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Hair Loss

I am 41 years of age. Had started using mezereum at 21 years on advise of Homeopath to address scabs on scalp. Used mezereum a few times over the last 20 years. Hair started graying at 23 years, and now about 50% of hair is gray. Now experiencing a lot of hair loss and hair that falls looks like it doesn't have much root, is embedded in shallow fashion in the scalp. Falls in bunches while combing. Please advise.
  Hair Loss on 2008-02-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
More detail on this
1. Main Issue: Hair loss/ Itchy Scalp / Gray hair
2. Age: 41 years
3. Sex: F
4. Married
5. weight: 158 pounds
6. Height: 5 ft 4 '
7. country: India
8. climate: Cold
9. Family History: Diabetes, Father - prostrate cancer
10. Qualification of patient: Masters, MBA
11. Nature of working: Marketing
12. Complexion: Fairish
13. Constitution: Thin as a child, now medium
14. Non veg
15. History of taking:
Tea: 3-4 cups a day.
Mild Alcohol (gin): 1-2 glass per week
16. List of your complain first 1.Hair loss 2. Itchy scalp (slight) 3 Bald spots developing, 4. Mood - sometimes sad 5. Ambitious
17. Since how long you are suffering for each complaint:
1.Hair loss: slow over last 20 years, now a lot in the last year
2. Itchy scalp (slight): 3 years noticeable itching
3 Bald spots developing 6 months, had 2 small spots when I was in 4th standard
4. Overall Mood - sometimes sad last 20 years, cheerful intermitently

18. current medicine you are taking for each complain: Mezereum (not sure if I should continue & if dosing correctly)
19. Diabetic or non Diabetic: Don't know
20. Desire spicy food. like sweets a bit/like sour/salt - neutral
21. Thirst –large Quantity: drink a lot of water at each gulp as if in a hurry/very thirsty
22. Tongue color: coated white
23. Current BP: Low(without medicine)
24. What exactly is happening ?: Scalp scabs emerge sometimes, then when I take Mez 30C, subsides. Hairloss and itching shows up and is a current problem.
25. How do you feel ? Generally, quite satisfied, seeking more financial satisfation, seem to never be satisfied financially
26. How does this affect you ?: Get distracted, feel as if not focused. Did well on a recent test/exam however. Doing well in advising customers.
27. How does it feel like ?: Feel cheerful with people around. Sad with small incidents if things go wrong, go into a 'self-analysis' mode, feel I am dissappointing people around me.
28. What comes to your mind ?: Feel things will never be too great. Think about the elderly in my family who are sick/dying, getting worried and don't like thinking about death, but am reminded.
29. One situation that had a big effect on you ?: My previous boss (few years ago)told me that I should not have sent an email. I felt I had done something wrong, upset, did not openly respond. Started brooding about it again self-analysis.
30. How did that feel like ? Lonely, like a failure
31. What sensation do you experience in that situation ?: Tears, crying when alone. Thoughts replayed in my mind.
32. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand.(habits or Action) ? I don't understand this question.
33. desire or like and dislike of food: Spicy food, gin to complement it
33. Name of foods which increase your problem: wine, dries throat, throat gets itchy
34. Body odor ,/sweating/-sweat has an odor
35. 31.Choose the right word for you and other delete

Morose, Anxious, Despairing, Sad, Hopeful, Fearful, inwardly-Restless, Outwardly-Calm, Drowsy in afternoon, Depression and gloom Despair and faithlessness , Fear and Shyness, Fear for the others welfare, Feeling of powerlessness, Guilty and self-blame, Hopelessness, , failure to learn from mistakes in difference lack of mental tranquility, lack of motivation and incentive Sadness,

36. Aggravation (increases-time, season,)from hair dye (have stopped using it)
& Amelioration (Decreases) from putting water on scalp, cooling it down to stop itch/burn feeling
Hair Loss last decade
Write more detail about your past diseases and recent symptoms along with their modalities.

Dr Tahira last decade
Also 1 more detail: The scalp area that touches the pillow when I am sleeping, feels pressure/hurts slightly. I keep shifting sleeping positions when it hurts.
Hair Loss last decade
Thank you for replying.
Past Diseases: Had diphtheria in 4th grade, was treated with a vaccine.

More Recent symptoms: Also get dandruff like skin-powder in my ears, feels as though the skin in my ears is crumbling. Have to keep scoop out ths skin-power that looks like slightly shiny crust. Itchy in ears. Sometimes autimatically fingers bore into ears to scratch, although I know I shouldn't.

I keep busy all the time and work all the time either at home or office, the moment I am not busy, my mind goes into an 'unhappy' mood. Trying to socialize to keep happy. Please let me know if there are questions...Thanks again.
Hair Loss last decade
First of all,stop taking mezerium.You have over dosed.To Antidote mezerium's over dosage,take one dose of Nux Vom 200 for just 1 day at bed time and next morning Sulphur 30 three doses with the space of one hour then wait atleast for 4 days.Notice the changes during this period.Next medicine will be prescribed on your upcoming symptoms.

Dr Tahira last decade
Dr. Tahira, please clarify what 'one dose' would mean for Sulphur and Nux Vomica. How many pills at a time?,
Hair Loss last decade
Also, I checked with the store near my home, they carry only Nux Vomica 6C & 30C, they don't have 200.
For Sulphur they have 30C...is that the same as Sulphur 30? Please advise. Thanks.
Hair Loss last decade
Also Dr. Tahira,

Along with hair loss and all the detailed symptoms above, I have 1 child who is now 10 years old. I was diagnosed with secondary infertility 3 years ago. Is there any connection or implication for infertility? Does homeopathy help with this as well?
Hair Loss last decade
It's OK if you get NUX VOM 30.Secondly there is no difference between 30 and 30c.However 30x is a different potency.Now you will take Nux Vom 30 three doses in the same day with the space of 3 hours.Try to take the last dose at bed time.

One dose = 2 pills

Your hair loss problem can be related with your infertility becuase both are the result of Harmonal Disturbance.As far as homoeopathy is concerned,we treat the patient on the basis of individuality.So what so ever a patient's problems are,if treated carefully with homoeopathic medicines,can be cured.

Dr Tahira last decade
So here's what I am to do:
Day One: One dose of Nux Vom 30, 2 pills every 3 hrs x 3 times total in 1 day with last dose at bed time and
Day 2: i.e., Next morning Sulphur 30: 2 pills x three times, with the space of one hour between each time.
Then wait atleast for 4 days.
Will keep track of symptoms and report back to you. Thanks.
Hair Loss last decade
Reporting: Day 1: Before start of 1st dose:
I had some spotting this afternoon but still took the 1st dose of Nux Vom 30 after that to stick to the schedule. Will stay on track with the next 2 doses and tomorrow with Sulphur 30 as you have recommended.
Hair Loss last decade
Dr. Tahira,

I typed the following, so it took a while to respond to you, sorry about the delay in communication.

Some additional symptoms I had forgotten to mention before you prescribed the medication:
After getting married in 1988 previously had 1 abortion in 1988. Also had a C-section in 1996 after 32 hours of induced labour when 1st child was born. Not sure if this has caused any trauma to uterus or if this is related to infertility. Also had developed pneumonia in 2004 soon after trouble started with Boss. Took antibiotics and pneumonia went away. Felt as though my ovulation cycle got disrupted soon after. Was diagnosed with infertility a few months later, also my monthly ovulation used to have a slight pain in right side of abdomen, that stopped soon after pneumonia. Infertility specialists mentioned that I now have low ovarian reserve/poor quality ovules that do not fertilize.
Recently left hand been tingling occasionally, with some cramping.
Like hot spicy food.
Quite forgetful. Used to be quite moody, switching from 1 activity to the next, from one idea to the next, committing/ over-committing to people as I developed ideas in conversation with them.
Unable to say “No” to people when they made requests.
Upper body feels more active, have done more upper body exercise. Not much with lower body recently.
(Had slight bleeding for a few minutes the evening before I took Nux Vomica medication.)
Used to have scabs like dry whitish thick skin from inside of nose, quite regularly, especially at night. Sometimes, reddish black marks on it as if blood/pulled away from inner skin in the nose.
Liked to have windows open to allow fresh air into home.
Dermatologist had treated my scalp for dandruff with lotions/creams when I was 17 years old. This had later turned into psoriasis/scabs on scalp. Also after that my original thick hair strands started splitting in very fine thin hair which are now falling a lot. (Homeopath had prescribed mezereum at that time).
Wanted to usually keep feet out of blanket at night, too allow feet to cool.
Scalp used to feel like it was burning in parts.
Hate standing, feet and legs hurt even after I get into bed, for about 1 hour before pain subsides.
While swimming (when younger 10 years old), left side of body felt slower than right side, especially left leg felt as if it was dragging a bit or not following the right legs, i.e., not in-sync.
Back of palms used to have redness, cracks, bleeding everytime I wash any dishes or use soap. Skin used to turn blackish / dry. So I had practically stopped allowing soap bubbles to touch the back of my palm. Used to wear gloves and then bleeding issue stopped. Had also used creams to soften/moisten skin, (dry skin used to crack).
Eye: Left eye slightly astigmatic, eyesight not clear when stress, feel as though left-eye muscle tightens up, making long distance vision hazy.

Some noticeable things on starting medication:
Day One: Feb 7 Thursday Night – took Nux Vom.
Increased work activity soon after. Completed Excel spreadsheet quickly. Then cleaned kitchen, prganizaed, felt as if I was doing it automatically and with some ease.
At night had a dream: In the dream we had just moved into a new home, sitting in our living room sofa with friends and I was clearing the mess/things from the floor quickly and it looked clean at the end.

Day 2: Feb 8 Friday Morning had put henna to colour my hair for a client meeting. (Scalp stops itching as soon as washing) Took Sulphur that morning: Was driving to client. Did a good job that day in the meeting, was alert and recorded ideas well. Client was happy. Had lunch with client. I was not stressed or under pressure that day. On driving back, shoulder felt stiff on right side. Throbbing a little bit. Under ear, on the right side of neck, slightly swollen glands. (have had this recurrently on and off over last 20 years, especially when I put some hair dye or henna on hair/scalp, doctor has said my lymph glands don’t drain well). Head ache like throbbing pain on back of neck at night (where the neck meets the head). Napped in afternoon, but ache did not stop. Shoulder neck pain stopped after rest at night.

Day 3 Feb 9: Feel like doing outdoor activity, haven’t done it in ages. Thinking I should sign up for swimming or walking. Had reddish brown discharge, as if remnants of the bleeding I had on Thursday night, but was very minimal/slight spotting.

Day 4 Feb 10: Sunday: Studying in morning for exam. 2 cup of tea in morning. Feeling selective deafness, each ear could hear a continuous buzz or sound, especially on right hand side. Sound going in and out. As if you are turning speakers of a music system on and off. That lasted for a few minutes, then stopped.
Feeling chilly, thirsty, some sneezing. Drank lots of water.

Day 5 Feb 11: Monday. Itching scalp. Hair feels matted up, have not combed. Hair loss has continued, see it on the floor.
Have not showered/bathed. Feel as though I just didn’t realize how the day went by.
Ate sweet food. Felt too sweet, especially top of mouth.

Day 10 Feb 16: Cold feet at daytime, warm at night. Had guests that evening. Had cooked/cleaned so feet were hurting by the evening. Hate standing. Felt that I had not cooked well for guests, kept brooding about it, thinking “why do I mess up after putting so much effort”.

Day 11 Feb 17:
Was feeling over-whelmed at night. Felt I have too many commitments: Work+ taxes + exam study + taking care of guests next week. Don’t know how I will manage, started thinking of allocating hours to each, overwhelm. Wanted to curl up toes, could not curl up left toes as much as right toes.

Day 12 Feb 18
Feel like skin on body has started itching. Back: itchy spots, not too often, but when it happens, it is irritating.
Am not wanting any gin or wine, not yearning for it.
Watery discharge from nose, drips when I bend or look down, lasted for a few minutes, then stopped.
Went to gynaecologist to check why there was bleeding on Feb7. Gynaec said that there is no ovarian cyst, but small fibroid.

Day 13 Feb 19
Scalp itching. In certain parts, comes and goes, when it itches, it irritates. Don’t feel like eating, drank 2+ cups tea.
Skin on the back is itching in parts.
Lips are peeling a lot. Hurts. Feel dry.
Vagina itchy a bit.
Ear gets itchy sometimes, want to dig in and scratch.

Like hot/spicy food. Had 1 sharp spot pain in right ear while sleeping that lasted for 1 second, then dissappeared, not sure which day this happened.)

Please recommend next steps. Thank you.
Hair Loss last decade
1 clarification: abortion was 6 months after marriage in 1988
Hair Loss last decade
Skin on the back of palm has cracks..dry slightly whitish/transparent peeling, looks like older person's hand.
Hair Loss last decade
Feel thirsty and craving for spicy food.
Hair Loss last decade
Dr. Tahira,
Please advise,
Thank you.
Hair Loss last decade
Dr. Tahira please advise. I am waiting. Scalp has become itchy in places, especially in scalp behind ear and scalp area towards the back of neck. Thank you.
Hair Loss last decade
sorry i could'nt see your post.I have analysed ur all next post and the remedy coming up is Thuja.We will start with 2ooc, 3 doses in the evening at interval of 1 hour.Dont worry about ur hair,With the passage of time everything will be getting better.don't use chemical henna,add a pinch of turmeric powder in henna before applying on hair.Later i will suggest u some other hair mask.After Thuja wait and let me know the updates.

Dr Tahira last decade
Thank you Dr. Tahira. I will do as you advise with Thuja. Re: Henna: The only henna I get is the powdered henna which comes in branded sealed packets. I don't have access to any other henna (no access to leaves/freshly ground henna). I will wait for a few weeks and not apply henna till I find herbal /fresh henna. If I find it, will use with termuric per your advise.
Hair Loss last decade
Dr. Tahira,

I already have Thuja 30 C at home (unused bottle). Do I still have to go out and buy Thuja 200c or can you please recommend a different dosage for the Thuja 30c.

Hair Loss last decade
Please recommend a dosage for Thuja 30, Thuja 200 not available.
Also, last 2 days, my throat had become very dry, got 'boils'/feels like boils that erupt in different places. Some go after some time, to re-emerge in other parts of throat. Hurts. Throat hurts while swallowing. This used to be a recurring issue once in 2-3 months, has come back. Also, throat feels very acidic. Glands on right side of throat have swollen (again recurring issues came back), like lymph glands on side of neck are draining (per allopathic doctor year ago). One boil felt like it was just where the throat and ear meet, hurt at night, ear was alos hurting slightly. Please advise, did the Nox Vom/Sulphur help at all? Should I just work with Thuja 30? If yes, please prescribe dosage. Thanks.
Hair Loss last decade
Have you ever been tested for Candida overgrowth or done a colon cleanse for parasites? The Candida can really do a number on your body,including hair loss.Find yourself a good HOMOEPATHIC! doctor that will give you a test for candida in the intestinal tract.I suggest you look up the symtoms on line.The colon cleanse that I use is wonderful..look up Drnatura. I hope this helps with hair loss,it did for me.
heatherbean last decade
Thanks for the input. I will address it soon, making sure to complete the Thuja treatment first so that there is not interaction of medicine, healing or symptoms.
Hair Loss last decade
Thank you to Dr. Tahira!
I took Thuja 200 per your instruction. The itching has stopped (Not sure whether its due to the Thuja or the Sulphur that you prescribed previously). A little itching intermittently, but the intensity looks reduced.
Not sure if hair loss has reduced....hair is still falling as I comb and wash hair. Your recommendations...should I wait and see...
Hair Loss last decade
Also noted I have two small rough-dry patches that have developed on the left side of my back (left of spine). Noticeable. They do not itch. Is this due to Sulphur and will it subside.
Hair Loss last decade

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