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I am a 50 yr old man. From the last few months am getting blurred vision. Washing with Euphrasia Q in a bowl of water does help. But have seen that there is whiteness all around my pupil.It seems to be the start of cataract. Can you suggest a remedy.
  Nkjaya on 2004-10-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You can try this:
Phosphorous 200
Buy: Four dram pills 40 no.
Doses: 4 pills daily morning fasting.

Calc Flour 6x (Biochemic)
Dose: 4 globules in the evening.

Best of luck.
Inderjeet Maurya last decade
We have to know a lot of details before suggesting the remedy:

About your main complai:
both eyes the same? is cataract the official (eye dr) diagnosis or what you see (and what is it exactly)
Do you feel anything about your eye(s)?
Anything happened few months aga when you started having that blurred vision? Are your pupils the same in both eyes? contracted?Dilated?Do you know if they react the same to light?

Is there anything that makes your eyes better or worse?

Do you have any other complains?

About you:
how is your sleep/appetite/thirst?
Do you crave anything/have aversion to anything?
is there any weather/season/time of the day which you like best or worst? Are you generallly a chilly or warm person?
What angers you most?
Astra2012 last decade
Is the EuphQ warm or cold?
Never mind the question about eye dr -just tell exactly what you see
1.from outside=in the mirror
2. from inside (your vision)

Do you smoke?
Astra2012 last decade
Did you ever have any skin problem-was anything used?

Although we will do our best here eye problems are serious because of the place affected -please consider this forum only as a second or even third opinion and seek help of experienced homeopath.
Astra2012 last decade
GO TO A DOCTOR AND FIND OUT WHAT IT REALLY IS!!! What if it is Macular, diabetic, there are MANY eye problems that if left untreated you will be blind! Forever!

How can we "guess" how to treat what we do not know the exact condition? Sabra
sabra last decade
Euphrasia Q in filter water
i have seen the whiteness myself
no diabetes etc
Saw it in the mirror and my family too commented on it.
no preferences to food
am a warm person, jokey in nature
feel things too deeply
no weather preferences.
Nkjaya last decade
I will type it again as it is important:

Although we will do our best here eye problems are serious because of the place affected -please consider this forum only as a second or even third opinion and seek help of experienced homeopath.

What Sabra is saying is right-as much as you may not want it the medical diagnosis in case of eyes is very important! You better go to ohthalmologist first.
Astra2012 last decade
I am in a small city- Jamshedpur, India. I dont know any doc here. have just shifted. Yes i do have a smattering of knowledge in homeopathy, and my personal homeopath expired sometime back. so asked for help on this forum.
Nkjaya last decade
when first notice this?

what occuring in life just before this?

what medicines use/used in health history (besides euphr already mentioned)?when?reason(s)?
John Stanton last decade
noticed this a few months ago. actually nothing turned up, but was very tensed due to job. i use Aconite 30 if very tensed, Irisv 6 for sick headaches when needed. no medicines in daily basis
Nkjaya last decade
Do you know what is CINERERIA MARTIMA ??

It is an eye drop...homeopathic.... which delays the onset of Catract.

It also delays further growth of Catract.

Catract is actually a fine gelly like substance (opaque) that begins to grow and appear before the eye lens....inside the eye chamber. it is part of the aging process.

In India SBL is making this eye drop.

I think Reckeweg and Wilmar Schwabe both make this eye drop.
Check their web sites.

In Jamshedpur you should be able to get all these meds.

(Bishtupur??, Sackchi??)

(Ask SBL through e-mail who is their distributor in your city.).

Also see the drug picture of "CAUSTICUM" ....if it matches your constitution....you can take that internally.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
when typically get "sick headaches"?
John Stanton last decade
Before you decide on homeopathic remedy you may start taking Schuessler 12 tissue salts (I hope you can easily get them there)-all 12 are the best, some have eye affinity, and 2 of them, calcarea fluorica and silica, have been used to reverse cataract. It's like a food supplement-will not interfere with homeopathic treatment.
Astra2012 last decade
Yes Pankaj, i know of Cineraria. Have used it in the past.Will try it.Pankaj, it seems you know Jamshedpur quite well. have just found a shop here which sells quality medicines, so will buy Cineraria soon.
John,i dont really get the sick headaches now, but used to get them due to acidity.now controlled.
Astra thanks for yr suggestion too. will try calc flour. have it with me.
thanks all of you.
Nkjaya last decade
Jamshedpur...don't know anymore. Went to school there at Loyola's for some years.

Ask SBL for their distributor there. It is a fair sized city...the ywill have someone there.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I am surprised. No one is paying attention to Phosphorous.
Like anacardium for memory, phos is one of the best med. for eyes,not only for cataract, but for few other serious problems also. It acts fast.

Inderjeet Maurya last decade
phosphorus and causticum and sulphur and many many other remedies. But in homeopathy you select only one remedy on the basis of totality of symptoms.
Astra2012 last decade
If the Bio chemics help with the drops then will prefer that.. Astra will look for the literature about Phosphorus if the rest of the symptoms match me. Causticum will prefer not to take without the guidance of a good Homeopath. Sulphur too.
Pankaj, cineraria of Boiron is in distilled water?? or ahould i go for the alcohol based one.
Nkjaya last decade
Cineraria... just take the sealed bottle of "eye drops"....not for internal use.

And use the eye drops regularly.

Reg. Constitutionally what is correct for you as internal medicine....post medical history....current symptoms etc.
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
no Nkjaya- I didn't say anything about the homeopathic remedy for you-it was just my reply to Inderjeet Maurya that there are many remedies who have cataract in their picture (caus sulphur AND MANY OTHERS!)not just phosphorus.

I stand by biochemic salts though.They will not interfere with homeopathic treatment (to select the remedy we would need the detailed description of all your symptoms, your sensations about them, are they sometimes better or worse; you need also to write a lot about yourself-your sleep, appetite, thirst)
and you may start taking biochemic salts right away.
Also the eye drops.
Astra2012 last decade
take the eye drops and 4 times a day biochemic salts and answer these questions:

1. your main complain (i guess this cataract, right?)

a. both eyes? which one first?

b. which part of the eye is affected? (the colored part, pupil?

c. Are pupils contracted, dilated or normal (reacting to the light)-the same in both eyes?

d. what is you vision? dim? any spots floating, images ? halos around lights?

e. does anything make you eyes better or worse? hot or cold applications? any time of the day or weather (rainy cloudy sunny windy cold warm)?

f. do they hurt?do you feel anything about them (any sensation like e.g. they feel as being drawn inside)

2. do you have any other complains (like allergies, stomach dearrangements, whatever) for each please write if anything helps.

3. about you
a. do you smoke?

b. what is your appetite? are you craving or feel aversion to something? What foods do you generally like (sweet salty spicy etc)?

c. What is your thirst and what do you usually drink?

d. your sleep? anything particular about that?

e. what weather you like/hate? season? are you rather a chilly (like to wear warm clothes) or warm (even inn winter and without gloves your hand are warm)?

f. any time of the day that is worse/ better?

g. could you please describe your tongue?

Astra2012 last decade
Astra thanks
1. vision is affected.cant see very clear at times
a. both eyes. i think together only
b. yes pupils are affected, white circle around
c. pupils are normal
d.have near vision problem.. wear specs. dim now, not sure about others
e. worse in cold weather, washing eyes gives relief, even with cold water, but lukewarm helps more.feel of mucous in the eyes all the time.
f. feeling of dust in the eyes.
2. not really.
3.a. i stopped smoking 10 years or so back. even then smoked about 3-4 per day.
b.appetite normal. like sweets but usually eat everything. am vegetarian.
c. usually drink water only. In office may not get time to drink more than a sip at a time am so busy with people coming. but in the morning and evening drink 5-6 glasses
d.normal. at times am distracted and may not sleep well
e.no preference about weather. am normal. yes hands are warm in winter too but do wear woollens.and feel the cold too.
f. no
g. my tongue is usually white, but not coated. i do get acidity from time to time and take an antacid tablet every morning after breakfast.
Hope this gives a more clear picture
thanks for going into it so thoroughly
Nkjaya last decade
Astra is doing the case taking for you. Good work.

At the same time you need to go to an eye specialist to make sure what is it !

(See Sabra's earlier post).

Do you have high BP ?

Apart from catract...many things can happen inside the eye...Retina problem, oedema in side the eye etc. etc which will blur the vision in the same way.

Optometerists are also trained to check inside the eye ....they can tell...although they cannot treat.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I feel like laughing when Astra says " there are many remedies for cataract".

Pl. try to understand the message in my previous communication : no preconcieved notions pl!!
Inderjeet Maurya last decade
Dear Inderjeet,
What is your experience....does Phosphorus totaly cure catract or it just slows down the process?

Do you have any experience using Causticum for catract patients ?

Pl.share your views.
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

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