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Arnica 30 C wet Dose

Mr, Joe,

Sir, you hv been prescribing Arnica 30c twice daily in split dose , last dose to be taken while going to sleep at night.

Sir, I need the flg clarifications regarding the same:
.what is meant by 'Split Dose'?
.As per my understanding only 2 doses are to be taken per day. Out of these 2 doses one dose is to be taken at night while going to sleep.I presume my understanding is correct. Otherwise pls elaborate.

Thanks and best regards
  wonderman on 2008-02-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Mr Organon last decade
Mr. Organon

I cant find any reply to my clarification except'hmm'. Sir, I cant decipher the same.

Pls reply again. One more thing. For Type -2 diabetes this medicine has to be taken for ever or for a specific period of time.

Best Regards
wonderman last decade
Dear 'wonderwoman'.

The reason for my 'hmm', is due to the fact the method employed by the member you mention, is one which he applies to practically every complaint known to man, regardless of whether this remedy is indicated in such complaints or not, and this is not Homoeopathy.

Mr De Le Vivera, and his 'Arnica for everything' approach are very much known, and frowned upon in professional Homoeopathic circles, partially for this reason, but also due to the continual repetition of the same potency of Arnica employed in this 'method'. Taking a remedy in the same potency over extended periods of time is not something which is advisable, or even Homoeopathic in principle, as sooner or later, symptoms of the remedy itself will begin to surface, and cause problems for those taking it. This is something we have been observing from such 'bastardized' methods of Homoeopathic prescribing for almost 200 years. Above all though, if a remedy has to be taken for long periods of time to have any effect (which is only infrequently seen in the majority of cases where the above method is employed) it is not the curative remedy.

I would also advise caution in following online advice for such a serious complaint as diabetes.

My advice would be that you stop taking this remedy immediately, and seek the care of a professional in your area.

'Dr' O.
Mr Organon last decade
De Levira*
Mr Organon last decade
I absolutely agree with Dr. O.
Such people are shattering homoeopathy's image.

Dr Tahira
Dr Tahira last decade
Thank you Dr Tahira, for your support, and indeed, but fortunately some of us are working on rectifying this as we speak ;)
Mr Organon last decade
another thing wich come to my mind is that putting a drop of Arnica 30c in 400 ml of water will result in what potency?

If my understanding is correct it will result into unimaginable high potency.

Diabetes becomes a sort of chronic disease when most people come in the folds of homeopathic treatment. Administring high potencies for chronic diseases is justified and understandable but the safety in consuming the same for indefinetly long periods periods of time needs some brain storming and justification.

Can someone including Mr. Joe clafy on this issue?

With thousand thanks and best regards to whomsoever it may attract attention for clarification.
wonderman last decade
you are welcome.I always try to ammend the things in myself where there any need and try to speak and support the right things.We should always learn from each other becuase the process of learning never ends.I wish 'may homoeoathy become a passion of all homoeopaths'.

Dr Tahira last decade
You talk about Homeopathic principles. Eveyone would agree with that. You also have to remember that Homeopathy is a complex science and grows every day.

Joe, his passion is Homeopathy and he spend his time and money to help people all over the world. There are a lot of people witnessed that his method did help them to get rid of their years long problems they were experiencing.

Before coming to a conclusion, I would prefer asking that is anyone out there who can prove that prolong taking of Arnica 30 wet dose affected him/her adversely?. He, Joe himself repeately told that he is being taking Arnica 30C wet dose for over a period of 20 years. I believe that he is over 76 years of age now and in good health. I, myself taking Arnica 30C wet dose for over 5 years now. I didn't see anything bad of that.

Joe is not going to reply, he is banned from this Forum.

Also he, Joe recommends Arnica for anything and everything, I believe that there are some truth in it.
sthillaiyah last decade
Hello sthillaiyah.

It is indeed a complex science, but it is made even more complex (and in many cases quite dangerous) by those who practices methods such as the above.
Passion, or even compassion alone do not make a Homoeopath, and without proper knowledge, again, can be dangerous.

There is also a great difference between supressing a complaint, and curing it. Many times complaints will dissapear under wrongful prescriptions, only to be replaced by something more serious at a later date. Also a complaint is never cured by a remedy which has to be taken indefinitely, this is mere palliation, or as mentioned above, supression, and without the knowledge to distinguish between these things, many Homoeopaths mistakenly believe a patient cured.

The effects of such methods, as stated, have been observed by Hahnemannian Homoeopaths for almost 200 years.
I find it difficult to believe you have been taking the same potency of a remedy for five years with no adverse effects, this would be virtually impossible, as a 'proving' would result within weeks or months. You have no health problems whatsoever?

Ahh, that would explain a few things...

Then this is your choice, but having witnessed the effects of such prescriptions first hand for over 20 years, I would have to advise extreme caution.
Mr Organon last decade
Dear wonderwoman.


Possibly not imaginably high, but it will complete mess up the process of serial dilution, and change the potency scale of the finished product. Many Homoeopaths apply remedies in this manner on the mistaken premise this is no different than the process used for LM dosing, but the difference is of course, LM's were actually designed to be dosed this way, Centesimals/decimals were not.

I agree.

Aparently not...

You're welcome.
Mr Organon last decade
Theoritical truths/facts and practical truths sometimes differ altogether.

It is very well known as well as established that research is never complete. The medicines which are prevalent in the market for scores of years are withdrawn from the market overnight based on the new findings contrary to the originals.

Homeopathy can not be construed as an exception that whatever is written in the text become the words of GOD.

If some person based on his experience over a long period of time has found out something new about the same old medicine the other practitioners should take it supportingly and do further reseach on that subject either independantly or toghether to find out the truth rather than snubbing the person with new ideas.

This way we can not only update our own knowledge but also give a modern outlook to homeopathy.

If Mr. Joe has been banned from expressing his views on this forum I , as a person feel it undemocratic and against the natural principles of justice. The moderator of this forum or whosoever may be the governingbody of this forum, should initiate immediate steps to reinstate Mr. Joe on this forum immediately.

Through this post let us invite the experiences of all those persons who have been taking ARNICA30c in wet dose over a long period of time. This may put the controversy arisen out of Mr. Joe's suggestion to rest once and for all.

I may make it very clear here that by this post I do not at all mean to be for or against anybody.Niether I wish to offence anybody. My only aim is to find out what is practically true.

Thanks and best regards to all the members of this forum and all others who are curious about the subject.
wonderman last decade
My post dt 3Feb2008:

pls read 'offend' inlieu of 'offence' wherever appearing in para last but one of my above post.
thanks&best regards
wonderman last decade
No. If they are true, they always work in tandem with eachother. You cannot have two truths which completely contradict eachother, as one must be incorrect. Such is the nature of truth, of which there is only one, the absolute.

This would be the case for allopathic medicines, not Homoeopathic, as by the very process of inclusion of such things into our materia medica, the effects of the substances are already known before this takes place. This is at least true for all our older remedies anyway, some 'modern Homoeopaths' of course foolishly add all manner of untested remedies to their materia medica. This is not though the case here. We also do not withdraw any of our remedies due to detrimental effects, as of course it is these 'detrimental' effects upon which we rely in the first place.

Oh, I see, well then we have different opinions on this, because to me truth comes only from experience and empiricial observation, either personally or on a widespread scale (which of course should be the case for deciding the truth of anything), and in this context Homoeopathic doctrine is the closest to absolute truth which exists in this area, and this is regardless of any deitical belief systems, which do not interest me. I have simply seen and experienced that contained within our doctrine to be truth, as have 200 years of other Homoeopaths, and we therefore know this is the case.

But Mr De Levira's approach is not anything new. Those professing to be Homoeopaths have been wrongly indulging in such practices, almost since our beginnings, and as stated, we have witnessed the outcome of these accordingly, and for the last 200 years. New Ideas should always be welcomed in science, but they must have some basis in reality to be included in this.

'Updating', and having a 'modern outlook' of Homoeopathy does not simply mean blindly including any new theory which comes along (which is unfortuantely the case today), especially when such theories are in complete opposition to our founding principles, which are tried, tested, and known to be true from experience, the only way to discover truth.

I cannot comment on this as I do not know the circumstances under which Mr De Levira was banned, maybe this was justified.

This has been tried before, elsewhere, and here too I believe...very few people come forward, and in fact when this was tried elsewhere, the majority of people came forward to say they were experiencing new symptoms.

Then we have the same aim, but discovering the truth comes by discernment, and scrutiny, it does not come from blind acceptance after reviewing only the most superficial aspects of a subject.
Mr Organon last decade
As made clear in my post my intention has never been to offend anybody whomsoever but only to discover the truth from experience . This has also been admitted in your post by stating:
'and known to be true from experience, the only way to discover truth.'

I have nothing more to say.

With best of regards
wonderman last decade
Mr Organon last decade

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