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Boiron 33 Remedy Homeopathy Family Kit

Oscillococcinum, Aconitum napellus, Apis mellifica, Argentum nitricum, Arnica montana, Arsenicum album, Belladonna, Bryonia, Cantharis, Cinchona officinalis, Cocculus indicus, Coffea cruda, Cuprum metallicum, Drosera, Euphrasia officinalis, Ferrum phosphoricum, Gelsemium sempervirens, Glonoium, Histaminum hydrochloricum, Ignatia amara, Ipecacuanha, Kali bichromicum, Kali phosphoricum, Ledum palustre, Magnesia phosphorica, Nux vomica, Podophyllum peltatum, Rhus tox, Ruta graveolens, Urtica urens, , Kit-c1.

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Boiron 33 Remedy Homeopathy Family Kit

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Boiron 33 Remedy Homeopathy Family Kit in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



HomeoFamily Kit comes pre-filled with 32 Multi-Dose tubes (approximately 80 pellets per tube) and 2 boxes of Oscillococcinum 6 Dose.

Kit Contents:

  1. 1 Easy Guide to Homeopathic Medicines
  2. 2 boxes of Oscillococcinum 6 Dose
  3. 32 multidose tubes (approximately 80 pellets per tube)
  4. Aconitum napellus 6C
  5. Apis mellifica 30C x 2 tubes
  6. Argentum nitricum 30C
  7. Arnica montana 30C x 2 tubes
  8. Arsenicum album 30C
  9. Belladonna 6C
  10. Bryonia 6C
  11. Cantharis 6C
  12. Cinchona officinalis 30C
  13. Cocculus indicus 30C
  14. Coffea cruda 30C
  15. Cuprum metallicum 6C
  16. Drosera 30C
  17. Euphrasia officinalis 6C
  18. Ferrum phosphoricum 6C
  19. Gelsemium sempervirens 30C
  20. Glonoium 6C
  21. Histaminum hydrochloricum 30C
  22. Ignatia amara 30C
  23. Ipecacuanha 6C
  24. Kali bichromicum 6C
  25. Kali phosphoricum 30C
  26. Ledum palustre 6C
  27. Magnesia phosphorica 6C
  28. Nux vomica 30C x 2 tubes
  29. Podophyllum peltatum 30C
  30. Rhus tox 6C
  31. Ruta graveolens 6C
  32. Urtica urens 6C

Boiron 33 Remedy Homeopathy Family Kit is not available to buy over the counter.
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