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Kuldeep pls help - Eczema - 17 month old baby boy

Hello Kuldeep

My son has had severe eczema from his second month. I read through many of your posts and followed one recommendation to give Belladonna 6x followed by Graphites 30C. I could not find Belladonna 6x at my local store, got Belladonna 30C instead. We gave 3 pellets twice a day, in the morning and evening. Its been 3 days now. He started showing improvement from the second day. At this point his condition appears to have improved around 75%. Not sure if this is long lived. His skin became soft and smooth. His itching has reduced a lot. He sleeps better and does not itch all the time. We haven't given anything else.

What should we do next?

His full case history is below

We live in Chicago.

Itching started when he was two months old with red round rashes/patches predominantly on his chest and stomach. Then it completely disappeared by 4 months and he did not have any problem till 7 months. In his 8th month, he again started itching his body and since then has not stopped. But no red rashes.

Severe itching. If he starts itching its very difficult to stop him.

Other than the Belladonna we started giving recently, we have not given him any medicines for eczema. Only vaseline, eucerin cream.

Areas he has been itching continously are slightly darker than the other areas (not the platelets, but healed skin itself is darker). He has under eye dark circles too.

Itching is worser in the night, before going to sleep and whenever he wakes up in the night. Usually he spends atleast 1 hr(almost daily)-2hrs(sometimes)-3hrs(rarely) in the night scratching all over his body. He keeps on crying when itching. Itching is also more noticeable immediately after bath, at the time of bath. He also itches whenever he is displeased or irritated. He also itches badly after his afternoon siesta, usually accompanied with crying.

He itches all over his body. Special areas are behind the ears, eye lids, cheeks (closer to the ears), behind his neck, the exact middle of his back, his tummy, tummy and pelvis joint, elbow joint, back of his shoulder joint, wrist, thighs, behind his knees, ankles, back of his palms. These days he has started scratching his scalp as well, especially the back of his head closer to the neck and the part of the head closer to the forehead.

He itches till he bleeds. There have been no eruptions or oozing so far.

Earlier, when he was itching his ears, slightly pressing it on and off continously seemed to give him some pleasure (not anymore). Till 2-3 weeks back, whenever we rubbed itching areas for him his eyes used to half close with pleasure. But these days, he prefers to scratch on his own. If we scratch the areas he is scratching, he would move onto scratching a different area.

From our observations, he did not have skin problem when my wife was exclusively breast feeding him from 4th to the 7th month.

When we discount night time, he is happy 50-75% of the time if we are around.

He is very particular about being with his mom all the time. Most of the time he starts crying even when she goes to the bath room for sometime. Is it fear? We don’t know.

He expresses his displeasure very strongly, he used to hit his head on the wall or some hard object before, but has stopped doing that in the past 2 weeks. He just cries these days, going flat on the floor.

For 2 weeks (close to 5 months back) he was with a 'bad' baby sitter who used to scold him (very loudly) all the time and make him sleep all the time. She also used to have him buckled on his high chair for long hours, when she used to wash dishes and utensils, at which time he would be crying. We guess he started becoming a loud crier at that time. We also guess he became a sadder person at that time. For example, it would take an hour every evening before he came back to normal, for that one hour he would be very silent, as if he is not enjoying anything. He also became slightly reserved at that time, ie he would not smile at everyone the way he used to before. We caught her on web cam and stopped her service as soon as we knew about her.

My father and my sisters daughters( 8 years and 19 months old ) have eczema. My father is allergic to egg and fish. I am allergic to egg. My wife has dry skin.

He is having cold since Jan 11th. It started with running nose and now he has congestion in his throat and chest. The doctor also confirmed that he has some wheezing. The doctor said that she had been noticing some viral infection cases that were causing wheezing. When asked if this is anyhow related to asthma, she said we would have to wait and see.


Pls help us out. Looking forward to your guidance. Thanks.
  sabarish on 2008-01-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Calcarea Carb follows well after Belladonna. Try Calcarea Carb 30C.

Belladonna acts but temporarily. So when problem reappears give the child another dose.

aka kuldeep
girilal last decade
Thanks a lot for responding.

Will try Calcarea Carb.

I guess i should stop Belladonna when giving Calc Carb. What should be the daily dosage? Should it be daily?

Thanks once again.
sabarish last decade
Calcarea Carb once a day for a week.
girilal last decade
Hi Kuldeep,

We have been giving calc carb and it seems to have improved his condition. Yesterday we noticed a small round of puss on the tip of one of his finger nails. There is a black scar in the middle of the puss. We guess it is a small infection. Can we give Silicea(along with calc carb) for this?

sabarish last decade

I thought of sending a separate post about his skin condition after calc carb because there is so much to say. We gave him for 7 days and we feel there is a solid, marked

improvement. We just can't thank you enough for having helped us out. We were finding it really difficult to manage things before we switched to homeopathy

1. Days - His itching and irritability appears to have reduced (by 75%) in the day time especially after his siesta. The only exception was yesterday when he was itchy and fussy

after his day naps.

2. Nights - The first night was kind of worse; woke up at least 5 times and was itching, though the intensity of itching was not that fierce as before. Also he took a lot of

time to go to sleep the first time, around 1.5 hrs. He was rolling and appeared disturbed in his sleep. Second night his sleeping improved a bit, he woke up only thrice and his

itching was also not as fierce as before. Since then his night sleep gragually improved and it is stabilised now. He still wakes up 2-3 times but the itching is not as fierce

and long as before. A 50 % improvement.

3. He hits blood faster than before (because of increased blood flow due to belladonna?)

4. His itching is mainly concentrated on his forearm, inner elbow joint, cheeks closer to the ears, scalp close to his forehead, scalp around his ears. At times he itches his

tummy and legs.

5. His cold and wheezing appeared to have improved as well without any medication

6. After your post we did some research abt calc carb children and to our astonishment, we think he is a close match.

Following are the important observations

a) His head and belly is big compared to his body. His body weight falls in the 25th percentile while his head circumference falls in the 80 percentile. He has a big tummy and

at one point of time we did mention to his pediatrician that he looks mal-nutritioned with his big belly.
b) He was slow to walk, started walking in his 16th month. But was early to teeth in 6th month. But my wife was breast feeding him exclusively till the 8th month.
c) Most of the days he has 2 or more bowel movements; a hard one followed by a loose one with undigested food( like carrots, green leaves etc).
d) I have noticed sweat behind his head couple of times.
e) He is strong willed and obstinate.
f) He picks and eats almost all the dirt from the floor.
g) We think he catches cold easily.
h) We think that he has more bowel movements during the days when he drinks more milk. We started observing this just 4 or 5 days back so cannot be completely sure.

Should we be continuing calc carb at this same dosage? Please advise. Once again, thanks for assisting us.

sabarish last decade
Use Calcarea Carb for a week and then stop for a week and then start again.
girilal last decade
Are we stopping in between to see if the results are because of calc carb ?
sabarish last decade
No, stop after taking a week's medicine. If Belladonna works, Cal Carb certainly finishes the job.
girilal last decade
Sorry we are a bit confused. So are you suggesting that we stop now ( as we have already given calc carb for a week), wait for a week and start calc carb again?

Meanwhile, we had to drain the pus out of his nail infection and he has been prescribed an antibiotic for 5 days. We know antibiotics dont gel well with homeopathy but we were helpless. Please let us know if this would alter the homeopathy dosage or schedule.

Thanks once again.
sabarish last decade
To drain the pus, use homemade Silica for a week.

girilal last decade
Hi Kuldeep

We had to take him to emergency that time because there was lot of pus in the finger. Gave 5 doses of antibiotic before stopping because of diarrhoeal symptoms. Started calc carb yesterday aftr 1 wk waiting. Noticed another nail in the beginning stages of another infection (paronychia) yesterday. See a hint of pus as well. This is concerning and can't understand why it is happening again. Do you suspect anything? Is silicea advisable in this case? Can silicea be given with calc carb? Also is 30c potency for silicea good enough (only that is available in the stores).

Pls advise. Thanks a lot for guiding us.
sabarish last decade
His immunity is very low. If you feel like his finger again swelling, give him homemade silicea or silicea 3x or 6x.

Other wonder medicine for finger problems is Calcarea Sulphurica in low potency but only on the onset of swelling.

To protect him from further swellings Silicea 30C at morning and Calcarea carbonica 30C at bedtime should be given. Both remedies are complimentary to each other.

To make low potency Calcarea Sulphurica.
girilal last decade
Thanks Kuldeep. Will do as advised.
sabarish last decade
So how is your boy doing now. I have 12 months old and have same eczema issues, have been using steriods since he was 2 months old. He is on neocate, hypo allergic formula. Some days he is really bad with his rash..arround his mouth, arm pits, arround eys, knees, wrist...really bad. I dont know what to do. Please suggest me with your past experience...please help me.
Manjit last decade
Sabarish, i am going through the same issues with my son, can you please suggest what helped your son?
Manjit last decade
Hi sabarish,
I signed up on this forum just to reply to your post. My daughter is 19 months old and has the same exact problem as your daughter did. I'm depressed and saddened by all this. My poor baby scratches all the time until she bleeds even then she continues. I have tried all kinds of harsh cortisone creams and moisturizers.

Her itch will not stop she gets frequent infections from all the open eczema. She is also underweight only 8 kg. I live in Canada and don't know where to buy all the stuff you mentioned above. I'd really appreciate if you took the time to reply to me. My email address lizzy2gud at hotmail dot com

Please please please reply to me. I'm am devastated I need help for my poor baby.
Chanda123 last decade

You need to understand that what works for one child does not work
for another child. Homeopathic treatment for your child depends on
descriptions of your childs physical state, personality, and other

For example, 4 children with a cold , could each have a different remedy
that cures them.

You can go to see a local homeopath, or use a Canadian homeopath online to
work with you and they will be able to tell you where to get remedies.

You can put your childs case on this forum and someone can suggest
and work with you.

If you want to put your childs case on here, go to the front of the forum.
Look above the first post. There is a button called Post New Topic. Click
that and write about your child, someone will ask you questions and then
suggest. They will also tell you where to buy the remedies that are
specifically chosen for your child.
simone717 last decade

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