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Finger Nail Fungus

I am 46 years old male. An engineer by profession.
My problem:
Last 15 years only one finger nail (right ring finger) has fungus. Can not remember how it started. Debris forms in Nail bed. Had lot of Allopath & homoeo treatment. 10 years back diagnosed as tinea fungus. Now pus forms. I cut the growth in every 7 days, remove pus, and apply iodine. Again pain and pus forms. The cycle continues. I musk the finger during meal and bath time with rubber cap. Want remedy in homoeopathy.
  bhattacharyya on 2007-01-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
what other symptoms do you have in your body.

what ailments do you generally suffer from.

please describe your nature, dominant emotions and personality type.

what homoeopathic remedies with potencies have you tried so far.
rishimba last decade
Thanks for your message. I give the reply in seriatim
1) I do not have any other symptom.
2) For the hand nail fungus my problem is pus forms. Nail bed bulges out. Debris forms. After cleaning the debris and pus with knife I get relief for 7 days. Again the cycle starts.
3) I am generally calm and quite type. But I get irritated suddenly. I can not tolerate imperfection in others and I am critical to that. Otherwise I am quite adaptable and humorous in nature.
4) I tried homoeopathic for 1 year through professional doctor who did not disclose the name of medicine and its potencies.

Imp: As blood circulates least in finger tip, I suggest you advise medicine both for oral and local application.
bhattacharyya last decade
Dear Finger Nail Fungus,
It sounds quite serious.
I once had this problem, but on my toes. At one point, after a stressful move, I found the fungus had moved into the skins between my toes and had caused a very painful absess. I am sure that this absess would have required medical attention as you run the risk of a serious blood infection if you let it get out of hand, and frankly it sound pretty bad right now for you. I ended up cleaning out the absess through lancing it and sooking it in warm salt water severall times a day, until it dried up. It was still a few years before I was able to rid myself of the fungus all together, as I was using the over the counter remedies and the infection would come and go. I did finally go in and get a prescription for the Lamicil and my doctor, who hates liver damaging medications and she gave me this little pearl of info. She said in cases where topical meds might do the job you can try putting 'vicks Vapo rub' on the fungus infected area several times a day and at bedtime. She did not have a real explaination as to why it works, but it does work! I did take both the oral lamicil for the first month (as it requires several months to clear) and after that month of meds, I started the Vicks instead of a second course of lamicil, and it finally disappeared entirely. I am so glad it is gone, I hate being a host of a unwanted parasites. Good luck to you, and I hope that you find you cure soon.
klp24 last decade
Vicks Vepo rub had a bad reaction on me. I tried this twice( last on 2 days back) but it increased the trouble. I have problem with some sulpher medicine too. Pl suggest some thing else.
bhattacharyya last decade
have you tried SILICEA?

if not, start with SILICEA 200C three doses at 6 hours interval. note the changes if any for the next 10 days. if you see some changes, stick to silicea or else go to NITRIC ACID.
rishimba last decade
Dear Rishimba,
I will try Silicea 200C as per your advise from today itself. In addition, can you please suggest something for local application too( Thuja did not work)as nail tip gets least blood circulation?
bhattacharyya last decade
This seems to be a nail abscess at the root.
With silicea, flouric acid 30 complements vey well and drains and heals very fast.
In between a dose of Sulphur 30 helps to remove recurrent infection.
robina last decade
Hi. Your tips have started yielding results. I am tsking SILICEA 200, 5-6 globules, 3 times a day for the last 7 days. Now I did not find pus formation in last 10 days. though it is the beginning of of improvment, I am excited with this homoeo result. I profusely thank a) This forum of abchomeopathy. com b) Rishimba c) Robina. Please advise on the followings:
1) Should I stop cutting nail and applyinh IODINE as I was doing in every week. Becasue nail cutter also brings bacterial infection!
2) Should I continue sam emedicine with same dose and potency?
3)Any additional medicine for removing the hard debris beneath the nail? ( I have probelm with Sulpher whose cream reacted when I applied 1 year back)
I eagerly await your suggestions/precriptions
bhattacharyya last decade
now that the remedy is yielding results, please stop taking SILICEA 200c.

also, stop using IODINE as the body will itself take care of the infection.

also, do not use the sulphur cream you were using.

cut the nails normally when they grow long like others do. just see that its always clean.

after a few days, you may take one or two doses of SILICEA 1M to stop recurrance of the infection.
rishimba last decade
I would like to suggest you to have one doze of calc.Sulph 1m alt sil-1m.

Dr. Mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
After stopping SILICEA 200(this I took for 7 days), the pus again started in profuse quantity ! I took 1 dose of SILICEA 1m on 09 Feb as advised by you. Please advise further with medicine,dose and frequency. Currently I am not taking any medicine.
bhattacharyya last decade
what is the condition now, after taking the 1M potency.

if it is suppurating now, we will go for 30c potency first for a few days and gradually move up.
rishimba last decade
Can you upload a picture of the nail with fungus....
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
After taking SILICEA 1m the pus is less now. Should I take 30C potency now? If so how many times per day & for how many days?

I have just cleand the nail. I will upload a picture after 4/5 days when debris are full.
bhattacharyya last decade
Read your post.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
do not take anything now.

wait and watch if it improves further, as SILICEA will work for some weeks more.

if you can up load the picture, it will be better.
rishimba last decade
I have uploaded the picture of my nail. Only one finger at right hand is affected. Please advise

(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

bhattacharyya last decade
One more photo from other direction

(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

bhattacharyya last decade
if SILICEA 200c has worked and suppuration has returned after its discontinuation, probably it should be continued every alternate day for some days more.

1M is really a high petency for this affection. I believe 200c can bring a cure if continued for a long time.

1M may be required to avoid recurrance.
rishimba last decade
OK. Then can I start 200c from now? Should it be 3 times every alternate day?
[ For a recapitulation, I am suffereing for the last 16 years. It is confined to one finger only. I use rubber cap while eating and bathing to avoid wet contact. I applied locally Sulphur & Graphite cream in the past. But it reacted strongly]
bhattacharyya last decade
just take one dose every alternate morning.

take it for several days and note the suppuration.

since its an old affection, it will take some days to cure.
rishimba last decade
i wrote to you regarding my nail fungil , i became good when i took Silicea 200 as you subscribed it to me , now i feel the problem again started,pls tell me what should i do.
reemy last decade
I had taken Graphitis 200 for the treatment of fungus on the middle finger of right hand. The problem started with a boil at the bottom of my nail. When I started Graphitis 200, the boil disappeared in a week and in 4-5 months, my nail was O.K. You may try this. Howwever it is always good to consult the Homeopathic doctor before starting this medicine. D.N.Barola, 9412909980,
D.N.Barola 9 years ago

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