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sepia dose

i have migraine headaches since i was 17 . a couple of mnths back i consulted a homeopath who asked me to take 3 doses daily of sepia. After a few mnths when i consulted him he increased my dose to sepia 200 which did not suit so i stopped taking tht medicine altogether. Recently i had a severe migraine day and decided to try sepia 30 again. I had 5 doses one day and 2 doses the next day and the next although my migraine was gone i had loose motions. The next day thinking tht i shld continue having this medicine as a regular medicine i had one dose in evening. I kept feeeling very sleepy and severe pain in legs from 2nd day of medicine. Although i wld like to have this medicine as it suits me i am confused abt the dose frequency of sepia 30.

  vandy on 2007-04-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
the dosing has been quite frequent for you.

just take 3 doses of SEPIA 30C on a single day whenever you have the headaches or pain in legs during your periods.

for a long term cure, what you can do is, take 2 doses of SEPIA at 4 hours interval on a single day once every month just at the onset of your periods.

continue this for some months and i hope you will get rid of your symptoms for a long time.
rishimba last decade
Thank u sir for guidance. day before yesterday i had a migraine again and as per ur advice i had 1 dose day before yesyterday night. And two doses yesterday one in the night and one in the morning. since last night i'm feeling very sleepy and some pain in legs. Will this go away on its own? Also is this medicine appropriate for me?

vandy last decade

this remedy works on you all right.

just that you are a bit sensitive.

dont wory, the sleepiness and the pain in your legs is an aggravation and would subside in 48 hours.

now, it is known that you are sensitive, you can just take SEPIA 12C whenever you have leg pain and migrain. hope 12c potency will not bring in much aggravation.
rishimba last decade
Thak u sir. I would like to know frequency of 12c dose pls. How often can it be repeated?
vandy last decade
its meant for acute pains.

whenever there is pain in your legs and during migrain pains, you should take it every 4 hours some 3 to 6 doses based on your improvement.

stop when the pains reduce significantly.
rishimba last decade
Sir again i had migraine today tried sepia 12c. the medicine worked as usual with comparatively speaking much less aggravation. still the drowsiness does remain till 1-2 days. Can i go for even a lesser potency or this medicine fine for me?
vandy last decade
you can try SEPIA 6C and see if the potency is right for you.

you may have to take the 6C potency at frequent intervals for acute conditions.

in any case, dont go beyond 12C potency for acute headaches.
rishimba last decade
i had talked to my homeopath who had initially prescribed this medicine(sepia 30) as my constitutional medicine and i had this medicine for abt 7-8 months. As of now he has suggested ignatia 200 and arsenic alb 30 for me. I did infact try arsenic alb30 once it actually bought on a headache of a different type. I am kind of confused now whether i shld try out this new set of medicines(maybe i have had too many doses of sepia already). Also right now i am having some exams and am not looking for any severe reactions with any medicine just a temporary alleviation of my headache. Is it ok to alternate different potency of sepia like 12c once and 6c next time if i have a headache?
vandy last decade
You presented your detail is ok but it is not enough or fit for homoeopathic treatment I request you present your sign & symptoms with your expression / sensation / Feeling / Event / so Gesture are required for homeopathic treatment. So please send me your following details given below.

1. Name
2. Age
3. Sex
4. Married/Unmarried
5. weight
6. Height ….
7. country
8. climate
9. List of your complain first 1. 2.. 3 ……
10. Since how long you are suffering for each complain
11. Diabetic or non Diabetic
12. Desire sweets/sour/salt
13. Thirst
14. Tongue
15. Current BP (without medicine and with medicine)
16. What exactly is happening ?
17. How do you feel ?
18. How does this affect you ?
19. How does it feel like ?
20. What comes to your mind ?
21. One situation that had a big effect on you ?
22. How did that feel like ?
23. What sensation do you experience in that situation ?
24. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand.(habits or Action) ?
25. current medicine you are taking
26. family back ground
27. qualification of patient
28. Nature of working
29. desire or like and dislike of food
30. Name of foods which increase your problem
31. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatient…and so.. on and how you are peculiar from other person, public speaking or not , you can describe all the detail about behavior, love and affection.
32. Aggravation (increases-time, season,)& Amelioration (Decreases)
33. Attached here your photographs of the affected area. (optional)

Dr. Deoshlok Sharma’s credentials
deoshlok last decade
please stop all remedies for a few days.

if in case you have a headache, just let us know the description, cause, modalities of the headache and somebody here would prescribe the remedy. please dont alternate any potencies as its not a recommended practice.

we must go from lower to a higher potency if required, otherwise stay at lower potencies for acute troubles.

after your exams are over, you can fill up the case taking sheet, either mine or deoshlok's and a constitutional treatment could be suggested.

i dont recommend a constitutional treatment now as the healing crisis may continue for the next two to three weeks which might be detrimental especially in your exams.
rishimba last decade
Dr rishimba

I have acid reflux problem and migraine problem.
I was previously given nux vom 200,nix ocid(comb of lyco 6x, carbo veg 3x and nat phos 6x) for my acidity and sepia 30 for my headaches. I have tried nux vom 30, belladonna 6, pulsatilla 30, ars alb 30. Nothing else seems to work but sepia. My headache is right side temple plus severe jaw ache.I feel a pressure on both lower and upper jaw and also a pull from upper jaw towars head and likewise with lower jaw.
The pain sp the the one in the right temple worsens with heat and in very cold wind, is better with cold fomentation(sometimes i take a head bathe to relieve it) but the pain in the jaw goes away only by excercise(voilent) or as i have noticed by bowel movement. Right now my main concern is tht my pain should not obstruct my studies and do not wish too much experimentation. Since switching to sepia 12c i noticed tht tht the reduction in pain is slower and takes a longer time to go away. PLS HELP.
vandy last decade
I forgot to mention one thing tht pain is very severe and lasts for days if nothing is done(medicine or excercise) to relieve it
vandy last decade
please take CAUSTICUM 30C three times a day whenever you have the pains.

take it as long as you have the migrain and pain in the jaw.
rishimba last decade
dr rishimba

I have been developing a headache slowly last few days.Last time i took sepia 30, and developed an aggravation due to it, my doctor suggested aconite 30 while it was wrking rather slowly i asked him and he suggested i had sepia 6c diluted with abt 20 glasses water. Since then i noticed improvement and was Ok but last few days a headache has been creeping up. My doctor thinks i need to take aconite 6c. and headache is still coz of sepia overdose. To be honest i am not sure abt my doctor anymore. Can you pls tell me if i shld go ahead with it.
vandy last decade
PS: sir i tried causticum 30c 2 doses and did not affect me. Also since i am also getting the other symptoms of sepia drowsiness, leg pains etc everyday symptoms are getting worse i wonder. which medicine shld i go for now aconite or causticum.
vandy last decade

i had initially told you that the dosage of sepia has been quite frequent for you. possibly you are very sensitive to the remedy and so you are proving the same.

please describe the modalities of the headache, the sensations, location, cause and what makes it better and worse etc.

maybe we can suggest something other than aconite.
rishimba last decade
Headache is somewht i normally have but tht generally happens coz of acidity this is coming on every afternoon and night(the increase in headche), initiially it was little. headche is all over head(not one sided), accompanied by jaw ache(which is also growing everyday) ,heat makes it worse and sleep reduces it. It feels my head is tightening and so is my jaw.i have noticed tht my drowsiness also comes at night and afternoon. Leg pain is much less but i do feel strange sensation(as if legs and feet are enveloped by something) and pain again nights and aftrnoons. feet are paining more than legs. id say headache is maximum, then comes drowsiness, then leg pain. i am also feeling a little lazy also, tired sensation.
vandy last decade
Dear Vandy,
Sorry to note your problems.Pls take ARNICA MONT.-30 in the early morning,at noon and before bed time.All times in empty stomach.Don't take any food before and after 1hour of taking the medicne.Take 4pills in each dose and be back here after 3days.
All the best.
khaled last decade
please take PHOSPHORUS 200C three doses on a single day at 6 hours interval in empty stomach.

please report the improvements after 15 days.
rishimba last decade
Dr rishimba

it seems tht all the problems were 'coz of sepia overdose. i took a couple of doses of aconite 30(aconite 6c was not helping)and i was feeling ok. Since last two days i feel tht the aconite might have become excessive as i was constipated badly and severe headache was there. Since i have an exam day after i panicked and since my doctor was not available i did a little bit of self medication i took a dose of aconite 6c. most of the headache disappearedbut i had a straqnge sensation in my hhands, legs and feet.next after -8 hrs i took a dose of nux vom 30c(as suggested by someone on this forum). I am feeling if some of symptoms of sepia are coming back. I know i shldn't have self medicated. i guess i was scatred coz of my exams. is it possible to aggavate frm two medicines simultaneously. in all this confusion i have not yet tried phosphorus. Pls help.
vandy last decade
It seems i was panicking. Headache n constipation all disappeared. Some of symptoms of sepia have come back though tht is only leg pain n little drowsiness. Wht shld i do now? I don't want to do anything without a doctors advice n get into trouble. Thanx for your attention n time.
vandy last decade
Dr rishimba

I still have a few symptoms of sepia left my legs are paining a lot. i thought the pain might disappear on its own but it has not and i do recognize it as pain from sepia as i have already had this kind of pain every time i aggravated from sepia. i have already had aconite 30 . wht shld i do now? Can i switch to aconite 6 now. I had my last dose of aconite more than 1 week back and since i started getting its symptoms i stopped having it.Can you pls help?
vandy last decade
PLS REPLY SIR.do i need to start a new thread. Is tht it?
I don't know wht to do. Pls help.
vandy last decade

first it has to be concluded if its the aggravation or is it an actual ailment.

in any case, to be safe, please take very low potency of SEPIA, whatever you get some 4 hours apart.

you may take 6c or 12c frequently and note the changes. if its aggravation, it may get antidoted. if its the real disease symptom, some amelioration will be there.
rishimba last decade

I am a first year homeopathy student,
I have a chronic sepia case , please let me know the right dosage of sepia 30 granol, normal dosage for chronic cases I mean!

Thank you
elham last decade

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