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nux vomica seed

dear kuldeep u have said about making nux vomica at home by its seeds but we have been taught it is very poisonous and we were never allowed to touch it. my 2nd question is the seed has a coating which is very tough so how to make the nux vom at home ple tell the procedure and also its uses
  sumitra on 2008-02-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Nux Vomica seeds are indeed extremely poisonous, and poisoning has occured from even accidentially inhaling their 'dust'. They contain strychnine and a variety of other toxic alkaloids, and they should never be used for making remedies at home. You are much better off, and safer, buying the remedy from a reputable supplier.
It actually suprises me greatly that methods for the preparation of such poisonous substances is allowed to be posted here, and I'm pretty sure this would also contravene certain international 'bylaws'.
If you don't mind, what is the URL of the original post this information was posted, I would very much like to take a look.
Mr Organon last decade
i believe this is only for academic interest, nothing more.

its always best to buy remedies made under controlled conditions. the exact potentising methods can only be simulated on a dedicated machine.
rishimba last decade
Oh well, it's still being posted on a medical based forum, I've done MY research ;)

They can? odd, because I always thought potentizing by hand came first, but then you're the professional here, right? So I guess I will just sit back and let you have the floor.

Is this more the way things work here, Simon? I do so want to 'fit in'.
Mr Organon last decade
yes.. potentising by hands came first.

machine potentising has surpassed hand potentising because of the uniformity and homogeneous outpus.

the problem with classical homeopaths is that they still want to cling on to the eighteenth or nineteenth century.
rishimba last decade
Nux Vomica seed can be obtined but it usually sold to professionals only because lethal homisidal poison can be made. Some tribes still use this as arrow poison. The area of function of this poison is respiratory muscles.

Upon hit by arrow, resperatory muscles paralyzes. Creature tries extreme hard to breath hence lungs collapse.

This is the very nature of Nux Vomica, it works upon nerualogical level, if asthma is due to neurological level, this medicine is the total cure. But used low potency in asthma patients it helps about half patients.

Now the poison -- it is not easy to obtain poison from Nux Vomica. Poison is called strychenine. Ignatia, Curaree Wooraree etc too have this poison.

Nux Vomica seed (little potato like) is so bitter, bitterest thing on the earth. Just one licking, and vomitting occur. So it is difficult to make poison, that is situated in the very core of the nut. It is pure strychenine.

For arrow poison tribals just soak the very hard seeds for some days in water and take out inner core and apply the paste on the arrow tips, in one has a wound on the fingers, touching the core past could be lethal.

But for homiciday purposes, it is very difficult to make a poison because it is extreme bitter. So seads are soaked in water bucket and each day bucket is drained off and new water is filled. This process is repeated for weeks and when no more bitter only then core is accessed.

It is safe to use whole nut. Just break the nuts in half with hammer and chisal and dip them in water, some liquer is also needed because fermentation occur very fast.

Just two drops of this liquid in a cup of water is a wonder medicine.
girilal last decade
thanks kuldeep
so do u not advise to give the seed to the pt. rather to make at my end and give him the med for piles. how many seeds to be put in how much water and for how long. i am a bit afaid that it wont act as poison na. but i really trust u blindly
sumitra last decade
File>Save As>Desktop

...this is interesting stuff, academic use huh? okie dokie ;)
Mr Organon last decade
'Just two drops of this liquid in a cup of water is a wonder medicine.'

This is a recommendation of the application of a crude, known to be fatally poisonous substance, on a medically orientated firum. Period.
Mr Organon last decade
Mr Organon last decade
Doctor Organon, thanks. We all serve with whatever little knowledge we have.

Please treat us as your patients.
girilal last decade
Sumitra; buy Nux Vomica Q 10ml and use just two drops in 30ml water. Relief from pileswill come within hours and total cure will be in a week.
girilal last decade
You are quite welcome, and you do just that. Killing the patient in the process isnt such a large price to pay as long as you appear learned, right?

Oh I do, but only because your own behviour demands I do this :)
Mr Organon last decade
My my, you can obtain poisonous mother tinctures 'over the counter' in India too? No wonder then that anyone with a kickstand table, a loud voice and a patch of roadside can set themselves up as a Doctor/Homoeopth there.
Mr Organon last decade
Now it all makes sense.
Mr Organon last decade
thanks kuldeep.
sumitra last decade
To clarify, it seems that homeopaths in India use the term Mother Tincture / Q potency to mean lowest available potency, where as in the West, it is taken as the original meaning - the unpotentized extract. The lowest available potency for nux vomica is 3X.
moderator last decade
Also, where is the thread where kuldeep talks about making the remedy from the seed?
moderator last decade
Well then this is incorrect.

I have no idea where the thread is, I have asked this myself, but:

'seads are soaked in water bucket and each day bucket is drained off and new water is filled. This process is repeated for weeks and when no more bitter only then core is accessed.

It is safe to use whole nut. Just break the nuts in half with hammer and chisal and dip them in water, some liquer is also needed because fermentation occur very fast.

Just two drops of this liquid in a cup of water is a wonder medicine.'

I would presume is a brief outline?
Mr Organon last decade
Dear Organon, anything in the world is lethal if not used properly.

Do you know how many table salt spoons can kill a person if taken at once. 10 spoons. Massive heart attack.

How much water water can kill -- half gallon. It lowers the potassium ions in the body.

Same is true with sugar, butter and else.
girilal last decade
Nux Vomica Q is saturated extract of Nux Vomica seed. Whole seed is not poisonous but only innercore.

As with Apples, apricots and cherries, whole fruit is not poisonous but seed contain hydrocyanic acid.

Whole juice of apples, cherries or apricots including seeds can not be considered poisonous.

Mr. Organon, it appears that you read Organon and that was the end of line. There are other lines too and there are people who went in other directions too.
girilal last decade
It is? anything huh? is that right...

Well that would be obvious, however this is not due to any poisonous symptoms produced by the substance itself, as of course this has none in crude form, it is only the result of the physiological process of electrolyte imbalance involved, so this is not good exmaple.

Again, as above.

Unless the seeds are present in very high quntities of course, as the cyanide present would then be detrimental, but of course, apples are far from being on the same level, poison wise, as Nux Vomica seeds...
Mr Organon last decade
Dr. Organon, lethal poison is used to make with apple, cheery etc. seeds.

Then only different is that if properly made for homiciday purposes Nux Vomica poison is tasteless and cyanide has a typical bitter almond like smell. One kills because it affects resperatory muscles and other stops the heart due to allergic reaction by confusing the immunity system.
girilal last decade
Does it not contain the innercore as well then? because as little of one of these is enough to kill a small child. You seem to be under the mistaken apprehension that by inclusion of the 'non-poisonous' parts (which isn't actually true anyway, as Nux Vomica contins many poisons, not just strychnine, and these are found in the entire nut), such prepertions would be rendered non-fatally poisonous. Again, Nux vomica seeds are very different to apples, eat a 'whole' one, and then tell me if the effects are as innocuous.

Then it appears wrong Mr Girilal. The organon was only my start point, (as of course it should be for every Homoeopath, and you still didn't answer if you hve even read this btw) and the only reson I hold it in such regard, is becuse almost everything therein has been verified as true, by my own experience, of which I have had much.

Oh I'm awre, as was Hahnemann, but different 'lines', or 'directions do not simply render natural laws null and void, and that is basically what Homoeopthy is, a system of medicine based upon the observtion and implememtation of natural law.

Nux Vomica, in crude form, whether as specific extrcts, or in whole form, and in sufficient quantities, is universally fatal, this is fact.
Mr Organon last decade
Everything in sufficient quantity is fatel. Coffee, tea, sugar, salt, ferrum, oil, water ...

Glass that is half full can be said half empty. I do not love arguments, but only make use of the replies so I get more education or share whatever I know.

Wish you had at least something to offer.
girilal last decade
Repeating the same points which have just been completely discounted does not emphasize these points any more strongly Mr Girilala. You are talking rubbish, and you know it.

I have a lot more to offer than you, it's called fact. Please, do try that experiment: eat one apple, and then one 'whole' Nux Vomica seed, and then come back and tell me the posioning effects are comparable.
Mr Organon last decade

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