cutting pain in the upper abdomen,

Hypogastrium and Iliac Regions.

Shooting diarrhoeic feeling in lower bowels,

Swelling of the inguinal glands, with circumscribed redness, not very painful, except on pressure and long walking,

Drawing pain in the groins and testicles,

≡ more ...


Rectum and anus


A haemorrhoid protrudes, and is painful during stool; also, sticking when touched,



Ineffectual urging to stool every moment, with tenesmus in the rectum,

≡ more ...




Green diarrhoea, with violent griping and cutting,

Diarrhoea of green mucus, with burning and protrusion of the anus,

Soft, brownish, easy stool, which floats on the water,

Small evacuations of blood, with colic and tenesmus,

Discharge of clotted blood, mixed with the faeces, but without any straining (after five to six days),


≡ more ...



Very dark urine for several weeks,

Pieces of hardened mucus, like pieces of flesh, pass with the urine,

Urinary organs


Greenish painless gonorrhoea, especially at night,

Discharge of blood from the urethra,

Burning in the urethra, when not urinating,

A drawing sticking in the urethra, when not urinating,


Constant desire to urinate; indeed, every ten minutes; but only a little passed,

Constant urging to urinate, but none passes,

Far more urine was passed than water had been drunk,

≡ more ...


Sexual organs


Great swelling of the prepuce, as if it were distended with air or water to a blister,

Itching sticking in the glans penis, after urinating,

A drawing in the spermatic cord, paroxysmal,

≡ more ...


Extremities in general


Weakness and weariness in all the limbs,


All the limbs are painful, as if dislocated, more while sitting,

Superior extremities



The right arm and hand seem asleep, relieved by motion,





Burning on both arms, so that everything falls from the hands, and he must let the arms sink down,



Considerable swelling of the left hand,


The fingers of both hands become flexed, especially the thumb, so that it is completely drawn inward, as in epilepsy; without assistance he is unable, with great exertion, to open the fingers farther than about two-thirds; with trembling of the hands,

A burning jerking beneath the thumbnail while writing,

Inferior extremities


Shining transparent swelling of both thighs and legs,


Drawing and heaviness in the lower extremities,



Feeling as if the hamstrings were too short,

Soreness between the thighs and genitals,


Tearing in the knee-joint,


The calf was spasmodically contracted, and a large knot formed,

Sticking in the calves, when walking in the open air,



Weakness of the feet; they will not be moved; the difficulty is very low down about the tarsal joints,


Burning pain beneath the left great toe (during rest), (after twenty-five hours),


Great weariness,

Weakness, less while walking than while standing,

He was very much exhausted after a stool, accompanied by much griping,

Paroxysms as if internally prostrated in mind and body,

Very fine short needle-like stitches in several parts of the body, for two or three minutes in the same place, in rapid succession, as if in the bone (after eight hours),

The evening air distressed him,

As soon as he went to bed in the evening, the pains recommenced and banished sleep,

≡ more ...


Sleep and dreams


Too much inclined to sleep; far too much and too sound sleep,


Falling asleep late,

He could not fall asleep, tossed about without knowing why, and in the morning was unable to rise on account of lassitude,

He woke every quarter of an hour at night, and did not dream,


Many dreams,

Dreams causing anxiety, of being bitten by a dog, of rebellion, after midnight,

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Chilliness in the morning, with heat towards noon,

Chilliness in the morning and evening in bed,

Chilliness internally, with heat of the face and burning sensation in the cheeks,

Shivering over the whole body, without heat or thirst, in every position,

Chilliness and alternations of heat in the head and face,

Constant cold hands and feet,


All parts of the body seem to him very warm in the cold raw air, for four days (immediately),

At one time heat of the face, at another shivering,


Very much inclined to perspire day and night, though more at night,

Perspiration on every motion,

He was constantly in a slight perspiration while walking,

Profuse perspiration at night,

Very profuse fatty and oily perspiration at night, that makes the linen stiff or starched, and yellowish,

Profuse offensive perspiration, soaking through the bedclothes,

Profuse cold perspiration on the face, though the rest of the body is dry,

≡ more ...


Nausea and vomiting

Nausea in the epigastric region (immediately), and afterwards a bruised pain in the right side just above the hip, which is aggravated by motion and touch,

Qualmishness, accompanied with vertigo obscuring vision, and flushing heat,


Violent itching on all parts of the body, so that she is obliged to scratch a great deal at times at night, with bright redness and heat of the face,

Itching on the forehead,

Itching on the thighs,

Tickling itching on the left side of the back that compels scratching,


Great prolapsus of the vagina,

Leucorrhoea, especially from 8 to 10 P.M.; it does not drop, looks greenish, and causes a biting in the forepart of the genitals, so that she is obliged to scratch much, especially in the evening and night, with violent burning after scratching,

Menstruation too profuse, accompanied by colic,

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