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Anxiety remedy? Staph? Ign? Other?

I'm not sure where to begin, I'm looking for a remedy for anxiety that I get from time to time. It really interferes with my life when it happens. I'm familiar with homeopathy, but only from books. I've taken Ignatia and Nat Mur before with some success, but they don't seem to complete the cure, plus I am reluctant to keep taking things, so I will often just wait it out and not do anything. I've tried low dose Staphysagria before, not sure whether it helped, I'm afraid to take a high dose, I don't want to have an aggr. Also tried Calcarea Carb a few months ago, felt better, but anxiety symtoms were not helped, might have even had more night terrors. The only prescription allopathic type I've tried was Welbutrin a couple of years ago, and it barely made a dent and actually made it worse, so I stopped taking it after 3 months. From my mother and friend's experiences with these kinds of prescriptions, and my own feelings about what my body will respond to, I do not think they are for me and prefer to go a natural route. I respect doctors but I am suspicious of suppressive therapies. I had my two sons at home with midwives (the births went very well!) and they introduced me to homeopathy.
Here are some history details, I will provide more if needed or if I remember more: I'm of fair complexion,round face, dark thin hair that tends to get oily, hourglass shape that turns into a pear when I am over weight (which is now!), problems with dark facial hair that is getting more persistant with age (late 30's), weak ankles that swell and feet hurt if I sit or stand too long. I feel better outdoors unless its hot and humid outside, then I get cranky if I get dehydrated. I get spring fever every year and do lots of work in the garden, pushing myself with a lot of work, then as soon as the bad heat comes in summer I disappear from the garden until late fall. I tend to crave both salty and sweet things. Love Pastry, Love chocolate, love olives etc. Not a fan of fatty meats or mayonaise. Love barbeque. I also love vegetables & salads & smoked salmon & shrimp. I get thirsty for cold drinks, sometimes I drink water all day, sometimes I'll sip on the same first glass forever. I don't drink soda, the bubbles give me gas. (Gas can be a problem for me, esp after sugary things) If I don't drink water, I drink iced tea. I love warm drinks too, esp hot tea & coffee. I limit my coffee even though I enjoy it - if I have too much of it it makes me agitated. I'll have it about three times a month at most. I get PMS 3 days or 10 days before my period, sometimes the hours preceding it. If I get PMS on the day of or before period, I will cramp and bleed heavily. My period is regular, the kind of PMS I get varies month to month, seems random, and the intensity varies, usually not too bad.

About the anxiety, there is so much history that might have something to do with it, I can't possibly write it all down, but I will start with some recent symptoms that seem to trigger a deeper sadness: If my husband gets frustrated or angry at all, esp if I percieve it directed at me at all, I can't handle it. I'm especially affected by a quick shift in mood - if I get startled with anything but esp with someone's sudden negative mood I feel like I'm hit in the gut. Silly things like the car bumper hitting the curb (making a noise but no damage or injury) when I didn't expect it (esp if someone else driving)make me jump out of my skin & I let out an involuntary scream and my pulse races for an hour afterwards. I am no good at any kind of confrontation, and need everyone to be at peace. I think I sleep well at night but my husband informs me that fairly often I'll sit up startled and scared having a night terror, sometimes I scream like a child briefly, sometimes loudly if I'm more awake and think someone is looming over me. I rarely remember the nightmares, most of the time I don't. If I remember screaming its because I woke myself up with it and I'm still seeing the vision as I'm waking - my eyes are open and I still see the figure looming then its gone. Usually a feeling of suffocation is associated. Also having feelings of guilt religiously and in general - my mother died earlier this year and regrets and grief have been coming and going often like the ocean tide. The grief is natural, I know, so I try to ride it and sit with it, not fight it or supress it. I don't think I'll ever get over it, I wish I had had more time with her, we lived 200 miles apart and I saw her less and less over the years.

The thing about my emotions - I'm very sensitive, I tend to 'recieve' and my poor husband, I know how he's feeling even if he's miles away. Its good most of the time to be that connected, but since I have trouble dealing with anger, if he's mad I will feel threatened even if its not about me. I'm aware of my hang ups so I manage it and try to not be irrational. Most of the time I manage the tides of my emotions really well. The feeling of being sideswiped, sniper attacked, blind-sided, surprised with unpleasantness (be it anger or something scares me) that can quickly put me in a panic, near to hysteria. I can usually calm myself down pretty quickly, but it puts me in a vulnerable state for a few minutes and I don't have the ability to not overreact if I get harrassed. Usually this is not a problem, but once in awhile it is (the coincidence of a bad PMS day and being emotionally startled can be very bad for me!) If I do get hysterical and my husband is feeling well and can hold me and calmly reassure and rub me until I relax, I have a quick recovery. If he's not feeling well himself and not emotionally available to me I can feel abandoned and the hurt can last for days, like a bruise in my gut I physically feel. Sometimes crying helps, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes the tears stay stuck in my throat. If I vent it with tears and talking, it will eventually help. Feels like rain smells after a storm. If I take ignatia or natmur depending on whether I cried or not and how hysterical I felt, usually it helps a bit, enough to get through the moment, but sometimes neither act, so I am wondering about Staphysagria. There is a history of molestation as a child. History of deep depression, post partum depression. I'm in my second marraige, a good one, the first one not so good! Two Children from first marraige, two stepchildren. Lots of stress the last 6 years since my first marraige ended. Meeting my current husband and having our relationship has been a blessing. However anxiety has followed me even though I have conquered a lot of my depression. Stress can make me shut down, I try to keep moving even though I'd love to hide under the covers. I feel I'm spinning my wheels, get very little accomplished, even though I keep busy. Time flies by me too fast. The anxiety attacks happen a lot less than they used to, but it happened again recently and I would like to resolve this and move on. I have a good mind but sometimes feeling like I can't concentrate well, can't focus, can't get traction. I don't want to backslide into a depression, and want to not be so vulnerable to being 'startled' getting my feelings hurt over 'nothing', etc. I don't like feeling hysterical, I am very uncomfortable with that panicky feeling. Anger, sadness, hurt, pain are in the bottom somewhere, because its hard for anyone to feel sympathetic when I cry, one of the reasons I avoid it. I look angry and people get defensive and callous with me. (not specifying anyone in particular - I notice that ANYONE who sees me upset will either get annoyed or back way like whats wrong with her!?) My husband has learned me and is more sympathetic, but often I have to struggle to keep it together and calm my husband down first so he doesn't think there is a fight! Sometimes in that upset state I feel very alone like I can't get comfort. I'm nurturing by nature and everyone comes to me for a hearing ear or a bandage for a papercut, but when I hurt the universe seems to withdraw from me and I have to fix me by myself. I don't really have a safe place to vent or be alone to lick my wounds. When I'm not upset it doesn't bother me, I'm a woman, a mother, a grown up, and I feel love for my family & friends. But when I'm hurting I can feel very abandoned, and in hindsight its probably mostly my own drama.
I'm not sure if anything I wrote is clear, if anyone has suggestions or wants further information to help with picking remedy, please let me know.
I very much appreciate your time and for reading my post, thanks very much.
  gtexas on 2007-08-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please can you tell me these remedy you used how long and which potency did you use if stop when did you stop and please can you tell me step bu step how you take remedy like first second third (ignatia,nat mur,calc)

many thanks
faisal qureshi last decade
please take NAT MUR 1M weekly dose for three weeks.

please report after a month.
rishimba last decade
Thank you rishimba and faisal for your replies, I appreciate it very much.

This anxiety attack issue has been with me a long time, so I don't remember every detail of every time I took a remedy over the years, but this is generally what I do: If I'm getting very hysterical and the symptoms seem to fit, I'll take an Ignatia 200 while I'm still upset and fear I'm getting more wound up. Many times that will help esp if I can take a nap during that time. If I feel it has helped significantly, I won't repeat it. If it helps but later on I'm still feeling it, say in a few hours or the next day, I'll take it again and wait. Unless I feel new symptoms have popped up, I don't think about taking anymore remedies. Sometimes I will follow with a Nat Mur 200 if I lapse into a significant mood of depresssion or sadness after the ignatia. Again, if I can rest, and esp if I get the calm reassurance of my husband, these things usually subside enough for me to move on.My husband always suggests I take an Ignatia 'Or something!' because he sees a marked difference after I do, I'm more optimistic, more myself.

Sometimes I will take the natmur 200 and not IGN if I'm feeling the dark clouds more and the hysteria less. If I'm able to hold in the anger and hurt and try to not react to it for a long time and the panic doesn't set in right away, I will try nat mur first. If I'm feeling a lot of apathy towards loved ones and esp worn out, I have in the past taken Sepia 200, with some success.

I took Staphysagria 30 one time when the anger was a esp high component and I had a strong urge to hurl furniture ( I did not throw anything.) I think it helped, but the dose was low and the improvement slight, so I took it again after an hour, then again in another hour, then I waited. That was a long time ago, maybe 2 years ago, so I'm trying to remember what I did next, I may have taken a nat mur again the next week.

3 yrs ago I was having a very rough summer, my job was stressful and was having a hard time going to church my husband was suffering from a lot of stress which was bleeding into me and I was starting to have a lot of heart palpitations and feeling more and more phobic about dealing with people or leaving the house. I could leave the house easily if I was going shopping alone and didn't expect to talk to anyone I knew, but going to work was something I did, but no longer could enjoy. I withdrew from friends. I was in overload, I could not deal with people. The heart palpitations would come on when I was at rest and often when I was alone and quiet. I went to the doctors many times, all tests were normal, including an EKG. I took an Ign 1M during that time and I think in retrospect it may have been what resolved the physical symptoms such as heart palpitations. I don't get those anymore.
My husband has suffered a lot of stress and anxiety as well, and if its ok, in another post I may discuss his case and see what everyone thinks. I mention him because his emotions affect mine so much.
About 2 years ago my husband had a whole year where he was unnaturally jealous towards me. He read an old journal of mine where I had written about a man I had dated and stopped seeing well before I had met my husband, and this triggered huge jealousy and rage and insecurities in him I never thought was even in his personality, he always seemed to confident in himself and trusting in me. This was a very damaging and hard year in our relationship. We are close to normal again now, but there are still traces, I have had to throw away virtually everything I owned before I knew him and I have to be careful that he is aware of everything I'm doing on the internet. He is aware I'm doing this forum or I could not be doing it, just because I want to make sure I don't inadvertantly trigger any jealousy or worry. Its not as bad as it used to be, but I'm always afraid of triggering him into that unhealthy state where I didn't know him anymore, he's 'back' and I want to keep him here. He's ok now, but it did some damage to me. Again, I'd be happy to start a new post on him and his symptoms and what remedies I tried with him.

During this last year as we were both recovering from a rough year, last summer was a bad year for stress at work both for him and for me, and 2 things happened that impacted me a lot - my husband broke his foot, the one he uses to drive with, and my mother had her first heart attack. I had to juggle work with being available for my husband and work in visits to my mother. I'm a realtor and that marked the beginning of the end of my practice, I continued to finish the work I had but I took no new clients. During these years I had grown to loathe my work anyway, having to deal with so many unpleasant people and the constant stress of every transaction. But the stress of what was going on in my family was making it necessary to cut back on my work. My husband healed and my mother recovered and I spent this last fall thinking everything was getting better. And in general it was. My husband got a promotion at work and is feeling more himself than he has in years, we are getting close to resolving a lot of our financial worries, which helps us both, and our marraige has been better and stronger. Then in late January my mother had another heart attack and in February she died. I had been driving back and forth trying to keep working and still visit. I had been telling myself she's going to recover just as she did before, so I can pace myself and still work and visit, then she suddenly died. I would not consciously accept it, but for weeks before she died, I knew. I had terrible insomnia, was more nervous, I rushed to write her letters and make sure the kids were contacting her, I would be cooking and remember I learned to do this or that from her and get teary eyed - something in me knew even though she seemed to have recovered well and was happy to have energy she didn't have before and was doing things she couldn't do before. Little things like sewing and cooking. Mom and I were always connected. Many years ago before I had my first child, I had had a very early miscarraige, It happened before I had realized I was pregnant, the cramping was severe and the emotional fallout huge. I did not tell her anything, I had moved by then and was 200 miles away. Before I could think to call her, she called me (and she doesn't call people, we both don't like to initiate phone calls) and asked 'What is wrong?' as soon as I answred the phone. She used to have dreams that came true sometimes too. She knew when a baby was going to come, she'd dream about it long before it was concieved sometimes.
When she was in the hospital last time she seemed to be recovering as she had before so I drove back to take care of a client. I drove back a few days later, but on my way my sister called me while I was driving and said mom had had another heart attack and was no longer conscious. I cried all the way there. That evening my sisters and I stood at her bedside and watched her die. We could do nothing for her but cry. I encouraged my sisters to go home and get some rest, but I could not leave. I stayed with her until they took her way, and followed her down the hall when they wheeled her away. That night I drove to the funeral home where they were going to take her and I sat in the parking lot for awhile, and finally went to see my sisters.
I had some trouble with feeling abandoned by my church, I could not get someone from the church on the phone, I got little support outside of family from my hometown and my husband.
Anyway, this year I have not worked my business, I have referred all my clients to friends in my office. I am just now advertising again, I am having to start completely over. Which is ok, I prefer to take it slow, I am re-thinking how I'm going to do my work and will hire help whenever I can.
Early this year was full of heavy grief and sorrow and having to deal with family issues, including helping my sisters move - one moved in with me and the other into Mom's house. Religiously I'm trying to go back to church and am doing better. My husband has noticed that very often some of my anxiety attacks happen the day of going to church.

I took a Nat Mur 1M during the year my husband broke his foot and mom first got sick, I did not repeat it, in fact I waited a month to take anything else. I think it helped me get through that summer. I tried the staph 30 a few months before I tried the Nat Mur 1M.

This year I have taken Nat Mur or Ign in 200s when I think I need them.

This anxiety attack issue is the thing that keeps resurfacing, and I'm not sure what it means.

My husband thinks at least some of the attacks are associated with going to church, even though I'm always glad when I go.

Some attacks are in response to feeling criticized by my husband, esp if we had an argument. I will feel worthless, almost suicidal. Suicidal thoughts have been a component to my depressions my whole life, feeling worthless and unworthy. They are dark thoughts, not ones I would act on. Often a part of wondering if I am actually worthless, why am I even alive? I have a strong vital force that seems to battle back everytime, and I get through things and I'm actually doing very well, but I wish I could shake off completely and forever these sudden anxiety attacks. It seems everytime I get too comfortable and things are going really well and I feel the most centered and the most optimistic, it isn't long before something triggers anxiety attack.
Is it guilt over the potential to live a much happier life than my mother did?
I also have trouble being organized and have a constant battle with clutter. I actually once had a cartoonish nightmare of finally cleaning out my garage and watching it morph back to worse than it was before in a few seconds. I woke screaming and sweating. When my sister brings home more things from Mom's house I get very agitated and have to go lay down.
Something about a suffocating feeling and a helplessness and overwhelming feeling of not knowing how to solve this clutter issue. I recently cleaned out the garage and it looks so much better, I took lots of things to charity, felt good then realized I still have a closet and attic to tackle. I'm feeling better and think I will tackle it soon.

Also thought I would mention my tendecy to weak ankles that swell after standing or walking awhile (& feet hurt)- that is true no matter what I weigh, its not necessarily associated with weight. And my weight, I carry it well even when it is too much, but I'm woried about the future don't want it to get worse.

Anyway this is all way too much information, I'm sure, thanks for reading my post, and thanks for your interest!
gtexas last decade
I'm concerned, is it usual to take 1M potentcies so close together? Maybe I am too cautious, but if I feel I need a 1M I'm afraid to take again even after a month. Since I am self-prescribing, I am trying to be very careful. Would love to hear more opinions on this issue. Thanks!
gtexas last decade
its ok to take NAT MUR 1M one week apart. please dont worry.

however, once you take a dose of nat mur, you will yourself feel the difference for some days. if you feel that the effect of the dose has gone, you may take another dose or go for a higher dose of 10M.

generally, one dose of 1M every week for 3 weeks is an accepted prescription for many, though sensitivities differ.
rishimba last decade
Thank you Rishimba, I will take your advice and report back in a month as advised.

I very much appreciate your time on this, thanks again.
gtexas last decade
Hello Rishimba,
I've taken the Nat Mur 1M once a week for three weeks. Last week I took a Nat Mur 10M, this was after more bad dreams and anxiety attack. Husband says I took the last one because of the bad dream and PMS symptoms even though its not the time for PMS.

The last bad dream I had that I remember the last moments of I thought I was awake and the room was being engulfed by a blanket and I had to make a run for the door before I suffocated. I woke up standing by the door realizing I was dreaming as I grabbed the door handle. My husband was awakened of course and these dreams always freak him out and keep him from sleeping when they happen.

We are about to move, we have alot to do before we put the house up for sale. I'm both fine with the move and overwhelmed. I feel fine most of the time - optimistic even.
Then very suddenly I'm not fine and I'm completely overwhelmed.

As I write you now I'm having another bout of anxiety. Earlier today I felt so frustrated it almost hurt my chest, for no specific reason.

I feel exhausted like I didn't sleep even though I did sleep all night and husband says I didn't wake him with nightmares.

I feel like I need to sleep, but when I got home today after picking up all the kids and getting dinner done, I told husband I need to lie down, maybe even sleep even though its early. I told him I'm not well, I need TLC and some rest. Husband says a nap sounds good and he himself goes to sleep, snoring and keeping me up. I can't sleep, so I get up. I go to the kitchen and start cleaning up and feel like throwing dishes and crying. I don't throw the dishes, just put them away a bit louder than necessary, and cry ( I don't do this a lot). Husband is bewildered.

I'm sitting here, the adrenaline is wearing off, the sadness is deep and I'm feeling acid reflux (a rare symptom, last time I felt it was during the time a couple of years ago I kept getting heart palpitations with anxiety & racing pulse. No heart palpitations, etc., just acid right now).

I feel abandoned and overwhelmed. I'm not feeling close to my husband right now, and normally I'm very affectionate about him.

Everyone has me to look after them. When I don't feel well, its up to me to make me better, to know what to do, to figure out whats wrong and make it better. I can't count on anyone. The moments I need to be taken care of I can't get it because either I'm in a panic, frustrated/angry and therefore unapproachable, or no one notices and wouldn't know what to do if they did.

Its a busy household, both my mother in law and my sister live with us, and we are a blended family with 4 children, so there is always something going on. Lots of picking up dropping off keeping up with activities, etc., plus household duties and cooking ( I like to cook, I'm good at it and enjoy it, but sometimes I need a break) and volunteering at son's school and keeping my business going, etc. I'm the one who keeps peace who talks to everyone and keeps everyone communicating. Mom in law and sister are great people, get along fine, only thing is both are like having extra teeanagers in the family and I never know if I can count on them to be reliable household help. Both are very emotional sensitive types. Husband has high blood pressure and is clingy and once he comes home I pretty much have to completely focus on him. He is also sensitive, emotional. He's a leader at work, confident and the go - to guy for everything. At home he switches off and most days goes right to bed. The move is an attempt to have less financial stress. If we lessen the stress maybe things will get better. It feels like one more mountain to climb before I can have peace.

I know I need help but don't know how to ask for it or what help to ask for. When I feel optimistic and have energy, I can take on the world, but those times are really rare. Most of the time I'm frozen by being overwhelmed and inadequate.

Maybe its not realistic to think I can feel good while we are looking at another life change ahead even if its meant to be a good change. Maybe once the move is over maybe things will get better. But this rollercoaster of stress has been going on for several years now and I'm exhausted, frazzled, very very sad, angry, frustrated, tired, and just about worn out.

I've taken the Nat MUR 10M already last week, I don't have anything higher potency, and I don't know if I should take anything else anyway.

I'm feel like giving up on ever feeling happy again.
gtexas last decade
More Physicals:

A constant symptom I don't think I mentioned before is a bit embarrassing, feminine itching, always in a specific place in front on the labia. If it gets very intolerable, very hot water, almost scalding, will ameliorate. Also sometimes a tea tree oil /alcohol type antiseptic. Itching and raw feeling. This symptom comes and goes, varies in intensity, usually pretty minor, but I will get up out of bed and get the hot water if it keeps me from sleeping.

I think my hair is getting a bit greyer and oilier. My face is more oily too, and I've been breaking out in acne, along the jawline especially, and on my upper arms. Also the dark hair on my face is not improving even though last year I tried electrolysis. This has all been getting steadily worse over the last few years, as I've gained some weight.

I've been thirsty for cold drinks, esp water & tea. I also enjoy warm drinks, but have been craving the cold water for the last few days. (Carbonated drinks don't agree with me, give me gas.) Also the last few weeks I've had a lot of gas, even some loose acidy reddish stools (more often than not I'm a bit constipated with dark stools that are rounded balls, sometimes very hard to expel), and some trouble digesting foods I normally don't have a problem with. Also seems that the more stress I feel, the more chance I will be gassy.

Tonight was different, my gastrointestinal symptoms are not gassy, suddenly. The major symptom is the acid reflux.

I have a lot of sinus headaches. My nose doesn't run, its dry with small mucousy plugs that block breathing sometimes so I have to blow and clear it out. This is constant and varies in intensity, stress and tension obviously worsen this sometimes.

Hope this helps. Thanks.
gtexas last decade
Oh God! Your story is too lon g. C an you summarize it in the following format:-

1. Place where the patient stays

2. Male/Female

3. Date of birrth

4. Complexion:
i. Fair
ii. Wheatish
iii. Darkish

5. Constitution:

i. Well built
ii. Fat
iii Thin

6. Details of ailments? (what is your main complaint? How did it start, when and why? what makes it better? worse?
other complaints?)

7. Nature of the patient? (what kind of person is he/she? what upsets the patient most about him self? About other people?)

8. Eating habits?

9. Drinking habits?

10. Veg./ Non-Veg.

11. History of taking Alcohal? drugs?

12. History of taking tobacco/Smoking?

13. Appetite? thirst?

14. How are stools?

15.Any Urinary complaint?

16. is the patient usually colder or warmer than other people in th same place?

17. patient's favorite season/weather/time of the day?
least favorite?

18. Details of the abnormal results of blood work, Pathological ,ECG, XRay Ultra-Sound's tests already conducted?

19. Other information that the patient feels will help to identify the remedy?
Rajendra last decade
Rajendra last decade
Hi G, there is a lot to your story but not enogh to be specific, however, There is a lot going for Phosphorous, and secondly Ars Alb. Look up both and see which fits your personality best. The sinus H/ache is probably due to Nat mur, 10m is very high without being very sure of the remedy similum. I ususally give this high to people with migrain.
parachute last decade
Good analaysis
faisal qureshi last decade
I would suggest you get yourself tested for candida infection, parasites and food allergies. Also for thyroid. Do not drink cold drinks, only warm water. It helps the gut. Cut down on sugar.
After you have tested for everything, go to a good constitutional homeopath in your area. Please DO NOT expect a cure by asking people on the forum to prescribe for you. I say this bcoz I did this and suffered for 2 years, with my symptoms worsening.
zoomzipper1 last decade
Thanks to everyone who replied! Wow, didn't expect that. LOL, too much venting not enough facts, right? Sorry! I don't write often, and when I do I'm feeling bad, so ... anyway, I appreciate the interest and apologize for the rambling.

I'll answer the numbered questions:

1. I stay in a suburban home, quiet neighborhood. If different answer is needed, please specify.

3. 36 years old
4. very fair complexion, some slight freckles, dark brown hair, brown eyes that have turned hazel in adulthood.
5. overweight, not morbidly so, at least not yet!
6. anxiety and anxiety attacks, possible depression, night terrors, lack of energy, weight gain in spite of exercise and good diet, declining libido, losing my ability to remember things quickly, difficulty with mental focus. All sound minor except that these factors are interfering with my life, and I have felt more myself in the past and should normally have more energy than I do!

7. This is a question that invites a rambling answer but I will keep it short, please ask if more info needed. I tend to be shy, usually try to think the best of people, can be very hurt when disappointed by people. I feel pretty inadequate most of the time, I'm frustrated with my lack of organizational skills and trouble with time - it feels like it goes by too fast for me and I can't catch up. Other people, I dislike arrogance.

8. I eat well, I eat a lot of veggies of all kinds and lean meats, and fish. I can't drink carbonated sodas. I drink water, iced tea, hot tea. I do enjoy chocolate, and I'm picky about it. It has to be dark chocolate because milk chocolate tastes oily to me. I like sweets and will bake things because husband also has sweet tooth. I'll have some dessert in the evenings, about 4 times a week. Thats the worst eating habit. I don't snack a lot.

9 see 8.

10. see 8.

11. No drugs, alcohol very rarely. I enjoy alcoholic drinks, just don't crave them or have the occasion to drink any very often.

12. No smoking, never have.

13. Healthy appetite, nothing out of the ordinary. No binge eating, no starvation, nothing unusual. Regular thirst, sometimes crave cold water. Sometimes I want hot tea when I feel like I need to be taken care of.

14. generally have a tendency towards constipation, with intermitten bouts of loose stools. Sometimes get gassy with indigestion. Tend to burp a lot.

15. urinary is fine, though once in awhile if I get a cough there will be some slight incontinence.

16. Hard for me to tell because my husband is a walking furnace and needs the a/c on cold, so I feel like I'm normal by comparison. If you pin me down on it I'd have to say I'm pretty normal on this one.

17. LOVE spring! And fall! Warm enough to be outside without it being too hot, Love cool crisp breezes and blue skies! I love to get outside during these days, will work hard in the garden. Once it gets too hot I stay inside. I can tolerate cold better. I enjoy thunderstorms and gentle rains too.

18. test results are always normal. Right down the middle normal. Even if my heart is beating out of my chest, it doesn't register on an EKG. Blood tests are always 'within normal range'. I had my thyroid tested and its right in the middle, so Dr. would do no treatment even though symptoms pointed to thyroid issues. Glad to be healthy but it can be strangely frustrating.

19. History of sexual abuse, depression since childhood, severe post partum depression. Occasional non-painful migraines that give visual disturbances. I lost 50 pounds in 2 months after my divorce - without trying at all, & experienced some symptoms of mania I think. A year later I started normalizing on weightand stayed there a couple of years. In the last 3 years I have been steadily gaining weight - again in no relation to what I'm eating, and think I'm going hypothyroid. In the last three years when my weight first began to pack on I experienced severe heart palpitations and anxiety attacks, and an episode of acid reflux that scared me into thinking I was having a heart attack (hospital said I was fine).

In both pregnancies in the past I lost alot of weight, then gained after the birth, w/post partum depression accompanying it.

My hair is thinning out a bit too, even though bodily hair is not.

My hip & knee joints click when I walk. My shoulder sockets occasionally dislocate for no reason. It hurts like hell and I have to put it back myself. First happened at age 13, then age 23, 27, and about 10 times at age 31, 32 (after my divorce). Hasn't happened lately, but I am careful with movement and sometimes feel a 'slip', but no more.

I agree that candida may be an issue, and have strong suspicions about thyroid issues, think it may run in family.

Thank you for your time, I know I can't depend on the internet for a cure. I can't find a good homeopath locally and right now I am content to listen to some opinions of others on the subject while I continue my personal research.

All this feedback is really nice, I very much appreciate it.
gtexas last decade
On medications, I'm not taking anything and try not to even take asprin. Sinus headaches are exception, I can't tolerate so will take Aleve cold & sinus.

I am sensitive to caffeine and can't drink coffee too many days in a row without getting cranky. I like it so I have it just occasionaly. Also will limit my taking the sinus meds because they contain caffiene and don't want it to build up in my system.

I was also curious about food allergies, so far have not had time to fully investigate it. Some types of pizza will really cause me to bloat, maybe its the type of crust. I will continue to look into that one, perhaps a wheat allergy, or simply refined starches/sugars or processed foods. Right now I'm not seeing a definite pattern yet.
gtexas last decade
Try (Nux nomica-30c) one dose daily at night only 5 days then stop after 3 weeks report me back please,OK
Good luck
faisal qureshi last decade
Hi G, taking one remedy for one symptom is the long way round. The correct remedy should aleviate the bulk of the trouble you are having.
To that end, are you very anxious, about everything?
Or are you open to all influences around you that you get overwhelmed? These are very general questions that help narrow the field.
parachute last decade
It is essential for us to know what normally the Candida does?


'Candida species are responsible for superficial infections such as oropharyngeal candidiasis (thrush) and vulvovaginal candidiasis (vaginal Candidiasis).

'Among Candida species, C. albicans, which can also be a commensal of the skin and the gastrointestinal and genitourinary tracts, is responsible for the majority of Candida bloodstream infections (candidemia).'

You may be having some stool or urinary problem.

Other problems are inciddental.

Pl. clarify your Entestinal, Stool and Urinary problems for the remedy to be advised.
Rajendra last decade
Rajendra last decade
Regarding anxiety, am I 'open to all influences around you that get you over whelmed'? I think the answer to that is generally yes, I can have trouble focusing and prioritizing. I can get overwhelmed easily. I am sensitive to people's emotions around me.

Am I anxious all the time? No. I think of myself as calm and centered, but if I get too much stressful stimuli at once I can quickly get hysterical, or at least feel panicky. It doesn't take a lot to get me frustrated and feeling anxious.

I hope that answer helps.
gtexas last decade
OK,I suggest you take Phosphorous 200c, liquid. Take a few drops on the tongue. once at night, and once in the morning, You might find it works with just one dose. Then take no more. Your immune system will do the rest. You might need to take it when the action is exhausted,you probably will feel when it does. Symptoms will go of their own accord, if you have any questions please post back.
parachute last decade
There is no answer to the below mentioned querry:-

'You may be having some stool or urinary problem.

Other problems are inciddental.

Pl. clarify your Entestinal, Stool and Urinary problems for the remedy to be advised'
Rajendra last decade
Clarify intestinal, urinary, stool...

Stool changes all the time. Most common occurances are dark dry stools that are round like little balls and very hard to expel, this is when I am constipated which is often. This alternates with reddish brown stools that are loose. Sometimes I get a bit of diarrea that accompanies mentrual cramps. Sometimes strong coffee has similar effect and gives some diarrea.

Urinary there is not much to say except that If I cough a lot I may get incontinence. I also will usually get up at least once a night to go pee, if I'm sleeping light. If I sleep deeply I will wait til morning.

Intestinal - I get gas ALOT, burp alot.

I have mentioned all these things before. If there is another detail I am not telling, please tell me what it is and I will be more clear. Thanks!
gtexas last decade
Another detail related to anxiety, I probably mentioned it before, but now that I am calm I can write it without rambling a novel.

If I percieve that husband is angry, or more specifically, critical of me in any way - this can quickly put me in a panic with hurt feelings. Deeply wounded and such. If he continues to be angry and 'pushes' the issue and so on, I can quickly become hysterical. I have taken Ignatia on these occasions with some success, but the problem of over-sensitivity is still very much an issue.

I am very down to earth and rational, so to get hysterical anytime is distressing for me, it feels like it is out of character even though it has happened to me alot over the years.

If husband can be calm and hold me, rub my head and be soothing, that will end it most of the time, other times if he really hit a raw nerve I have to vent and talk & cry for a little while, then I can be soothed.

This doesn't happen a lot, it seems to come out of nowhere sometimes.

I am more vulnerable to it on Pre-menstrual (PMS) days which are usually either 10 days before onset or 3 days before onset. My cycle is regular, varies only by a day or two, bleeding usually fairly heavy the first 2 days. Cramping happens on times my period starts the same day as a bad PMS mood swing, which is fairly rare.

I am also more vulnerable to it if I am under a lot of stress and feeling personally like I am not succeeding in areas that mean alot to me, as a mother & a wife, and recently after my mother passed away, as a daughter. Maybe undue feelings of guilt?

Anyway, I pulled this detail out because this is one I'd like to see disappear altogether.

It has already lessened to some degree since I have become more lethargic in general (perhaps hypothyroid).

I am also worried about feeling 'shut down' emotionally. This is happening more and more, perhaps related to possible hypothyroid? I love my husband and family but I can get exhausted keeping up with all the emotional and actual needs of so many people, find myself getting annoyed, even apathetic, more shut down.
gtexas last decade
Parachute, thanks for the suggestion of Phosphorus 200c, thats very interesting! What made you think of that one? I will definitely look into that. The remedies that I have are the sugar pellet type - should I buy the liquid version? Or put my pellets in water? When I try it I will post back and let you know how it went...!
gtexas last decade

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