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patients versions and rubrics of bryonia -dr. deoshlok sharma

Most oftently it becomes difficult for us to give enough time to a particular patient visiting our clinic keeping an eye on the waiting ones outside our chamber, therefore it becomes necessary to recognize the remedy within a short span of time. I know very well that my learned colleagues are competent enough to diagnose the symptoms quite efficiently, yet I take the opportunity to suggest a few outstanding characteristics of Bryonia patient if kept in mind, there is a little chance that he escapes your vigilant eyes.
The most noticeable characteristic of Bryonia is loneliness and insecurity. He wants to be alone without any sort of interference. On being disturbed they are quick to feel irritability, anger and resentment even when someone has approached him for offering his help. This symptom is quite apparent when Bryonia is passing through a phase of acute ailment. He shuns motion in all the three mental, emotional and physical levels and wants to lie perfectly still in a dark place. He becomes irritable on slightest provocation and holds other responsible for his misery. Then Bryonia has always the fear of loosing his fortune. They are conscious of their financial well - being and talk of business. They are afraid of being poor of course Bryonia people are very much responsible people and not hesitate to shoulder any sort of responsibility for the well being of their family still inside they always carry a thought simultaneously that relates to their concern for their financial security. Incase of an aggravated state of a particular disease unlike Arsenicum or calc.carb. Bryonia most commonly falls in to a despondent state leaving everything to the will of Almighty . But in our day-to-day activity we find that the patients visiting us give their expressions in local languages, and sometimes it becomes very difficult for us to equate with those contained in Repertory.

You may recall the following conversation which might have taken place between you and your patient.'Dr' says your patient,'You see, I am a poor person. If I stop attending to my business,I will not be able to meet my daily needs. So Please do not stop me from going to my work by aggravating my troubles.'

If I stop attending to my bussiness ? Business talks of

That he will lose the day's earnings? Fear poverty of

He further adds,' the other more important thing about me is that I fear pain, like anything. It is really dreadful,and that is why the very idea of it makes me shudder.' And on further questionong how he feels like during the suffering, he replies,'I simply like to remain quiet in all respects. No movement,no talking, except talking about my business which I do on my own initiative and at my own convenience and do not like that anybody else should disturb me in any way. Fear, suffering of

'If this goes, he will be alright.'means if this trouble which is disturbing him like a thorn in his body ,is pulled out he will be alright.? Disturb averse to being

Except that I want to remain quiet? Quiet, wants remain

Let no one disturb me.? Disturb, averse to being

Now take the example of another patient,who comes to you and says,'Dr.,I do not know,What is happening to me.' And adds further,' Can you give medicine without asking any questions from me about my condition, because I am not able to understand as to what to tell you.' Capricousness

And on further enquiry,'but you want me to help you?,' he replies,' Dr,I know only this much that I do not have any other problem except this one (about which I am not actually aware of) and if this goes away I shall be alright.'
'But why are you weeping?
'I simply do not know, except this that I have been getting nervous all the time,'
That this weeping is due to his nervousness
weeping,tearful mood,Tendency,nervous all day

dr. deoshlok sharma
  deoshlok on 2008-01-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dr. Sharma, yes very appropriate about bryonia.

Once I wrote on another website:

Bryonia Alba
(Mean boss)

1. Fears poverty and starving
2. Industrious mania for work.
3. Restless in bed
4. When sick wants to rest in peace but jumps up to talk business.
5. Forgets his ailments when talking or involved in business.
6. Greedy, cruel, self pity, dishonest.
7. Does not care for others.
8. Heavy bargainer.
9. Too many desires
10. Wants complete silence.

Even little sound made by water drops bothers him. Thinks this time he tolerated the pain but next time he won’t.

He is bad to his subordinates or employees. If some one needs to take his son to the doctor and asks for a day off, most probably Mr. Bryonia will deny the leave.

He usually curses and accuses to his employee that they are lazy and just want paycheck without doing any work.

At home he will fight and curse his wife, “You wives are no good, and your parents didn’t teach you a damn.'

If his subordinates, kids or wife don’t follow him he gets in rage.

He is suspicious that nobody wants to work but make more money off him.

When he goes to Doctor he can even steal medicines or things.

Wants complete silence and peace only around him but jumps up to talk business.

Loves silence and peace in general.

girilal last decade

Useful information given by both of you.

However the name of the books/journals from where you got this info may please be given for the benefit of one and all.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Gavini, I compiled that information myself a bit by bit. I guess many things also might be present in some books etc. Our minds too become like junk yard where you can't find what you want to find but find things that you don't want to find.
girilal last decade
Bryonia patients have frequent headaches. Mostly frontal...settling in eye brows and eye balls.

More right sided.

Headache increases when they bend head forward.

If unchecked...can lead to gloucoma.

Lips are dry...you can see it from far also.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
O.K. Giri

Then I too can add from my experience.

In fevers, the most guiding symptom is giddiness while getting up from bed. It is very prominent in Bryonia.

Yes , if coupled with that there is dryness of lips (the patient licks their lips often), Bry is sure to relieve.

gavinimurthy last decade
Some more important symptoms:

Walking into warm room excites cough..in a Bryonia patient.

His / her urine is brown in colour like beer and is hot.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Two years ago, I was walking along the roaring Vedder River in British Columbia, Canada.

On the same walk I identified three plants.

1. Alfalfa
2. Equisetum
3. Bryonia

First I ate some twigs of Equisetum, you won't believe what happened whole night. I was wondering how come a man can release buckets without drinking buckets of water.

Next day I chew a small leaf of bryonia just to know if it is bryonia or else.

Now reverse of equisetum happened, my mouth went dry and perched and bruised. No amount of water relieved me from the dryness of mouth.
girilal last decade
Dear girilal,

wonderful information.Do you think that Equisetum tincture can do the same thing.Can we expect buckets of urine without drinking water.
I know it is diuretic but not to that extent.
Please enlighten.

sajjadakram635 last decade
Dear Sajjad

By now you should have known that Giri dramatises things to make a lasting impression on the minds of readers. :-)

Don't take anything he says 'literally'.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Sajjad

Equisetum tincture should do the same thing. I did not graze equisetum. May be I chewed ten grams of the horse tail like grass.

Later on I learned that in British Columbia, cattle are kept away from this grass otherwise they just get busy .... especially race horses.
girilal last decade
May be you are thinking, this old fool ...

In the background is the Vedder River but I was not wearing many clothes so .. I had to crop the picture.

(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

girilal last decade
Dear Giri,
I admire your ability to recognise the leaves, figs , flowers etc.

I also go and live in B.C. (as you know) but never have I tried to recognise one of the flowers, figs, leaves etc.

I go around looking for a homeopathic shop or get meds from India.

It is a great ability that you have....and I knwo yo udeveloped it over the years.

I think you are refering to the Fraser River..

Best wishes,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hi Giri

You look charming like one of the Hindi movie heros.

Ever tried acting? :-)

gavinimurthy last decade
Gavini I am 43, it is too late to make a career in acting. First half if this age went in extreme struggles and second half in laughing.

Pankaj, my interest is dying in herbs etc. so these days I am also buying medicines from market. Anytime I walked in the woods, my eyes were always searching for things, and it was taking away all the fun of the walk.

Walking is joy only if there is no motive and cause. So now my eyes are not penetrating the grass or trees anymore.
girilal last decade
Pankaj, Vedder river originates from Lake Chilliwack, that is on the border of America. Extreme wilderness and snow covered mountains whole year. Then it roars to the north to meet Frazer river (that is murky most of the time). Town of Chilliwack is situated where vedder river leaves the mountains. The area is called Vedder River valley.

As you are in Vancouver, visit the whole area, you will see Baba's mahima there.

When I have to recommend Silicea in low potency, I recommend the Frazer water. If high potency, I recommend Vadder water.
girilal last decade

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