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Sinus Problem / Seasonal Flu? Help


It is Oct and flu & sinus problems are dominant locally. Two days ago I started some nasal discharge. Since yesterday I have profuse nasal discharge, mostly watery. My base of the nose and below eyes all hurts. Head overall hurts and feels heavy. If I wrap tightly some cloth feels better. Nose feels inflammed. Today, in the morning on blowing nose there were blood streaks from the left nostril. My legs are hurting and feel shaky. Sneezing is very frequent.

Thirst reduced, appetite OK. Feel better on resting, using heavy clothing otherwise feel mild chills once in a while.

I took Ars Alb 30 two doses yesterday but did not feel much change. Am Itaking the right nedication or should I add or change to something else.

I am home today resting.

Please help.

  RajanTX on 2007-10-12
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please try taking gelsemium 200 in wet dose (hourly doses)for a day and report.
maheeru last decade
OK I had taken Gels 30C which I took hourly (wet doses). Initially I thought I was getting better but not any more. My chills have gone and pain in the upper cheeks is gone.

Based on past experience, I have sinus infection that's why my sides of the head hurt. There is a yellowish tinge in the nasal discharge which has reduced with Gels. My temperature currently is 99.3deg F.

Should I continue with Gels on try something else like Puls?

Please help.

RajanTX last decade
HI Rajan

Move on to 200 potency of gelsmium(Wet dose). That's the right potency for this sort of complaint. Continue with that potency for a day and report. (While reporting add every detail you can put in)
maheeru last decade
Hi Maheeru,

Thanks for your help.

I have started taking Gels 200 since last night. My head is better but I am feeling extremely weak & exhausted. Still having nasal discharge but not as much as in the start of the problem.

Will post further tonight.

Thanks again,
RajanTX last decade
Dear Maheeru,

I am continuing to take Gels 200 wet doses every 2 hrs or so. I have a good progress but still some to go. The details are as follows:

No temperature now, meaning no fever, temp. 98.4F

The nasal discharge and sneezing continues. Sneezing has reduced and so has the frequency of blowing nose. The discharge is usually thick white & watery.

Marked improvementin the headaches... almost gone. Nose still feels a bit inflammed, ears sometimes feel itchy, eyes sometime feel dried and sometimes still watery.

Weakness is way better, still feel like taking it easy.

My voice still feels congested. So still have quite a bit of nasal discharge. Still sometimes feel mild pain in sinuses below the eyes.

My appetite has increased with Gels, which makes me hungry after every dosage.

Some of my chronic problems are better...I used to feel a lot of flatulence it is much.

May I ask, are you a practising homeopath or just have interest in homeopathy?

Please advice further, continue with Gels 200 wet dose? My definition of wet dose: 3-4 drops of Gels 200 in half bottle of water with one spoon of brandy, succus 10-20 times before every dose and take a sppon of the mixture.

Thanks for all the help
RajanTX last decade
Hi Rajan

Your wet dose is fine. Now there's no fever, taper-off the doses to every 4 hours and when you find there's no more improvement you can stop gelsemium. You can report again tonight.
maheeru last decade
Hello Maheeru,

I hope you see this message again. I thought I had no more headaches but all night my head had heaqdache on the sides..although mild, feel like wrapping tightly with something. My forehead feels heavy & congested too. The intensity is same as yesterday. Also my legs are very shaky just like yesterday morning...feeling weak. Have beem mildly hurting all night. Although, I don't have fever, I feel feverish type in the mornings.

So to sum up, I am still congested, blowing nose frequently (frequency reduced from start of treatment) and my head still hurts in the morning. No further improvement from yesterday. I did not sleep good last night, worse than before.

Pleas advise further.

RajanTX last decade
Ok Rajan

Start taking Ferrum Phos 6x(tissue salt) 4 times daily.(Offset the tissue salt with the other medicine by atleast half an hour) Stop gelsemium and make a wet dose of Hepar sulphur 30 and take dose every 4 hours. You can report after a day.
maheeru last decade
O.K.Since there is pain in the head, still congested, blowing nose frequently -- I feel Belladna 30 (4 pills four times a day ) will work better instead of Ferrum Phos.
Rajendra last decade
You presented your detail in not enough for homoeopathic treatment I request you present your sign & symptoms with your expression / sensation / Feeling / Event / Gesture in turn of . I will present you a healthy prescription to you
1. Name
2. Age
3. Sex
4. Married/Unmarried/widow
5. weight
6. Height ….
7. country
8. climate
9. Family History
10. Qualification of patient
11. Nature of working
12. Complexion: Fair/Wheatish/ Darkish
13. Constitution: Well built/Fat/Thin
14. Veg/non veg
15. History of taking Alcohol/Tobacco/coffee/Tea/any drugs addiction
16. List of your complain first 1. 2.. 3 ……
17. Since how long you are suffering for each complain
18. current medicine you are taking for each complain
19. Diabetic or non Diabetic
20. Desire sweets/sour/salt
21. Thirst –Small quantity/short interval/long interval/large Quantity
22. Tongue color
23. Current BP (without medicine and with medicine)
24. What exactly is happening ?
25. How do you feel ?
26. How does this affect you ?
27. How does it feel like ?
28. What comes to your mind ?
29. One situation that had a big effect on you ?
30. How did that feel like ?
31. What sensation do you experience in that situation ?
32. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand.(habits or Action) ?
33. desire or like and dislike of food
33. Name of foods which increase your problem
34. Body odor ,/sweating/-
35. Under line the right word for you ----
Morose, Quarrelsome, Hasty, Lachrymose, Anxious, Delirious, Groping, Despairing, Sad, Hopeful, Fearful, Restless, Calm, Drowsy, dullness, Anger, Being overwhelmed, Depression and gloom Despair and faithlessness , Despondency from overwork, Domination of others, Doubt or Discouragement, Easy impressionability, Fear and Shyness, Fear for the others welfare, Fear of losing mental balance, Feeling of powerlessness, Guilty and self-blame, Hard master onto oneself with an urge to inspire others, Hopelessness, Immaturity of Mind/Emotions, failure to learn from mistakes impatience, indecision in difference or boredom Intolerance and criticism lack of mental tranquility, lack of motivation and incentive longing for past happiness, nostsliqia, low self-confidence, Mental Fatigue, Mental torture or worry, Mental/emotional and physical weariness, Overcome for welfare of others, Overenthsiasm, Pride or aloofness, Resentment and bitterness, Sadness, greif, shock, Self centered talkativeness, Self-distrust, Shame or feelings of un cleanliness, Terror, jealousy, Weakness too willing , Fear from known thing, fear from unknown thing. Whether you can able to give public speech or not.
36. Aggravation (increases-time, season,)& Amelioration (Decreases)
37. . Details of the adverse features in the Pathological ,ECG, XRay Ultra-Sound's tests already conducted
38. Attached here your photographs of the affected area. (if required/optional)

Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
deoshlok last decade
Thanks Dr(s) Maheeru, Rajendra & Deoslok for your input.

For my full homeopathic history I have another thread going on: http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/107206/

I will copy the homeopathic history over here:


Case History for Homeopathic Treatment

Sex: Male
Age: 47years
Marital Status: Married with 2 kids
General Appearance: Fair Complexion, 5’6”, 174lbs (79kg)
Habits: Non Smoker, coffee drinker (1/2 cup twice a day), social (alcohol) drinker in very moderate quantities.
Exercise: On & off, but not regularly.
Glasses/Specs: No

Present Complaints:
The following is a list of main problems:

1. Pain in the back of the neck
2. Sinus / Allergy / Snoring Problems / Breathing Concerns
3. Abdominal Issues
4. Skin Ailments

1. Pain in the back of the Neck (w/ Stomach issues).

I have been getting pain in the back of the neck for quite a long time, may be since early youth. This usually happens when I wake up in the morning. I wake up with a throbbing pain at the back of my neck. This later sometimes extends to the right side of my head. If I rest, apply heat, massage my neck & head and drink coke it helps. I get a desire to drink canned coke during headaches/neck pain. Usually, I need something strong medicine immediately at the onset to control the pain otherwise it becomes stronger and takes much more effort (by taking more medicines like Advil/Ibuprofen) to control the pain. I do get nauseatic feeling when the pain is strong & coke helps here. Sometimes I have been getting pain on the right side of the head too. I have ended up taking Advil which messes up my homeopathic treatment. These back of the neck pains I am getting mostly about every two weeks and sometimes once a week; has been varying lately. These used to be periodic but can’t say for sure now. Sometimes when I control the pain in the back of the neck, the pain goes to the right side of the head. When I try to control the right side and the pain goes to the back of the neck on the right side. It takes almost the whole day to recover; even if the pain subsides I feel weak and uneasy inside till I receover completely by the end of the day. Usually, few days before the onset of the pain, I am low in energy/fatigued both mentally and physically. When the pain starts subsiding, I usually have frequent bathroom visits (urination) which gives me an indication that I am recovering from pain. For the back of the head/neck pain I have tried Gels & Glon 30 to control the pain & has not helped.

In general, I do have lots of gas problem, this is an ancient problem but much-much better compared to my childhood days. Sometimes the gas passed has offensive smell. I am not constipated but used to be as a child. I have noticed that if I take any homeopathic or allopathic remedy, which dries of my sinuses, I go get a bad throbbing pain in the back of my neck.

I first got these throbbing pains at about the age of 15. One homeopath in India treated me for a month & the problem was cured, but came back later in my early 20’s if I remember correctly.

I do have bulging disc on my neck at C5 & C6 (I believe the location is correct but can be confirmed if important). The fact that I do not have the pain all the time, I don’t know if the pain is due to this herniated disc or may have some contribution from it. I have some kind of knot in the middle of the back side of the neck which becomes stronger to feel during these headaches/neck pain & kind of subsides after the pain attack.

I have noticed that if I encounter stress due to work or any other problem, my neck muscles feel stiff & sometimes end up with pain in the back of the neck. I DO NEED A REMEDY TO CONTROL THIS PAIN DURING MY HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT, ELSE I CANNOT CONTROL THE PAIN & END UP TAKING ALLOPATHIC PAINKILLERS which messes up the treatment.

2. Sinus / Allergies & Snoring Problem / Breathing Issues

Allergies are also a problem since my childhood though better since. I USED to have twelve months a year nasal discharge. Now, I hardly have any sinus discharge but there are times when it ggravates. The weather here is very hot & muggy (humid). Allergies are a very common problem here. During Spring & Fall, months of March-April & Sept – Oct. here, there is usually a bad allergy season where lots of people are sick/flu & sinus infections. I used to get fever or sinus infections frequently but have not had it for about 2 years. I hope I did not suppress them over time with homeopathic remedies. I do sometimes get post nasal discharge.

I don’t know if this is because of previous bad sinus allergies, I have a bad snoring problem. The snoring is extremely loud and can be heard upstairs on a 2-storey house. I usually snore the whole night. As soon as I am falling sleep, I feel something getting stuck in my throat & makes me snore. I have felt this happening as I fall asleep or wake up by my own snoring.

Another thing I have felt and others have noticed is that during my sleep, I inhale through my nose but exhale through my mouth. Sometime I inhale & stop breathing for a second and then exhale strongly through my mouth. I am concerned for this condition. I do not wake up fresh in the morning and keep lying down for about ½ hour to wake myself up, even after an 8-hour sleep.

3. Abdominal Problems

3A. Constipation / Gas: In general, I do have lots of gas problem, this is an ancient problem but much-much better compared to my childhood days. Sometimes the gas passed has offensive smell but used to be a common problem as a child. I am not constipated but used to be as a child. I do feel that though I am not constipated, the stool quantity is small and sometimes have a bowel movement twice a day. Before the onset of the headaches, about two days before the onset of neck pain/headache I feel a lot more gas than normal and stool quantity reduced even though I feel clean and not constipated. To have an early morning bowel movement, I drink a glass of water before even going to the bathroom/urination. If I don’t do this my bowel movement gets delayed for the later part of the day. This methodology I had read about a long time ago to handle constipation and I have been doing this; drinking water first thing in the morning.

3B. Acidity / Heartburn / Acid Reflux: Frequently, on & off I am getting heartburn in the middle of the night. I wake up in the night sometimes 2 to 3 times with severe heartburn. Usually I take antacid (Tums) and drink water to relieve the heartburn. Sometimes even if there is no acidity, I sometimes get acid reflexes & wake up in the middle of the night with choking/coughing. Stomach fluids come in my mouth and go in the wind pipe. It takes me quite some time (20 to 30mins) to recover & I am able to go back to sleep after that.

3C. Diverticulosis / Colon Problem: About 4 years ago, I had been extremely stressed out at work and got sharp pains one evening, coming and going in the left side of my abdomen. The intensity kept on increasing and whatever my allopathic doctor recommended did not work. I was asked to go to the hospital emergency room. It was found that I had diverticulitis. This is the inflammation/infection in colon. In general, diverticulosis is a condition where some part of the colon may have very small pockets developed. Diverticulitis is the condition when infection develops in the colon in these pockets. People can have diverticulosis all there life and never have any infection or diverticulitis. This disease or medical condition is more common in western countries people in whom the diet is mostly meat and lack of fiber. I am of Indian origin and rarely eat meat and that too lean meat like chicken & fish. So about twice a year I do get diverticulitis. One time a homeopath online suggested me to take Arsenicum Album & now this remdy in 200 potency cures my colon infection or diverticulitis every time I get it. The allopathic doctor has suggested me to avoid eating things like berries / popcorn which can get stuck in those pockets and cause infection. I try to avoid taking berries type fruits which can have small hard seeds type even if properly chewed.

4. Skin Ailments / Eczema(?):

Leg Area: I have eczema type condition on my left leg, below the knees and above the ankles. There is brkoen layer/ patches of brownish scalp which feels dry and itches and feels dry. On itching sometimes a white powder (skin flakes) peel off and sometimes blood oozes out. Before the eczema type condition developed it started as a mild itch, which would convert to strong desire to scratch harder. The skin used to bleeding at various places. The bleeding was also like pencil tip size cuts. The area used to be red. Itching happens

Feet/Toes: I get some kind of colorless eruptions on the sides of the feet or under the feet. These happen once in a while. These are itchy & are about 2mm size. There is no redness in the area. If I burst these eruptions, some colorless fluids come out. It hurts for few hours in the local area if I burst these & take a long time to heal. Sometimes if I burst some of these eruptions when they are still popping up, few more show up in the surrounding area & the skin becomes rough.

General Information

My tongue is coated white. I have a cut/fissure type look in the middle of my tongue & goes from front to back and is about an inch long. I have a little distended stomach, which feels better when I have no gas. My thirst is usually on the low side but keep drinking even if I am not thirsty. My hunger is OK/normal. I used to like sweets as a child but now enjoy sweets as well as salty stuff equally. My energy level is generally low. My job is mostly sitting in front of the computer and as such I am not very active. I am trying to go for exercise but when my energy level is low I don’t feel like exercising. There is a slight swelling (may be due to sinus problems) on my face in the upper cheek area below the eyes.

In general on my mentals/ emotional level, I feel I am an extrovert, caring person. I joke around & easy going. I do have a mild temper (rarely…LOL), I am very patient, but I do hold my grudge. I do not get mad easily, but if somebody gets on my wrong side I don’t forgive easily. I am afraid of height’s & very nervous while climbing up open areas or looking down from heights. I do get little/mild off balance while rushing down the stairs.

One thing I have noticed lately is that I get disoriented in a place where I have been hundreds of time. For example, I am coming out of a store which is next to my house, I have no idea where I am and it takes me few minutes to get my orientation back. Sometimes I get confused on my owm house address numbers which comes back after a minute or so. In general my memory is OK but don’t know why this has started to happen.

I like to be covered with heavy sheets/comforter on my legs even if it is warm weather. I usually sweat heavily around my neck while sleeping in the night even in cooler weather. I prefer cooler weather over hot weather as I cannot handle heat very well. I sweat a lot in general even if the activity is mild. If I eat hot spicy food, I start sweating in my head and feel a pricking feeling on the scalp sometimes. I usually do not sweat in the head like this, it is only if I eat spicy/chilly food.
RajanTX last decade
OK, I have been taking Hepar Sulph 30 wet doses and Ferrum Phos 6X, 4 tabs, alternating after every 2 hrs, i.e. 4 doses of Hepar Sulph & 4 doses of F Phos.

I was in an extremely bad condition this morning. OK after taking the HS 30 I felt that it is getting better. The quantity of discharge which was very profuse has reduced a little bit. There is a bit of tinge of yellowish color in the nasal discharge.

Although, nasal discharge has reduced I have started coughing mildly once in a while. This afternoon there was expectoration, only once, dirty white color.

The fever currently is 99.7deg F & seems to be rising. I have no energy, completely drained out, I have been mostly in the bed / resting for the last 3-4 days. Thirst low to normal, appetite increased.

I am kind of getting desperate here for help to get better.

Thanks for your help.

RajanTX last decade
OK, please confirm to stay course with HS & FP / Bell or need to change?

Thanks for all your help.

RajanTX last decade
you are advise to take one dose of psorinum 1M and wait for a atleast 15 days...

dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Dr. Sharma,

Thanks for your input. Psorinum is a nosode and not available without a prescription in the US. I can arrange for it but it may take me 10-15days.

Are you recommending it (psorinum) for my current acutes too?


For my current acutes, I have added a nasty upper chest cough too.
My head still hurts on & off, nasal discharge is still there & fever is still there.

It is 1:30AM Monday morning locally, and Maheeru your reply is awaited?

RajanTX last decade
Dear Maheeru,

First of all I want to thank you for all the help you rendered, going out of your way to contact me to help me out in my fever.

OK here is the update on my condition.

My fever went down with Hepar Sulph & Ferrum Phos.

I was still feeling congested and profuse nasal discharge which was yellowish sometimes.

As advised I took Kali Bichromicum 200 in wet doses. The fever never came back but I am still congested.

I am having mild cough more so in the night while sleeping. In the morning, there is some mild expectoration which was dirty yellow before but today had blood mixed in it. I don't understand this as this was not in the original acute, I have just developed it over the course of treatment. My upper chest/lungs/air passages mildy hurt while coughing.

A new feature is that when I go out of the house or in open, I start sneezing non-stop..big time. I start having profuse nasal discharge which partly is also greenish. I start sweating all over including my head. It takes me a long time to settle down. I used to feel better outside even in my previous chronic sinus problems. This is totally new symptom.

I have stopped taking wet doses of kali bi as of yesterday morning. So in total have taken KB 200 wet doses for few days & some times 2-3 times a day.

Please advise.

Thanks for all your help.

RajanTX last decade
Dear Rajan

I'm in touch with Andres. I've sent you an email. We'll wait and watch for a couple of days without remedy. Meanwhile you can continue tissue salts Kali sulph 6x and Kali phos 6x thrice daily for next couple of days.
maheeru last decade
take naphthaline 6 four times a day
Dr Ahmad last decade
Thanks Dr. Ahmed, Maheeru for your e-mails.

Dr. Ahmed, I read about Naphthaline and it does have hayfever in it. I will have to special order it as homeopathic remedies are not easily available in the US. Please confirm that you have gone over my case including the chronic conditions and still feel that Naph. is a good remedy to try, then I will order it.

I have been taking Biochemic Compound 5, which has Kali Sulph3X, Nat Mur 6X, Kai Mur 3X, Ferrum Phos 3X in equal quantities. Please let me know the how Kali Phos fits in my picture.

I have seen no relief with Biochemic Compund 6 other than that the nasal discharge may not be as yellowish / geenish and better in cough. Nasal discharge is same. I am still blowing my nose heavily. I think my acute has turned into my old chronic condition of sinus allergies and need someting to be done.

Thanks for your help.

RajanTX last decade
Any help...??????

I am still getting lots of nasal discharge although frequency & quantity has reduced from before, since taking the Bio Plasgen 5. The discharge is thick white to no color & sticky.

Any advise?

RajanTX last decade

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