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Spongia Tosta
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Spongia Tosta

Roasted Sponge, Spongia

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HPUS label indication: Wheezing

Below are the strongest indications of Spongia Tosta in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

A remedy especially marked in the symptoms of the respiratory organs, cough, croup, etc. Heart affections and often indicated for the tubercular diathesis. Children with fair complexion, lax fiber; swollen glands. Exhaustion and heaviness of the body after slight exertion, with orgasm of blood to chest, face. anxiety and difficult breathing.
BETTER, descending, lying with head low.
WORSE, ascending, wind, before midnight.
Compare: Acon.; Hep.; Brom.; Lach.; Merc. PROT.; Iod ( Goitre.)
Second trituration, or tincture to third potency.

    EXPECTORATION (click for more)


    MIND (click for more)

Anxiety and fear
Every excitement increases the cough.

Emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition; weeping, crying, tearful mood (lamenting); during the heat

Insecure, uncertain, scared; frightened easily; starting, startled; during sleep; starting from sleep

    HEAD (click for more)

Pain, headache; walking; on walking up steps or hill

Rush of blood; bursting headache; worse, forehead.

    EYE (click for more)

Watering; gummy or mucus discharge.

    NOSE (click for more)

Dryness; chronic, dry, nasal catarrh.

Fluent coryza, alternating with stoppage

Dryness; inside

    FACE (click for more)

Heat; after movement

Perspiration; cold

    MOUTH (click for more)

Tongue dry and brown; full of vesicles.

    THROAT (click for more)

Burning and stinging

Clears throat constantly.

Sore throat; worse after eating sweet things

Stitches and dryness

Choking, constricting
Choking, constricting; larynx; sleep; during sleep

Croup; night; after midnight
Croup; night; before midnight

Dryness; larynx

External throat; goitre

Irritation; larynx

Pain; burning; during cough
Pain; burning; trachea (wind pipe); with cough
Pain; larynx; on swallowing
Pain; larynx; on touch
Pain; larynx; when singing
Pain; larynx; while talking
Pain; rawness; when coughing
Pain; sore; after sweets
Pain; sore; larynx
Pain; sore; larynx; on swallowing
Pain; sore; larynx; touch
Pain; sweet things

Roughness; larynx

Sensation of something in throat; plug; larynx

Sensitive; larynx; to touch


Tickling in the air passages; larynx

Voice; crowing (see rough under respiration)
Voice; hoarseness
Voice; hollow

Wasting; larynx

Thyroid gland swollen

Tickling causes cough

    ABDOMEN (click for more)

Cannot bear tight clothing around trunk

Inflammation; pancreas


Stomach; Excessive thirst, Great hunger

    URINE (click for more)


    GENITALS (click for more)

Female; Before menses, pain in sacrum, hunger, Palpitation


during menses, wakes with suffocative spells ( Cupr.; Iod.; Lach.) Amenorrhoea, with asthma ( Puls.)

Male; inflammation; indurated (hard from inflammation); sperm tube
Male; inflammation; indurated (hard from inflammation); testes
Male; inflammation; sperm tube
Male; inflammation; spermatic cords
Male; inflammation; testes
Male; pain; pinching; testes
Male; pain; sore; testes
Male; pain; testes
Male; pain; testes; squeezing
Male; swelling; spermatic cords
Male; swelling; testes
Male; tubercles (nodules, knob-like lumps); spermatic cord
Male; tubercles (nodules, knob-like lumps); testes

Heat in parts.

Male; Swelling of spermatic cord and testicles, with pain and tenderness


    RESPIRATION (click for more)

Cough, Dry, barking, croupy; larynx sensitive to touch

Respiration short, panting, Difficult; feeling of a plug in larynx

Croup; worse, during inspiration and before midnight

Hoarseness; larynx dry, burns, constricted

Bronchial catarrh, with wheezing, asthmatic cough, worse cold air, with profuse expectoration and suffocation; worse, lying with head low and in hot room

Chest weak; can scarcely talk

cough abates after eating or drinking, especially warm drinks

Goitre, with suffocative spells

Great dryness of all air-passages

Laryngeal phthisis

Oppression and heat of chest, with sudden weakness.

Asthma attack
Asthma attack; bending head backwards
Asthma attack; from catching cold
Asthma attack; spasmodic

Difficult (dyspnea)
Difficult (dyspnea); after exertion; physical exertion
Difficult (dyspnea); after sleep
Difficult (dyspnea); during period
Difficult (dyspnea); from talking; after talking
Difficult (dyspnea); on movement


Rough; crowing (see croup)
Rough; sawing

The dry, chronic sympathetic cough or organic heart disease is relieved by Spongia Tosta ( Naja.) Irrepressible cough from a spot deep in chest, as if raw and sore

    COUGH (click for more)




Day and night


Dry cough
Dry cough; after drinking
Dry cough; daytime
Dry cough; from eating
Dry cough; night


From emotions; excitement




Sensations in throat and air passages (either from coughing, or causing coughing); from irritation in air passages; in larynx

Tickling; larynx

    CHEST (click for more)

Hypertrophy of heart, especially right, with asthmatic symptoms.

Awakened suddenly after midnight with pain and suffocation; is flushed, hot, and frightened to death ( Acon.) Valvular insufficiency

Surging of heart into chest, as if it would force out upward

Angina pectoris; faintness, and anxious sweat

Bubbling sensation in blood (see heat flushes); from slightest exertion


Heart; angina pectoris
Heart; hypertrophy of heart
Heart; palpitations
Heart; palpitations; before period
Heart; palpitations; night; midnight, wakes up

Inflammation; bronchial tubes (bronchitis)

Lungs; tuberculosis


Oppressed feeling; heart; lying with head low
Oppressed feeling; while lying down; with head low

Pain; burning; during coughing
Pain; burning; with dry cough
Pain; during a cough
Pain; heart; when lying down
Pain; heart; when lying down; could lie only on right side
Pain; heart; when lying down; with head low
Pain; sore, bruised; from coughing
Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; heart

Weakness; after exertion

Ebullition of blood, veins distended

Heart; Rapid and violent palpitation, with dyspnoea; cannot lie down; also feels best resting in horizontal position

    EXTREMITIES, LIMBS (click for more)

Coldness; lower limbs; thigh

Pain; joints; gouty
Pain; sore, bruised

Rush of blood to...; legs

Skin; itching; lower limbs

    SLEEP (click for more)

Generally worse after sleep, or sleeps into an worse ( Lach.)

Awakes in a fright, and feels as if suffocating

Dreams; anxious

    FEVER (click for more)

Attacks of heat with anxiety; heat and redness of face and perspiration.

    SKIN (click for more)

Swelling and induration of glands; also exophthalmic; cervical glands swollen with tensive pain on turning head, painful on pressure; goitre

Itching; measles.

Itching; stinging
Itching; unchanged by scratching


    GENERALITIES (click for more)

After sleep

Blood vessels; excited, rapid blood flow

Eating and food; after eating

Faintness, fainting; on moving

From wind; cold wind

Inflammation; indurated (hard from inflammation); glands

Movement; after

Pain; burning externally; internally
Pain; gnawing, biting; externally
Pain; pinching; externally
Pain; pressing; internally
Pain; sore, bruised; externally
Pain; sudden, sharp; outward

Physical exertion

Sensitive; intolerance of clothing

Swelling; glands
Swelling; of affected parts


Walking up stairs or hill

Weakness (see lethargic, weariness); from movement
Weakness (see lethargic, weariness); from slight exertion
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Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Entries on a white background are from Boericke's Materia Medica. Entries on a green background are from a reversed Kent's repertory, with some alterations to modernise the language. Uses are based on traditional homeopathic practice and have not been reviewed by the FDA.