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Vision (Snow, hallucinations, blurred)

6 years ago...I was doing drugs (LSD, Mushrooms, etc.). I had a bad trip and have not touched any drugs since. However, for the last 6 years, I have had vision that resembles an LSD trip (hallucinations, colours, fuzzy, snow, etc.). It looks like television screen with no reception - the static.

Does anyone know anything about this?

Please let me know.

  canuck on 2003-10-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
That is a known side effect of LSD.

There are many homeopathic remedies which may be able to help. I suggest you try the remedy finder - type "vision shapes" and tick what's most appropiate.
maria last decade
Consult a homeopath. Under his supervision you can take NUX VOMICA 10M. Let him decide the frequency.
As high potency medicines are best to be given under doctor's supervision.

I can only give you suggestions thru the internet.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I too have a problem with visual snow. In brights light this is hardly noticeable but gradually as the light level decreases everything looks grainier and grainier until I can hardly see anything but static in very low light. I also get an after image for ages after I've looked at even a white sheet of paper. I have never taken drugs, my sight is pretty much 20/20 and an eye specialist just said there was nothing wrong with my eyes and offered no explanation (I think she thought I was making it up!). Does this ring any bells? Can homeopathy help me?
Your very hopefully, Debbie
Debbie last decade
I have the same to! except mine seems to be worse during the day making me feel very drunk but at night I can see the tv snow more, and in the dark i cant see anything when i look at it!

I didnt get this through drugs though, this started happening to me after getting very drunk, why is this does anyone know? the doctors never take me seriously and makes me almost give up hope when i have to wait another 6 months just to be fogged off onto someone else!

please anyone who suffers with this to contact me i would love to hear from anyone.
clare_blackman last decade
Hi everybody,

Well...You're not alone...Lots of people have this vision problem. I'm not a doctoe, but I truly believe that it is connected to some kind of anxiety, depression, etc. I am convinced that it is related to levels of seratonin and dopamine, etc. GABA probably plays a role as well. I say this because of my research and conversations with others. It does seem that the reason for everybody's blurred vision is different, but that it affects the same thing in the body/mind. I also believe that there's a way to get rid of it. Very few things have no answer and I believe that Homeopathy can come to an answer...Just got to find the right solution.
canuck last decade
Hello Canuck !
I have seen most of your posts.
Please get your blood pressure checked. Go to a eye specialist and let him see the Retina inside both your eyes.
Come back after the said examination is done.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hi, I get this too! I'm male and 19 years old. I went to the optitions today because I am short sighted, but I went mainly because of this television static vision I have! She said I am short sighted and I have astigmatism, but other than that my eyes are perfectly healthy and she couldnt explain it! It's like watching a CCTV camera with slight television noise! It's worse during nights and it is still apparent when I close my eyes too! I can't stop thinkin about it for the last 3 or 4 days, not sure when it started - I use the computer alot (sit very close to a CRT monitor unfortunately). I'm relatively happy, im quite sure im not depressed altho this problem is making me depressed :( - my hotmail is olie_smith
hotmail.com i'd like to talk to those with similar conditions! Thx (atleast im not alone!)
OlieSmith last decade

I am sorry to hear that you have these vision problems. I beleive in homeopathy for treatment of this issue. I wish you all the best...

canuck last decade
I have the same exact problem. I'm 30 but I've had this problem for as long as I can remember. Like the others, it's worse for me at night when staring at my ceiling in the dark... or when I close my eyes. If I concentrate though, I can see it over everything I look at... like I have a static TV screen at 5% or 10% opacity overlayed on top of everything. I also have quite a few floaters in my eyes which I can remember having back when I was 6 years old. I think they are just getting worse now. When I saw a doctor about this maybe 10 years ago, I remember him thinking I was nuts or making it up.
simraja last decade
I can't tell you how much it means to me to know that I am not alone wit this problem! I have had the same symptoms in one eye for decades, but the "good" eye took over and I was could see fine. Now it is showing up in the other eye, which is very upsetting, because now I am forced to look at everything this way.
I just saw a neuro-opthomalogist, and he doesn't know what it is either. It seesm like there is no hope. Has anyone on this board received a diagnosis of the problem?
bermuda last decade
Hi all. I posted on this site about my vision problems a while ago. I have since found a support forum - http://pub89.ezboard.com/bthosewithvisualsnow
It seem heaps of people have this problem and the good news is that many of them have had a barrage of tests and it does not appear to indicate either a horrible disease or that sight dramatically deteriorates. The bad news is that no one appears to know what it is yet...
I hope access to this board will help to reassure you as it has helped me.
Regards, Debbie
debbie2 last decade
I have been experiencing a similar problem for the past 6 months. It is especially bothersome because I'm legally blind and only see with the right eye. The problem started last November, intermittently at first, and became more constant toward the end of December. In addition to the snowy vision, which resembles actual snowflakes coming down, I had problems with rapid heartbeat, dizziness, nausea, and low energy level. I spent 5 days in the hospital, and have had every kind of test imaginable. No definitive diagnosis was ever found. The heartbeat is under control with atenolol, but the snowy vision persists. The snow seems to be affected by weather conditions, head movements, lighting, and foods, such as sweets, which reduce the snow somewhat. I get changes in colors, light sensitivity, and on rare occasions, see a twinkling star effect in addition to the snow. I've been seen by internists, a neurologist, and several opthalmologists, and NOBODYknows what's wrong.
jpmcnulty last decade
I have also experienced this vision/snow/shapes thing when I was a child either when I sneezed or when I really relaxed my eyes, I could see the little creepy crawlies crawling around on my eyes as well as shapes and blurry TV snow. I also got this same effect when I closed my eyes and relaxed but didn't goto sleep, and after awhile your eyes will kind of shutoff and you will see the shapes or TV snow, after awhile longer you will be in a wakening sort of dream if you can stay awake you will see pictures, hear sounds, memories, etc...

Alot of people connect this particular state of mind with transendental meditation, or with lucid dreaming. Technically if one could lucid dream while awake you could astral project while awake. Astral projection is real trust me, there have been alot of college studies on it that have gained quite alot of knowledge about it, I've seen many TV shows detailing the whole process, and i've read a few reports from colleges performing the research. Also this state of mind is associated with 4-7hz brain frequency, which is the state of mind in which most people have REM sleep. For instance if you listen to the program "brainwave generator" you can entrain your brain and eventually you will see those shapes/colors/TV snow with your eyes open. Alot of doctors associate the TV snow with hallucinations or psychotic episodes. AKA take this pill, it will make you feel all better. In Actuality what you have here really isn't a curse, its a blessing in disguise, since your so much closer to the lucid dreaming state than everybody else you could astral project easier, recall memories easier, project overlays over what you read. (aka test answers to a test your taking.) or if you've studied photo reading you can review what you've read in an overlay fashion. I get the vision TV snow/blurr thing when I relax, or when i am nearly asleep. I hope this information helps, it is all I could really find out about the phenomena, you may also check FBI/CIA disclosed files and check to see what research projects they have had using ESP, Astral projection etc... check library of congress and also you can send a request directly to the FBI/CIA for information pertaining to any research topic that could be used for gaining "intelligence" meaning, information. aka ESP, etc... you'd be amazed how much stuff they send you. It's about 20$ a crate of info, alot of it has been blacked out by markers, so dont expect a whole lot about the phenomena.
darkstar01 last decade
darkstar: Intresting, I have been lucid dreaming almost everynight as of late. I can remember flying around the neighbourhood at will in my dreams when I was a kid, wired I know.
coldmeat2 last decade
I have had my visual snow for about 6 months; I have researched everything from saccades been out of sync to neurological disturbances in the brain and even psychic abilities, which is why I'm inspired by your post.

I think it is something to do with the filtering process of our brains. A normal brain filters out 99% of all the information supplied from our senses. This would explain the associated symptoms like entopic phenomenon (sparkles that fly around when you look at the sky), floaters, halos, starbursts, and tinnitus.

For those that are interested, I have made a simulator: visualsnow dot net/sim2.html
coldmeat2 last decade
I experience this "snow" but it only lasts for a fraction of a second. It bothers me because I know it's not anything on my eyes. It's like there is some sort of interference between my eyes and brain. This just recently started and happens about once every 1-2 days.
badp81 last decade
Unfortunately, I have more questions than answers, but here are few of the symptoms and observations from doctors I have seen.

I have never been without the snow although it is not always accompanied by the "bacteria looking" things. I have always had lucid dreams, but after giving up my control a couple years ago, I have not been able to regain full control of those dreams. Sometimes memories accompany the snow and "bacteria looking" things; these memories are not mine though. It seems odd, but those memories are not as vivid as the "real" ones. When I have ingested any stimulant, either caffiene and/or herbal supplements, the snow lightens up, but those little bacteria things come back. Do the rest of you have these symptoms or am I just crazy?

Now for the diagnosis and observations from the medical community. My optomotrist has encountered this syndrome twice before I mentioned it, and both times in people around my age (currently 25). One of those people had consulted a neurosurgeon and the neurosurgeon concluded that person's cortical nerve was hyperactive and there was no apparent cause. My optomotrist compared it to having too much amperage running through that person's brain.

I have also been to the Mayo clinic in California and they had never heard of my symptoms and refused to investigate. (I was there for unrelated issues)

When I visited Dr Iocona in San Bernidino, CA, he thought it was a hormone imbalance and prescribed medication. This medication did not work. (thyroid medication)

I have also taken MAOIs for migranes but that seemed to give me "lost time" and blackouts.

I don't know about anyone else, but the issue of remembering things from someone else's past and seeing possible futures (very lucid) is mildly disturbing. Does anyone else have any input?

theholiz last decade
Hey, I've never taken LSD in my life, I got VS right around 12, maybe shortly after my first time smoking mj, but perhaps earlier than that, because I'm not sure that I tried it until I was 13 or 14, my first experience, I smoked somewhere around 7 joints worth and I never knew what to expect, it gave me one of my first panic attacks, I have anxiety attack panic attack problems too, or I did, I worked them out in the last 2 years and haven't had any for quite some time now. My VS has gotten worse over the years, and I fear what it will be like when I'm an old man. I'm only 21 now, the longest I've read anyone who has it is that guy up top who said he had it for as long as he can remember. Some people say it just goes away, but I knew from the second I got it that it was more of a permanent thing, its brutally consistant, never changes, eyes open, shut, night, day, it makes it hard to see at night, and even in fairly well lit rooms, basically anything short of sunlight, and even in sunlight my vision is really noisey because of it. Doctors don't know anything about it, or don't beleive its real. Say its in your head, an ocular migraine, or that it could be a sign of a tumor etc... there's all sorts of stuff. Hope I don't have a tumor, haha, but I've stopped asking doctors about it because if its not in there text-book, it doesn't exist. OH, right, I forgot to mention, it also started right around the time I got the internet for the first time in my life, and was spending hours in front of the comp screen, and recently, I was using my phone near the comp screen and it make the phone hiss like mad, so I turned of teh monitor and sure enough, that's what it was, so maybe its a strange chem reaction to the radiation from monitors?? I dunno, tell me what you think, Raz.
TrevorG last decade
If you are interested in homeopathic remdies for snow vision, look up Jaborandi.
parachute last decade
I had this for 7 years, usually about the same time of night - 8pm - regardless of how long I 'd been awake, and would last 3-4 hours. This started happening when I was 19 when I also started to experience serious anxiety (this was constant, not just at 8pm).

My first experience with the doctor was not good - he prescibed tricyclics but unfortunately didn't provide a patient leaflet. To reassure me they weren't addictive he told me I could stop whenever I wanted. I took this literally 4 weeks later and had such terrible withdrawal symptoms I didn't go back.

I spent the next 5 years giving my money to various new age entrepreneurs.

Some things were ok: accupuncture worked, but only for 4-5 days. Other vendors were more dubious. I reasoned that as they began at 8pm, and that this was the time of peak consumption of electricity, that I was being affected by electromagnetic waves. This lead me into the rather frightening world of Roger Coghill of Powerwatch UK - you sometimes see him on UK TV when they talk about powerlines on the news. I won't dwell on him because you only have to read his opinions on non-electromagnetic subjects to realise his worldview is a bit skewed. Nevertheless, I only got out of this by installing all his recommended precautions and then fitting a switch which would randomly leave me 'protected' or exposed to the waves like everyone else, without me knowing whether it was off or on each night. In the morning I looked at the switch, and wrote down how well I'd slept. After 3 weeks there was still no correlation so I gave up on Roger.

More sinister was a character called Rolf Gordon. Because I could no longer blame EM fields I suddenly became terrified (as people with anxiety disorders do) that my symptoms resulted from the 'earth rays' he proposed as the cause of everything from acne to cancer and cot death. His protection equiptment was very expensive, 349ukp for one item. I later opened up a smaller portable earth ray protecting device (50ukp) out of curiousity. It contained a cardboard toilet tube with a few cm of yellow and green earthing wire coiled round it, buried in some kind of epoxy or mastic. This was a 'special' mastic according to the brochure with the cot death warnings. I don't know if the other components were special too, as they were not mentioned. I like to believe this guy was unfortunate rather than evil, and actually believed he was helping people.

I moved into a house that he had divined was ok but my symptoms didn't stop. Without 'earth rays' to blame them on they seemed to worsen, to the point where I had to leave university. Even the accupuncture had stopped getting me though it as it had got so bad. Without a focus for the constant danger I felt I was in I lost the plot and ended up seeing another doctor.

The 7th medication they tried - an MAOI called phenelzine - stopped the symptoms dead (the visual disturbances and the anxiety). And I'm now back at university.

I'd ask anyone who has bad experiences with doctors to try another before trying alternatives that haven't been tested in proper clinical trials with lots of patients, proper funding and a decent peer-reviewed write-up.

Not all doctors are rubbish (though some truly are). It's a sad truth, but probably your best bet is to go private for a mental illness with unconventional symptoms. It was a psychiatrist at the Priory, after 2 unsucessful years on the NHS, who suggested phenelzine. He said he'd seen several cases like mine.

I did take LSD in my teens, though both the NHS and private doctors told me they didn't think there was a connection.

I do agree that the visual phenomenon is very LSD-like, although I would dispute one important aspect of this similarity: An almost universal hallucination on LSD is image-persistence (it has a proper medical name but I can't remember) - moving objects appear to leave traces or trails behind them, a bit like a sparkler in the dark on firework night. My visual disturbances didn't have this, though the snow/static effect was identical with LSD.

Good luck.
one-off last decade
I should just mention a couple of minor things from theholiz's post I just noticed:

'Little bacteria things' is a spot-on discription for how it was sometimes - thousands of them jiggling about and oval shaped. Mine were often divided down the middle into separate colours like a pill capsule. Apparently the majority of cells in the primary visual cortex have this bisected kind of response - though I'm probably conjecting way too far. And that was a really old book I read that in.

Maybe more important, is that when I've been comming off phenelzine (my psychiatrist gets me to do that every year for a few weeks to see if symptoms return) I get odd memories that aren't mine for a few days. They are a bit like when a dream comes back to you in the day, except with these nothing much comes back, just odd scenes from someone elses life. They seem very urgent and important, but don't seem to lead anywhere.

Again this is probably a tenous connection - there's a million reasons for everything it seems when it comes to the brain - but I still thought it worth mention.
one-off last decade
I have saught long and hard after a cause of these effects, to no great degree of certainty. I have found that potential causes of them are a build-up of toxic of dangerous chemicals, heavy metals, or other viruses or bacteria in the nervous system, and or lymphatic system. These effects can also be caused by the same buildup in the meridian energy system discovered by Acupucture therapists & ancient Chinese doctors, where interuption of this vital energy can cause many physical discomforts and physical diseases.

Treat all diseases, and eventually you will find the cause of yours

This is true on many levels, sometimes a problem is more than a single symptom but an array of things all causing problems which lead to the specific effects.

An easy way to apply an acupuncture type effect is using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which can help relieve deep rooted emotional reversals where your body holds the negative energy at one of the meridian points and prevents your body/mind/etc.. from releasing it. Once effectively released the meridian point tends to feel better physically and the problem dims down so it no longer effects you adversely.

Another good way to treat this is with the Bio-tuner 7 Pro from SOTA Instruments, the device was invented by Bob Beck, who was a genius by many rights, he developed the device by doing research on other devices like the electro-sleep device that the Russians created. The Bio-tuner creates a spectrum of frequencies aprox 500 in all, which are set into 3 sections which are all intended to cause the brain to release endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, etc. Which help clear out the Nervous system, the device has been used for many years to remove addiction, and make some one no longer crave or want a particular drug. It balances out the neurotransmitters and returns the brain to a healthier state. Over time & use the bio-tuner restores the brain permanently without extended use.. (2-3weeks will cure any addiction 2-4 months will fix any problems with neurotransmitter balance, unless the problems of course are caused by Physical issues like a labotomy, or you simply do not have enough amino acids in your body to produce the needed neurotransmitters.(BTW this can remove LSD addiction and possibly flashbacks.)

Some people find relief from Tai-chi, but It has never worked for me.

The neurophone invented by pastrick flanagan, which is a device which permitts you to hear through your nervous system, a few scientific studies in china have discovered that it balances the energy meridians & helps clear them. Im not sure if this is exactly true. I have read that the device works on a principal where there is Zero voltage between the ultrasonic transducers but when the transducers are placed on your forehead you can hear what is played through the device. Several studies have been done that proves it does not work through bone conduction, or by acting as an electrostatic speaker. The device acts by transmitting in a frequency your nervous system comprehends as sound, and is received by the brain. A similar device is made by Sony corporation in China so people can listen to music without disturbing others, except that device uses bone conduction.

Essentially the device acts like a clearing device for your nervous system, it excites your nervous system and then transmits through it.

Another possibility is that you may have abnormal eye pressure which can alter the focus ability of your eye, many optomologists will say if you see floaters or grainy specs in your eyes you should get them checked. (By a reputable modern optimologist, avoid the old-school ones as they disagree with newer methologies sometimes.)

The particle effects can also be caused by abnormal blood pressure! abnormal pressure on the brain or other vital organs can cause interuption of signals along their path. high blood pressure can cause a number of other problems as well. (This eye floating thing can be caused by Diabetes as well.)

The neurophone
on google, search for neurophone

The bio-tuner 7 pro (BT7pro)
on google, search for sota instruments

EFT (Emotional freedom Techniques)
goto google, search for emotional freedom techniques.

Blood pressures effects on vision.
Goto google search for Scholar articles on vision and blood pressure.
darkstar01 last decade
i have similar symptoms as to ones on this page, although the snow effect is not as strong as others have expressed but i have very distored peripheral vision and the glows around lights. the reason that i'm writting this is to ask if anyone has acctually been cured or if anything has permanetly reduced the symptons, get in touch tom
fullcycle last decade
Hi, I've also got the visual snow (also with eyes closed), fickering spots when I look at a light background, floaters and if that isn't enough my vision is kinda ... moving. It's really weird. When I look at the street or a book my vision isn't steady. It's horrible! I've also got terrible headaches and pain in the eyes, but that might be due to my asitgmatism (I'm going to get glasses TODAY). Please, respond if you've got the same problems! Lisette
celticmyst last decade
I've got the VS too and it's pretty darn annoying! I have never taken LSD though I have smoked weed 2 times. That couldn't have done it, could it? Btw it only started 1 year after that!!!
celticmyst last decade

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