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Which remedy for difficult child?

I have a 7 years old boy. He is a lion in horoscope and he acts like a lion. I am so tired with him.

He can be a real gentleman, but the next day he is a monster. Jekyll and Hyde.

He is very intelligent, philosophical type.
Loves legos and sports.
Fights back if somebody comes to argue with him.
Wants to be the boss. This bossy thing might be the biggest problem with him. He thinks he can do what ever he can. We, the parents, have been very systematic with him, but he is so stubborn, so stubborn.
His emotions are very intense: feels strongly whether is is angry or happy.

Funny, that the teachers say that he is sooo intelligent and mature child...I agree, he talks like a teenanger.

When he was young, Causticum calmed him down. I used Causticum at the age of 4, up till the end it did not work anymore.
I have used Sulphur with him, but that brought up the monster.
I think he is a lot of Phospohorus type. That has helped physical problems, but no behavior.

Right at this very moment he is beside me, because he just refused to go to his hobby, to karate. I have no idea why... Now he is talking whom he will kill and he will run away.
And believe me - there is no reason to this behavior. He has loved his hobby until this evening. I am at the point that I cannot take this anymore.

Please advise and fast!
  Maria&boys on 2007-12-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Try reading Veratrum Album in detail.

Precocious, dogmatic and bossy child , he might respond to that remedy.

Another remedy you might want to look at is Tuberculinum , especially if he tends to talk about killing people.
sameervermani last decade
I don't think he is tuberniculinum. He is not a weak child.

I forgot to mention that he has had eczema all this life. This is in genes, his skin is dry and itching, specially behind knees and on the other side of elbows. Also the back is dry.
Otherwise he has no other physical problems. Nothing in stomach.
(There was a time he had nosebleeds, but no longer after Ferr phos and Phos. Those did not affect the behavior)

He is also warm: never complains being cold.

He loves lemon and salty and spicy food. Eats a lot and well. Is average size in height and weight.
Maria&boys last decade
tuberculinum is not only for the 'weak' child, it could well be a good consideration here.
blessings, erika
erika last decade
Is he bossy just at home ?

How does he behave with strangers ?

How is he when taking up new tasks or facing new situations ?

sameervermani last decade
Strangers (adults) say he is such a gentleman, so well behaving.
But he is not afraid of showing his feeling to strangers. Once he got a fight with another child and got furious (yelling, trying to hit) at school and the teacher got so afraid that she called me.
Twice during this autumn he has been difficult directly with the teacher. He was in the movie that was boring. He got so frustrated that started throwing things and did not believe what the teacher said.

Frustration is one of the reasons for bad behaviour.
The other thing that makes him mad is the situation that he thinks is not fair. (We try to be fair but he does not see that fair)

Mostly he is bossy only at home. He is well behaving with other children, but his goal is always to win the leadership.
He gets conflicts with children who are also bossy.

He is very fast in his actions. What ever happens he is already on his way. He is courious.

This 'killing people' is a new thing in his speech. He has adapted it from schoolfriends. He tries to scare me of speaking killing himself, running away, become a murderer, not studying at school... When he is in a good mood he says they were jokes.

In my first message I described that he refused to go to karate. I have been wondering why suddenly he did not want to go, because he was really waiting for that hobby.
I can think only one reason for the mess: He was about to go and I noticed he has broken socks. I took them away and said that you cannot wear them public. That was the thing that made him difficult - I was telling him what to do. After that he said he does not wear a jacket even if it is cold. Finally he did not want to go.
Right after that situation I behaved so that I don't care and I don't see him. That is when he started talking about killings.
Maria&boys last decade
Does he have any fears ?

How restless is he ?

Does he desire change ?

sameervermani last decade
He is very brave child. He himself says he fears nothing. I think he fears darkness a little bit.

No, he does not desire change. He likes to stay at home in the evenings. Once he had two hobbies and he said that is too much.

He is restless in a way that he keeps moving all the time. It is rare that he sits still. Legs and arms are moving all the time. That tension is some kind of energy.

We keep the life simple and stay a lot at home. He gets restless if we go and do things a lot.
I don't let him watch aggrressive tv-programs or play violent games, because those affect him.

Sometimes the problem is that he cannot control himself. He likes to wrestle and play fighting (like boys do), but there is a point when he gets totally out of control. Or when he very, very angry, he cannot stop yelling.
Maria&boys last decade
Cina might work on him. Try reading it in detail.

However, do still keep Tuberculinum in mind.

Also if you feel his bravado and love of power is to compensate for some inner sense of weakness he feels, Lycopodium might give benefit.

Good luck.

sameervermani last decade
Though he is not a chilly child, the precocity, craving for lemons and egoistic behaviour does point to Veratrum.

I would pick between Veratrum and Cina for a start and then think of Tub. and Lyc.

And if you see hyperactivity with two colliding natures , one good and the other evil, where these two natures keep fighting within the child, Anacardium is often a good choice.
sameervermani last decade
I have a similar problem with my grandson nearing completing 4 year in Jan.

Recognised this problem since last year.

The main difficulties are
1. He should be the centre of attraction and attended to, whatever be the work we are involved. If reasoned with him he becomes angry and shouts that he will not 'talk to me' or ask to 'get out'.

He is playful and wants to make 'house' using pillows and cover with the bed sheet and be inside. But he will not sit still inside that and would move out for something or other.

He is ready for this play any time of the day if some one is ready to help.

He should not be contradicted. He becomes angry and shouts'go out sidd' or go awy. 'I will throw you out' and cries.

Crying will most oftne end in a gagging cough and he may vomit also.

In eating he dislikes any item like skin of fruits and vegetables or the tiny bones of fish or any sticky item, to all of which he has aversion.

He is possessive and wont permit any body to touch his belongings and hence gets occassional problems with 'naughty' schoolmates.
Otherwise he is intelligent, sweet and gentleman.

Couple of week back I started with Lycopodium and followed up with Sulphur. It was working well.

For the symptom of sweating on the head I gave a dose of cal. carb, to complete the 'trio' and go back to Lycopodium. But Cal. car didn't go well.

I therefore had antidoted the same and started with Lycopodium again; which is working.
But Lycopodium increases the sensitivity of the tounge so that he doesn't take hot foods. I have to follow with

This apart I had followed up his magnesium intake and found that it was less and is supplimenting with magnesium gluconate and administring magnesium rich foods.

You may calculate chart his daily magnesium intake and ensure that he get the daily requirement.

Good luck.

I practise homeopathy my self and
homeoman last decade
Thanks Sameer and Homeoman,

There is a lot of same with your grandson, specially when my son was younger. I have to read through all the remedies. It would be easiest to start with Lycopodium, because that is the only thing I have at home.

I have not thought of magnesium rich food. I do give him Omega 3- oil, because I have notices it reduces the restlessness.

Which potency should I start with? 30 c, taken only once? I have noticed in general he respons well to homeopathy.
Maria&boys last decade
Hi again,

I read about the remedies and Cina and Tubernilicum seems to be the best.

I feel Tubernilicum might be even better. I realised that he fears dogs a bit - he does not go near them. And he does not eat a lot of meat. Quite often he says he is tired, even if he is moving all the time.

Veratum and Lycopodium have problems in stomach, but not on skin. He has no problems with stomach. Doesn't this indicate something?

Could you please advise which potency and how many times in a row?
Maria&boys last decade
If you feel Tuberculinum is the best fit, go for 3 doses of Tuberculinum 30C at half hour intervals.

This is not to be repeated.

Just observe for a week after these doses.

Good luck.
sameervermani last decade

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