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Who are the actual homeopaths here?

As opposed to the armchair homeopaths? I would like to have a list.
  11:11 on 2007-02-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Well I am an 'actual' Homoeopath, I can't speak for anyone else though...
JCS2006 last decade
This topic btw, should no one else respond, has been discussed many times here. Dig around a little in the archives, I'm sure you will find the answers you are looking for.
JCS2006 last decade
Thanks, JCS. I see a lot of advice being given, and I'm sure it's well intentioned, but it's nice to know if someone is trained/educated, or more of a (ahem) self styled expert. It's a bit of crap shoot doing this stuff over the web, so it helps if someone is actually a practitioner/doc.

Any other homeopaths out there, please respond!
11:11 last decade
Dear 11.11,
One of the TOP homeopaths in Calcutta, India is NOT one who got the degree but still is much in demand for the last 45 yrs or so. He does help people and there is a HUGE line in front of his chamber to get an appointment. He also treats free in the evening. Now his son who is a trained homeopath is continuing with his tradition. His father was also a homeopath. Now please say what you can to this. He also wrote a book on treatment of Brain Tumor by homeopathy.
maya_hari last decade
Maya Hari, I would call that man a homeopath. He knew it through practice, if not formal training.

I only asked the question about this because, sometimes, people will give advice without really knowing what they're talking about!

I DO understand your point, though. Thank you :)
11:11 last decade
And waht does 11 past 11 am stand for ????
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dear 11:11.

Indeed, and good to see you know what constitutes a real Homoeopath ;)

You can always spot those who are the 'armchair Homoeopaths' here, they are the ones who tend to become overley defensive when this question is asked...yet never actually answer it themselves.

JCS2006 last decade

Regarding my posting name, 11:11, this is why I use it.

Many people have noticed that looking at clocks, they keep seeing that number. This has been going on for years. There is much speculation about it in the paranormal and metaphysical communities. I have a sort of 'gut' feeling about what it means.

I think humankind is on the verge of a quantum leap in consciousness. Maybe we will all become telepathic, like the '100th monkey' story, or perhaps the veil is lifting regarding the fraud and corruption that rules this realm. In any event, like the Mayan calander indicates, changes are coming, and that's what 11:11 represents to me.

Let's work together to make sure these quantum changes bring us a better reality!
11:11 last decade
JCS2006 last decade
Dear 11:11, are you in any way connected to Solara from www.nvisible.com ? If not, have you read her books?
starnet last decade
Starnet, I've not heard of her. I'll look at the site.

JCS - hmmm. Reality is strange stuff :)

11:11 last decade
Wow, a whole website on 11:11! Very cool. Thanks!
11:11 last decade
you're welcome. ;-)
starnet last decade
11:11 I like your style. Let the new quatum shift bring mankinds betterment, and let us be the co-creators in this new dream. Homeopathy, it's a mircle. It saved my life.
star.of.mitra last decade
Thank you, Star of Mitra (what does your name mean?). I'd like to hear how homeopathy saved your life.
11:11 last decade
Well, if it satisfies your curiosity I am an 'arm chair' homeopath. : )

However let me add even from my armchair I helped many people to get rid of their problems.

Homeopathy can be learned and practiced even by those who have no medical qualifications. They should have medical knoweledge, but not necessarily medical qualification.

gavinimurthy last decade
Yes,medical knowledge is essential not the qualification.
If you do not know what to treat then you cannot be a good physician.
Guess work is dangerous.
Diagnosis is essential in every respect.
Homeopathy is a perfect medical science not an art.
I do not believe it is difficult and shall remain difficult.
Individualization is essential in every case and this approach takes time.
Help every person.Do not say go and see---------.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Dear Sajjad

Do you really think every person can be helped through these forums?

What about the possibility of some of the prescriptions being given here being detrimental to the patient?
Can you say with certainity that it won't happen?

I firmly believe these forums are at best suitable for acute cases , and chronic cases definitely can't be treated with confidence here due to the inherent limitations.

It is better to guide the patient towards reality than giving him false hopes and wrong prescriptions.

gavinimurthy last decade
The learned scholar seems to be worried about some mishap due to some one naïve delivering homeopathic Rx here. We must all be worried & concerned about this aspect. But we can’t ignore one more important fact in this forum that all of them seems to be very much enthusiastic about homeopathy . Some of them in this forum possess absolute passion for homeopathy. We must appreciate them, whether they are qualified Doctors or not. They are homeopaths in the sense that they love homeopathy & want to do some good job through homeopathy. The standard of Rx in this forum, are quite up to the mark. Three cheers for all the participants. Now kindly don’t ask me my qualifications in homeopathy. I am practicing it in London & as you know the laws governing medical practice are quite stern over there
sbahl last decade
Dear Mr. 11:11:
Please, in my country when an unknown person wants to ask for something, it is a very good manner to introduce himself.
In other hand, if you ask to me something, I expect you have a good reason, because asking to satisfy your curiosity it's not a symptom of a good manners.
Hence, when your behavior is correct, you'll find a correct answer.
andres last decade
Dear 11:11

Re: 'Reality is strange stuff'...Who's reality are we talking about here, mine...yours...or that experienced by the masses? because I can guarantee they are not the same thing.

Re: this 'quantum leap' you speak of...most seem to believe this will be some kind of passive, instantaneous reality shift, which will affect everyone universally, and at the same time, but I do not believe this to be the case, because some people believe this shift has already occurred for them.
In my opinion, it is only these people who will be initially affected, as they represent the beginning of this change, and only they will go to initiate it globally.
Some even claim to know what is behind this shift, in graphic detail, and to now know exactly how to initiate it in others who are capable of changing in this way.

This is as far as I want to go into this subject, at least here.

Have fun ;)
JCS2006 last decade
Dear Murthy, I do not consider you an 'armchair Homoeopath'. You have a good understanding of the basic principles of Homoeopathy, and actual clinical experience, and in my opinion, it is these two things which make a Homoeopath.

JCS2006 last decade
Dear sbahl.

You said: 'we can’t ignore one more important fact in this forum that all of them seems to be very much enthusiastic about homeopathy. Some of them in this forum possess absolute passion for homeopathy. We must appreciate them, whether they are qualified Doctors or not. They are homeopaths in the sense that they love homeopathy & want to do some good job through homeopathy.'
>>>Enthusiasm, passion, and a desire to do a 'good job' are NOT enough to guarantee the safety of a patient. They also do not make a Homoeopath. Would you allow a beginner to carry out electrical or gas repairs on your house just because they were enthusiastic, passionate and wanted to do a good job, or would you consult someone more experienced?

Homoeopathy is a system of medicine. It affects people's lives and can continue to do so long after remedies have been administered. There is NO room for those who simply have 'good will', or who wish to 'play around' with it to satisfy their own vanity or sense of worth as a person.

As Murthy said: 'It is better to guide the patient towards reality than giving him false hopes and wrong prescriptions.'

I couldn't agree more.
JCS2006 last decade
An interesting conversaion all around, and going many directions! That's great :)

Andre, I hope you don't think I was rude! :-O
That was not my intention. I think curiosity is the BEST reason to ask questions. How else do we learn?

I am a 52 year old American female, living in the state of Michigan (i have also lived in Los Angeles). I love animals, am a vegetarian (for over 30 years). I'm interested in nearly everything, and I love to know people's 'stories'.

I had a FANTASTIC experience with homeopathy, many years ago, in Chicago, with a Dr. Joel Sheppard, so I am a believer. He is also an M.D., and I think that's wonderful when you can find someone who knows both disciplines. I think ALL forms of healing have something to offer, and would try any. Chinese herbal medicine and accupuncture, for instance. Unfortunately, there are no homeopaths in the area that I live (Chicago is 200 miles away).

Please know that I live by the creed of being kind to others. I am straight forward (an Aries), which might be mistaken for the lack of manners that you alluded to. We all have our style! I ask questions in order to become informed.

I should clarify my question about 'actual' homeopaths. I agree with Maya that one could practice their entire life, be respected, and not have formal training. That would be RARE in the west. I would imagine it more to be the case in a place like India (a more ancient culture). Reputaion and referals fromm others with success stories most certainly matter. You must understand that I am NOT knowledgable about homeopathics, so I'm only trying to figure out who knows what they're talking about. Surely you know there are people who claim expertise who are really full of BS, LOL!

About homeopathy and chronic disorders - wow, I hope that's not true that there is no relief or cure! My impression was that homeopathy was never harmful, and could help with just about ANYTHING.

JCS, yes reality is a personal perspective, yet there is a 'mass' reality, as well. If you are a reader, I would recommend two books: The Nature of Personal Reality, and The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, both by Jane Roberts. These focus on the idea that reality is created by thought (very Deepak Chopra, but deeper). We live in 'interesting' times, and I guess we'll see what's coming. So many UFO stories, governments falling, corruption being exposed, greater understanding of the psychic side of mankind, environmental degredation, and on and on. Something's gotta give. Native Americans have spoken of these changes for their entire history, in their prophesies. I think drastic changes are coming, but I don't know what they we will be. Global tyranny or liberty - it could go either way. It's a time of tremendous challenges. It's that Matrix thing. Will humans go for the red pill or the blue?
11:11 last decade
Hi 11:11, thank you for initiating this interesting thread. :) I'd love it if you could share your fantastic experience with homoeopathy. I always enjoy hearing about successful healing stories. I think it would be nice if more people reported them on the forum.
starnet last decade

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